Hydra Three

September 18 2014: Jericho and Jim both run into the same set of inept Hydra folks.

Queens City Street

The site of an accident in Queens



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It's a nice late summer day in Queens. Almost too nice, as the trope goes. Recent events have left HYDRA scrambling in the Northeast. Between various cells being attacked, various attacks being thwarted, investigations coming down, it's all been a bit of a hash.

So it is that Team 'Bouncing Betty' — Don't look at them that way, they're honest, hard-working HYDRA agents! — finds themselves rushing through Queens in three white panel vans with painted-over windows. This might have gotten some looks due to the rate of speed they were whipping through residential neighborhoods, and the fact that they were aparty to at least one near 'hit - and - run" might have gotten even more attention.

The B Team, as it were, is NOT the sharpest butter knives in the drawer. In fact, they would have been casually sacrificed YEARS ago if HYDRA could find a good thing TO sacrifice them on. But when a group of someones is almost too stupid to live, using them is sort of like pulling a hand grenade and tossing the pin.

They are HYDRA agents, though, and when word came to *move* they did indeed load up their vehicle with the cylinders of what they believe to be some important crucial element for some Master Plan. And they're not really bad shots, either. But… the directions they got keep updating on their GPS, leading them on a merry looping route all over Queens… and it is at one intersection that the lead van has a most fateful (fortunate?) collision with a semi-trailer.

No explosion, but the driver didn't make it, and now there are panicked stupid HYDRA agents with who knows what in their vans, firearms, and concealed body armor…


Jim Reha was having a great day. The weather was nice, the birds were chirping, the sky was clear, he'd had a wonderful meeting yesterday. Everything was just amazing. In that sort of bliss that's thankfully been happening a bit more in his life, as everything seems to be just wonderful. And then the white panel van nearly ends not just his day but his life as some sort of gut-wrenching feeling yanks him well and out of the way, leaving him on the ground.

As he's getting himself up off the ground, shaken, two more vans go whipping past.. and then the first one smashes into a distant semi-trailer…


"This is your fault Blonsky." A heavyset woman in her late thirties gripes.

"Mine?! Gilberts was the one driving." A young, frail lookijg man shoots back.

"Who was supposed to be navigating?" The driver, a tall bald russian grumbles.

Jericho sets down on a rooftop nearby on amber wings. Yep. Hydra goons alright. But look at them go. Either this is the cleverest trap he's seen in a while or these are the most idiotic agents it has been his misfortune to meet in the eighteen months hes been at this. Oy…


Jim starts running towards the crash site. It might take him a few moments to get there, but dangit, these people almost ran him over just now and he is GOING to get their plates. Their insurance is going to go through the ROOF if he has anything to say about that. Well, that, and there might be people hurt along the way, too. Just so his priorities are straight. Normally he'd be a bit more altruistic, but between his own shocked reaction to nearly being road-splatter and the partner's reaction, it's a darn miracle the partner didn't just pop out right then and there!

At the crash location, there is still more recrimination as the argument erupts.


There's a moment as Jericho draws a silenced forty five from under his shirt and regards the agents below him coldly… but only a moment. Then he starts to snicker. These guys are idiots. He puts the gun back away and tries to figure out what exactly he might be able to do to distract them so he can get a look at what they were taking to where.

Below, Gilberts and Blonsky have gotten into a full fledged shouting match as the woman looks on with a nervous twitch in her left eye. She keeps fingering something at her side, under her blazer.


The portly fellow is still trundling over, a bit red-faced now from the exertion, and breaking a slight sweat.

"HEY! *wheeze* YOU IDIOTS NEARLY RAN *pant* ME OVER!!" He doesn't know that they're armed, he doesn't know they're twitchy. He just knows that they nearly killed him just a few moments ago and he's still cruising on the adrenalin from that.

Meanwhile, far, far, far off in the distance there is sirens. There will be police… eventually.


Jim gets roundly ignored as the shouting match escalates into a shoving match. "If youd been watching the GPS we wouldant have nearly missed the turn!"

"Yeah? Well if you'd been watching the damn road we wouldn't have crashed!"

That leaves Krissa, the woman, to deal with Jim. "Hey buddy, look uh, maybe we should step away. There's some, uh, hazmat. Yeah, some. hazmat in the front van and I wouldn't want to be too close."

Well its Jericho's lucky day. Jim just showed up and he looks maaaaaaaaad. With any luck he'll be the distraction the hacker needs. He slips down off the roof and makes toward crash site. Nothingnto see here.


