Lucky Strike

September 18, 2014: Nightwing and Robin's quiet patrol gets a little rowdy.

Old Gotham — Gotham City

Old Gotham is the 'hub' of the City it's here that the City Hall District is
located, the Cotham City Police department headquarters, Cathedral Square,
the Clocktower and the Financial District. A sprawl of low buildings to high
this area is heavily populated one can ssee Wayne Towers in it's dominating
skyward spire, the Buford Building, Port Adam's Plaza, the Victorian-era
Crystal Palace and Gotham Stock Exchange.

The residential areas of Old Gotham are Neville where the mid to upperclass
live, expensive lofts in Central Heights, squalid homes around East Park Side
and Sandy Hook where many blue-collar workers and a good portion of the GCPD
call home.

To the far south, across a bridge on a narrow isle (which there are several
out there) upon the Atlantic one can even see Blackgate Penitentiary. Where
some of the world's most dangerous men and women are held.



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The black of veil of darkness that shrouds Gotham at night has drawn across the cityscape. The reflections of nights from various towers of offices, apartments, and various businesses provide a faint herald of discovery to the activities along the city's streets.

But it's been oddly quiet tonight. Silent, save for the occasional car alarm that merited brief investigation. Very brief, as it seemed to be set off by a cat. A real cat. Not one in costume.

But for now, the echoes of the allies, blocks, and comings and goings of others along them, feel normal. In a way, this kind of silence could make an average pedestrian feel safe, secure, and sound.

Standing on top of one of the many roofs that make up the Gotham skyline, Robin, cape catching just a little in the breeze, stares down into the alley just underneath him. "I feel like the city is trying to lull us into a false sense of security," while the words themselves grant an air of pessimism, the Boy Wonder manages to say them with the slightest edgings of a smile. "Or we've scourged the streets of criminals," he actually grins at that, knowing full well such a thing would just be wishful thinking and nothing more.

Some days are easier to juggle his day-life with his night-life and today is one of those. Nightwing seems to be quite alert as he's met Robin on one of the rooftops. He's long since passed the cape down and moves to stand so that it doesn't smack him as the breeze passes through the night. He grins back at the younger man, "Actually, I wouldn't mind either of those scenarios. Sadly, though, whenever we pick up one criminal, three more appear on the horizon." He looks back out, moving to rest a foot on the edge of the rooftop, "It would be nice to have a night off though, wouldn't it?"

"It'd be a relief," Robin agrees with a smirk as he squints at the world below. Nothing catches his attention, and so he continues, "Someone once told me nights are just for sleeping." He flashes a toothy grin towards Nightwing, "Imagine that." With a chuckle, a gloved hand rakes through his hair, messing it further around his mask. His head turns back to the alley, "Ever diligent though, right?"

"I don't know that I could even sleep through the night now if I ever had that opportunity," is quipped with another grin. "I suppose it's a good thing that we can operate on little sleep, but…well…we know better about the night, I guess. Maybe in other cities, they can sleep." Gotham is it's own entity, however.

A small set of binoculars are lifted to his own mask, "Well, if everyone else in Gotham is able to sleep well, I'll consider my job well done."

"Even when I wasn't allowed to be out here," because he was grounded for being Robin, "I couldn't sleep." His lips twist to the side thoughtfully, causing his cheeks to shift underneath the concealment of the mask. Early on such an action would've been one of relief, but it's been so long that now the mask feels like part of his face. "Old habits die ha — " the sentence is eaten by a stirring down the alleyway. " — how … ?" but he doesn't finish the though before drawing his own binoculars to his eyes.

While nothing explicitly illegal seems to be happening yet, a small group of figures dressed in black seems to be lurking within the shadows. Robin takes a single step backwards to make use of the shadow himself while he waits and watches.

"You want to know something? Me neither…" because his adrenaline would be rushing after the evening shows. Nightwing then turns as Robin seems to notice something in one of the alleyways, "Well, at least it's not the Joker," is murmured as he also chooses a shadow to wait and watch. The methodology and tactics are similar…it makes it rather easy to work off of each other.

