Metropolis Laments

September 21, 2014: Green Arrow learns a very important lesson: Never be rude to a Cheshire cat.

Metropolis- New Troy

"1930's architecture stretched like a rubber band."

New Troy is the largest borough in Metropolis and is where all of the main
city life seems to be established as well as take place. Here is where you
will find skyscrapers that reach the heavens and commerce that spreads as far
as the next business that picks up.

The heartbeat, lifeblood, and veins of The Big Apricot.



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"You again. My nemesis returns to vex me once more. You wish to test the Green Arrow's mettle, do you?"

Green Arrow's voice strains a bit under the stress of projecting theatrical intensity as loudly as he possibly can. As he spits out his words his voice cracks slightly, the weight of the emotion too much for his untrained baritone voice-box. "You should know better, foul miscreant! The Green Arrow has beaten worse brigands than you, and he will prevail again! Be gone, false symbol of authority! The Green Arrow will still be here long after you have vanished into the ether!"

Anyone standing more than a few feet from him would be unable to hear his voice at all. Partially because his voice is muffled by the green racing helmet that he wears, but mostly because he's sitting in the green Formula 1-inspired race car that he affectionately calls 'The Arrowcar.' Even though the engine is idling, it's still more than loud enough to drown out his voice. Thank god for the headsets within the helmets.

The Arrowcar and its passengers are getting all manner of odd looks from the people on the streets of Metropolis. But although the car he's driving isn't strictly street legal, things far weirder than that are frequently seen in the city that Superman calls home.

But it's not merely the car that is getting odd looks. It's also the driver. Partially because his racing gear and costume make him look a bit like a Power Ranger at the moment, but mostly because he's throwing an epic temper tantrum.

"GOD! I can't believe this! Why did I bother driving a multi-million dollar racecar in a city where traffic moves like baked molasses!? This thing is just being an asshole now to get on my nerves, I just know it. But you won't break me, stupid traffic light!"

Apparently unmoved by the Green Arrow's tantrum and threats, the traffic light remains red.


"Told you, Arrow," comes his companion's voice, it raised to almost a yell from behind him, "get a damn motorcycle. But no, you don't listen to me. Got to have the biggest, baddest toys." Huntress shakes her head as she adds to further push the archer's buttons, "If I didn't know better from personal experience, I'd swear you were trying to over-compensate for something." To further drive that jab home, she lifts up her right hand in a fist only to then extend her pinky so there'll be no doubt what it is she's talking about.

Patience wearing thin, the woman looks around before starting to undo the three-point harness that cars as these often have, her fingers raking over the clasps and such hurriedly. "We can get out and walk faster," she yells, her other hand coming up to bonk Arrow on his head. "Find a place to park or something." Ugh, since when did she sound like some old, bitchy housewife?


Fortunately, Green Arrow's back is turned to the Huntress, and his face is completely covered. If she could see the look that he is giving her it's likely that some sort of violence would ensue. Or at least a passionate argument. "You can't ram through the side of a corporate headquarters in a motorcy- You know what? I'm not having this conversation again. I'll let you plan our Big Dramatic Entrance into China White's office complex, since you've got so many great ideas." He places a lot of unnecessary stress on the words 'great' and 'ideas,' but in the mood that he's in perhaps we'll forgive him for being a bit sarcastic. He's only been sort-of-dating her again for a few weeks and he's already sounding like a henpecked husband.

He takes off his helmet, and sets it on the driver's seat. Once it's removed, he quickly pulls his hood up and over his head. Only when properly suited up again does he finally talk to Huntress. "Okay, Cranky Bird, let's get to walking."


Only Arrow's half of the conversation can be heard but even with that being the case Helena glares at him, not happy at all. "Talk about me like I'm not here, why don't you," she grumps before her own helmet is removed and set on the passenger seat. Mental note: remember to go claim that once this is all over with.

