Glitter Everywhere

<September 21, 2014>: A hostage situation is underway. Kara Zor El and co. come to the rescue.

Metropolis - New Troy
"1930's architecture stretched like a rubber band."

New Troy is the largest borough in Metropolis and is where all of the main
city life seems to be established as well as take place. Here is where you
will find skyscrapers that reach the heavens and commerce that spreads as far
as the next business that picks up.

The heartbeat, lifeblood, and veins of The Big Apricot.



  • Thugs and hostages

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"? my hope is that your mother an I have alread ywelcomed you to a new, safe place where the spirit of Krypton can live on, and this message is unnecessary?."

"?but if the opposite is true, know that you carry in your heart the memory of your city?"

"Your planet?"


Kara Zor-El's body twitches far above Metropolis as she allows herself to drift lazily through the sky, the traumatic message left for her, the last words of her father, ringing in her mind everytime the young alien allows her mind to wander. Thankfully, however, ever since arriving on Earth the Kryptonian has yet to sleep, something Kara hasn't decided yet if she sees as a blessing or a curse.

As her mind explodes outwards, from her daydreams and to the real world, sirens and gunshots and laughter and traffic assault her untrained senses, making the young blonde wince in pain, losing altitude while grabbing a hold of her head. She forces herself to focus, control these… 'powers'. It takes a while, but the woman manages to focus. Far beneath her, in the city Kal-El's… facsimile… has declared his home humans are being violent again. Of course.

In Metropolis there's a hostage situation. A car filled with, of course, thugs has crashed into a large toy store of multiple floors, and as their van remains trashed right at the entrance, and the policemen surround the whole place, the armed men shout their demands from within, using people as hostages.

Kara lands in front of the building, creating a crater in the asphalt beneath her eet. As bystanders look at the newcomer with curiosity, the police doesn't know who to point their guns at. This girl is dangerous. All news say that.

«Rao… when am I going to learn to measure this flying thing well?», she groans, looking around almost apologetic until she sees the guns. Humans and their guns. Kara frowns, and looks at the store, trying to ignore the humans asking her to stand down. She doesn't know what to do. Krypton didn't have hostage situations. They were not this barbaric.

Tim Drake rolls 2 on 1d2.

It's a few minutes before word of the hostage situation reaches the Titans. Thankfully, Vorpal has refined his ability to travel by Rabbit Hole— or as he calls it The Vomit Express (as Green Arrow found out) across large distances. It is not a pleasant method of transport, if you're not used to it… and usually, Vorpal is the only one used to it, because very few people take him up on his offer to 'give them a ride.' Again, Oliver had it coming.

He arrives only a minute or so after Kara, landing on his feet along with anyone brave or desperate enough to come with him. "Titans on ther scene," Vorpal says, flashing the golden T on his vest, and quickly getting filled into the most recent situation. Kara's presence, however, is impossible to ignore, and the cheshire looks at her. "Miss… um, I'm sorry. How would you like to be addressed?" the cheshire asks, since she freaked out on him when he called her Supergirl… probably for a good reason, he doesn't know. He just knows that this is Zatanna's friend, and that any friend of hers was either a friend of his, or someone he didn't want upsetting. Because she could punch his spleen out through his ears.

Kate doesn't usually spend too much time in Metropolis, but sometimes it's nice to get out of New York. She doesn't expect to end up in traffic, though. Not here. So when she does, she turns the radio until she hears about what's going on, then steers off onto a side street to park the car. Toy store? She can work with that.

There's a quick change in the back seat, and with quiver over her shoulder, she makes her way toward the scene of the crime, climbing up a fire escape nearby to get a good view of the action.

Inside the Toy Store, a not-Boy-Wonder, with dark sunglasses presses his finger to his lips, indicating that the children behind the counter should remain quiet. "Stay here," he whispers. "Stay out of sight. Let the police do their job." Police. Superheroes. Whichever. Tim Drake, dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, looks ever the part of 'COLLEGE STUDENT'. Why he's in a toy store is anyone's guess. It couldn't possibly be for the vial of glitter he's pocketed. He definitely didn't pay for it.