The robust man is no stranger to deception. Nearly two decades of retail experience and dealing with folks who are intoxicated and pretending they're not, shoplifters, grifters, scammers, and other unsavory sorts tends to harden one to the 'rookie mistakes' of subterfuge. So it becomes pretty obvious pretty quick to him that Krissa is not being entirely honest. Delivery is too choppy, the description a bit too… weak.

"Then WHERE the HECK are your diamonds? If you're carrying hazardous crap through the city, don'tcha know ya gotta have that stuff? Federal law, even! Eeesh! What kinda fly - by- night operation are you runnin' here?!"

If he was just winded and looking pissed before, he just graduated TO pissed off. Years of mandatory corporate safety training reinforced by recent more intense Stark safety training means yes, something is awry here.

Bureaucracy… for the win…


The shoving match is now a slap fight. Blonsky seems to be winning if anyone is keeping score. "Uh, yeah, i guess that's a problem. Why don't we all go over to the sidewalk away from the hazardous vans." She shoots an annoyed look at her bickering partners. Meantime Jericho saunters into Jim's field of view and gives him a finger wave and a hush sign as he opens the passenger side door of one of the vans and starts rooting around. Philosophize them or something.


Jim ALMOST blows it. Except for the fact that his relations with Jericho are 'cool' at best and downright 'pissed' at the worst. So it's a very easy thing for him when his eyes alight briefly on the light-bearing fellow to point at the license plates. "AND you're not even using the right plates! What the heck? Did they teach you guys how to handle hazmat from the back of a box of cereal?"

He backs up a little bit, waiting for the person he's talking to join him. That will be the biggest 'tell' if something is more amiss than just some poorly labeled vehicles.

Inside the van there is a somewhat reminiscent large cylinder on a small pallet with doohickies and gadgets attached to it. It looks like someone tried to make a third grader's impression of what the Virus containers were supposed to look like, with odd bits and pieces that were lying around in a garage…


Hydra is a lot of things. One of them is incredibly detail oriented. So it shouldn't be a surprise when Jim sees Jericho scan through the logbook and rip the gps out. Then he climbs inside and is out of sight.

"Guys!" Krissa half shouts to break up the slap fight. "Come on. Lets go make sure this nice man is feeling okay." Its a code phrase clealy. These guys are awful. "Oooooh. right…..


Jim would *not* classify himself as a 'nice man' right now and is definitely not 'feeling okay'. If anything, he's the exact opposite, and his assessment went — especially with Jericho fiddling around with the van — to 'Oh, hey, these people are probably going to try and kill me.'.

It's a logical reaction given what Jericho's said about his past plus that fact that at one point he'd shown up in the wee hours of the morning heavily armed. Granted, the guy did have a good reason for that but first impressions DO count.

So the 'nice guy' slowly backs up to the 'quiet alley' where the 'helpful people from the crash' can 'make sure he's feeling okay'. He stumbles a bit as he backs up, because he's trying to watch them and the vans so they don't disappear. If anything, this helps them some, right? They need to 'make sure the guy is okay'.. in that alley there.

Inside the van, Jericho's investigation of the cylinder proves a couple of things. One, the thing is empty. Two, it's designed well enough even as an amateur job to confuse the issue if law enforcement officials saw it with a limited description of the Virus containers. Three, it has enough whirligigs and whatnots to make it look a whole heckuva lot terrifying than it really is. It should be harmless, actually. Well, aside from any terror that would be instilled in a paranoid city with a mockup of a weapon of mass destruction might cause…


Jericho isn't utterly heartless. He's just confident in Jim's ability to handle three morons. Once he's gotten a good look inside and recorded what he needs, he pockets the GPS (maybe he can figure out who was updating it) and slips out not toward the alley that Jim is being herded toward by three people with guns, but toward a nearby ice cream parlor. For… some… reason…

"Sir are you okay? You really should have a seat." Says Blonsky perhaps a touch nervously.


Jim allows himself to be 'herded' back towards the alley and even sits down. "I'm really feeling kinda dizzy right now. I think I might have strained my neck or something. Are there two of you?"

Though Jim is *not* a master of 'craft' he has years of experience telling his former employers what they 'wanted' to know, rather than what they 'needed' to know. So it's relatively easy to fall into the 'Need to go home early because I'm sick' mode of looking suddenly unwell. Perhaps not enough to actually vomit at the moment, but definitely.. not looking good.

Jericho enters the ice cream shop without incident. A bored clerk is standing behind the counter and straightens up a bit when the guy walks in.

"Welcome to Basque Robb's Ice Cream Emporium, what can I get for you today?"