Heaving a bit of a sigh, A quick glance around is given before she leans in to give her partner in crime fighting a peck on the cheek, her way of trying to make it up to him, in a way. The rest of the 'apology' can be made with after they are done and return to one of their places. "The walk will do you good," she teases Oliver lightly. "You're getting a bit soft." A finger's playfully jabbed into his side as she says that, all smiles. "And you know you can not live without me, so…" The joke never reaches its end as she sobers, the smile fading. "Let's get this over with, shall we?"


Ollie might be getting soft, but you know what isn't soft at all? A hamster ball. You know what's even more solid than a hamster ball? One that is roughly about ten feet in size and three feet thick. That is, precisely, what suddenly comes bouncing down the street at an incredible speed. Straight for the Arrowcar, alas.

As it bounces on the street, it leaves rather unsightly cracks. It also takes down a street lamp, causing people to scamper in a panic. Inside the aforementioned hamster-ball is a figure that is just as unusual as its container: A humanoid purple cat. In spandex and a band jacket. He's not doing very well, either, since he is getting jostled around and bouncing all over. "GAH! Somebo-JEEZ-OW! Tita-" ever tried to hold a coherent conversation inside a bouncy castle? Well, this is worse than that. At the end of the street, which has become rather deserted in the wake of the VorpalBall, a woman dressed in black from head to toe is standing there, hands on her hips and a rather amused expression on her face.


"Baby, when you're around I'm almost never soft." He's smiling and making jokes again, so apparently he's mostly forgiven her already. "Just wait until I get you back to the Arrowcave and bend… No. No! NO! DIG! Get a move on!" In the space of an instant, Green Arrow's tone goes from naughty to panicked.

Green Arrow's entire superheroic schtick is based around the fact that he's very good at tracking the trajectories of moving objects. Which is why his voice sounds more despairing than urgent, he seems to have already deduced exactly where the random hamster ball from space will land.

The engine sputters to life, but there's really nowhere for the car to go. As the car appears to back itself up, it actually brings itself more in line with the object's path. Somewhere, miles away, the remote-controlled operator is cursing as loudly as Green Arrow is.

The Emerald Archer does the only thing that he can think to do at the moment, he pulls out his bow and begins running his fingers along the fletchings of the arrows on his back. "Explosive Arrow, too risky. Net Arrow, too weak. Putty Arrow, why do I even have this one? Dammit!" He abandons the idea of trying to shoot the gigantic object and instead dives for cover, tackling Huntress and rolling away from the vehicle just in time for it to be unceremoniously smashed by a massive hamster ball.


"The hell…?"

Helena scrambles out of the way as she stares at that large sphere coming their way, her expression fairly comical for how wide-eyed and slack-jawed she is at the moment. "Arrow… tell me I am not imagining that?" Already, theories as to why she'd hallucinate a hamster ball with someone in it are being formulated, including that maybe China White has put something in the water supply, none really being the reason but instinctively there's an attempt to put logic to all of this.

Logic eventually fails and she just takes to becoming near-panicked instead.

Gritting her teeth, a grab for Oliver's arm is made and she tries to move him forcibly away from the car, not wanting to watch him get squished. "Come on, archer. None of your arrows will work." Pause. "And I don't really want to have to try to find a new boyfriend." Because seriously. It's difficult to find a man willing to put up with her.


Vorpal has that effect on people, really. Anytime he walks in the room, Logic throws itself out the window, probably grabbing Reason and Common Sense for a triple suicide. In many ways, and as Martha Stewart would say, the totaling of the Arrowcar Is A Good Thing- mostly because it provides a stopping point for the bouncing ball of death without any civilian casualties, and because it's a stop altogether. If that ball had gone down the street any further, there is a serious chance that Vorpal could have ended up with some nasty fractures.

The ball makes contact, and it just isn't pretty. The Arrowcar was a beaut, past tense. What it is now is steam and metal and broken glass. And there's a Cheshire cat on top of the wreck, groaning in pain and understandably out of it.


