X-Men Blue Team: Cleanup Briefing

September 17, 2014: Cyclops briefs some of the Blue Team's newest members on their next operation.

X-Men HQ

Secured, warded, monitored and highly, highly secret, this is the operational base for the X-Men, containing most of the high tech monitoring equipment the organization possesses along with relevant specialied gear for individual X-Men and mission ops. The facilities themselves include living and sleeping quarters for the teams and guests (though not all of the teams operate out of the base proper), a medical facilites, storage for supplies and of course the hangar for the Blackbird.



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Deep underground and miles away from the Xavier Institute lies the X-Men secret home, connected to the Institute proper by way of a highly secured, super-fast mag-lev train. It is here where the X-Men Gold and Blue Teams specifically call home, with Red Team operating out of a public headquarters in Manhattan.

In a smaller command module, Scott Summers stands in his X-Men Uniform, visored up and ready for action. The Blue Team leader doesn't exactly plan on going anywhere, but he's expecting a couple of new arrivals to Blue Team. Best to look suited up and professional, as it were.

Spread upon computers throughout the room are maps of the globe, each of them specifically related to different things. We'll… get to that. Scott remains hard at work while he waits for the others to arrive, parsing through volumes of data as he passes the time.


Storm quite often has her head in a book, researching something. Today is no different, only instead of class study plans it is X-men related. After the fooferall here at the X-Men lands, Storm is checking up on all the information the X-Men have on HYDRA to make certain that never happens again.


Lorna Dane, ex-X-Man now returned to the fold, stops outside the command module after a brisk ride on the maglev. She feels less like the returning old hand and more like she's gone back to school. The feeling's only reinforced by the standard blue-and-gold uniform she's wearing. She's sure she left her old green costume at the mansion before she left to study for her Master's, but she hasn't been able to put her hands on it yet. Hopefully Scott won't censure her for being improperly dressed. Lorna smirks quietly to herself at the direction her thoughts have taken, and decides to stop procrastinating.

Touching the door control, Lorna takes a quick breath as the door slides open before her and steps inside, casting her eyes around at the computers and other equipment in the room, mentally matching it all up with how things used to be in the old days. She glances between Cyclops and Storm, then gives a mental shrug. "Should I have knocked first?" She asks, a mild undercurrent of amusement in her voice.


Cessily Kincaid arrives via the mag-train and takes a few minutes just looking around She has a pack over one shoulder, presumably things to go in a potential on site locker. Once she has her genral bearings though the red haired young woman starts to look for her fellow team members.

Her silver eyes catch sight of Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and more importantly, AKA the Boss. She steadies herself up and takes a deep breath for speaking. As she approaches Scott, she passes Storm, "Good day." she says and then moves before Summers. "Good evening, Sir. Mercury, Umm, Cessily Kincaid." When Lorna Dane arrives, she gets a nod and a slightly nervous smile from the slightly shy junior X-Man. Oh great, great, just wonderful, nothing is gouing to help Cessily's self-confidence quite like the presence of lady magnetism.


Rachel Anne Grey-Summers was born in this mansion, a few years from now. Then, she will learn about every secret room and bad floor board from the X-Men themselves, so, naturally, now she's back from the future the young redhead has a mental map of almost the whole place.

And old habits die hard, so snooping comes naturally to the once-mascot of the team. Wrapped in psyonic flames that do not generate heat the young time traveller flies about in the corridors, face all wrinkled as she tries to navigate without her eyes open. It is a stupid game, but some people get bored, damn it! And she can always use the excuse teachers love: "I was practicing my powers!"

So, feeling the ebb and flow of thoughts and knowing this place like the palm of her hand the redhead eventually find the room in question, eyes snapping open, a wide smile on her lips as the flames around her die in a flash, letting her stand on her own.

"Dad! Oror-", and then the woman tilts her head at Lorna and Cessily, arching a brow, her smile never dying. "Oh! Ave, you two! I'm Rachel!", she says, excitedly, walking inside like she's an old, seasoned veteran. She looks nothing like it, though.


