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September 21, 2014: Awkward Turtle Express


Yet another alleyway.



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Robin, Are You Gay?

Five Minutes Ago

Robin moseys down the road along Midtown Gotham. He looks worse for wear. Although, admittedly, not so bad that he can move. After moving a little, he'd deduced that none of the bullets had managed to penetrate his skin. Small comfort after taking a number to his trusty kevlar.

He sinks back into the shadows on the road, he may have clipped wings, but the bird boy has not forgotten himself or his training. He just needs to get back to his motorcycle. All will be well if he can just get back to his motorcycle.

But sliding alongside the shadows of one building gives him pause. He exhales a slow, quiet breath, and allows his back to slide down the expanse of the wall, bringing himself to a seated posture.

Silently, he wills himself to become one with the shadow or to call one of the numbers on the cards he'd so recently been given. This probably warranted a call to one of the Titans. But for the moment he just rests in an effort to collect his motivation to move back to the bike.

Above him, above the streets, Spoiler is watching the world and catching Robin's trail is just perfect for her tonight. A grin curves her lips as she spots the distinctive Batcostume, and she trails along, watching him limp through the streets. When he slides down that wall, the grin fades, her face turning thoughtful beneath the mask. She lifts her hands, tucking the hair back under the black fabric, lifting the cape's hood to cover her head, before she takes several steps back, a run up for that leap to the other side of the street. Her hands catch the drain pipe and she swings, sliding down to land in front of him. The landing isn't perfect but the acrobatics in her life shows in the dismount poise, her gaze moving to study him. "You look like something the cat threw up on the doorstep."

The sound of movement is enough to put the Boy Wonder on guard. His head snaps up as he hears someone on the drainpipe, but the familiarity of the cloak has him looking downward again. He lifts a hand and issues a small wave. "Nice to see you too," he murmurs as he shifts around in his suit. "It's like I said, my predecessor was the cute one. You mixed us up earlier." With a smile that may be closer to a grimace, he forces himself to look up at her. "I'm fine. Just some bruising, I think." He yawns. He feels sleepy. He never feels sleepy this time of the night.

"I don't think so." Her gaze moves over him, checking him out obviously, as if it were in reply to his comment, but in fact, she is checking for the signs of harm. She strolls forward, her concern hidden behind the mask, her blue eyes narrowing as she approaches him. "On your feet, you. We should get you home to bed." It could be an invitation, but there is a soft undertone of concern behind it. "Where did you park?" She offers him a hand, prepared to pull him to his feet, "This isn't the time to nap, you know. Usually, you guys at least wait 'til after."

Slowly, languidly, Robin presses himself up to a stand, uncurling his body as he does so an wincing at the pain that lingers beneath his suit. With a cluck of his tongue he says to himself, "Mental note: disarm the doll next time. I got the goons. I forgot the puppet." He sighs quietly. "And I tried to call for backup but didn't have signal in the area," his eyes turn up towards the sky. "Seemed like an even-enough fight." He shoots her an apologetic smile. And then the comment about after enters his thoughts, "After?" He squints at her.

She doesn't release his hand when he is upright, instead stepping closely to him, staring up at him, her eyes narrowed. "I doubt a kiss would make this better." The teasing in her voice has the customary edge of snark to it, and she grins at him, the mask moving, showing the breadth of the amusement on her face. "Puppets are a problem. Shame you don't have a way to reach me when you need backup…" She is mocking him slightly, and she widens her eyes at him, in reply to the squint. "After sex, Robin. Men fall asleep after sex. Want me to take you home?"

+MEET: Vorpal has arrived via +meet.

"Wait. I got shot, I didn't have — " Robin's lips part wordlessly as he stares at Spoiler. "What." Once more his lips part and he shakes his head. "I don't think I…" His hand presses to his side and he stretches, finally registering that she asked where he parked. "I parked…" he presses his palm to his head, "… a ways away. I remember… I was on the roof." His chin lifts and he looks beyond the dark alley, considering what came before.

Spoiler's baby blues widen, mock innocence in them, before she shakes her head, "Look, we have to get you home, wonderboy, because you are so totally out of it that kissing you now is pointless." Snark, but with a touch of concern, "So your ride is miles away and I don't have one. Great." The roll of her eyes speaks for her age, and she sighs, releasing his hand, only to slide her arm around his waist, to support him. "Let's get walking then. Unless you can do that magic cab summoning thing again? It might not help your rep though." Snark delivered alongside help, that is the Steph way.

It is the voice that Vorpal recognizes*. He's been looking all over Gotham with a panicked sort of frenzy, but finally when the wind blows just right and his sensitive ears can hear it, his frenzy diminishes and is replaced by a deliberate run towards the source of the voice. He doesn't even look before he leaps into the void of the alleyway, he is that urgent.