Meanwhile, the woman down the street has proceeded to make her way down. She isn't wearing a mask, and her outfit isn't exactly a 'cape' type outfit. It's a sensible, somewhat fashionable outfit, only rather monochromatic. Her smirk turns into a smile when she sees Arrow and Huntress diving away from the car.

"You have friends, how adorable." She calls out and she begins to wave a hand. The fallen remains of the light post begin to slide across the street, broken concrete coming together slowly at first, but they begin to gather speed as they start forming a concrete version of a tall, bulky humanoid. Some metal from the car makes its way to the figure as well, making for twisted, makeshift armor on some of its limbs.


It takes Green Arrow a second to fully process that his ride has been totaled. For a moment, he just stares at the wreckage, flattened in the center as if it were a ball of dough that just got pressed in the middle with a rolling pin. "My baby!" He just called the Huntress that a few seconds ago, it might be time for him to expand his repertoire of pet names.

Something about losing your car makes you far less empathetic to your fellow human beings. Which is probably why Ollie becomes so irate so fast. Already the cheeks beneath the domino mask are starting to turn red, and he charges toward the hamster ball as if he intends to tear it apart with his bear hands. "Hey freak! You owe me seventeen mil-… a lot of money! Get up so I can rip your head off you…" Behind him, the sounds of the ramshackle golem forming interrupt the tirade he was about to go on. Slowly, he turns around and gets an eyeful of the monster. He is, understandably, not pleased.

"God. I hate Metropolis…"


The concrete construct is looked at and then the woman who made it is, Helena pondering while Oliver has his little rant. "You take care of that," she says while pointing to the former first, "and I'll take care of her." It is a sound plan, really, as the Arrow's the man with the trick arrows and such. All Huntress has are bullets and crossbow bolts that be rather ineffective against the hulking creature.

The trapped mystery figure is glanced at to make sure he's alright but she soon focuses herself on the one responsible for all this chaos. Pistol coming into hand, the weapon is leveled at the stranger's head, her mouth held in a very tight, thin line. "I don't know who you are, lady," is shouted, "but you got five seconds to clean this damn mess up and get the hell out of here."


The hamster-ball dissolves as Vorpal's concentration falters. It is understandable that the man whose car he turned into a metal pancake be irate, but he winces at the word freak. He's not in a position to offer a comeback, though, as the ominous rumbling of the concrete golem draws his attention. "Shit—" the Cheshire hisses, still trying to get a grip on reality through the various pangs of pain coursing through his body. No fractures, that he could tell, but he'd gotten close. "… can you? …" he gestures with a hand towards the golem, "Can't… focus just yet…"

The golem isn't waiting for anyone, though. One of its massive 'feet' stomps down on the concrete, sending shudders through the street. And then another. One massive arm, accessorized with a car door, begins to swing towards Oliver. It is not as fast as it should be, but what it lacks in speed it makes up for in sheer destructive ability.

The sorceress' smile vanishes from her face as Helena does the sensible thing- threaten a magic user with physical harm. Very few schools of magic (or even the shadier correspondence schools) teach how to deter the path of a bullet, mostly because the spellcaster tends to be dead before they can finish an incantation, tongues seldom traveling faster than the speed of bang.

So she does the sensible thing. She starts running away, very quickly. The golem, however, doesn't disintegrate, so she clearly is not living up to her half. Magic users are such jerks…


"Oh for the love of Howard Hill…" Green Arrow doesn't have much time for snappy one-liners before he is set upon by the massive golem. He does another rolling dive to get out of the way, and ends up in between two other cars. The people in the cars are already attempting to ram each other out of the way, get around each other, or get out of their cars and run screaming down the stree. People are predictable in a crisis.

But unlike most people, Green Arrow is a superhero. He is calm and resolute in the face of danger. He is stoic, brave and… there he goes, running down the street with the rest of the people.

"Huntress! I've just thought up a brilliant plan!" He shouts into the microphone hidden somewhere in his costume as he runs far away from the golem. "Let's run away, and let Superman come fix all this!"