Having left Robin at home for tonight, Tim has few tools to recommend him. His bird toys are left in his utility belt hanging on a wall in the batcave. But then, he is as much a weapon as those things he carries with him.

He slinks out from behind the counter, taking his time, and picking about the room. A glance is given to a shelf with metal slinkies. One is plucked and pocketed as he lingers between two shelves. And while standing there, he can't help but smirk at an egg of silly putty. Does anyone play with this stuff anymore? He takes the distinctly purple egg and sticks it in his pocket. Yeah, he has deep pockets just like Roger Wilco in Space Quest.

Silence for now seems to be his aid.

Kara watches the building carefully, not because of any tactical experience on how to approach things, but due the unfamiliarity of this situation. Her x-ray vision pierces through the glass and steel of the building easily enough, and the Kryptonian murmurs under her breath, frowning, her patience with humankind's pechant for violence at an all time low.

«They… are using their children as shields…?», the woman ponders, but quickly discards it. No. It cannot be. That is a notch bellow of what she has come to expect from even Earthlings. Her musings are interrupted by Keith, whom she looks at wide-eyed for a moment. She didn't see him coming. Does he show up from thin air?!

"Kara Zor-El. You can call me Kara Zor-El.", she says, trying to sound far more intimidating than she looks and failing horribly. She just doesn't have the looks to pull that off. "You are Vorpal, a friend of Zee…atanna Zatara of House Zatara. Explain to me what's happening? It looks… hostile."

Inside, not-Boy-Wonder will manage to slink past most of the thugs unnoticed. They seems to be taking extra care to keep the children as hostages, and to a point it seems like a robbery gone wrong. Which means these men have no plans, and this could mean they are very desperate. On his immediate vicinities there are two thugs, bantering about 'The Bossman' and how they should keep cool. Who is this person? Hard to tell, there doesn't seem to be anyone giving orders.

Kate, having more mobility given she can see the store from outside, and all it's levels, by climbing or dropping down the fire escape, might notice something in the first floor. As the light shines into the main area, it casts a shadow, a large, large shadow of a powerful humanoid, despite nothing being there to create such an effect. There's someone invisible in the building.

The whole mood seems tense inside the building as Vorpal and Kara standing besides the building. The crest on the woman's chest and the very obvious powered magic man besides her make normal thugs antsy. Who knew? Tim will see them shivering in anticipation. Anytime now things are going to blow up.

"Kara Zor-El. That's a lovely name," Vorpal muses. It seems that way to him, at least: exotic. "Hostage situation. Those low-lifes are using the kids as hostages…" the cheshire shakes his head. Barbaric it may seem… but that was only one side of the coin. They were surrounded by men and women in blue who would, if they could, put themselves between the muzzle of the gun and the children. That counted for something, perhaps. And then, there's them.

"We're going to have to work carefully to save the kids, Kara. Do you trust me?" He looks at the blonde woman, whispering.

"I can get you in there and make you invisible, while leaving an illusion of you behind in your place. I can interact with your illusionary self while you go in, invisible. Of the two of us… you're the most powerful."

He has seen the news. He knows what this lady is capable of. "But I will have to stay here. Keeping up your invisibility and a convicing illusion of yourself here to catch them by surprise will require my full focus, if only because it needs to be perfect." Because they are watching them, and he needs to replicate every detail, every mannerism, exactly right or else it won't be as convincing. "Just say the word… and my powers are yours."

Kate frowns slightly as she gets a glimpse of that sourceless shadow, slipping down another level on the fire escape to try to get a better angle on things. Quietly, she readies her bow as she takes the measure of the events below. There's someone moving, and not one of the attackers. Her brows furrow slightly as she notes Tim below, but then again…she's not one to talk about resisting in hostage situations.

The thugs are regarded with an air of caution as Tim glances about the room. He sucks in a sharp breath. Give them a hostage worth having. By all accounts, Timothy Drake-Wayne might be someone worth having. Maybe.

Running a hand over his chin, Tim slides down the aisle. Squinting, between the spaces on the shelves that separate the aisle, the-usually-Boy-Wonder attempts to hear what the thugs are saying. But then opts to shake his head. Maybe he can get them separated from one another.