However, it doesn't prevent him from showing off a little: backflip, clothesline flip, and finally ending halfway up the narrow alleyway, legs extended to each side to maintain himself there as he looks down, and his night-seeing eyes focus…

"Boy Wonder, is that you?" Pause. He's with… "You look different. Redder. Hello there!" the cheshire cat waves at Spoiler, with a grin.

*: Yes. He could try to match voices to unmasked vigilantes. However, that is not going to happen— his own subconscious makes sure that those things remain secret for a reason- in his mind, Robin's voice is Robin's voice, and if he ever met Tim Drake, his Super Ego figure (the Cait Sidhe) would make sure that never the twain would meet in his brain. Just because he doesn't have a secret identity, it doesn't mean he doesn't know how vital it is to keep those for other people.

There's a flush of Robin's cheeks, "I'm Robin. Not Batman. Not Nightwing. I don't… I'm the Boy Wonder. Gratitude goes to Batman — talk to him if — " he groans again. Every step seems to be rather arduous. "The cab thing was a fluke," his face scrunches together, "like I said, I have no reception. If I did I would've called Batman. Or Nightwing. Or… one of the Titans." He groans again as he moves along the path Spoiler has him on.

The appearance of another, however, has Tim straightening, albeit not well, and readying himself for a fight. Not that he's in any condition for it. But when he realizes and recognizes the voice, his lips twitch into an easy smile. "It is me." The notion of being redder only causes Robin to redden more. And then, as if an explanation is needed he offers, "I got shot." Followed up by: "I'm okay though… just need some sleep." Because bullets to kevlar just need to be slept off like alcohol, right?

"I know who you are, boy wonder." Her voice softens a little, and she frowns, worrying a little. "You know, when you aren't all shot up, I'm so going to give you shit for lecturing me about this and then needing my help the next day. Let's get you to…." She edges her shoulder into the crook of his arm, holding him tightly.

The new arrival gets Spoiler tensing, her free arm suddenly holding a bo staff, prepared to defend the damaged BoyWonder. "Who are you?" The narrowing of her blue eyes focuses them on Vorpal, ready to dump the poor Batboy to stand on his own two feet. Suspicion and protectiveness is there, in every line of her body, "He needs to get home, whereever that is, whoever you are. Are you going to make smartarsed comments or help me? He is heavy, you know." Sarcasm comes as just one more service Spoiler offers. "No sleep, you, stay awake or I'll kiss you again." A dire threat indeed.

"I'm Vorpal, the WonderCat. And who are you, lady with the mellifluous voice?" Why not? Everybody had titles around here. He leaps from his stance and lands gracefully on the ground, doing a tuck and roll and then ending up standing in front of the two. He was a cat, a high level of acrobatics came second nature to him. He reaches over to touch Robin's chest, though, with a frown. "Shot? Geez, Robin, don't be stupid. I need you. Badly." He says, slipping to Robin's other side and putting his arms around him to help Spoiler help him walk. The Big Problem is still distracting him enough that he doesn't realize that the phrasing of that last sentence will give the totally wrong impression of his relationship to the Bird.

"Mellifluous," Robin repeats with a crooked grin. Evidently even when hurt, Tim can manage a sense of humour. "What a great word. Underused. Her voice is pretty mellifluous." He smirks at that, and, if he was feeling more himself, he might expect some retaliation for his amusement. But then he offers, "Spoiler, this is Vorpal, a member of the Titans. Vorpal, this is Spoiler. Spoiler is… well. Spoiler." Yes. That works, right? He doesn't issue any other information about Spoiler because he'd rather not repeat the flirtation.

Back towards Spoiler, he notes, "This is precisely why people need to patrol together. No amount of training could've helped me remember to disarm the doll. I mean come on. The guy talks through a doll…" He grins though at the memory, "Although, he was pretty mad when I called the doll a doll."

The best thing about masks are that nobody can see when you blush. Boy Wonder should invest in one. "I'm counting these up for later revenge, Boy Wonder." The threat is almost a mutter and she glances up at him, adding softly, "I love that I don't need any other title, any other information. I'm so important to you already…" She gives Vorpal a glance, a touch of relief in her eyes as he takes some of the burden of a punchdrunk Robin from her shoulder. "Oh I see… That explains so much. Look, you must know where he lives. Can we get him there?" Wrong impression taken, from the tone of her voice, and a slight stiffness to her body. "Yeah we'll talk about your need for a nanny when we get you safe." Snark. Snark is safe. Snark is good.

