The Boy Wonder and Magic Boy

September 20, 2014: Robin and Zachary fight thugs in Gotham… 'cause what else can you do in that city?

Rooftops of Gotham

It's Gotham.


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At the moment it's dark in Gotham and so there aren't many people on the streets…because in this city that would be a stupid idea. It's grim nonetheless and there probably tons of crimes happening right now. Of course, the police can't keep track of everything that goes on under their noses and likely have bigger fish to catch anyway. And that's why this world has vigilantes….

One such vigilante stands on one of the many rooftops in Gotham and his name is Zachary Zatara. The young lad is dressed in 'work' clothes without the top hat because that would look ridiculous in this city. He actually looks a lot more grim this time of day and has been confused for a bad guy before. Probably because of the dark clothing. He's standing at the edge of the tall building looking down below at a dark alleyway.

What's more interesting than Zatara himself is what he is looking at. There about four thugs (maybe more) cornering a terrified teenager. At Zachary's vantage point he can't hear exactly what's going on, but it sounds like it has to do with owning someone money or perhaps drugs.

Is Zachary aware of what's going on? Of course. Is he concerned? Probably. Is he going to do something about it? Maybe.

It's always hard to tell with him. Perhaps one of the many heroes in Gotham will save this civilian first…


A sharp whistle tries to get the thugs' attention. Behind them comes another teen (albeit an adult one) down the dark alley, dressed as Robin, the Boy Wonder. His cape catches the wind, causing it to ripple and wave in the Gotham breeze as he strides down the alleyway towards the group. Robin blows into the end of his staff once again, pleased with the combination of instrument and weapon that this tool has become.

"Hey guys~" he virtually sings as he leans against the wall of one Gotham's many tall buildings. "How's it going?" If he had an apple he'd bite into it, but he doesn't, so instead, he takes another step forward. "And here I thought it'd be a boring night."


Zachary blinks a little as he sees Robin, but soon his lips spread into a smirk. "I thought so as well, Boy Wonder." He lifts a gloved hand and points to the civilian in danger. "Etativel mih yway morf eht sguht!" And a whirlwind catches the teen from under his feet and he is brought up to the rooftop Zachary is standing on. He is so shaken he backs away from Zach, but the Zach just offers a slight smile and the teenager runs off.

The thugs all back away startled when they see Robin. "Stop right there!!!" One of the thugs points a gun to the now missing civilian. "We'll kill hi-Where the hell did he go!." He curses under his breath and aims the gun towards Robin.

NOW, Zach interferes. "Ekam eht nug toh!" He exclaims causing the gun to turn from black to a red hot color and the thug drops it almost instantly crying out in pain. He does not come down yet because he's interested to see how this plays out.


Robin's eyes squint as he watches the disappearance of the teen under attack and the hotness of the gun in action. "What," comes Robin's response. He's dealt with guns before, that wasn't unsettling. The release of the gun is incredibly strange, though.

But when the gun drops, the Boy Wonder manages to focus up out of necessity. He holds out his staff and swings it towards the ringleader, aiming to knock out the mook with a single hit.

Another one of the thugs is regarded with a kick of Robin's leg, intending to knock his support out from under him. Once more the staff is wielded, strong and true to knock the opponent out.


Zachary watches Robin knock out two of the thugs in awe and the grin widens. "Well then," is all he says. There is another thug, in fact, there are two and Zachary is intent on taking them out. "Nug otni sniahc!" That spell makes the gun laying on the ground to turn into long chains. "Dounb yb sniahc!" He exclaims which causes both of the thugs to find themselves magically wrapped up in the chains together. They actually slam together so hard they're both rendered unconscious.

"Evitatel!" And then Zatara hovers down to the ground near all the now unconscious thugs. "Hello Boy Wonder. It's a good thing you showed up and decided to save the day."


Robin definitely recognizes Zatara from the park, but man do those abilities of his seem to come in handy. With a lopsided grin, Robin issues the Zach a nod in greeting, "Always a pleasure to see Zachary Zatara, best teenaged (?) stage magician in the world?" He attempts to remember the important title.

