The Breakfast Of Champions

September 21, 2014: The Titans gather at the local iHop to greet the newest member of the team.


It's an iHop. C'mon.



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iHop, the site of breakfast of champions! Well, perhaps not so much. The site of fatty breakfasty foods, delicious and succulent treats that can be risky to one's spandex line, should one indulge too much in these forbidden fruits.

And speaking of fruits, everybody's favorite cheshire (note: there is no evidence to support this claim) is sitting in one of the booths, waiting for his team-mates to show up. He hasn't ordered yet, because that would be rude, but he does have a cup of coffee. He feels a little better than he did a few nights ago, because he had managed to get a 'yes' from a member he really, really wanted in the group.

Now, he hopes he shows up…

"Oh my god, is this our new base or something? Are we going to rename ourselves the fatty fat-fat brigade? Because IHOP is not exactly a health-food joint, you know!" That's how Cassie announces herself to Keith as she walks up to his booth and plops herself down across from him. Her street clothes are not much different from her heroing clothes. Jeans and t-shirt. At least the color scheme is different. Blue pants, black shirt, instead of blue pants, red shirt with yellow WW symbol on it. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I like chocolate chip pancakes and bluebeery cheesecake waffles and scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, and mushroom, and thirty-different kinds of syrup, and all of that as much as the next girl, but I have to work it off after I eat it! I fit into these jeans because I don't gorge myself on all of this stuff."

She looks around, trying to spot a waitress, waving a hand in the air over her head attempting to signal for attention. When she doesn't get it, she squints in what she approximates to be a 'dangerous scowl', and focuses back on the other person at the table. "Oh, and hi and thanks for inviting me, etcetera."

"Oh my god!"

A pause then. Zatanna rolls her eyes, "I mean, um, gods," she murmurs to herself. Zatanna was standing at the threshhold of entry into this mecca of food. Zatanna was dressed in her 'business clothes'. Meaning - white gloves with cute rainbowish butterflies at the back of both hands, suit jacket (with coattails), white button up shirt and bowtie, and slacks that lead into awesome boots. With a heel. Because they were more adorbs that way.

"I…" Zatanna slides into a seat nearish Keith, wasting no time at all at making a place for herself. "…/love/ eating here. I want some fo the chocolate chip pancakes, and blueberry cheesecake waffles, please - if you guys haven't ordered yet."

A beat then, and Zatanna lets her eyes kinda drift towards Cassie, the young woman blinking as if shocked. A beat, and a goofy grin touches her face, a flush of embarrassment spreading across her cheeks. "Um. Hi! Have we met? I'm Zatanna," she states. "The ~mistress of magic~."

"You two," Vorpal smirks as the two young women, blonde and raven-haired, make their appearance. Vorpal's table was already getting looks and whispers occasionally. When Wonder Girl and Zatanna show up, there's even more.

"Zatanna, Wonder Girl, Wonder Girl, Zatanna, of course. I haven't ordered anything for myself just yet. I'm waiting for our fourth diner for the night. Our Brand New Member." He flashes them a cheshire grin. "-hopefully. If he accepts and shows up. I sort of campaigned for this one. Gar may be joining us later, he's trying to straighten out all the legalese that's involved in our potential new headquarters. Thank goodness someone around here knows how to handle the lawyer thing…"

He rests his chin on his hands. "And I'll have you know that I work it off all the time, Wondy. I've run accross more rooftops in Gotham this past week than Batman has in his whole life, I wager."

Cassie hushes at Keith, making neck-cutting motions with her fingers urgently. "Dude! I am wearing civvies for a reason! Gawd. Just announce to the whole world who we are!" Even if they came here as super heroes once before. And even if Cassie isn't even wearing a mask. She quickly holds out a hand across the table, though, seemingly not that upset (if she actually was at all. Maybe she was joking?), and says, "Nice to meet you, Zatanna! I don't think we've met yet, nah. Nice outfit! You a professional magician or are you just dressed like that for 'someone special'?" The blonde waggles her eyebrows ridiculously.