A few shots are fired at the fleeing spell-slinger, more to hurry her on her way than to actually cause her harm, what might be hit on the witch an arm or leg instead of the lethal shots Huntress usually makes with. "Yeah, I hate Metropolis too," she utters belatedly, replying belatedly to Arrow as she does so. Once assured the fleeing villain is truly gone, the Italiana turns as Oliver speaks, her expression faintly annoyed thanks to his suggestion. "No, we can't do that."

Glancing towards the golem and then the purple… cat… thing, she shouts towards Vorpal, "Can you do something about this?" A shot is taken but it doesn't do much against the incoming golem as was predicted, it maybe chipping off some of the cement but not doing any real harm. "Fuck."


"DO something about it? Lady, if you can hold it—" Vorpal's question is stopped short as the swing of the Golem continues. Right towards him. "Ohshi-" It's pure reflex, really, that he manages to jump onto the arm as it swings towards him. His body hurts like hell and he's not completely stable, but he manages to run up the 'creature's' arm and up to its shoulder. What follows is the golem's attempts to swat at the rather squishy vigilante who is climbing all over its body. It ends up creating a few dents in itself as punches miss- narrowly, though.

The witch is hit- in the arm, to be exact, and the impact of the bullet sends her sprawling onto the ground. When she gets up, she's crying in pain - a fair reaction for someone having never experienced the trauma of being shot before- and raises her good arm momentarily to point at Huntress. The crackling energy that flies from her can't be a Good Thing. Fortunately, though, the woman's pain is such that her aim is off, impacting the Golem instead. The construct's own magic seems to short out, as the concrete that forms part of it begins to look more and more shaky. It still is packing quite a punch, though, and Vorpal is running out of body parts to hide behind. "For Alice's sake, don't you have something that explodes or something?" the Cheshire calls out. The throbbing headache he is currently sporting is making it very difficult for him to summon his powers. A well-placed Rabbit Hole could deal with this thing, but the problem was that he wasn't having much luck in focusing that hard.


"Already on it, hairball." Green Arrow's sprint wasn't a cowardly retreat, it was simply a mad dash for a better position. Now that he's got some distance between himself and the golem, he's much more likely to be effective. Standing on top of a parked bus, out of which people are still running, he settles into a firing stance. His bow is gripped with practiced ease, and he runs his fingers across the fletchings that jut out of his quiver. He identifies the arrow he wants by feel, or possibly by eidetic memory. Either way, the arrow is quickly nocked and the bowstring pulled back.

"First we start with a Freeze Arrow." An arrow hits the golem square in the chest and immediately the creature's entire midsection is covered in a thick layer of ice as the beast is frozen to its very core.

"Then we finish him off with a couple of Explosive Arrows." Three arrows hit the creature's frozen chest almost simultaneously and embed themselves in the asphalty body. Little blinking lights on the sides of the arrows begin to flash while the arrows emit a 'beeping' sound. The flashes and the beeps quickly speed up, and the beeps become more high-pitched.

"If I was you, son, I'd start running." Looks like the arrows are about to blow.

Huntress just ducks behind something, knowing full well that those explosive arrows of Oliver's pack a punch. Once under cover, she puts her hands over her ears and braces herself for any concussive force.


"Oh, fuck my-" Vorpal runs along another extended arm and leaps as fast and as hard as he can. The explosion happens very shortly after he is airborne, and carries him through the air with its power as the golem is blasted to pieces by the arrowsmith's trick arrows. The sorceress, no fool and injured, makes haste and runs as fast as she can. Clearly she did not take any credits in healing magic, as her arm is still bleeding.

There is debris that impacts cars all around, and a few people get struck as well- but fortunately not seriously. As for Vorpal? Well, he comes to a rolling halt a few feet away from Huntress's cover and onto his back. He's smoking, his fur is singed in some places, and he's bleeding -though his wounds are not serious. He looks at the sky and growls while wincing, "Oh god… I hate Metropolis."