A lopsided smirk tugs his lips as he spots a jack-in-the-box on the shelf. In a way, the toy is a combination of horrifying and awesome. Horrifying because of the clown inside. He hates clowns. Awesome because right now he could really use something to make some noise. He plucks it from the shelf, and sinks back further into the store. Slipping down another aisle, he slinks into the shadows and begins to turn the crank.

The familiar tune Pop Goes the Weasle begins to play. Hopefully it'll grab one of the attackers' attention.

"… thank you…?", Kara murmurs, furrowing her eyebrows, not used to compliments and civility from this planet. Then again, this creature doesn't look human, so that explains itself. What seems absurd, however, is the confirmation of her suspicions. As those blue eyes go wide, slowly, the alien's face slooooowly turns to the building, her gaze darting about with renewed vigor, as if trying to confirm it.

"Trust you?!", she asks, loudly, almost giggling with how nervous this whole picture makes her. "No, I don't trust you. Stand aside.", the blonde Kryptonian hisses, Kara's skin glowing faintly as the asphalt under her sizzles and melts, apparently despite her knowledge. The girl is seething, and apparently picking a target.

Inside Kate will see that a pair of thugs in the second floor suddenly starts to shake uncontrolably, yelling threats all around, until something draws their attention, and their fire. As Tim's plan works, and the happy, and creepy, smiling clown gets exploded to pieces by machineguns from the men he wanted distract, their fear peaked by a creepy tune and tense situation clouding their judgement as they don't even look at to what they are shooting. They just spend their whole clips of ammo on a clown toy.

And as gunshots are fired, the Kryptonian lady vanishes from her spot, a hole of molten steel and glass where the front of the store was supposed to be as she charges in.

*insert appropriate comic book onomatopeia, like KRA-TOOOM!, here, as two heavy objects collide*

The building shakes, and it's time to act, as Kara flies out of the store in a ball of blue fire, hitting the asphalt hard. Inside the store the large, invisible creature has revealed itself, some kind of blue, winged demon, now currently standing after being hurled against the wall. With runes all over it's body, the creature seems shocked at the power it has just faced. Still it seems to have gotten the best out of the exchange.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF UGHLAB ARE THESE CREATURES! END THEM!", the thing shouts, holding it's right arm, as if it's hurt. From punching. Two thugs are on the second floor with Tim, and there are three more in the first with the demon.

Kara seems to be dazed in a crater outside for now.

"… and we were doing so well," Vorpal sighs as Kara expresses her mistrust. He's about to do something when… well, when Kara hits the asphalt at that speed, there's a bit of it that cracks loose and flies at the Cheshire. He's not fast enough to duck something coming at that speed, so—

Yes. There's a knocked-out Cheshire cat a few feet away from Kara's crater. Now it's up to the Boy Wonder to hold up for the Titans!

As the store windows come down, Kate presses herself hard against the side of the building for shelter from the flying glass. She's already fixed the room in there mind, though, and with the glass out of the way, she quickly draws an arrow and shoots at one of the thugs on the first floor, aimed at the shoulder joint to tae out his use of the arm holding the gun. She'll worry about that demon thing…in a few. Normal things first.

Maybe they've met the Joker, Tim thinks to himself as he lingers in the shadow. He wishes he'd managed to bring his staff with him. And as they've already managed to decimate his Jack in the Box, a pang of fear actually washes over him — mostly because he just relearned how painful it is to be shot while wearing kevlar. And right now? Well, he's not wearing any.

He takes a silent breath, and reaches for the silly putty tucked into his pocket. Carefully, he draws the purple egg out and extracts the putty from its egg-en home, peeling putty away from the shell.

The putty is shrugged at and then pocketed.

Glitter is extracted from his pocket as is the slinky. Time to spring into action.

Not-Robin treads further into the shadow. He fills both sides of the egg with silver glitter, and then sets up the slinky to walk down a display of books set up near the back of the second floor of the store. He hides on one of the shelves not far from the display.

Of the three thugs in the first floor one of them is caught right on the shoulder with Kate's arrow, the piercing head sinking into his flesh and making the man drop his gun and kneel, the hand he had been using to hold his hostage now going to nurture his wound.