Rule one of an execution is never to hold the gun where the executee can reach it. Sure it looks nice and dramatic on film but in real life if your target knows anything about self defense, this is just going to result in the gun getting taken away from you. Gilberts and Krissa…. seem to have missed this class.

Jericho gives the clerk a pleasant smile, possibly the most feral pleasant smile ever and says mildly, "Two quarts of rocky road… and a spoon, if you please."


Jim isn't really schooled in self-defense. Sure, he's got an ancient partner who has a crud-tonne of book knowledge on self-defense, but that is hardly what one might expect to be useful under normal circumstances. HOWEVER, these are hardly normal circumstances. He coughs a bit and graduates to the 'about to puke' stage of faking illness, trying to draw the flinch that most normal people have.

If he gets it, he's going to try and knock both sidearms away into the alley or at least off target. He's not a martial arts expert by any means, but these folks seem dumb enough that it might just work.

The hardest part for him is actually building up the nerve to do it, but the idea of the bird coming out for these idiots… well, it doesn't look even Buddha Bird could teach them, and that's saying something.

Jericho gets amazingly fast service… possibly on account of being the only person in the store save the clerk. And the clerk works in Queens. He's had his share of meth-heads come in, so it actually isn't that terrifying of a smile. At least all the teeth are there.

"Have a great day, and please drop by again sometime!"

Oh, hey, added bonus, a paper bag with extra spoons, napkins, and other miscellaneous odd bits.


"Thanks!" Jericho waves on his way out, popping one of the quarts so he can take a few bites as he crosses the street. As expected, K'nert shows up on his shoulder and is fed a couple as well as the hacker moves toward what sounds like it could be a fight in an alley.

Jim knocks both guns to the floor, sending them clattering. Really, two guns for one guy? Guess they both wanted the honor or something? Blonsky starts to pull his, Really he should have had it out already. All three Hydra failures shout an indignant "HEY!"


"I really DON'T recommend you do that right now. Hands off. I'm not violent-" Yet. "-And I think you all are just having a very, very bad day. You're all completely distraught over the loss of your friend and you're not really thinking straight. So hands off the piece, back away slowly, we'll call it a day, okay? Nobody needs to get their asses kicked, nobody else needs to die. Right?"

Jim manages to resist the urge to look over at whatever Jericho is doing, given his own situation. He's tensed and ready and if the gun does come out, the bird will too. Screw it at this point.


The gun does come out. Before it gets very far, though, something cold and brown and sticky hits Blonskys wrist. Its a spoonful of rocky road ice cream and it is followed seconds later by. K'nert who savages the mans wrist to get every, last, drop forcing him as a byproduct to drop the gun, From over near the mouth of the alley. Jericho laughs and twirls his spoon, "That's K'nert. He likes just two things: Ice Cream, and Hurting People," Beat. "Don't make me use this."

The hydra three look nonplussed and maybe a bit terrified.


Jim moves over and picks up the sidearm the Blonsky dropped. The safety was on. That's normally wise for stowing a sidearm. The safety was gunked shut with ice cream splatter.

No matter.

"I think you'd better tell us where you were going, what you were going to do when you get there, and hope that he doesn't get antsy. That guy's already tried killing me twice. He won't mind taking out some witnesses if it makes it easier, if you catch what I'm saying?"

Okay, it's a slight stretching of the truth and they had recently reconciled over that. But the killing thing and the fact that K'nert is downright creepy… well.


Jericho grins. "And. I do need to feed K'nert rather soon…" The demon eyes Blonsky's throat licking his chops.

The Hydra Three visibly start to come unglued. In very short order they're tripping over themselves to explain the great master plan to jim such as they understand it, all while unconvincingly assuring him that its far, far too late to stop the,


Jim gets an almost evil smile. It's kind of creepy, given that he's not usually in this kind of mode.

"Look, we're going to wait here for the cops to show up, then you're going to turn yourselves in and act like you're a bunch of idiots-" Is there really acting required there? "- And then its going to go into the courts, you'll bounce around the system for a few years, and any charges against you will get dropped when people get bored, you'll probably get some misdemeanor charges against you, and then you'll get a new mission for the Master Plan. I never talked to you about this, you're all just having a very bad day, right?"


He gives K'nert and Jericho a bit of a glance, then pats Blonsky on the shoulder.

"Good. I knew you guys could do it!"

Then the Three are herded to the vans by the portly fellow, where they give a full and detailed confession of the most horribly incoherent and garbled nature to law enforcement. Jim turns the sidearm over to the police when they arrive, and tells them quietly that the Three are idiots. He does press hit and run charges against them.

Who says there isn't justice in the Big Apple?

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