"… aaaaaand now we take care of Addams Family Barbie." Green Arrow sends two arrows flying in the fleeing witch's direction. In mid-flight, the Bola Arrow's canister breaks open, and the thin metal cables wrap around the woman's legs. The second Bola Arrow wraps around her arms, pulling them tight to her body. She trips as the metal balls pull the cables tight, landing pretty much square on her face. She'll be a lot less pretty when she wakes up tomorrow.

"And that's how we do it in Seattle!" Green Arrow does a front flip off of the bus and lands in a semi crouched position on the sidewalk. He gets up quickly, folds up his bow and places it on his back. He saunters back over toward his crime-fighting partner (with benefits), obviously pleased with himself despite his best attempts at looking serious.

"Careful Huntress. That guy looks like he might have rabies."

"And he owes me seventee mil-… a lot of money."


Helena's undoubtedly fared the best out of the trio, her ears ringing and a few scratches here and there from when she was peppered by debris but otherwise unharmed by all of this. "Nice job." Rising from her crouch, she goes to give Arrow a little congratulatory kiss, the affection given as she keeps one eye on Vorpal. Huh. Who… or what… that guy is, they'll have to figure it out later. But for now, there're are sirens and they might want to skeedaddle pretty quickly.

"Thanks for… er…" Vorpal's eyed and then the damaged car is looked at, her shoulders slouched slightly as if in defeat. "At least you got rid of the car for him." A smile twitches at the corner of her mouth but does not stick. "How the hell are we going to get back to Gotham?"


Bloodied and battered, the Cheshire slowly gets to his feet and shoots Ollie a dirty look when he talks about the car. It's sewage levels of dirty. The rabies comments don't help much, either, and he hasn't forgotten the freak, either.

"Why… you…" he says, clearly operating at a slow boil. He normally doesn't have such thin skin, but being used as a bocce ball by a sorceress and then getting blown up does things to a guy.


"Why me?" Green Arrow clearly isn't any happier right now than Vorpal is. He just has a hood and a gogglemask to help hide it. He holds Huntress' shoulders, and guides her a few steps back. Putting himself between her and Vorpal, he might seem a bit overprotective when one considers that she's a much better fighter than he is.

"Hang back Huntress, we still don't know who started this fight. We might have to bring both of them in and let the Science Police sort it all out." He takes the bow off of his back, and with a flick of his wrist it pops out in front of him. "You're going to want to stay where you are, Purple Cat…. Person… at least until you can explain this mess and write me a check for a Formula 1 race car with top-secret crime-fighting tech."


Oh damnit. Why does this have to happen now? There's a felled sorceress half a block down the way who needs dealt with and the injured to help and she really would like to check on the latter, at least, before the cops come. Huntress allows herself to be moved but she doesn't stay put. What she does do is go to the woman who is apparently the root of all this, allowing for Oliver and the feline-esque being talk it out.

"Come on, you," is grunted as the downed figure is helped to her feet. She won't unhobble her, meaning the witch will have to hop along beside her as she's guided to where she left the others, but Helena's nice and supports her so she'll stay upright. No sense in humiliating her, even if Huntress might desire to do nothing more than watch her land flat on her face so she can point and laugh.


"I… what?" Clearly being treated with suspicion is far more offensive to the guy than being called names. "I'm with the Titans, you oaf! Don't you see the-" and then he looks down. It would be fair to say that he is currently almost bare-chested, with sad shreds of something that once was red and yellow clinging to his shoulders, held on by a high neck collar that probably belonged to a rather flashy jacket. "Oh, damnit this is fourth one this month." He groans and, seemingly disregarding the bow pointed at him, he gets down on all fours and looks around until he finds a small golden T that probably had been sown over the aforementioned jacket. He looks at it and grumbles. "That's Sirca. Witch or some sort. Trying to summon a demon and needed a virgin sacrifice, so she tried to ambush me and I swear if you say anything I will fricking anvil you!"