When the door opens, Cyclops looks up from his work. It's impossible to tell exactly what expression he bears, which may have something to do with his reputation. He seems, for a moment, unimpressed. "Going for the classic look, are we?" The expression holds for a moment or two, but when it finally breaks, it does so with a rueful grin. Scott leaves his terminal behind and comes about to meet Lorna.

"Welcome back. Still going by 'Polaris'?" he asks, before turning his attention upon the next arrival; the young Cessily Kincaid. "Scott," he corrects her, friendly enough, but the name itself sounds more like the beginning of a full sentence. "… is fine down here, but we always use our code names in the field."

Mercury received a smile nevertheless, and he walks over to offer the woman a gloved hand in greeting. "So, I hear you're gonna be junior member on Blue Team." He smirks. "Good choice." Hey, he's got all manner of respect for the other teams, but there's something to be said about home team morale.

When Rachel comes in next? That serves to actually soften up the man. His smile for her is warmer, more meaningful. "I've been wondering about you," he quips. "Thought you'd poke in on a secret meeting, I see." No hostility, just… fatherly jeering. Which, given the age difference, might come across as a bit awkward for those not in the know.


Looking up from her paperwork, Ororo smiles. She is wearing her uniform as well, or at least the outfit that she wears when she is performing as an X-Man. Storm was never much of one for conforming to uniform rules. Storm stands from her chair and heads over to give Polaris a friendly hug. It's already raining outside, so a little display of friendship is not going to spoil the weather.

"It's lovely to see you again, Lorna," she offers to the green haired woman. She then greets the other arrival. "Miss Kincaid. Glad you could make it." She's about to say more when Rachel arrives. Like Scott, there is a fondness there for the young woman that speaks of knowing her for a while, even though they've only known each other a few weeks. "I'd ask how you got in here, but then you'd tell me."


Despite her earlier flicker of nervousness, Lorna discovers she's not rattled by the stern look that Cyclops directs her way. Apparently some things you really don't forget. When he points out her outfit, though, Lorna's lips do twitch upwards in a bit of a rueful smile. "I thought I'd better go with this until I figured out the dress code?" She tries, then shakes her head, sending her green locks swaying. She's not even going to try to bluff her way through that one. "Actually, I couldn't find my old stuff, so this is the best I could do." The rueful smirk becomes a more genuine smile when Cyclops mentions her codename. "Thanks. And yes - when I'm not going by 'Lorna'." She reminds him, then adds, "It's good to see you again, Scott."

While she doesn't try to give Scott a hug, knowing better, Lorna accepts Storm's hug in kind. "You too, Ororo." There's a lot more that she'd like to say, to get properly caught up, but there'll be time for that later, she hopes.

Lorna offers Cessily an amiable nod in return, although there's an intrigued look in her eyes as she studies the young woman for a moment. Her powers being what they are, Lorna's well aware of just what Cessily is made of and, well. Definitely intriguing if you're the Mistress of Magnetism. Perhaps fortunately, Lorna's distracted by Rachel's fiery arrival. Both because of the flames themselves, who the young woman can't help but remind her of, and also… 'Dad?' Lorna mouths to Scott, her eyes alive with curiosity. This is new. This is VERY new.


Cessily lowers the bag off her shoulder to rest it by her foot. She tries to relax a little, for the most part though that doesn't take real well with Mercury. Being solid pretty much means good straight posture. Her movements are graceful, but standing still gets a little more in the statue way, being metallic doesn't help.

"Scott." She repeats, though that likely will not hold for some time. Storm gets a bit of a teacher look, they subtle worry that she is suddenly going to be called upon for the one question she did not read the answer to the night before. "Thank you." she offers to Storm before looking back to Cyclops. "It is an honor to be here." Mercury states, giving another quick look to Polaris, and then tugs it away when she can 'feel' the way Lorna seems to study her, or maybe it is just paranoia. Thankfully though, Rachel is there to take note of, look over a bit and draw attantion aw3ay from even the metal girl. She gives a little smile and a polite, "Hello."


Rachel first approaches Ororo, giving her a tight hug, one of those you do -not- give strangers unless you really like making things awkward, but something about the redheaded telepath just oozes sincerity. It is almost infantile, in a way. "Finding this was piece of cake!", and she was nine then! There's a pause when Rachel steps back to look at Storm in uniform, as if the sight fills her with bittersweet joy.