"Eh?", the cheshire seems puzzled, and then ponders. "We don't need to carry him." A snap of his fingers, and a purple glowing wheelchair appears right ahead of them. As does a platform pointing upwards. It doesn't seem to go anywhere, as it ends in the middle of the air, but Vorpal seems to find it comfortable. "Why don't we gain some altitude and then you can tell us where to go, okay?"

He's not going to take a no for an answer, but he will lead Robin over to the wheelchair and help him sit his ass there. Spoiler's assumption is completely missed on him, as he now is also concerned for Robin's well-being, on top of the other problem. "You got shot by a doll, Bird? Where? Are you bleeding somewhere? How about bones, anything broken?"

"Wait…" Robin's head turns to catch Spoiler's gaze, "…explains what?" His nose wrinkles as he's ushered into a wheelchair, and his lack of objections would be a sure sign something is wrong for those that know him well. And then, flustered again, he notes, "Look Spoiler, I…" his cheeks flush redder if at all possible. Yeah, he's not used to anyone being so forward with him. "Spoiler is… a friend." There. That explains everything, right? Good job, Tim.

"I don't think I'm bleeding," Tim replies lowly from the wheelchair. "Just bruised. Probably. Ribs don't feel awesome. Kevlar is good but it doesn't encompass everything…"

The relief at putting Robin into a wheelchair is marked and she lifts her eyebrows slightly. "Nifty." A single word, and she ignores Robin's question, glancing at Vorpal, "Lead the way then. He could have internal bleeding, or anything. We have to get him home." She glances down at him, adding quietly, "We'll talk after, Robin, I didn't know you had someone. It's ok." She pats his shoulder and then moves a little distance away, her face hidden from Robin, talking to Vorpal. Blessed is the mask that hides your feelings when you think the guy you fancy has a boyfriend. "You know his place?"

"No, we haven't seen each other that much." As if he'd know one of Robin's hideouts that quickly? Sure, he's trustworthy, but Robin has no reason to believe that yet. He pushes the wheelchair and motions for Spoiler to stay close. As they roll the wheelchair over, platforms appear and disappear, creating a magical appearing-disappearing platform that climbs into the sky. Because My Little Kitty: Vorpal Is Magic. "When we get there, you're going to have to take that vest off, Bird, so we can see if you've got some hemorrhaging or bleeding. A bullet is no laughing matter, even if you've got armor on. You could get a broken rib, and then you could end up with a perforated lung, and then we'd have to kill you for being an idiot."

A thing Spoiler says makes him nod. "Yes, thank goodness you have someone." Referring, of course, to Spoiler, "Someone to keep you from just trying to walk off an injury like that and die in a gutter somewhere. And then Bad Robin would be the only Robin. Geez, bird. Now, point the way."

"I don't… have someone," Tim arches a wry eyebrow to punctuate the point as he looks between the pair of them. "I'm not.." he looks at Spoiler and then back at Vorpal and feels very very confused. "I'm not with someone." And then, squinting, he asks, "Unless you mean Batman?" And then, as if finally putting two and two together, he shakes his head, "NO! I'm not with someone. And definitely not with Batman! Oh man…" so many creepy feelings right now. In fact, Robin looks a little nauseated.

The notion of taking the vest off has Tim's head shaking, "I can't. I'll get home back to Batman — maybe… call Nightwing? Or maybe we can reach Oracle, she can get in touch with them — " because Robin's phone still isn't working. And Robin isn't pointing the way anywhere until there's a plan to keep identities safe because these things are secrets for more than just himself.

Spoiler keeps close enough, but there is a touch of distance to her, a glance at Vorpal when he talks about having someone that is brief, ending with her chin slightly lifted. "Bad Robin?" The question is quiet, her voice slightly muffled, "You know, you don't have to be embarrassed about being gay, it is totally cool these days, and honestly, it would have saved a ton of embarrassment, don't you think? I mean, you and Batman, or you and him, that is cool." She sighs, lifting a hand to her face for a moment, recalling the mask and shaking her head instead. "Oracle. Nightwing. Right. How do we call them? Otherwise, where can we go? I can't take you to mine, it kinda isn't… it wouldn't work out well."

"Whoawhoawhoa!" The wheelchair stops and the end up on a wide square of magical construct energy up in the sky. It's big enough for all three of them. "Wait, no, I'm not—" Vorpal looks from Robin to Spoiler, there and back again several times. Wait a minute. Robin blushed when he came in. At first he thought it was nothing, but then suddenly with Spoiler saying that, things suddenly start looking pear-shaped in the cat's mind.