Whether her handshake is accepted or not, she plops back in her seat and says, "Hey, I thought Batman was just a myth, like Big Foot, or UFOs, or microwaving a dog to dry it off, or the cable company ACTUALLY being there the day they say they will. So there's a real bat-mutant in Gotham? Freaky! Must be all the toxic waste in the water. Anyway, I'll be glad to meet a new super friend. I still haven't met all the CURRENT members. But Zatanna here is the first other girl on our team I've met, so I'm glad toYO! HEY! LADY! I WANT TO ORDDammit." She is too late to catch the attention of a waitress and returns her attention to the others at the table.

"Is there really that much paperwork involved in a headquarters? How can he have the time for that?" asks Zatanna of Keef, kinda tilting her head a little bit to one side. "I mean, shouldn't you get a… lawyer or something?" she asks that. A beat. And Zatanna lowers her voice to a whisper, "Is that his super-power? Is he a lawyer? A green lawyer?" Beat.

The Mistress of Magic straightens up again, clearing her throat, a beaming smile touching her lips. It had the practiced air of someone who smiled for a living, perhaps a little like a game show host.

"Well, both, maybe?" says Zatanna, her voice kinda lilting a little bit. "Are ~you~ a special member of the team?" she says, waggling her brows just as comically in return.

"Erm." Zatanna pauses, straightening up a bit, crossing her eyes as if taking special interest in her nose. "…that might have come out a bit wrong," she adds, sounding a bit sheepish. Relaxing though, with a bit of a laugh, Zatanna easily takes Wonder Girl's hand, and gives it a shake. She didn't have a lot of strength to it, but she squeezes it regardless. "Maybe that's what he's saying. He spends all his time running, so he mythically burns a lot of calor…"

Cassie yells. Zatanna kinda winces. "Now that the whole resteraunt knows that we want to order…" she says goodnaturedly.

Coming into the iHOP is Zachary Zatara who is particularly hard to spot not being dressed in costume, and there's no awesome enterance. Perhaps he's been spending a little too much time here, but now that it acts as the temporary hangout for the Titans and he hasn't been too busy with stage stuff, why not? The male Zatara glances around the iHOP. He might of actually missed all the Titans, but Zee's top hat is pretty hard to pass by. He strolls over to the table with a small smile. "Hello Titans. I didn't know we were having a meeting?"

After their last encounter there Robin had a hint of apprehension at coming to IHOP for a meeting. But here he's come, dressed in his very Robin-esque clothes. He's moving better than when Vorpal last saw him. Evidently sleep does cure kevlar bullets (or maybe it was the barrage of ice, Alfred-tending, and other equally fun medically related things).

IHOP of all places is a strange place to find the Boy Wonder. But then it's equally strange to find the rest of the Titans in this space.

He glances at the group and manages a lopsided smile, nearly shy when he sees a number of faces he doesn't know. He taps lightly on his mask, yup, Robin is in the (international) HOUSE (of pancakes), and glances between them. "Hey guys," he shoots them his signature lopsided grin but remains standing in place. He runs a hand through his hair and then issues them a small three fingered wave.

Gar is running a bit late. He's just gotten back from labs, and he's talking on his phone as he enters the iHop, "No, that'll be fine. I just want a way to make sure it goes together for the team. Right. Yeah. Filed my auth this morning at the Gotham branch. Because that's where the account is."

Oh, hello, it's a purple people. Gar (the green guy with the phone to his ear, wearing business casual attire) swerves over toward the Titan Table … The next table over has what looks to be a Tower of pancakes, which means Gar will need to order a matching tower, along with a Moat of Bacon.

"OK, sure. I'll discuss it with 'em today or make sure they get the email. Thanks, Jim. Same to you, say hi to the kids." <click>

He sits in the chair that is empty and waves to the waitperson.

"Hey. Could I get a Moxie Zero, please, and a Castle Bacon, and a half-dozen mini buttermilks and four eggs sunny please?" The expression this earns him is one of lasting emnity, until he slips a ten into the tip pile in the middle of the table.

"Hey, Titans," Gar says, "And apparently Additional Titan Candidate? How goes?"

"Oh yes, Virginia, Batman does exist!" Vorpal grins at Cassie, "I have never met him, but I know people who have. Heck, I know people who have been trained by him. Not very well, mind you. Know them, that is, but I do."