"ARGH! THERE ARE MORE OF THEM, BOSS!", screams the man as the other two try to find the mysterious shooter, Kate's stealth still cloaking her for now, as they didn't see the direction the man was shot from.

The men at Robin's floor don't notice him, nor his insidious glitter tactics, but they do grab their hostages tighter as they exchange hushed whispers.

"Do you have any ammo?"

"No! I thought you had it!"

"Shit! What are we going to do?!"

And in the crater outside, Kara Zor-El slowly staggers back to her feet, just in time to see the demon charging at her, those blue flames escaping his mouth. He jumps high above the ground and over the Kryptonian girl, their forms disappearing into the sewers bellow for now.

One down. Several more to go. Kate draws another arrow, leaning around the side of the building to fire at the next available weapon. She doesn't speak up just yet, but the next arrow lands in an open space central to the shooters, letting off a flash of light and starting to fill the area with a low-lying smoke.

RELIEF. Sweet, sweet RELIEF! The sound of the thugs not having any bullets actually makes not-Robin smile. A glance is given to the shelf he's on, and Tim smirks at the toy lightsaber. It won't make for a great weapon, but it might bide him some time. So he holds it, much like he would use his staff.

USE THE FORCE ROBIN, he thinks to himself.

Tim slides off the shelf. He slinks towards the pair. Slow, stealthy, very batman-trained-steps drive him to its end. And then he hangs back. He knows they're there. Close enough. With a deep breath, he rounds the corner and…


The egg full of glitter (not properly capped on purpose) flies into the air and descends sparkly mess down on the thugs.

It's once glitter is emitted that Tim springs into action. He rounds the corner and kicks out a tennis shoe foot towards the back of one thug, while reaching out with the lightsaber to bat towards the other fellow. While it's plastic (and will probably break), it ensures both get equal treatment, and will, hopefully let their hostages go in lieu of a better target.

As the glitterbomb explodes right onto the thugs, the response is immediate, although different for both of them. The first closes his eyes and drops his gun, taking a few steps back and lets his hostage go.

"W-What the fuck?!", he grumbles, disoriented.

The other one, however, the really, really scared one, lets out a high-pitched wail as his face is covered in the stuff. "AIIIEEEEEE! GET IT OFF! GET. IT. OFF! OH MY GOD, IT'S BURNING MY FACE! IT'S -EVERYWHERE-!", the man in despair screams, falling back and writhing on the floor after the kick his body feels quite well.

"It's… it-'s just glitter, ma-!!!", the first one says, spitting out the shiny substance, opening his eye just in time for his face to be assaulted via Lightsaber.

As he staggers back over to the railing, something flashes in the first floor, and as Kate's arrow explodes in light, all the two other thugs use their hands to cover their blind eyes, giving the hostages an opportunity to crawl away, even if their vision is compromised aswell. The dangerous part? The men start to shoot -everywhere-.

The door rumbles and shakes as something seems to be rolling and fighting underneath.

The shooting everywhere isn't going to do it for Kate. And as it starts, she fires off a grapple arrow at one of the walkways through the store, swinging into the area where the shooting is going on. There's kevlar in her uniform, but it's still a risk, going in half-blind with bullets flying. And so is stepping in to take the two thugs down in hand to hand, despite the fog she already created. "Really, guys?" she says as she lands, aiming a foot at one's face. "Kids?"

With the first of the thugs on the floor, Tim dives down and grasps his gun. It may be bullet-free, but it has weight which he uses in his free hand to wield against the thug's head.

He then focuses his attention to the one still standing, using both his lightsaber and his legs as his weapons. Fortunately, Tim Drake, before he was Robin, when he was little Timmy Drake, trained in martial arts. Robin or not, Tim Drake is a capable combatant.

He twists around, corkscrewing his legs into the air to deliver a kick to the standing thugs' face by shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

It's messy to use a rifle as a melee weapon, mainly because of it's weight, and how much it can hurt a common street thug. Then again, this IS the point, and after a muted 'UGH!' the man is on the floor, completely out of it.

The next one is luckier (?), as the highly skilled kick he takes to the jaw is enough to cause a concussion, knocking the man out cleanly without much noise, his body simply dismantling as he falls down. Both the kids they had as hostages go for Tim and hug him around the waist, tightly, thanking him and, unwittingly, acting as very powerful weights that unurprisingly do not help with combat.

