The Boy Wonder meets the Spoiler

September 20, 2014: Spoiler and the Boy Wonder meet on the rooftops…


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Mood Music: It's been a busy night of patrolling. And it's only gotten busier by the minute. A grapple hook tugs on a hooded figure and tugs them back down the alley. "Don't pick on kids half your size and we won't have a problem," Robin virtually sparkles at the large now-bound drug dealer.

The Boy Wonder reaches into his utility belt and extracts a tie wrap which he then uses to bind the assailants' hands together. "The police will be by shortly to come get you. Don't worry. I promise." His smile softens as he looks back to the woman cowering in the corner of the alley in which he finds himself. While Robin had come in later than would've been ideal, the threat of pain and awful things (TM) has been enough to stun the teenaged red head into silence.

"Hey," he says quietly to her, attempting to meet her gaze while not getting too close. "Can I get you a cab — we'll get you rolling on your way home. And I mean a real cab. Not a yellow car." He shoots her another flicker of a smile as he reaches into his pocket and dials the cab company before she has time to answer.

They aren't the only ones in the alley today, but the other figure is perched high above them, watching with interest. The aubergine cloaked figure wears a mask, her hair shoved into the back of it, concealing the blondeness. The cab dialled, she moves, slipping along the roof top with careful balance, her fingers spread to aid that. A home made costume, and a home made grappling hook - this is superheroing on a budget, and the soft clank as the hook lands on the opposite roof might be heard, by those with excellent hearing below. She swings, grabbing the drain to balance as she lands, crouching to hide her from the ground.

She turns her head then, glancing back, before she winds that rope back up, hooking it on her belt.

The sound actually has Robin looking up, but if he notices the figure, he doesn't let on, shifting his attention back to the girl he's helping rather than the one climbing on the roof. Within minutes the cab shows up down the block. "You must be a good luck charm," he says to the gal as he slowly ushers her towards the cab. "I never catch a cab that fast in this city." He winks at her. She still remains silent. He doesn't dare touch her, but he does ensure she's put inside and the cabbie is given directions before Robin steps away.

He manages another flicker of a smile as he slides away from the car back to the alley.

The Boy Wonder disappears into the shadows. The alley is silent for a few moments, free of activity and noise. Until the figure on the roof is met by another one. He runs a hand through his hair, "Are you another one of those Titans? Because… if you are… I've got to ask if you folks think I'm potentially dangerous or something… been running into a lot of you lately — "

The watcher above smirks a little at his jokes, and shakes her head, the movement pushing the hood of her cape back. The strands of blonde hair peek out from the base of the mask at her neck. She balances there, watching them leave, the tilt of her head thoughtful. She lifts her hairs, tucking the hair back in, a placeholder of a gesture, done to allow her time for thought.

Then there is a voice behind her, and she spins on her heel, her eyes widening behind the mask. The loss of balance is obvious, her arms flung out to recapture it, but it eludes her, and her foot slides from beneath her, the tumble down, over the tiles, towards the stone edge of the roof.

"Hey!" Fortunately, training has made Robin's reflexes particularly acute. He reaches out to grasp the woman, but even as he does so, his grappling hook his at the ready in his opposite hand. It's become second nature in a way. Even as he dives after her, he's firing the hook towards the next building, confidence that it'll catch innate in his own mind.

He reaches out for her, grasping towards her with strength as he hears the soft clink of his hook catching the next building. "Gotcha — " he pronounces as his free arm grasps her hand. But it's still a precarious 'get'. He holds onto the hook with one hand and the figure with the other.

With a groan, he draws her upwards, "Grab ahold," he instructs through his teeth, still using all of his strength to keep both of them from falling to the ground.

The shriek suggests someone else's training has been rather self-managed, and her cape flies around her as she tumbles towards that edge. Her hand clings to his, her widened eyes finding him. The eyes behind the mask are panicked in that instant and she grabs ahold, clinging tightly to his hand, hers cold beneath the gloves. As he swings them, her gloves slip, just a little, and the fingers inside them tighten on his hand, her breath caught in her throat.