And then she is bolting to join Scott, shoulder to shoulder, bumping into the Fearless Leader as if expecting a hug, all proud of dad, wanting to be spotted beside him. Is she always this obnoxious? Does she have this much energy or is she high on sugar or something? Looking up at Cyclops, and then back at Lorna and Cessily, the telepath grins widely.

"Polaris?", she asks, the name ringing in her brain. Polaris… she doesn't quite remember Lorna from her time, which may very well be a good thing. Still, there's a narrowing of her eyes when the green-haired woman exchanges glances with Cessily, a smirk to Rachel's lips. She knows curiosity when she sees it, but she also knows anything she says now will be her shoving a foot in her mouth. So she just giggles and shuts up, eyeing Magneto's daughter knowingly for a moment, before taking on Mercury.

"If you think it's a honor to be here, wait until he showshis collection of self-repairing cars! It's -amazing-! We keep crashing them against Sentinels, but the garage is always full!", the telepath begins, nodding at the metal girl, not having a -clue- of who this one is. Another student that went on to live her life after graduation? She doesn't know! But… then again… that means she, like Polaris, is part of the Mysterious World outside the Mansion Rachel never got to in her time. "So! Cessily, huh? What do you do?"

So subtle!


A sideward look, paired with a grin, is given to Storm at her ribbing of Rachel. This naturally draws his attention back to Lorna, to whom his grin turns a bit cockeyed. "Long story," is his dry response. Scott Summers is keeping that subject very close to the vest right now. "The old, flashy colors are best suited for Red and Gold," he points out. "We tend to adopt a more subtle approach with Blue Team."

As if to demonstrate, Scott holds his arms out a bit, showing off his uniform. it's mostly black, made of a flexible, skin-tight armor with extra plating over the vital organs, stylized for maximum aerodynamics, efficiency, and flexibility. The only touch of color comes in the way of a dark blue shade, lining the joints and creating a barely visible 'X' across the upper part of his chest.

Bumped into by Rachel, Scott reaches out and hugs her around the shoulder. He's about to speak up about something, when Rachel's words take him off guard. He turns to look at her, arm dropping, and speaks with a surprising sense of boyish wonder. "Self… repairing… cars…?" Whoops! Looks like they haven't quite been invented yet. "That would take all of the fun out of fixing them," he quips. "I promise you, if anyone ever suggests such a thing, I will begrudgingly oppose it." Unless someone made a point to it's tactical advantage, of course.

Scott turns back to Storm, shooting the woman a look and a shrug. It would seem that the new members of their team are getting along splendidly. Rachel's question, however, does draw his attention back to Cessily. He had read the young woman's profile, but it's always better for mutants to speak for themselves. And so, he folds his arms and quietly observes, knowing full well how heavily he's putting poor Cessily on the spot right now.


Ororo looks over to Scott with an arch of a snow white brow. With his visor on, is facial expressions are so hard to read. Then again, her own control of her emotions tends to do the same thing.

"You couldn't find your old things because they were brought down here for storage. The students get so curious and we didn't want anything to be ruined. We will get them for you in a bit, if you like, or we could have something new made if you prefer."


Lorna realises belatedly that she didn't /actually/ answer Rachel's greeting when she arrived. But then, Scott Summers having a daughter Rachel's age? When Jean didn't say a single WORD about her when Lorna moved back in? That's a bit of a surprise to process! Lorna raises her eyebrows a bit when Scott tries to brush off her curiosity. Her expression's far too carefully neutral to mean anything other than she'll be after him for details of that particular story sooner rather than later. For now, though, she doesn't have much choice but to let him off the hook - and let him change the subject.

That subject change prompts a quiet laugh, another shake of her head, and then she reaches up to take a lock of her distinctly green hair in one gold-gloved hand, turning her head to look at it mock-dubiously. "Now you tell me." She says, wryly, her eyes flicking across to Scott's visor, even though she'll never see a reaction there. Brushing her hair back absently, Lorna nods gratefully to Storm. "Thanks. You've just saved me a wasted trip into the roof…" She hesitates, thoughtfully considering Cyclops' and Storm's outfits, then shrugs. "My old stuff was a bit… bright." She admits. "I'll see what I can come up with."