His ears twitch at Zee and he smirks. "My dear mistress of magic, Garfield's power is to be utterly and completely adorable—" of course, he happens to say this as the three new arrivals make their entrances.

"Well, the whole gang is here except for Bunky." He gives a warm smile to Zach, and a wink to Gar. "Ladies and gentlemen… the boy wonder," Vorpal says, motioning to Tim with a wave of his hand. "Please have a seat, Robin, make yourself at home. Guys, this Robin's awesome and I've asked him to be part of our little looney bin. What do you think?"

Now that Robin is in, and the green guy to boot, there is a good amount of staring. A few phone cameras go off (without flash, thank goodness).

Vorpal is grinning like the cat who ate the proverbial canary (not a robin, mind you). Attracting publicity was good for the Titans. They needed it.

"Mademoiselle, si'l vous plait?" Vorpal calls out, and finally manages to get a waitress over to the table. "My team-mates are hungry and ravenous, and their pockets are lined with gold. We require vittles." He lets the table order.

Miguel enters from almost the other side of the restaurant, having been in the back among the kitchens for some reason. But on hearing Vorpal's declaration, he enters and makes his way over to the table, to see if he can squeeze in. "Wow," he says, slowing as he sees so many people, but only a couple he doesn't know. "Hola, I'm Miguel," he waves to everyone as he slips into the booth - he doesn't take up much space - "It is great to see everyone in one place!"

As more and more people arrive, Wonder Girl finds herself squished more over to one side. She has always seen herself as more 'one of the guys' than anything, so it's not a big deal. But she is increasingly realizing the division of the sexes on this team is extremely lop-sided, if those crowing the booth are anything to go by. She arches an eyebrow towards Zatanna incredulously. "Well, nice to meet you all. I'm Wonder Girl." Many of the previous topics of conversation have sort of slipped the blonde's mind as she is more caught up in the chaos of new arrivals and new faces. Once they finally have someone ready to take their orders, even if they now have SEVEM people at ONE booth, the fiesty teenager doesn't hesitate to hold an arm up and say, "Hey, yes, I will go first, thank you! I want blueberry cheesecake waffles, and crepes with bananas, and, uhh… Water." Because she's doing enough damage already with the food. Don't need to add soda or something on top of that.

She waits until everyone has ordered before going any further, but eventually turns her attention back on Zatanna and says, "I just joined, so I guess I'm kind of special in that 'has that fresh new-hero smell', but if Robin is also new to the team, I guess I'm not that special no. So, uhh… How many more women are there besides us? Like, are we it? I thought I heard another one mentioned when I was first signing up, but I don't see her here. Or the Flash, for that matter. Or Wiccan, was it?" She's still not convinced Batman isn't a giant bat who knows martial arts, like that one movie with the kung-fu animals, but for now she takes Vorpal's word for it.

Zatanna /was/ scooting to the side to make room for her cousin.

But when her scooting encounter's the side of Vee's hips, she kinda pauses, glancing out the other way - probably just as she is packed in a little bit herself, blowing out a puff of air that dislodges a bit of hair out of her eyes. "It's good to see you all too - especially the ones I haven't met yet, um…" Zatanna glances out towards… well, Robin catches her eye, the corners of her lips lifting in a smile. "Hey. I'm Zatanna. The ~mistress~," she pauses for effect, white-gloved hands giving a little razzle-dazzle. "Of ~magic~," she adds. "…or at least that's what my stage name kinda was when I do shows with my dad," she adds, a bit meekly.

Ordering? "You know, I'll just take a water. It might be hard to eat like this, um," she tells the waitress apologetically.

A beat then, as Wonder Girl orders. "…you know, banana crepes don't sound bad. I'll have one of those," she says.

At what Cassie says next, though, a goofy little grin touches her lips. "The other one is Raven. She's all magical and stuff, but… not really a people person. I suspect something like this would just about kill her, though," she says, with a little bit of a laugh. "But her and us, we're the only two women… so ~far~," she says.