"…Yeah…" Robin murmurs while his weight shifts from one foot to the other. "Or someone equal — " again, his thought is eaten by movement in the alley. This time two of the men seem to skulk downwards towards the alley entrance. A tall blonde woman, with her purse tucked precariously under her arm walks down the block, passed the alleyway, and that's when two of the figures in black start moving. Evidently, others were lulled into that false sense of security.

The woman, walking at a rather leisurely pace, doesn't seem to know or recognize anyone behind her until she feels the sharp tug at her ponytail (prompting a loud shriek) and cold metal against her skin.

Nightwing just sighs, "Come on, people. This is Gotham. You really should know better." He glances over at Robin, "I guess we should go save her and maybe give her a lecture about taking a cab at night instead of walking along. Really…won't people ever learn and try to protect themselves? We can't be everywhere all the time!"

"I wouldn't walk down the street alone dressed in civvies," Robin observes as his arms cross defiantly over his chest. With a grin he shrugs, "I feel like a lecture is the least we can do. It's like a civic service." He grins and shrugs. He tugs on the grapple hook attached to his utility belt, and shoots it the side of the building across the way. "Here we go again," he murmurs as he slides down the taut rope.

Down in the alley, the blonde is pressed up against the side of the building and now surrounded by three large, presumably male, figures. The one closest to her holds a knife against her throat. She releases the purse, causing it to fall to the ground and whispers, "Just take it — just take the money — take it all — " Her trembles can be seen from some distance.

With a sharp whistles, the Boy Wonder lands behind the assailants. "Hey guys. Nice night for a stroll…"

"Don't talk to me about Civic Service…" Nightwing offers. He gets that enough of that at the Police Academy. He makes his way down from the other side of the alley and keeps to the shadows, setting himself up behind the other goons, flanking them. They now have Robin in front and Nightwing behind…nowhere to go. Escrima sticks are out and held at the ready, "And we were just commenting at how bored we were. Thanks for becoming our entertainment."

"Butt out and mind your own business for once — the lady owes us — " the fellow with the knife at her throat states matter-of-factly. But knowing full-well that Gotham vigilantes hardly take the hint to disappear when given it, he orders towards his comrades, "Take 'em out!"

The two groups of assailants twist around to face each of the heroes in turn. The two assailants closest to Nightwing lunge forward. The first reaches for the knife at his belt, a flash of metal reflects in the streetlight, giving evidence to its presence. The second assailant, while unarmed, lunges forward at Nightwing, his fists taking aim at the hero.

The last two aim to take on The Boy Wonder. Another bears a knife and takes a few swings towards Robin. With a sharp tug on his utility belt, Robin draws his generally collapsed staff and causes it to expand. He wields it towards the first fellow's stomach. The second one aims to attack him from the opposite side and is met with another sharp jab of the staff in his stomach.

Nightwing just gives a sigh when the mooks don't take their warning. He then shrugs, "You asked for it," is murmured before he glances over at Robin before he settles into his stance. When the two thugs come at him he whirls about, one leg kicking out at one mook, and a business end of an escrima stick moving in to smack the temple of another.

Two against two.

This should be a piece of cake.

The thug that gets an escrima stick to the temple collapses quickly. The pain and pressure created by the wood against his body has him falling to the ground in mere seconds.

The thug that receives a kick to his chest is sent reeling backwards, falling against the building with a loud thud and a groan. But he peels himself off the side of the brick building and staggers back towards Nightwing. Evidently he hasn't had enough. He shakes his head once, attempting to clear the canaries from his vision and find a sense of balance once more. His fists move forward one and then the other to take large, weighty swings towards Nightwing. But these are dizzy at best.

Meanwhile one of Robin's attackers collapses with a skillful sweep of the staff underneath his knees. He follows it up with a quick hit to the fellow's head. The second lunges towards Robin, quite unexpectedly, seeing the bird boy nearly tackled. Fortunately, he had a taser at the ready. Prompting Robin to mutter, "Yeah. No too shabby…"

The woman screams again as metal is pressed a little more tightly towards her neck, "Beat it bat boys or I kill her now."

And then the boy Wonder observes, "I'm a bird. Not a bat. Robins aren't bats."