That's about all she gets time to say before the whirlwind of energy that's Rachel takes centre stage. "Polaris. Or Lorna." She confirms good-naturedly, and is then swept along by the talk of self-repairing cars. "I'll bet." She says, a bit faintly. She definitely needs the full story, and soon.


Oh, more things to feel weird about, Cessily is now even more aware of the fact that she is old colors, and dressed more like a cheerleader than the sleek tactical gear of the others. Of course there are practical reasons for Mercury's minimal uniform, but does it make it look any more respectable? No.

Normally, Rachel's question is the sort that would cause Mercury to feel even worse, after all, isn't it obvious? "I am a metal-morph." She states and lifts one hand, tightening the fingers together until they actually merge and extend into a longer slender blade. "It is great as party trick." She says a bit nervous in tone. the hand returns to normal. "I can do more with it. I can even mimic things. If mimicing the thing is really what you call it when you make a shiny crome copy. I also wall walk, to a degree." Another glance to Polaris, and a little shiftas her shoulders tighten in a little.


When hugged by Scott Rachel doesn't hesitate to rest her head on his chest briefly, closing her eyes for a moment, before she straightens herself up and tries to look like she belongs besides Cyclops, nodding to Very Important Comments (tm), and side-whispering back at her father.

"You say this now, but wait until the Tucker get smashed to smitherings by a Boom Boom.", Rachel says, cleaning her throat and listening to both Lorna and Cessily. "Metal morph? Like… Mystique? Can you change into a car or somethin-Oh! WOAH! A blade! Cool! You are like Piotr, but… super soft, instead of super hard!", she says, looking at the whole shapeshifting with interest, arms folded.

And then there's that look at Lorna again, that Rachel has to bite her lip not to comment on. "Hey, hey! Relax, Cessily. You are with friends now! Just don't blade anyone at parties, or lend money to unc-… Icem- … Mmm… to Mr. Bobby, and you'll be golden, I'm sure!"


"Well." Scott's lips turn into a smirk. "There are exceptions." After all, they had quite a few colorful types on their team. Have they seen Elizabeth's hair? Storm's platinum locks?

There is a moment where Scott's attention seems to linger upon Lorna, as if he can feel her curiosity. The grin falters, and he looks between Lorna and Cessily for a moment. Good thing his eyes are concealed.

"From what I've read, Cessily, it's going to be an extremely useful trick." He smiles encouragingly toward her, saying nothing of the uniform. All things come in time. "I'll give you ample time to become accustomed with our procedures, and to become fully acquainted with the team's individual dossiers. We will also book some Danger Room scenarios to see where your strengths and areas of opportunity lie." Yep, he's already handing out assignments to their junior member, but in short order, he's turning his attention upon Lorna. "Same goes for you, Lorna." A bit more stern, there.

Scott turns to walk back toward a computer terminal, the same one vacated earlier. Passing Rachel, he murmurs to her, "Do I even want to know what a 'Boom Boom' is?"

Then, he begins to call up some intel reports, causing different spots across the globe to flash with tiny, red 'H' marks. Westchester and Manhattan are signified by glowing 'X' marks. He says nothing of it, instead waiting to see whether this action gathers the attention of his team.


Storm shakes her head. "Don't worry about your outfits. While we try for subtlty with Blue Team, sometimes that will also mean no uniform at all." Realizing how that might come across when coming from the woman who Jean had to talk into wearing clothing when she first came to America, Ororo clarifies. "As in your regular clothing. Not naked."

The talk of self repairing cars gets a brow raised by Storm. But Scott is back to business. Storm walks over and points to Greenland. "That one has been dealt with as well. I did a flyby this morning."


"Good to know." Lorna says, deliberately lightly. "Dying it would've been a deal-breaker." Despite the visor, she can see how much Scott doesn't want to expand on what he's already said, so this is her way of letting him know she's not going to push. Even though with Rachel leaning up against her 'dad', Lorna's curiosity isn't /close/ to being satisfied.