As far as showing up to save the day is concerned he can't help but roll his eyes, "Seems you had it all in hand." With a shrug he notes, "But I wouldn't leave anyone else to deal with the scourge of Gotham. It's my job, after all." He shoots the other fellow an easier smile. "But, all in a day's work."


Zachary arches eyebrow in curiosity. While there is some familiarity from uncloaked Robin at the park, he can't be so sure with the whole costume and mask. "Oh? Have you seen one of shows?" There's the slightest hint of a cocky smile. "And you know my title too. Wow, I really am the greatest if the bat's sidekick knows me."


"Oh yeah, definitely," Robin replies easily with a wave of his hand. Because that's how he'd know about Zatara, right? "And I'm pretty sure everyone knows your title." He actually smirks at the last because it's easy to know someone's title when they introduce themselves along with it. "So. What brings you to Gotham?"


Zachary smirks and leans against the wall of the alleyway. "I must admit I am pleasantly surprised, Robin." At the last question, Zachary's smile fades and he blinks. "I was bored and traveling isn't difficult for me. And now that the Titan's Tower is gone I have little options for places I can 'hangout'." He pauses as he remembers he forgot his 'secondary' title. "Also, besides being the greatest, I'm a member of the Titans as you probably already figured out."


Crossing his arms over his chest, Robin mirrors Zachary's position and leans against the wall of the building. His weight shifts to one of his legs and he hmmms quietly, "Seems everyone's involved with the Titans." There's a pause before he allows his smile to fade, "Sorry about the Tower. Any word on when a new one will be active again? Hope son for your folks' sakes." He sucks on his bottom lip and notes, "I met Vorpal earlier today. You seem to have some good people."


Zachary turns his head to watch Robin. "We only have about 8..9 members maybe." As for the Tower, Zachary just shrugs. "I've heard little to nothing. There was something about a campground, but I'm not sure." At the mention of Vorpal, Zachary glances at Robin. "Really? Then you already know the Cheshire Kitten. There's also my cousin and Wonder Girl. Then we have Wiccan. Changeling and Bunker. Who am I forgetting? Raven! Yes, but she scares me. Also, Oracle though I have no idea who she is." Zachary propels himself off from the wall and moves to stand in front of Robin. "Would you like to join the fun too?"


"Sounds like a great crew," Robin says with his signature crooked toothy grin. He blinks owlishly at the question and then pushes off from the wall, "Yeah, actually. Vorpal kind of invited me. If I wanted." He hmmms quietly. "I do like the idea of working with another team. I mean, Batman is great, but more folks to team up with seems like a good idea —“He shoots Zach another grin, "The Titans seem to do some great things. And our goals definitely align…"


Zachary places a hand on Robin's shoulder. "I don't think anyone would object to you joining. Or at least I sure won't." Zachary smiles and then shrugs a little. "Maybe. The Titans are still a new group and there a lot of parts of the group that are still undecided…More so because of the teamwork thing we have going on right now. No one really has complete control, but that's the fun of it I suppose."


"But leadership can vary depending on who's capable and competent enough to do it," Robin offers in turn. "Vorpal said things were rather… fluid in that department." He again shoots Zachary a lopsided grin and adjusts the collar of his cape. "And teamwork does pay off. I know. I'm not much of a solo fellow, and never really have."


Zachary nods. "We'll see. I've always preferred going solo, but teamwork seems to work much better." He says gesturing to the fallen thugs. He then conjures up a card. A business card actually with a number on it and a picture of the insanely handsome Zatara and he hands it to Robin. "Here. Call anytime if you wish to talk about Titans stuff or if you just want to 'hangout' or something." He winks and then heads out of the alley.


"In my experience, teamwork always works better," Robin counters lowly, "keeps a guy honest." But then he's receiving another card. Arching a wry eyebrow, the card is placed in his utility belt, which has effectively become a business card carrier. "Alright… thanks. I… I'll be in touch." His eyebrows draw together lightly as he watches the magician depart. And when once again alone he murmurs to himself, "Apparently I should get business cards. Seems to be a thing." And with that, the Boy Wonder shoots his grapple gun and scales up the side of the building, back to the rooftops, to continue his patrol.

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