"Come on," Robin urges again. He takes a long slow breath and focuses all of his energy on bringing the figure to safety. He pulls her upwards, the groan emitting through his clenched teeth as he does so. He draws her to the edge, and instinctively looks her over, his eyes scanning her quickly. Their vibrant blue make quick work of his assessment, and he shoots her a lopsided grin, "You're okay." There's a soothing quality to his tone. "Nothing broken, maimed, or…" his smile flickers while concern edges his features, "You've gotta be careful up here… not exactly for the faint of heart."

The widened eyes meeting his in return are bright blue and her lips are parted, her breath short before she catches her own balance once more. His grin is returned with a faint smile, and she lifts a hand, pushing the hood back from her face. "If people weren't creeping around and making other people jump…" The snark is there, recovered with her breath, and she grins then, glancing down at their hands, before she reclaims hers to tuck hair back into the mask. "You're Robin." Certainty in her voice, and confidence returned to her poise.

It's only when she looks down that Robin remembers he's holding her hands. Sheepishly, he draws his back to his sides, and his cheeks hue a faint pink as he does so. He takes a small step backwards, and then nods once. "Yes. I'm Robin." He shoots her another smile. "And I wasn't trying to make you jump. I think lingering on roofs generally merits further investigation." There's a watchfulness in his blue eyes that doesn't look away. Until he realizes he's staring. Which has him looking away a little more purposefully. "You probably shouldn't lurk on roofs. Not really safe up here."

Her grin widens at his sheepishness and she takes a small step forwards, not letting him lose that ground. "I was watching a guy do some deals in an alleyway. You got there just before me." Her hands rest on her hips, the balance regained as her frank gaze studies his face. "It isn't meant to be safe. Not doing what we do." She takes another step towards him, then brushes past him, heading for one of the chimney stacks to perch on, her grin showing behind the mask. "You are way cuter close up, although I'm not sure the pants work…" Snark, Steph is back.

When she steps into his space, Tim freezes, almost unsure what to do next. He can beat up a criminal with relative ease, but the moment a girl enters his space, the Boy Wonder finds himself an awkward teenager. And then she moves away, thank goodness. "Look, I'm trained for this. I — uh — you need to be careful. Gotham isn't the kind of place you should just grab a disguise and run around fixing problems — " He runs a hand through his hair and shoots her an easier grin as she treads to the chimney stack. And then she says that thing about him being cute. "I doubt that's true," he observes with a smirk. "You must be thinking about my predecessor." But if she's watching, she'll see his blushing even more. His head turns to watch the alley again. He is still on patrol, after all.

The smirk he gets when he responds to her in such a manner is utterly amused, her grin widening further. She leans back, tucking her hands around her knees, her head tilted in curious consideration of him. "Really? Are you?" The mocking tone of her words is a little sharp, her lips tugging down at the corners as she tries to repress the grin. She makes a point of letting her blue eyed gaze wander down over his body, laughter written in them, before she replies, "Noooo, definitely you. Will you teach me then, if you are so worried?" Her gaze dips and she adds, teasingly, deliberately, "Nice belt."

Flustered, Tim's chin drops to inspect his costume, attempting to discern what is so interesting about his Robin garb in general, and his belt in particular. But then his head snaps up, it's entirely possible the flirting has just sunk in. If at all possible, Robin flushes just a little more. But he shakes it off, finally managing, "I don't know who you are?" His eyebrows draw together. "I don't randomly train people." And then to punctuate his point, he adds, "And I don't carry a sign that says I'll train people for food… or anything…"

She rests her elbows on her knees, her chin cupped on her hands, the blue eyes regarding him with frank and open amusement. His flush draws a grin from her and she lifts a shoulder, replying lightly, "I'm The Spoiler." It doesn't sound as if she is familiar with saying that aloud, and she adds, with a touch of mocking, "Oh well, I'll just have to learn on the job and hope I cope." She rises to her feet, patting down her outfit, the material clinging to curves under the cape, as she steps towards him. "I might have a chocolate bar somewhere…"

"The Spoiler," he repeats skeptically. And then she's stepping back into his space. Tim doesn't dare step back this time, lest he be the one moving off the roof, but he does freeze. She can probably see his adam's apple bob as he swallows hard. "I… look. D-don't do that. Just." His eyes squeeze shut and he hmmms. "I'll teach you a thing or two. But nothing… I'm not Batman."
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She gazes up at him, her blue eyes wide, the hint of blonde hair sneaking out from beneath the mask, without moving backwards, "Don't look at you? Or carry on without your help?" She smiles at him, giving him an innocent look, before lifting a hand to place it on his chest. "I know, it is the outfit, it gives you away every time. Unless you want to take it off?" Snark, and flirting in one single line.