It is, however, easy to get distracted by Storm's phrasing, and Lorna shoots her a grin. "That would ALSO be a deal breaker." Lorna remarks, but says no more since it's Cessily's turn in the spotlight.

As Cessily speaks, Lorna nods thoughtfully, not even aware she's doing it, and looks impressed by the demonstration. Just what little she's seen already suggests a couple of ideas about how the two of them could play to eachother's strengths, but… she just catches Cessily's glance, and the tension in her body, before she says anything. If she thought about it she could probably figure out why the other woman seems nervous around her, but for now… she's grateful for Rachel's lively reaction. "Good advice." Lorna puts in, with feeling, when not lending money to Bobby is brought up, and when Scott gives her his instructions she has to fight the urge to salute. "Looking forward to it." She tells him - and then shoots a quick look at Storm. "I am so out of practice." She tells her quietly, then moves to follow them toward the terminals. "This is the to-do list?" She asks.


Cessily leaves off a good bit of the more interesting tricks she has available to her, the ones that make her even less human than most of the mutants. Rachel seeming to take her primary power though as a 'Cool' thing does relax her a little bit, as does the comparison to a 'real X-Man' like Piotr. "Not quite like Mystique. I cannot do color. And no machines like a car." So what is with the flowing red hair on her head? Enquiring minds, including Cessily's, would love to know.

Then Scott is reassuring and the metal girl brightens up, training is one thing Mercury actually enjoys, being around people without the stress of having to create attention. "I look forward to it, Sir.. Umm, Scott." She states in a chipper fashion, something of the cheerleader enthusiasm showing through.

Everything is looking up until Ororo's comment. There is a reactionary sigh and her shoulders slump a little bit. She would blush, but remember, not color. "Actually.. It means naked at times for me." she takes a slow inhale. "I might as well get that out of the way. Because of my nature, none of the uniforms that do that weird bonding, like Iceman, or the Human Torch work with me. So, if the change is drastic enough, say I slip under a door as a liquid.. The clothes remain behind."

Good news, that is enough to take worrying over Polaris off her mind for a bit, such is the life of Mercury. She moves with Lorna to check the terminal if that ends up being a thing to do. If not, well, they will shoo her away from things above her need to know, right?


"Good." Scott punches a key, and the 'H' mark hovering over Greenland disappears. "That leaves us with fourteen targets."

Scott turns back to face the team-plus-Rachel, arms folded again. "These targets symbolize locations where HYDRA may be storing remnants of the Mutant Virus. SHIELD has been kind enough to give us the information, thanks to Red Team and their, albeit shaky, partnership with them. We split into groups of three, we investigate, and if there's anything there, we shut it down. That's the plan. Then, we get to take a nice vacation somewhere warm."

Now, Cessily brings up a very good point. They are mutants, which means they need to get used to a few things. "Unpredictable weather." Storm. "Voices in your head." Psylocke. "We all need to be ready for the unpredictable." He looks to Cessily. "You might consult with Doctor McCoy about that, though. He's always making advances in technology to help us work our abilities to their best advantage." Note how he referred to this as an ability, not a handicap.

Now, to the rest of the group. "Questions?"


Storm is looking over the map and points to two locations in South America. "I could take a small team with me tonight to see if these locations are still a threat. Perhaps a good learning oppertunity for our newer team members? Have we decided on a team for Rachel yet?"


Fourteen? That's quite a number. Lorna reflects that, like it or not, she seems to have jumped back in at the deep end. She leans forward, getting a look at the locations, then steps back so as not to crowd Storm and Cyclops, and more importantly to give the others space to take a look for themselves. "I like the sound of the vacation, at least." She remarks to Cessily and Rachel, but it's only a quick aside before she returns her attention to the business at hand. "Only one." She says, when Cyclops asks for questions, folding her arms and frowning a bit. "Fourteen targets, and teams of three? Unless you've got forty-two X-Men, we…" She used 'we' automatically, she realises. She really is home. "…can't hit them all at once. How do we stop HYDRA moving the virus after the first hit? Or…" She smiles, a bit. It IS Cyclops, after all. "…have you got some way to keep tabs on them?"