And in the first floor, admist the smoke, an agile foot comes to mark the face of one of the random-shooting thugs. As his friend listens to his buddy screaming, and a body falling, he aims his gun at the direction, but he is out of ammo. Quickly, he begins to reload.

And that's when the floor under him collapses and the red-and-blue bolt that is Kara Zor-El's body comes flying from underneath, hitting the thug and sending them both against the wall, knocking the man out and hurting the alien blonde. She seems in a bad shape, hair in disarray, cuts on her thighs and dust all over her, some blood pouring out of her lips.

And from the hole comes their leader, also hurt, missing one arm that seems to have been cut by a lightsaber (a real one!) of sorts, and fumming that blue energy.

As he looks around at his defeated minions, the creature frowns, and bellows, looking around at the responsible, as Kara recovers from the blow, shaking her head.

"Oh, hey, tha- Whoa." Kate starts to thank Kara for the assist with the guns, only to blink at the thing that followed her. That's…not good. Not that being in over her head has ever stopped Kate. Without hesitating (because, hey, big ugly blue demons are totally not human and therefore completely fair game), she draws a stun bolt from her quiver and fires at the demon. Maybe a bit of a shock will put a dent in it?

There's a measure of satisfaction from Tim as both thugs are taken care of. Not-Robin slides his classes further up his nose as he receives two large, very present, cling-ons. His hands find the children's backs and, thanks to being Tim, and not Robin, he takes a moment to actually soothe the kids. His hands touch each of the boy's shoulders and he manages a lopsided smile. "It's okay. You're both okay. The bad men are…" he looks down at the pair of goons now knocked out on the floor, "…not going to hurt you."

The commotion below, however, has his tongue snaking out over his lips, moistening them as he nods. "Alright guys," he attempts to peel the kids off of him, so he can crouch down to their eye levels. "It's time to be brave." With a quirk of a smile, he tries to draw them away from the stairs, back to a small sitting area designed to distract kids with books. Not really the most visited area of the toy store, but there just the same. "Any chance you two want to read a book together?"

The stun bolt hits the demon, even as it tries to block it. However, missing one hand makes it hard to catch the arrow, and as it arrow hits it in the roof of the mouth it causes the demon to shake and roar, staggering backwards, trying to dislodge it.

"GRRRAAAAR! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!", the monster bellows.

Every hostage runs out of the store as Kara Zor-El raises herself to her fours, the blows she has traded with the magical being taking their toll. The… human woman seems to divert the demon's attention enough for the blonde Kryptonian to gather her wits. She looks around and notices no more hostages. Her eyes burn as she charges her laser vision.

Upstairs not-Robin-at-all takes both girls with him, hugging him all the way, especially when screams are heard in the first floor. As they scream with the monster, out of terror and not out of rage, they are drug to the kids section, and look up at Tim, confused at first.

"I-I w-wanna read M-My Pe-Pet Goat…", one of them says, as the other hugs the scared girl, trying to comfort her.

"Do you take Amex?" Kate quips back at the demon, loading up an arrow with an exploding tip and drawing back to aim. "'Cause I didn't actually pack any cash, and if you were going to use that hackneyed old line about paying with pain, I don't really go in for that, either." Preemptively, she goes into a roll, coming up again behind cover and shooting at the stump of the demon's arm. Explosive arrow into the open meat of his shoulder should take a few pieces out of him.

There's a nod at the book choice, "A good one, for sure." He shoots her a winning smile, it's an effort to be reassuring. He slides (with girls in tow) over to the bookshelf and extracts the chosen book, giving it a small tug with his hands. "So. I don't know either of you, but I'm Tim. And I'm nineteen years old. I go to College. What are your names? Are your parents around?"

Not-Robin then shuffles (once again, with the girls in tow) over to one of the big oversized couches and situates himself between the two young girls. "Alright ladies," and then he pauses as he reaches his arms around both and opens the book. "Who wants to read?" because Tim is going to keep his eyes scanning the room around them. He just got this pair safe and he's going to keep them that way.