The witch in question hobbles, giving everybody the death stare but obviously not in a position to do much about it. She's beaten, and incapacitated.


"What the hell's the Titans? Some sort of off-Broadway puppet show? A Saturday morning kids program?" Despite the creature's protestations, Green Arrow hasn't quite decided if he's on the level or not, as evidenced by the way that his pulling hand slowly drifts in the direction of his quiver.

He doesn't have much to say about Vorpal's sexual proclivities, possibly because he seems to be convinced that Vorpal is, in fact, a puppet. "She sounds like a bitch, all right, but she's also not the one who smashed my freakin' car. What kind of money does the star of a Saturday morning kids program make, by the way?"

"Because you totally owe me."


Okay. Huntress hears the part about the virgin sacrifices but she also hears the threat that got tacked onto that so she merely smiles while keeping a hold on their prize. "Guys, I think this little love fest needs to end, and now." Why? Because the cops are pulling up, meaning they've spent entirely too much time hanging around, lamenting about how they've been treated (Vorpal) and the repayment for ruined vehicles (Arrow).

The captured figure is shoved towards Vorpal as Helena sighs, her head shaking. "Looks like you get the 'W' for this one." As for Arrow? His arm is grabbed, like earlier, and she tries to steer him towards an alley. "As for you, time to stop making friends. Help me figure out how the fuck we're going to get home."


"I could give you a ride to Gotham," Vorpal says, eyes narrowed. "If pointy douche-waffle actually apologizes. Dude, I didn't wreck your car, she" he says, pointing at the witch "did it with her magic. You want to sue someone? Sue her pointy-shoed ass off. And as for the Titans?" He crosses his arms, glaring at Arrow. "We're a team. Formed by Flash. You have heard of the Flash over there in Snob Country, haven't you? Or isn't he retro enough for the Super League of Robin Hood LARPers?" He says. Vorpal has never been to Seattle, and all he knows of it is episodes of FRASIER and Starbucks. That sort of paints a certain picture of the city.


"Way to shirk the bill. Very heroic. I oughta…" The sirens are becoming more insistent than Green Arrow would like, and the last thing that he needs right now is police attention. With his finger pointed at Vorpal, and his face very much on the verge of turning red, he finally closes his mouth, though he's clearly still not happy about it.

"Fine. Get us out of here. Unless that means we have to bounce all the way to Gotham in a giant hamster ball."

Looks like we'll have to solve the mystery of whether he's ever heard of the Flash or not some other time.

Between the green Oliver wears and the flush to his face, it almost looks like he's gone and done the Christmas thing early this year. Huntress doesn't say as such but she does kind of have to bite her lower lip to keep from doing so. Oh good grief.


Vorpal's offer of a ride is given a nod to and one of Oliver's hands is now held. "Hurry up with whatever it is you're going to do," she grunts hurriedly. Now is not the time to quibble over money.


Vorpal is usually a nice guy, really. But Ollie's charm is in full gear, and the cheshire narrows his eyes. "Hamster ball? No." Suddenly, the earth beneath all three of them ceases to exist, as they all freefall towards… the earth? Something opened beneath them, and now they are falling towards the city from high up in the sky.

"Come down the Rabbit Hole with me, Alice." Vorpal says, falling with his arms crossed behind his head, legs up, "It's one hell of a ride!"

Another Rabbit Hole opens up under them, and now they're careening across the sky at high speed, as Vorpal uses the momentum acquired during the free fall to propel them across the sky, since he can change the direction that the Rabbit Holes point to. The result is pretty much like a rollercoaster with its gravity shifts… only there is no track and no car. Vorpal is accustomed to traveling this way, every time momentum slows down, there's another Rabbit Hole opening to remedy that. "Thank you for flying Vorpal Airlines, Gotham in ten minutes or less or your money back, guaranteed! Please keep your trays in the upright position."