As Storm picks out some targets for her own team, Lorna attempts to catch her eye, raising her shoulders in a minute shrug. She's rusty and she needs a new outfit, but she doesn't want to seem unwilling.


Cessily moves over to study the targets. she wil go where she is told, but it is a little unnerving to start out so quick! Of course, a lot of things make Mercury nervous. "Teams of three?" She repeats, wondering about her pairing. She was looking forward to that training too.

There is nothing really to add to what they say beyond that other than a resolute, "Ready to go when needed, Scott." Though she still makes the name feel like Sir. Mercury starts looking at the other trying to guess her trio.


Although Rachel arches both brows in surprise at the confession Cessily makes, the redheaded woman just grins cheekily before shrugging. "If you want clothes, I can just MAKE clothes for you!", she says all smug and cocky, pointing to herself with a thumb, as if that's the acumen of her powers, and it's very, very cool.

When Scott speaks, though, Rachel takes a more serious approach, trying to behave more like the X-Man she thinks he would like her to be. Maybe she is mixing Cyclopses up, given the Scott that raised her had been through the wringer, but that's what she does anyway. That, however, totally breaks when Lorna mentions a vacation, which has Rachel mouthing 'OHMYGOD, yes!' behind Scott's back.

"What's the plan, da- Cyclops?", she asks after Lorna gives her input. Rachel has this kind of impression her father is only waiting for someone to ask him to reveal The Plan. He always has The Plan.

Meanwhile, though, Rachel allows her psyonic flames to engulf her body so she can levitate, 'sitting' cross legged on the air and a bit above, so she can watch the places marked on the map over everyone's shoulders.



A minor draft blows through the meeting room, and suddenly there's a young asian in the room. She's kind of hard to miss, what with the 'electric blue' hair and the shiny metal gauntlets that went from her fingers to her elbows. So how did people miss her? Because she wasn't there just a second ago. Very few people are able to miss the mouth of Noriko Ashida, since any blunt thought that passed through her brain fell out of her mouth.

She most definitely wasn't /late/, what are you talking about?

She pokes Rachel in the side lightly, mouthing a silent 'thanks for the text', before peering at the map. She has to stand on her tip-toes, standing kind of behind some of the others, to see what's going on. Storm wants something in South America. Unfortunately, she came in about the 'that's the plan…' portion of the speech, so, yeah, time to fake it. Close the mouth, nod the head, hook the thumbs in the waistband of the pants, look like you know what's going on.

Easy peasy, nothing Surge can't handle.

She gives Cessily a quick pat on the back. "Going with backup is better than without, right?" Then leeeeeans to the side, and a little up, to, subtley, hand shielding her mouth and everything, ask Rachel, "What are we after?"


Now, there were reasons Scott asked for questions. He'd left certain particulars out, and very quickly Lorna rises to the spotlight. "A very good point," he acknowledges. "SHIELD is under the impression that there is no more virus. These locations are primarily old stockpiles. Probably empty, probably nothing. But we have to be sure. The strategy will rely in our utter secrecy; HYDRA cannot know that we are investigating. That way, if we do locate any virus stockpiles, we can regroup and develop an elimination strategy."

"Nice of you to join us, Surge." Yeah, nothing gets past Cyclops. He's only momentarily distracted by Rachel floating upwards, briefly tempted to scold her. But… did he scold her, or does he ever scold her? Scott has certainly not yet been through the wringer, and he still doesn't maintain a stance on teammates showing off during meetings. He also has absolutely no idea what kind of a father he's going to be, or, as temporary law demands, whether he even will be father to her in this timeline. Looks like he's gonna let it slide this time.

"I'll take a team to hit the European locations," he offers.


The older X-Men aren't fooled for a moment. Even as Scott greets Surge, Storm looks over her shoulder to give the girl a knowing smirk before looking back at the large monitor. "It makes sense that the leader of Blue team should take the more arduous task, yes." She pulls back to address the other women. "I realize you are likely feeling like you are being tossed into the deep end of the pool. In all honesty, you are. Situations like these have proven that trial by fire is the most effective way to see if you are truly capable of what we ask of you. These missions should not have any combat unless things go very wrong, and should it come to that, you will have a senior team member with you."


