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September 20, 2014: The Ventriloquist and his goons try to take some stuff. The Boy Wonder tries to stop them. No one gets exactly what they want.

Midtown — Gotham City

Midtown was initially a neighborhood along the edges of Robinson Park but
post-Cataclysm (09' quake) it is considered the entire Robinson Park area and
surrounding burroughs and neighborhoods. Along the southwestern shores of
Midtown lies Miller Harbor and north of that are scattered homes and
businesses in equal trade off. The southern edge of Midtown is one of the
oldest portions of Gotham, the bluebloods simply call, "The City".

Miller Harbor itself spills off in to Bob Kane Sound and is fed in to from
the east by the Finger River. Midtown also hosts the Upper East Side where
embassies from around the world are located. Wakanda, Latveria, Themscyria,
Atlantis, all of those can be found here. Across the Sprang RIver to the
north is Uptown and East End by way of the Sprang Bridge.



  • Rhino
  • Mugsy
  • Billy

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Miller Harbor is isn't exactly a place of industry, but there are bussinesses along the harbor, and one of those is one that deals in the resale of chemicals. They're particularly allowed to operate out of this area, as most the chemicals are not immediatly harmful to people.

So one wonders what's with the sleek looking 1940's roadster out front with it's hood pulled up. At the wheel is a man wearing a fedora, and a black suit with buckteeth. He's reading yestedary's paper at this particularly dark hour of night.

The protected gate in the back of the loading area, near the shipping boats- has been opened without an alarm going off. In the back is a large man lifting drums and putting them onto a pallete, while the other man- of an average build operates a forklift. They are both dressed in pinstripe black suits- and also sporting fedoras. When you have a gang look- you stick with it, it seems.

Another man, of an older build and bald and NOT wearing a fedora stands there two. He has a small puppet in his hands, dressed in the typical mobster attire everyone else is wearing. He speaks in his thick brookyln accent. "Heys, Rhino, be careful with that, youse going to break the container!" he complains.

"But boss, these are heavy. What are we stealing this for anyways! If it ain't dangerous, why bother!" Rhino Complains.

"We're stealing because I says so! I'm the brains here!" says Scarface as he waves around the tommy gun in his hand in the air. (Helped by Wesker.).

Scarface turns to Wesker. "Youse. Youse continue keeping a lookout!"

"Yes, sir- Mister Scarface!" says Wesker as he looks around.

So far, everything is going smoothly. Hopefully that doesn't change.

Knock on wood.

"With this, we'll be able to make that Eraser guy happy, no problem." says Scarface to himself.


The trick of the shadow is something the bat family has long learned to use. But sometimes not even a shadow can give the aid needed for heroes to do their work. Those with particularly acute hearing may hear the very light flick of something hitting the pavement just shy the car. Something small. Almost like someone dropped a coin. But the effect of the coin isn't what many would expect. Smoke begins to fill the area, like a thick, misty fog.

In seconds the smoke pellet does its work, giving a nice veil to a situation where Robin is, at least by count, clearly outnumbered.

Through the smoke, a sound, a flute of sorts, fills a few bars of notes irritatingly to the North.

Someone or something is out there.

But then the sound stops, leaving the world a smokey, hazy reality; hard to see through without some kind of aid.


Something feels off. "Somethings wrong, here." says Scarface. Wesker looks confused. But before too long, smoke begins filling the air, and Scarface coughs. Wesker's mouth doesn't move the whole time through the coughing. Wesker looks around through the haze. "Hey- I can't see…" he complains.

Rhino concedes aswell. "Boss, what's happening!?"

Mugsy chimes in. "Hey what's that noise!?"

Billy in the car merely turns another page of the newspaper, he's not paying attention to all that stuff happening over there.

"Hey boys, get ready, this ain't no fog, see!" he calls out as he raises his weapon (with Wesker's help.) in the direction the sound came from through the fog.

"HEYS, If youse out there have a point to make, you better start making it, now!" he calls out in challenge.

Mugsy and Rhino both brandish thier own fire arms, standard make .45 styled pistols.

"Boss shouldn't we just get out of here?" states Mugsy.

"Not yet, boys. Lets find out who this jackass is!" he says as his gun scans the smoke. "Scarface, I think t—-"

"HEY! I DO THE THINKING HERE!" yells Scarface into Wesker's face. "Yes, sir!" says Wesker frightendly.


The bamboo staff comes behind Mugsy (the opposite direction of the noise), and does a twice over sweep, the first aims directly for the criminal's head, the second following through with the first, a twist and a flourish has the long sturdy staff twirling around. While there isn't much to see, there is plenty to hear. The sound of wood thudding against a skull, twice over, and a crack as it meets a body in turn.

A ping emits from somewhere in the haze, and a grapple gun aims for the tire of the car. Once the grapple meets the tire, causing air to begin to evacuate the tire, its retracted. Probably giving evidence to wherever its bearer is located.

And then, presumably out of nowhere (although, a little more predictable thanks to his grappling efforts), Robin's booted foot kicks at the back of Rhino's knees. The smoke has begun to dissipate.