"Carry on without — " but the thought isn't finished as she puts a hand on his chest. What. Robin silently wishes Nightwing or Batman would swoop in to save him. "I. No…? No. I don't. I'm Robin." He clears his throat. "Look, I… I'll help you not get yourself killed. But you need to be more careful." He shoots her a flicker of a smile, but at this closeness, it comes out more sheepish than he intends. "No patrolling alone. Not.. not until you're ready. I rawly patrol alone and have been doing this for years…"

She smiles up at him, her eyes laughing, "You don't want to take it off? You want me to only patrol with you…" Her lips curve and she pauses, studying him closely, before she adds, softly, "I'd like that but there are some times when I can't be with you, where I have to do what I have to." She puts her other hand onto his shoulder, gazing up at him, "I know you understand that. Sometimes a girl just have to do it alone…."

"No… not… not with me necessarily. Just not alone. Find other people to — " Robin shakes his head. Snap out of it, Tim. "Look. I don't know you, but I do know this city. It's not a safe place. Not a friendly place. Not a place for someone who isn't ready to deal with the scourge of humanity." His eyebrows draw together, but around the mask, the only evidence of this is a crease in Tim's forehead. The hand on his shoulder has his heart pounding. "It's just not safe," he reiterates. "Find people to work with and then you'll be… golden."

Her grin widens as he stammers through that sentence, her eyes laughing up at him. She rises on her toes, pressing a kiss against his cheek, pausing there for a heartbeat before she turns away, stepping out of his space, walking away from him. The words tossed over her shoulder are careless, friendly but the snark is back, "It is lucky that I don't plan to let you be in charge of me." The walk along the rooftop is a saunter, her hand dipping to take out the homemade wire, coiling it ready to throw, to leave.

"I'm not… I don't aim to… You're your own person," and then she presses a kiss to his cheek. And he becomes downright statuesque. His skin is warm against her lips, flushed and just a little stubbly thanks to his one o'clock a.m. shadow. But at this distance, there's an utterly boyish quality about him. He makes no effort to lean away and none to lean in. The entire experience is downright surreal. He swallows hard again as she moves away. And sheer impulse has him taking a few steps after her, "Wait." A gloved hand reaches out grasping for her arm to give it a tug, aiming to get her to turn around.

She turns when his gloved hand grasps her arm, her gaze flickering down to his hand and then back to his face, the attitude obvious. "Careful, Robin, I might get confused and think you like me." The snark is there, and she turns back, coiling that cable, ready to throw, on the balance of leaving. She doesn't pull from his grip though, stepping into his space once more, her lips curving into a smile under the mask. "What am I waiting for, Robin?" That is definitely flirting. Unsubtle as the snark was.

He hesitates, the snark having worn his courage just a little. "You talk a lot. You know that?" There's no stuttering this time. No hesitation. Robin leans towards her. And for a moment, just one, it seems like Tim considers something. But then he does something else. He reaches out to tug her mask up just a little — over her chin and mouth. He leans forward and then, he hesitates. This game of cat and mouse may have bested him and his more awkward parts, especially with the flirtatious question. Spoiler: 1. Robin? 0.

She watches him, her lips curved into a smile, "I know." She watches him as he tugs the mask up, watches him as he leans forward and then hesitates. The newly shown mouth curves into a broad grin and she steps forward, her free hand on his chest for balance, and she kisses him. Unlike the other kiss, this isn't fleeting, nor on his cheek, but pressed against his mouth, a soft kiss that lingers. Then, with a flick of her hand, she tosses that cable, hooking it across the street, the direction she came from, and pulls away from the kiss, jumping into the swing in the same movement. Spoiler: 2. Robin: 0.

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