Nightwing dodges the thug swinging a punch rather easily and tries to move closer to the one holding the woman hostage. "And just what is that going to get you?" He keeps one eye on the thug who was swinging at him, and one on the other thug, "She can't owe you if she's dead. Seems like you lose if you do that." Maybe he can keep the guy distracted enough so that Robin can sneak up on the other.

It's all about teamwork, anyhow.

The question does merit pause. But then the attacker manages, "Revenge. She owes me her life," his voice is a hiss. The woman dares not move aside from her trembles that she can't seem to stop.

Robin slides back into the shadows, letting Nightwing continue to distract the man with the now-hostage woman. He sneaks along the side of the building.

"Everyone owes me!" he emphasizes back towards Nightwing as his friend throws another punch towards the masked hero. "I've worked too damned hard and too damned long to not be given my due!"

Nightwing ducks under the punch and sends one of his own in the way of his assailant. "Can't you see we're talking?" Looking back to the one with the knife, he asks, "All right…so why does she owe you her life? What do you do? I mean, do you really go around attacking attractive young women for some sort of payment? You don't quite strike me as the type." Besides, the gangsters who do this more often usually know better…or carry guns.

He glances briefly to catch Robin's location before he turns his attention to the main thug.

While Nightwing had managed to dodge his hits, the punching thug (also known as punchy) almost leans into the punch, sending him reeling backwards and falling to the pavement with a loud thud. He doesn't get up.

The chatter of the main thug continues, "I'm OWE— " the smack of a staff across the man's face sends him stumbling backwards, and the knife clattering to the ground. And just to be sure he doesn't move, Robin swings the weapon twice more, much like a schoolboy with a baseball bat, back and forth to hit his head. The man falls face down onto the pavement.

With a hit against the wall of the building, the weapon is collapsed once more into its more portable form. He reaches down to pick up the woman's purse to hand it to her. "Well then," he grins as he passes her the bag. "Looks like you're complete — "

She shrieks again and begins smacking Robin with the bag. Evidently gratitude isn't on the menu. Robin instinctively lifts his hands over his face and backs up, but she's in continued pursuit, "You shouldn't be roaming the streets at night skulking after people! It's behaviour like that that ENCOURAGES thugs like these!" the scolding continues.

Nightwing glances around as the thugs are down just in time to see Robin's staff smacking into the head thug. That's what he was waiting for. However, when the woman begins hitting Robin with her purse, he darts forward, "Hey! Lady! Geez, Lady, you should be walking alone at night? Are you at all aware that you are in -Gotham-?" He tries to stand between the woman and Robin, reaching out to stop the purse before it connects again. "We just freaking saved your life! We don't necessarily expect gratitude, but you don't need to attack us!"

The woman's indignation continues as she defiantly lifts her chin into the air. Nightwing stops her own assault on Robin, especially when Nightwing catches her purse in his hand. She sharply tugs it back and makes an irritated noise in the back of her throat. "I should be able to walk alone at night. So I do! Hrumph! And know that if you stopped encouraging them to skulk in the shadows they wouldn't."

She pivots on her foot, and, with a flourish, skitters out of the alley, back on her trail to wherever she'd been heading.

Robin shoots Nightwing an appreciative smile. "Thanks… " he pauses and watches the woman retreat. "I… don't think that's ever happened to me before." His smile turns crooked, he rubs the bottom of his jaw, and he asks, "Did she keep rocks in that thing?"

Nightwing just lets the woman storm off before he shakes his head in disbelief, "Me neither. But she's sort of right. That said…she lives in Gotham and her belief isn't going to stop attacks." Speaking of, he then moves to ziptie the thugs so that they can be easily collected by the police. "Well, I guess rocks are better than mace. You ok?"

Following Nightwing's lead, Robin treads to some of the other knocked out thugs to help tie them up, "I've been better," he states, the smirk evident in his tone. "I think it's like getting sucker punched. If I'd expected it — " he shrugs. But he didn't expect it. "I thought she would've at least, I dunno, something." He shakes his head. "Irony of all ironies, I wouldn't have thought the victim would be the one to get a lucky strike tonight."

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