And the explosion shakes the roof over the heads of Tim and the girls, both of them squealing in fear as the creature bellow seems to burst into many, many pieces. As they hug the boy tightly, closing their eyes, terrified, the dust on the first floor settles to show what's left of the demon.

It's glowing, blue blood pours from the half-torso it still possesses, ghostly shapes fleeing the inside's of the creature's body as the monster staggers forward, as if to reach Kate, but almost stumbling and falling on his way. It has half-it's face, and although it cannot speak anymore, it looks at the human in hatred.

And that's when the searing rays come to slice the beast through it's neck. There is no blue blood, as the wound left is cauterized immediately, but the monster's body falls forward by Kate's feet, the blonde alien teh archer helped save taking the air, slowly, worn out, as she approaches the demon't body. It slowly burns, leaving nothing behind, as all good, dead demons should.

Kara Zor-El says nothing at first, just eyeing Kate. Human. Only human. And she fought this monster… with the most rudimentary weapons Kara has ever seen.

"Thank you.", she says. It's a rare thing to say to a human.

Kate starts to step back, carefully, another arrow nocked, until the demon falls down in front of her. And even then, she still points the arrow at it for a few long moments before she looks back up to Kara. "Yeah. Sure. Ditto," she says distractedly, still catching her breath. After a moment, she manages a faint, crooked smile, lowering bow and arrow alike. "You gonna be okay?"

Protectively, instinctively, Tim draws his arms tighter around the girls, beckoning them to huddle closer together as the roof shakes. There's a protective quality about him with each of the movements. "You're okay," he soothes encouragingly. A glance is given to the still knocked-out thugs and, with things quieting downstairs, he places the book down. "Okay. We're going to take you downstairs to find your parents. I think — " he listens carefully, relying on what he's learned from Batman over the years.

"I think things have calmed down." A glance is given to his wrist and an incoming message causes his eyebrows to draw together. He smirks at the note and just shakes his head.

Kara Zor-El smiles at Kate's crooked smile, as subtle as it is. She likes smiles, and with a nod, tired as it is due the asskicking she received, the blonde alien replies.

"Yes. I will be fine. I just need some air. And some light.", the woman admits, before a scream interrupts them both.

"FREEZE! And step AWAY from the girl, Supergirl!", a cop screams as the policemen walk inside, in time with Tim stepping down the stairs with his two new fans clinging to him like a hero, despite the distinct lack of costume and overabundance of glitter in him.

The blonde alien peers at the humans and her smile vanishes, even if she hovers backwards, away from Kate. As she spots Tim and the girls, however, the Kryptonian smiles again. They are not all that bad. Not all of them.

"See you around.", she says to Kate, before zipping through the glass and away from the building, taking the skies.

"Whoa, hey," Kate puts her hands up, letting her bow hang from her thumb as the cops come rushing in. "She didn't-" But then Kara is gone, and Kate's left to turn that crooked smile on the cops. "Everything's good here, officers," she assures, looking after where the blonde flew off. "And for what it's worth, she was helping here. I mean, I'm good and all, but, uh. That's a little above my pay grade," she points a thumb toward…oh, right. No demon there.

Stars. Stripes. Red. Did Miss America conk him out? Vorpal slowly opens his eyes and groans. "Dear god… what hit me?" he mutters. And, as the wind blows, "… why is there glitter everywhere?" the Cheshire cat groans. In the aftermath of the event, people are busy running to and fro and haven't quite noticed him yet. It's been a rather chaotic event, after all.

It happens very, very fast.

At one point Vorpal might be waking up in the asphalt, people running all around, children screaming, policemen jailing crooks, arrow ladies being diplomatic and glitter-covered young men being paraded around as heroes, but right in the next he is above the skyline.

And what's weird? There is no whiplash, his furs don't even -move- with the strength of the wind, as it should have happened when you take off this fast.

And yet, being lifted far above the skyline in Metropolis isn't quite normal, especially not when held by a blonde alien woman.

"Tell me where I should drop you off for medical care, please.", she asks the man, not quite saying she's sorry for hurling asphalt at him, but… trying to make amends anyway.

"It can be anywhere."

And as soon as he answers, they are a bolt of pink, red and blue in the sky, going off to the Cats Lair.

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