This was not a very nice thing to do without warning… but even nice guys have their bad days.


To say that the noises that Green Arrow makes when the ground opens under his feet are 'unmanly' would be a bit of an understatement. It'd be more accurate to say that the noises that he makes are 'unnatural.' He's never had a fear of heights, but like anyone else he has a fear of falling from them.

He tumbles end over end, arms flailing about as he tries to protect himself from the pavement that he seems to be in a perpetual state of falling toward.



In what might invoke memories of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, there's not one but two heroes screaming, both doing so in the most unmasculine of manners but with Helena it should not be surprising, considering she's not a man.

The falling and falling and falling, combined with the way they move through this… whatever it is, has her feeling very unwell and soon the flailing from her stops and not one but both hands are clamped over her mouth as her cheeks billow out.



Huntress has actually not done anything to incite Vorpal's fury- she was just unfortunate enough to be along for the ride. He will most likely look for her afterwards, when his anger has died down and actually apologize to her.

Gotham in ten minutes or less was a faithful time estimate, as the Cheshire hurtles towards with his two passengers towards the rooftop of the Gotham Arms apartment. Why there? Because that's where he lived, of course. Now, landing at this speed would kill them all, so a series of Rabbit Holes open in succession, organized in such a way as to slow down their momentum, not increase it. Of course, this means that instead of falling down they start falling up, another gravity jolt, until their momentum has slowed down enough. Then another Rabbit Hole to deposit them onto the floor. Ollie gets the hard floor, but Helena gets a purple, glowing beanbag chair to halt her progress, putting her right next to Ollie and -in a coup de grace not planned by Vorpal- her head just a few inches away from the Archer's boots. The cheshire? Well, he's a cat, and accustomed to traveling this way. He lands gracefully on his feet.


Oh yeah. Solid ground. That helps a little but unfortunately Helena's sense of balance is not THAT quick to recover and her stomach continues to churn the entire trip. Once on the roof she rolls off of the beanbag, lands on her hands and knees and proceeds to get loudly and thoroughly ill. Arrow's boots are spared the most of it but he might get a little splatter on him. Ugh. Thankfully home is a fire escape away. Once the cat's gone she can sneak downstairs and curl up in a whimpering, quivering, nauseated ball.


Fortunately, Green Arrow is a very accomplished lander. But it's almost certain that he'll feel this in the morning, once the adrenaline from nearly being frightened to death wears off. He clambers up to his feet quickly, and manages to avoid the bulk of Huntress' lunch, but the sound of it splattering on the ground and the smell of her stomach acid clearly gets the better of him.

"Kill… you…." Green Arrow walks unsteadily toward Vorpal with an expression that can only be called murderous. So far, this cat has cost him seventeen million dollars, nearly frightened him to death, made one of his girlfriends sick, ruined his mission to apprehend a notorious drug smuggler, gotten him nearly crushed by a rock monster, and dropped him unceremoniously on the floor. Oliver Queen may be on the side of angels, but he's still just a man, and right now he's clearly feeling revengeful.

"Rip your… stupid mask… right…" As he gets closer to the catperson, the ride and Huntress' sickness both catch up with him. He stops talking, and doubles over right in front of Vorpal. "HUAAAGH!"

The things that come out of his stomach should not be mentioned in any great detail, but their splatter radius is epic.


Vorpal smirks as Ollie upchucks. That some of the stuff gets on his uniform doesn't detract from his sense of Schadenfreude. "It's not a mask, Tweedle-Dee, I'm the real Cheshire Cat." He smirks, "It wouldn't have killed you to be nice, you know. But no, you had to be the big macho man. Who screams like a little girl. I guess everybody learned a lesson today: …" the cat starts vanishing. First it is the tip of his tail, then his body, and finally everything except the grin.

Because, let's face it, this is part of The Thing That He Does. If you go around saying you're THE Cheshire Cat, you've got to do this.

"Don't be an asswipe, dude."

And then the grin is gone.

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