Lorna has to try very hard not to laugh as she catches Rachel's silent reaction. There's something about the frankly impossible young woman that makes it pretty difficult to stay entirely serious when she's around. What's particularly unusual is that it seems to work on Scott, too…

Why does Lorna feel like she's just passed a test, when Scott answers her question? Maybe she has… she edges to one side to get another look at the display again, before her eyes flick up to Scott's visor again. "We couldn't get that lucky, could we?" From her tone, it's a rhetorical question. They're the X-Men. Of course they don't get that lucky. Still, she nods her understanding, agreeing with Scott's cautious, no stone unturned approach, before here electromagnetic senses feel… something.

Lorna looks around to discover another young woman she doesn't know, and who wasn't there a moment before. Introductions will have to wait, though, since Cyclops and Storm are already moving on with the briefing. Storm's words touch a chord within her, and she smiles a bit at the wind-rider. She'd like to tell the others that they'll do fine, but… history or not, they don't know her. Better she let them listen to Storm and not dilute the message.


Cessily looks at Rachel as she mentions making clothing. That is certainly an unusual mutant power. Much better than being chrome. "That would be great." She says with a bit of excitement.

Then Surge is there, a familiar face from school, a like age. Yet she starts a little at the touch, and a little more on realizing it is the electrical field generating young mutant. Great, magnetism and electrical fields, at least the two are on her side. "Hi, Surge." She states in a soft tone.

Then she is back on subject, listening to the briefing. As Cyclops gives the details and the expectation it will be easy, Mercury starts to smile a little bit. Good, the firswt will be simple! Though Storm makes a comment to the contrary, and Cessily jumps right back dark side express. "I will do my best." She says, huffing a bit of go spirit, to smile. then, well, swhe is righ back to remembering to breath and trying to not say anything negative, like I will do my best not to let my team down.


Rachel gives Nori a thumbs up when the blue-haired woman arrives leaning closer to the japanese girl to answer, in hushes. "Mongooses. Golden mongooses.", is what she tells Surge. It's a future joke. You'll get it someday! To go with it, Rachel elbows the other girl softly, to defuse her posering!

"SHIELD… do… Mmm.", she interrupts herself. SHIELD did nothing when the Sentinels took over America until they started targetting humans. Rachel and SHIELD are -not- allies in her book, but maybe that is not a popular opinion, so she shuts up, nodding and agreeing that -something- must be done. She even punches her palm, all attitude!

"Europe! Never been there!", she says, the whole continent warming up her hear some, as it was one of the last bastions of mutant activity in her timeline. Her confidence shows a lot of power, or very little common sense. Probably a mix of both. She will ask what HYDRA is later.

All of this while floating about, all powered up. Apparently Old Man Scott didn't scold her enough!

"Ororo, I think that between me, Magnechick, Blademistress and Sparky we can take on anyone, really!", the redhead starts, "If Cess decides to go all au natural, BAM, clothes! If I get shot at? Magnechick does… something to bullets! And all the while Sparky can give our enemies fashion advice, because those guys always dress lame."


"Here to serve, Boss." Noriko quips, shooting Scott the finger-gun and an almost-smile of some small contrition. Her hand drops back down after a moment, awkwardly looking away, seeking to just play her tardiness off like no big deal. She shoves her hands into her back pockets, shifting from side to side for an impatient moment.

Surge turns her eyes in Storm's direction, raising her thin blue brows. They lower immediately, into an all-too self-satisfied, Cheshire smile as she links her fingers together in front of her, and cracks her knuckles (as much as metal gauntlets will allow). "No big, we've been training for this. We got it." Because a lack of confidence was for suckers.

She's elbowed, the blue-haired girl frowns and would hip-check the other girl back, but noooo, she was being Miss Show-Off Look At Me I Can Fly. She should zap her. Instead, she folds her arms and cocks a hip, huffing off to the side. At least she got the fashion advice part right, which Noriko affirms with a "Damned right."

"But if I have a choice," She raises a finger briefly off her bicep. "I'll take South America. It's closer. I can run to it. And I always wanted to see the Galapagos." A beat. "…What? Those turtles look cute."