With a yelp and a strike, the Mugsy lets out an OOF! once against the head, then the body. Mugsy is more or less out cold at this point for a moment, as his gun clatters to the ground, adding to the sounds being heard in the smoke.

"Over therese!" yells Scarface as he points his gun and fires off a few rounds from his gun in the direction of those sounds. By his accounts, Mugsy is on the ground. He'll miss him. But he'll probably miss his target too- in the smoke.

Rhino gets hit in the knees and he buckles a bit. Rhino has more omph in him. He's the strongest of the goons at the moment. He swings around and tries to grab at his attacker. "Hey, you think you can get the drop on us!?" he says to the unknown figure.

The tire breaks causing Billy to look up and down a moment as he feels something. He shrugs and goes back to ready. It's like he's not even trying to be useful.

Scarface looks into the smoke as it begins to dissapate.

"Seems we have ourselves a bird problem! Rhino! Come on, Mugsy, WAKE UP. DUMMY COME ON!" he yells at Wesker. "Right—sir!" says Wesker as he steps forward holding Scarface froward, brandishing that tommy gun. "I'm gonna stuff 'dat bird. Just you watch, dummy." he mumbles to Wesker.


Robin manages to duck underneath the Rhino's grab, dodging lightly. "You make it sound like I just dropped in for tea — " he actually grins, toothy and bright as he twirls the staff once over in his hand, feeling its length as an extension of himself rather than a mere weapon in his grasp.

It swings towards Rhino's head this time, aiming to knock the large goon down, and, gods-willing, out.

And it's only once Scarface says they have a bird problem, that Robin pipes up towards Wesker, "Wesker, you gotta get back to Arkham. You need treatment." But he doesn't turn his gaze away from Rhino, lest the larger man get the drop on him. "Think of the people you care about," he ducks again and counterattacks with another sweep of his staff. "You don't have to be a prisoner to a doll — " Yeah, he just called Scarface a doll.


Rhino responds to robin. "I'm going to KNOCK YOUSE OUT!" he says in the sterotypical mobster accent, as he goes to try to grab at Robin again, which leaves his face clearly open for that staff to knock him down. It knocks him down, though he's grabbing his face. Mugsy is slowly coming too. These guys probably won't stick around after that thrashing. If Scarface doesn't yell at them for it.

"Woah, Woah, Woah!" yells Scarface. "YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, YOU TAKE IT UP WITH ME!" he says with a really, REALLY Angry expression, it's almost errie how expressive that puppet's face can get.

Wesker just listens with a sad expression to Robin, like he's taking in what Robin is saying, but there is literarly nothing he can do at the moment, and then—- "AND I'M NOT A DOLL! DO I LOOK LIKE A PRETTY POLLY TO YOU, BIRDBRAT!?" he calls out. Scarface begins firing off his tommy gun in Robin's direction with out a lot of careful accurate aiming, and at the same time is begining to back up towards the car. Scarface may be bold, but he's no idiot, Robin is a serious threat. He'll need to get what he wants another way. Which isn't optimal at all.

"MUGSY, RHINO! COME ON! GET UP! WE'RE LEAVING!" they kind of hurry to get up from thier beaten states, and attempt to run past Scarface's covering fire to the 'safety' behind him. They don't look to well for ware after that thrashing anyways.


A master dodger of bullets, Robin is not. He's not fast like superman. He's not a teleported like Zatara. He's Robin. The Boy Wonder. So while he manages to dive behind the forklift, it's not before metal meets kevlar, catching his shoulder and sending him reeling backwards several times over. He groans loudly. Even through Kevlar a bullet hurts. Some things Tim will never get used to.

Bruising spreads underneath his uniform he can already feel it coming.

He remains behind the forklift while the gunfire continues, not desperate to get shot again and not really able to get up easily. He groans again, hoping that each of the bullets got caught in the protective layer of his suit rather than in any of the places with exposed, or nearly-exposed flesh.


"You absolutely look like a pretty polly to me! I always had a soft spot for dolls as a kid — " he calls back as lightly as he can manage, but the last is hissed through clenched teeth. "Go back to Arkham — " he urges again from his spot on the ground, concealed by the forklift.

Mugsy and Rhino dive into the car, Mugsy in the front, Rhino in the back. Scarface is almost there himself. "I AIN'T GOING BACK TO NOT RATHOLE, BIRD!" yells Scarface. Wesker just silently peers though those glasses as the machine gun finally stops- ricocheting bullets off the forklift. "This ain't the end this little fight, see!" he says. "One of these days, your luck is going to run out- Birdboy!"

Wesker quickly gets into the car as the window comes down, Scarface peering out from it with his gun as the car begins to get away with it's slowly deflating tire with a loud screech no less! At least it's leaving some sort of trail.


As the car screeches away, Robin murmurs to himself, "And this is why we don't work alone. This is why you call for help… take your own advice, Robin." He allows his legs to spread out in front of him and reaches into his utility belt. His gloved fingers rifle through the belt and he seeks out one of the cards tucked therein. But before he even tries to reach for his phone, his eyes close and his head rests against the forklift for a moment.

Whether disoriented or shot (really, he can't tell), he pushes his palm against the ground to rise to a very weary stand. He's gotta get home.


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