"Robin, did you tell Spoiler that we are together?" He raises an eyebrow, green eyes wide. "I mean, no, don't get me wrong, man- you're fricking adorable, but maybe I gave the wrong impression when I gave you my phone number. I mean, I would be flattered to be asked out on a date by the Boy Wonder, but you know I'm with Changeling. It just can't happen…"

Squinting again at his comrades Robin is downright dumbfounded by the assertions Spoiler is making. "I'm not gay," he clarifies emphatically. "And I'm not bothered by who I'm 'with', I'm just not with anyone. Batman is…" his adopted parent, but he can't say that. Instead, he just shakes his head. "And no, I didn't tell anyone we're together — " he says towards Vorpal " — although I'm sure you're very handso — " the word just has Tim shaking his head again. "I like girls. That's why I tried — " his cheeks redden and his chin drops to his chest. A pice of him is now desperately wishing he hadn't had such success with his kevlar.

He could die of embarrassment. That probably would be a fun thing on his tombstone. "I'm not interested in you Vorpal. I know you're very happy with Changeling." And he looks towards Spoiler. "And… I don't… I'm Robin. When I put on this costume, I cease to be me. I don't intend to start a relationship as Robin. Besides," he adds, "it's possible you'd be just as attracted to the other Robin and then you wouldn't know the difference so — "

Spoiler returns Vorpal's looks, her blue eyes wide for a moment, and she crosses her arms across her chest, "Of course he didn't tell me! But it is pretty obvious he is uncomfortable." As Vorpal turns Robin down, she glances away, her cheeks flushing under the mask, thank god for masks. Robin's clarifications and the blushing earns him a look, and she glances at Vorpal again, "You tried what?" Snark is back, and she tilts her head, narrowing her eyes at him for a moment, before she adds, "We ought to get you somewhere we can check you over. Who knows what you have going on under that outfit." His babbled explanation is pretty much brushed over, except, "Other Robin? Do explain. Let me guess. You have an evil twin and you think I'd fall for him, forever foresaking the side of good?"

"Oh god, you wouldn't fall for him. He's nasty, brutish and short, and he smells of onions." Vorpal shakes his head and watches the exchange between Spoiler and Robin… and then his perspective changes. Completely.

"Holy Sybil Shepard and Bruce Willis… you've got the hots for each other!" Vorpal blurts out. He didn't mean to, it just… came out. Like a belch. "And wait… YOU know Oracle?" He distinctly heard Tim call Oracle a she, but since Flash had called Oracle a them, indicating that it wasn't his purview to learn any information about the aforementioned recluse, Vorpal tosses that data out as soon as it tap dances across his ears.

It wasn't for him to know, and he wasn't going to ask. "… Okay, you know what? Let's get you to a rooftop, let's take a look at your torso, and then we'll contact Oracle. It's important to see whether or not we need to call you an ambulance, man." He starts pushing the wheelchair, fast, towards a rooftop to try to defuse the incoming fallout from what he had just blurted out. Geez. "… I totally just came over to tell you that I wanted to ask you to really consider joining the Titans…" Diplomacy Stat falls by ten points.

"I tried to kiss you!" Tim finally blurts out towards Spoiler as he stands up from the wheelchair only to collapse back into it. He covers his face with his hands, desperately wishing to disappear into them. The redness now inhabits Robin's face, ears, and neck (and potentially more), and he may never stop blushing for the rest of his life. With a heavy sigh, he shakes his head. "I don't know Oracle exactly." Because no one does. Clearly. "But. I can contact them, I think." His eyes squint. "Maybe."

But the last earns a small nod. "I'll think on the Titans. You know, when I am not at risk of a broken rib." Especially because Tim could use other comrades to patrol with. Clearly going alone isn't an option.

And then there's another pause when Tim forces himself to stand up. "I'll just walk home — " because dying in an alley seems like a MUCH better idea than staying here and being subjected to more of this.

"See, if he can tell you apart from your evil twin…" And then Vorpal does the worst possible thing and she straightens, folding her arms over her chest, giving him a haughty look, her chin lifted. "Do you really think we should be talking about this with him bleeding his guts out in front of us?" The move to the rooftops is met with relief, the fallout willingly avoided, her cheeks scarlet under the mask. Tim's outburst brings a pause to that step, and the hint that someone might be as red of Robin beneath her mask comes out in a stutter, "I.. I think we should talk about this later. Sit down you idiot, and let us look at you." Heading for the rooftop, that is a great idea. Cool air. Dark shadows. Ability to run away if this gets way worse than it is.

Vorpal pushes the wheelchair forward to make Tim fall back on it. "Oh no you don't. We're all aboard this Awkward Turtle Express." He starts moving faster still, going to a set rooftop. "Let's put those guts back into you, Boy Wonder, and you can fill your gi-good friend on your evil twin."

Dear god. The things he got mixed into. He hopes Gar has a wine bottle somewhere in his dorm fridge…

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