Zachary just sits where there's room, preferably near Zee. He glances at all of the familiar Titans or at least most of them are. Wonder Girl seems to be a new one. "Greetings Wonder Girl. I'm Zachary." He offers a small smile and then looks over to Robin, who is also in costume and not at all the Tim, Zachary met in the park. "Oh, you're a new member now? Great! I had a feeling you'd accept my offer." As for ordering, Zachary choses pancakes, bacon, and orange juice.

Vorpal's introduction has Tim's cheeks flushing just a little. He gets called the boy wonder a lot, but it doesn't matter. When it's to his face and not sarcastic, it draws sheepishness. It's only after others have said their hellos that Robin slides into a seat despite the invitation. "Thanks guys," he shoots them a flash of his teeth. There's another three fingered wave at the crew.

A glance is given to the menu, and Tim ponders the beauty that is pancakes before he's looking towards each of the Titans who've introduced themselves in turn.

When the Miguel asks for his order, he nods, "I'll have chocolate chip pancakes please." And before she can say anything else, he's adding, "Thank you," with another smile. His eyes scan each of the Titans in turn and he says, "So, you all work together. That's pretty incredible. Seems to be lots of talent around the table." He grins.

The notion of the offer actually has Robin's smile turning lopsided as he addresses them, "Yeah, assuming everyone wants me. I think working with others is important, but I also know that not everyone is built to work with everyone else, right? So, I'm interested in working with all of you. But I understand if for some reason you folks don't feel it…"

"Yeah, we're not the entire gang, but close as possible," Gar says. "We do need more gender balance."

He's completely confused the waitress for the next table over, since she doesn't cover this table, but she's a pro, and hands the partial ticket to the appropriate person without a problem. The ticket's marked with a rather accurate cartoony picture of a shaggy haired guy with a grin featuring fangs from the bottom, which, honestly, that's Changeling.

"OK, so, with your approval I've got a lawyer drawing up a contract for incorporation as a nonprofit LLC. Joining will allow and require members to purchase one share, for a dollar, and all shares are voting shares and are equally weighted and not transferrable. The corporation will own the base, and be obligated to keep it up for two years from sale date. And now that I've put you to sleep, the bid on the new base is in, but I'm not sure what will happen from there."

He notes again that Wonder Girl is correct in her assessment of the lack of balance between male and female on the team … and honestly, in his mind, that's not necessarily a BAD thing, given how previously it had somehow turned into a weird tug-of-war for leadership between the intellectual center of the team (Nightwing) and the emotional center of the team (Gar) with that weird high-school model of Top Couple Power. The team was somehow also a Dating Pool which was AwkWard.

Nightwing — Robin — was successful because HIS girl wasn't a psycho craze-oid murderous person who was so damaged she killed herself because she failed to kill the rest of them. Yeah. He always got the sane girls. So Gar's… not even trying for that old game. He's not even going to try to be the lead — because they worked best without a single leader, really.

"So, Robin? I'd be glad to work with you. It always helps to have someone who's been trained hard in tactics, but don't feel obligated if you're not feeling it. And I've asked to have Arsenal come back to give a quick one or two training sessions on the legalities and procedures, so we don't just get arrested for existing."

"Well, Wiccan's a bit busy with school, otherwise he'd be here. And there IS one other lady- Raven, making you three. She's dark, mysterious, like Zee says, but she's gone on leave for a bit- so right now all active available members are currently sitting at this table." He reaches over and gives Miguel an arm-hug and a noogie, quite glad to see his room-mate. "But yes. We definitely need more women. There's quite a sausage fest building up."

Vorpal grins, a hand to his chest in a rather thespianic gesture, "Both our offers, Zach. Well, speaking for myself, I definitely want you in the team— and I think everybody agrees. If anyone disagrees, may they speak now or hold their peace!"

He looks at Gar, sandwiched as he is on the other side, and gives him a smile, and then looks at the group, "The base is a beauty, guys… I hope the bid goes through, because you're just going to love it. It really is something special." And he grins at Gar as he responds to Robin, taking the moment to be quiet for a change and just look around at his team-mates with a smile.

