September 18, 2014: The Eraser is hired by Rhino to breakout The Ventriloquist.

Arkham Asylum

An old gothic manor in the Gotham tradition- serving as psychiatric prison for the nutcase criminals of Gotham.



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Within one of the many many cells of Arkham Asylum was a balding, old man who was very very worried and anxious. Pacing back and forth, back and forth as he stared out of his cell's door window to the clock directly down the hall. It was getting close to a particular time that sat in the hands of a dummy sitting in a chair in the cell directly opposite the door.

"Ohhhhh, I don't know about this, Mister Scarface- what if it's a hitman out kill you!" he says.

Scarface replies, though his mouth does not move. "Youse worry too much. This is a breakout, see? So calm down, dummy- your pacing is starting to annoys me!" he demands.

"….Yes sir, Mister Scarface…!" states Arnold Wesker as he calms down, though he now taps his toe worriedly as he stands there. Scarface just stares listly ahead in his chair- one could almost imagine the look of hopeful anticipation on his face.


It's been a long week at Arkham with a small number of breakouts in recent memory. Security is tighter then normal, or well it should be for all intents and purposes, yet there is a distinct LACK of security. The normal patrols are oddly absent, everything covered in a deathly silence. Then a low clack clack clack clack, slow and rhythmic a cane hitting the ground again and again, footsteps walking along with it.

A quick glance out the hall shows an older looking gentleman, with long red hair, and a bright yellow pinstripe suit. His black shoes make him look almost like a giant walking pencil. His eyes are a dark green, and carries with him a small briefcase. On either side of him stands a rather large man in a guards uniform.

When he finally makes his way to the door, the man in yellow makes a rather calm observation, "Mr. Scarface, and guest, your escort for the evening has arrived,". He looks over the two with the kind of just business expression one would expect to see in a boardroom meeting not a daring escape from a mental institution.


"Finally!" comes the gruff voice of Scarface. "Hey, dummy, come on, wes got a place to escape." Arnold Wesker makes for Scarface and cradles him up into his hand. It's then that he becomes slightly animated finally his mouth finally moving.

"There we go. Now youse just going to stand here or are youse going to step out and greet the man!"

"Ah!? Yes Sir, Mister Scarface!" says Wesker as he looks to the man. "Thank you!… uhm. Who are you?"

"Yeah, /who/ are youse. Rhino sent yas, right? That boy ain't too bright, but he knows. He knows." Scarface says as he taps his head with a hand in the forehead.

"Now lead the ways!" says the puppet.

"What about the guards…." says Wesker worriedly.


"Taken care of," The man in yellow calmly states, as one of the guards beside him reaches for the door, unlocking it. "Gentlemen, I'm a professional," he motions to the guard on his right to take the case from him, as the door is opened. Inside of the case is a rather nice looking pair of suits, one comically enough sized just right for Scarface.

"You'll need a change of clothes first," Eraser turning his back, and looking right up towards one of the cameras, as the guard moves in to pass over the rather expensive looking suit.


Wesker looks incredulously at the guard, and the case and carefully takes the case. He and Scarface disappear back into the cell, for just a moment as the case is opened. There is a pause as Wesker dresses himself, then Scarface.

"Hey! HEY, Youse you going to wrinkle that suit, be /careful/." he insists. "Yes—sir! Mister Scarface." says Wesker. The pair come out- now nice and dressed.

Scarface says. "There. Now I look /snazzy/." he says.

Scarface then narrows his eyes as he leans forward. "We ain't just walking out. Are we?" he asks. Perhaps he's noticed the abscene of a piece.


Eraser turns back around hands inside of his pockets. "We make noise, we get attention," His attention drifting down to a rather small plain wristwatch, checking his schedule. "The kind with bat wings" A quick nod to one of the guards is enough to send them off at a slow walk leading the way.

"Besides, do you see anyone to stop us?" His infection implying more then his words alone could say. As Eraser begins to head off down the hall it becomes slowly more clear that there is a startling lack of security present at the moment. Other then the two guards by him the checkpoints, and everything around just seems oddly quiet. "The suits are complimentary, by the way,"


Wesker opens his eyes wide when Eraser makes allusion to that specific kind of trouble. It does not please him. Batman scares him. Scarface? Batman scares him too, but he's not about to show, not unlike Wesker who looks like he could about faint at any given moment as he begins to walk along.

"Heh, that's clever, youse. Youse. I like your style. Your're a class act." says the puppet in the Ventriloquist's arms. He keeps a lower voice than usual- but he still talks.

Wesker may or may not be secretly anticipating the bookwork he'll need to do to chart this venture. It'll be a change of pace after being in a cell for a few months- and being forced on medications that make him drowsy and feel wrong. He makes small steps, but keeps up nothingless, lest Scarface demand he speed up.


"Only the best," Eraser doesn't really smile more so keeping a flat face, as they finally reach the front doors, where there are actually a few guards. Instead of asking questions, or even stopping them for a moment, when the yellow suit comes into view the men simply step to either side.

Waiting out through the large front doors of the asylum is a single plain looking black limousine. The windows are all tinted pitch black, and a single man in a yellow suit much like the Erasers comes running up with a yellow pinstripe umbrella. "I hope you gentlemen have learned your lesson during your stay," He offers with a small smile sounding rather genuine as the two that had been traveling with him go back to the building proper.


Wesker follows along out the front doors, no less, as he and Scarface are led towards a limousine. He regards it for a bit as Scarface seems to be appraising it himself. Scarface scratches his chin courtesy of Wesker lifting it.


"Yes, Sir?" asks Scarface.

Scarface /slaps/ Wesker in the face- via Wesker flinging his hand at his face. "Open the Door, dummy!"

".. Right, yes Sir!" he says worriedly as he opens the door of the Limo, as he looks bizarrely at Eraser as he asks if they've learned his lesson. Scarface answers for them. "Yeah, bring Bat Repellent!" he says in a smug manner. "Youse. You make sure I get your card. Or a Number, if Rhino don't already have it." he says to Eraser as he and Wesker disappear into the limo.


That small little smile of his stays on the mans face as his own door is opened for him. Eraser sits himself down across from the other two in the back of what turns out to be a rather nice looking limousine. "I find that people who can afford me, tend to be able to find me easy enough," A small wave of his hand motioning for the small bar in the back of the limousine raising up a set of three glasses.

"If you need me in the future, just look around deep net for this weeks phone number," He nods towards the drinks, as their limousine begins to make its way down the large winding path from the island.


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