Cyclops doesn't smile when Storm speaks, but he does look over toward her with a great deal of respect. A demonstration, that if they respect him, they damn well better respect her in turn.

Now, Scott finally turns his attention back upon Rachel. "The point," he says stiffly, "is not to show off. All of these things will only attract attention, and that's the last thing we want." Welcome to Earth-626, Rachel Summers.

"There will come a time for all that," he says, warming again, and passing a meaningful look toward Surge. "If there's nothing else, then let's get to our preparations. We'll begin heading to our targets in 36 hours."


The look that Storm gives to Scott shows that the respect is mutual. He is the leader of her team and she will do what he deems best. "Scott is correct, ladies. Should these missions go well, no one will even realize we were ever there. In. Out. We are not there to take on HYDRA, unless they have more of this mutant killing virus. Speaking of which, you three will need to innoculated if you have not done so already."


Magnechick? That had better not catch on! That's Lorna's first thought. And one look at Scott's face drives it right out of her head. That's more like the Scott Summers she remembers. In an odd way it's a relief to see it, although she can't help feeling a touch of sympathy for the redhead as water is poured on her enthusiasm. She doesn't let any of that show on her face, though.

Instead, she gives a brisk nod to Storm. "Got it. I'll get jabbed and then…" She grins, suddenly, feeling an anticipation she hadn't expected. "Just tell me where and when." Extracting herself from the group around the terminal, she's about to head for the door when she pauses, glancing at Rachel. "And I can do all SORTS of things with bullets." She confirms quietly, with a bit of a smirk, before continuing on her way.


Mercury is actually rathewr quiet, watching the others talk. Blademistress actually sounds badass, so she is not going to turn down the nickname. Instead she slides a little out of the midde, more to the corner, just to pay attention. When the instruction is given she just nods with a "Wil do.. Though, I don't need the injection, I am immune to it." Metal doesn't get a cold.


Rachel's babbling ends the moment Scott starts talking to her in that voice. The telepath's speech trails off, incoherently, for an additional second as her brain registers the tone and who Cyclops is looking at until she realizes he's scolding her. Frowning, the telekinetic mutant looks downwards, lips pursing, nose wrinkling, those flames around her losing a lot of their intensity until the time traveller is standing on the ground, not flying anymore.

"Sure, sure. Yeah. Innoculati- Oh, yeah! I… I have done that already, yep. It's okay, if I have to take another shot, though.", she says, her throat drying, arms folded over her chest, giving Lorna a last smile and a very subtle and unsure wave as she leaves. Is the room getting smaller? It feels like it.

"Errr… I should get ready for the mission. Stich my uniform… Is it okay if I just go?", asks the redhead, clearing her throat again. Didn't she create uniforms with her power? No matter! She is aaaaalready slinking to her way out, slowly.


Storm shakes her head to Rachel. "No, dear one. You only need the one. I will not subject you to that brand of torture again any time soon." Whether the torture was the needle or Storm's poor bedside manner is up for debate.

"Scott, I will head to storage now to find Lorna's possessions. If you will excuse me?"


Scott looks at Storm with some kind of funny look. Storm returns that funny look right back at him. Noriko looks between the two older X-Men. Her eyes narrow, head cocks speculatively, mouth quirks to the side, one eyebrow raises slightly. …Bingo! Love was in the air, she could feel it everywhere. They were really, really bad at hiding it. She idly wonders if the other younger women can see it written on those dopey looks they keep giving each other.

She watches the newly-dubbed Magnechick exit, then deliver her quip, then finish her exit. She turns idly back to the rest of the group. "…Aren't bullets made of non-ferrous lead?" Shoulders slump a little, there's a sigh, a roll of the eyes. "I hate shots."

Surge notes the scolding, the defeated look, and turns towards the door with the sadly-slinking Rachel, slinging a metal-clad arm over her shoulder. "Hey, don't worry about it none, you can be our, uh… distraction girl. Get everyone's attention with your cute glow-in-the-dark trick. …But we should probably talk about your Dad and Professor Munroe. I have some bad news…"

Just before they turn the corner, the asian teenager leans back in, frowning at the 'Blademistress'. "Yo, you coming? We're not gonna leave you behind to have to talk to the old folks!"

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