Miguel helps to cover the table since technically he's part of the influx of starving teenagers, and writes down orders, confirms things, repeats things back, subtly nixes a couple of suggested dishes, and then gets all that wrapped up for the waitress otherwise known as His Boss. She doesn't bat an eye at a group of masked and costumed teenagers because, you know, New York. Miguel on the other hand has a hard time tearing his eyes away from the Boy Wonder because holy moley it's /Robin/, as in of Batman And. He's right now just trying not to be a total newb and ask for his autograph. Stay cool, he thinks. Then he hops up to help his boss out and trots to the back, returning with the first tray of drinks for everyone in quick order.

"I'm new here, so I'm not sure how much weight my opinion has, but the more the merrier," she offers on the subject of Robin joining. She nods sagely to Zatanna and Vorpal on the subject of Raven. "It takes all kinds. Assuming she's the same age as us, a bit of invertedness is probably reasonable. Not everyone likes other people, you know? Still, seems like we have a lot of wizards on the team. How many face-punchers? Because I don't mind admitting that I could use a bit of an education in actual fighting. All I can do so far is amateur stuff. Which can work just fine with super strength and flying and stuff, but what if I need to kung-fu kick someone?"

She wonders for a moment if she can find Wonder Woman somehow. She might be a good mentor. Especially since she's modelling herself after the Amazon. "So how small is this base, if it only costs $1 from each of us? Is this, like, a cardboard box or something?" She didn't understand much of what Gar said, so that's what she gathered from it.

"Only one dollar?" Zachary Zatara blinks, a little surprised. "How does the base look like? Because a huge T is pretty hard to beat and $1 isn't a lot of money." Hopefully Gar just got a really good deal and the base isn't just a cardboard box like Wonder Girl suggests. Zachary looks over at Robin with a warm smile. "Why would anyone say no to Batman's sidekick? Trust me, we're all glad you're here!"

The responses prompt Robin to nod, "Then I'm in. Thanks guys…" He grins lightly at each in turn and. Sounds like a good place to get involved." He nods again to emphasize the point. But then there's an alert on his wrist. His blue eyes turn downwards and squint to hone in on whatever requires his attention. He shakes his head lightly, "I'm sorry guys, I've got to run — there's kind of a thing I have to do." He points towards the door with his thumb, "I'll… "

There's a pause as Tim's lips twitch into a crooked grin. He reaches into his utility belt and draws out a card of his own this time with contact information. But it's far from professional. In fact, Tim Drake literally scrawled it out on some card he'd picked up at a realty office. On the plus side, it does have Robin's writing, so if someone is into autographs, it's squared away. "Take it easy guys," he shoots them another wave.

"Well, it's bigger than the old Tower, but a lot of that space isn't really USEFUL," Gar answers Wondy's question. Mendacious? Maybe a little. He's hoping it will work, in any case. The main thing that it needs is a way to get to it, and from it to appropriate locations; with Raven away, that comes down to one of the three wizardly types. It's too bad that Space Trek:2020 didn't have a REAL teleport-scrambler because he would have GLADLY taken it in lieu of that network-financier-negotiated failure of a salary.

"The dollar is to buy into the Titans as a corporation. It's kind of part of the terms of the grant I got to pay for the place. We have to come up with our own way to keep it going, but frankly much of it is self-sustaining. Lairmaster was REALLY good at bases."

"Take care, Robin. Hee. Best part of having a Robin? They keep getting called away before the food comes and we get to share out their breakfast."

And Karma bites Gar Logan … his phone rings.

"Yeah? Oh crap. OK. I'll be there," and he looks up at Vorpal. "Crisis at the lab. The nudibranchs are dying. I need to go find out what happened to the setup."

He tosses a fifty onto the table… "That's my share. If you don't eat it all, box up some for me," he says. And leans over to kiss Vorpal on the top of the head, before leaving.

Vorpal is still purring, way after Gar has left and he's stared at him leave. But he shakes himself awake. "Bwa.. oh, yes." He sips his coffee a little distractedly and smiles. "If I don't eat it all… he thinks I'm some sort of Jabberwock or something." There would be a good amount of it eaten. But he wasn't going to leave Gar without a meal.

His attention flies to the card Robin left, and his hand travels across the space to the card like a purple spider, pouncing on it and -fwwwwwwip!- hiding the card in his jacket pocket. Since poor Miguel didn't get to even talk to one of his idols, Vorpal is going to make sure that his room-mate finds a certain present on his pillow when he comes home after a long day of work. He deserved it.

"Well, I think this is definitely one of our more succesful meetings. Trust me, Wondy," he says to Cassie, "You're going to love the place. I can't describe it too much because I'd prefer that you be surprised. And, by the way, Zach, you and Zee should talk about those teleportation spells I asked about. We'll need them in case we need to establish a way to move out of the base unseen. Just to cover all of our bases. Heh… no pun intended!"

Everyone starts filing out gradually as one thing or another calls them away. Cassie at least stays long enough to eat HER breakfast, but she realizes that unexpected stuff is likely to come up when you're a hero. A normal social life isn't in the books. That doesn't mean you can't find happiness, or find a special someone, or even get married someday (not that she's thinking about that or anything!), but it means you have to be ready to sacrifice a LOT of things for the sake of others.

Cassie has always wanted to be a hero. She thinks she's ready to make those sacrifices. But is she really? She'll probably find out. "Hm. Well, I'll take your word for it," she says to Gar as he departs, washing down the last of her waffles with her water. "What kind of hero name is 'Lairmaster' anyway? Sounds like a villain's name!" She eats the last of her crepes, and then says, "…He wasn't a villain was he? Holy shit, he better not have been a villain. I'm not making some villain's ex-skull fortress of doom my home-away-from-home. Do you have any idea how likely it is there's a secret laboratory hidden underneath it or something, with some awful monster or cloning facility or sealed demon or who-knows-what waiting to be unleashed accidentally during a training exercise / too-curious exploration / timed release / earthquake / who-knows-what!?"

Even if she's a newish heroine, it seems she has at least learned some of the… ISSUES of this business during her eight months of heroing so far. Hey, she was raised by a mom who loves reading. Researching what she's getting herself into is par for the course. "It's probably totally a villain's base," she grumbles as she tosses her own share of the payment on the table and scoots out of the booth the best she can. "Look forward to the next meeting, and some training exercises. But I think I'm going to look someone up on my own time too. If a portal to Hell is sitting open under our new base, I'm going to want to learn how to punch demons from Wonder Woman herself."

Zachary waves to the departing Titans and nods to Vorpal. "I'll be sure to talk to her about next time I see her at Shadowcrest." Because it's entirely possible to get lost at that place. "Still not sure how it's going to work, but we should be able to come up with something." He says as he reaches into his pocket to put his share of the meal on the table. Zachary smirks at Wonder Girl. "I don't think we'll be seeing any demons at the new base. Well, maybe Raven…"

"Oh no, Lairmaster was a builder of headquarters. Trust me, no evil portals or anything. But there's a lovely upper courtyard that needs some tending because the garden has gone to crazy" a pause in the Cheshire's response as Cassie gets up. "Bububu before you go. You know… if you do meet her. Wonder Woman…" and here his voice gets rather tiny, "… could you, y'know… get me an autograph?"

Hey, Miguel had his idol, Vorpal had his. He had been only sixteen when Wonder Woman came to Man's World. Many of his highschool classmates fell in love with her, of course. So did Keith… for entirely different reasons altogether. Keith had always admired the heroes, but something about Diana of Themyscyra inspired something in him.

It was probably because of that inspiration that Keith took to the life when he became Vorpal. He could have become anything he wanted, with his powers. Instead, the question of 'What Would Wonder Woman Do?' was the first thing that came to his mind.

"Raven's not a demon, Zach," Vorpal says, "She just… she needs to maintain her emotions in check. Don't ask me more about it, but know that if she seems aloof and cold, it's not because she dislikes anyone, but there's a very important reason for it." When it came down to it, there was a soft spot in Vorpal's mind for the other raven-haired, aloof young lady. The weight of the burden she bore was immense. He had no idea how she did it.

"Aw, we're all leaving." Vorpal laments, but with a smile. "We've got to do this again. It's always so cool to see almost everybody in one spot outside of us fighting tentacle monsters or things like that."

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