The Batcave

September 23, 2014: Tim and Dick shoot the breeze in the batcave. Tim gets some advice.

The Batcave



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It's ridiculously early. Or it had been, at least, when Tim had settled into his chair in the batcave to inspect the bullets he'd caught in his Robin kevlar. He's assumed a chair normally designated for watching a variety of television screens to seek out evidence or complete investigations of various natures.

The box of lucky charms that sits on his lap probably passes as a proper college student diet, particularly as he shovels scoopfuls into his mouth like a theatre-goer eats popcorn. Crunching noises emit from his mouth and his teeth make light work of his cereal. The four bullets which had very fortunately met kevlar instead of flesh rest on the desk in front of him as he leans back to watch the screens overhead. Lazily, he presses a single button making the footage from the cameras across the street roll.

Unmistakably, Arnold Wesker, with his puppet and several thugs are carting large drums of something and loading it into the car. Tim narrows his eyes and leans forward to get a better look. He hadn't been able to really investigate that night. He clicks a few keys on the keyboard and the video moves forward to smoke. He smirks. The smoke bomb had been a good touch. At least in principle. When the smoke clears there's only one conscious thug, and the only one armed is the puppet, prompting Tim to groan as he trains his weapon on the Boy Wonder who seemed to appear in the smoke.

The shots fired towards him see Robin diving behind the forklift and Tim shaking is head.

With a few clicks of the keys he moves forward to a different angle. One of the alley not far from this particular warehouse. He types a few commands and the screen zooms in on him sitting against the wall. His nose wrinkles and he shakes his head. But then the Aubergine figure dives into the alley and helps Robin up. Her small frame and cloak draw Tim's eyebrows together as he zooms in on her and pauses. He might be staring.

"You're up early," comes a voice from the house-entrance of the Batcave. Dick Grayson saunters down, in his Cadet uniform, making his way towards Robin and the screens. "Are you using the computer or watching Youtube? Because I wouldn't mind a few minutes…" he then looks up at the screen in time to see the female figure helping Robin up, "She's cute. Who's that?" Leaning over, he goes to zoom in on the figure. "I thought you were busy focusing on school and being Robin."

The figure is hard to see beneath the cape, but she's decidedly female, and the close up reveals a few stray strands of blonde hair peeking out from her hood. The notion of the figure in the Aubergine cape being cute prompts a few quick clicks of the keys and a reddening of Tim's cheeks. "Jausst *crunch crunch crunch* anooother," swallow, "Gotham vigilante," he replies easily before tilting the cereal box towards Dick. "They're part of a healthy breakfast," he shoots Dick a toothy grin. Yes, eat the cereal, forget about the video that's no longer on the screen. Except he'd forgotten he'd layered them. Underneath the last video was a second one. His first meeting of the figure on the roof.

Specifically Robin grabbing her and keeping her from falling to her doom. He swallows hard. "I only met her twice," he counters. "And on patrol. There's no time for anything but school and Robin…"

Dick Grayson holds up a hand at the offer of the cereal, "Thanks, I already ate. I'm sure it's the breakfat of Champions." He gives a slight shudder at that before looking again at the screen. "Ah, so you've met her before? What's her name? Did you get her number? At least you two could get to know each other while beating up bad guys, right? So there you go…dating -and- being Robin!"

"Spoiler," Tim finally manages. He shovels another scoopful of cereal into his mother. He clicks another key and tries to close the window, but he's not paying good enough attention causing the video to play. Promptly he leans forward and madly presses buttons as the video plays. But for whatever reason, his machinations fail. The majority of the footage is just chatter anyways, so it doesn't look like Tim is concerned, but he continues to click keys. "No dating," he murmurs in turn, wondering what has happened to his computer. "I don't know anything about her, and it's not like Robin can date someone." He finally turns to face Dick, all while still trying to figure out what evil has possessed his keyboard. "No number. How would that even work? I don't know who she is,m and she doesn't know who I am — "

Dick Grayson merely smirks and leans against the back of the chair, watching the frantic key-clicking with amusement. "Well, you two have something in common, at least, with the costumes and being vigilantes and all." He does straighten though and takes a step back, "Well, that -is- the problem, isn't it? Although…you could always just go out to an IHOP after beating up some muggers. There are strange people in there all the time…bet they won't even bat an eye at the costumes."

The key clicking becomes more fierce by the second and Tim's face scrunches with determination as the video just won't stop playing. He's incredibly thankful there's no sound. "I'm just trying to figure out who she is… she's not trained…" There's a disapproving shake of Tim's head, but the mention of IHOP actually has his head turning away from his work. "Really?" And then a pause as he shakes his head, "She wears a mask that covers her whole face… that couldn't work…" When he turns back to the screen, Spoiler is walking towards Robin, prompting Tim to lean over his work and try harder to shut it off. Why does all technology hate him? On the screen, she presses a kiss to his cheek. And Robin turns the red of his costume all while doing his best impression of a human statue.

Dick Grayson merely watches…because this is highly, Highly entertaining. As Spoiler gives Robin a kiss in the video, his eyebrows raise, "Well…it looks like she might not be opposed to getting to know you a little more. Surely she can lift her mask enough to eat some pancakes? Just seeing her mouth isn't going to give her away." If that was true, Batman would have been discovered long ago. "How are you trying to find out who she is? I mean, you can't see her face or any specific markings…"

Tim can't seem to get out of his chair fast enough. The wheels slide irritably underneath him and he can't seem to shift his weight fast enough to get out of the wheeled chair. In fact, as he bounces to his feet, the cereal box falls to the floor, spilling Lucky Charms onto the floor. He treads towards the wall and begins following the power cord for the screens.

After the peck to his cheek, Spoiler walks towards the edge of the roof and Robin grasps her forearm, catching it and tugging her back towards him. He reaches forward and tugs her mask upwards just beyond her nose. Robin leans forward. And then he freezes. It's at that moment the power goes out on the screen.

Tim clears his throat, "Uh… the usual ways… " namely when he lifted her mask halfway. "I dunno. Follow every camera. I just…" His eyes turn downwards. "I don't know if she's trustworthy or something…" He's red again and bashfully looks down at the floor only to see the cereal mess he's created. He bends down to clean up the cereal. Not to get out of the hot seat. Clearly.

Dick Grayson merely stays where he is, watching the frantic movement of the other. This is one of the most amusing things he's seen in a while. "What does your gut say about her? It looked like, in that other video, she was at least helping you out some. Can't be so that bad, huh?" He moves carefully so that he doesn't step on any cereal pieces and make more of a mess, "What are you going to do if you find out who she is? Tell her who you are? Stalk her?"

"I got shot," Tim cringes. "The Ventriloquist — " he shudders. Even getting shot in the Kevlar hurts. In fact, his ribs still hurt and the bruising is an important reminder of that night. He sweeps some of the cereal with his hands and then he kneels on the floor. He stops and turns his head to catch Dick's gaze. "I don't know… meet her as me?" he shrugs his shoulders. "I don't… I'm not Robin." And then murmuring he adds, "Not the only Robin." His eyebrows draw together and he forces a smile. "So. Dating Robin isn't…" he shakes his head. And then he notes, "It's a moot point anyways. I'm not dating. No time."

Dick Grayson's eyebrows shoot up at the mention of being shot, "Are you all right?" He doesn't seem to be patched up or limping and he knows how well Alfred takes care of them. "You could give her your number next time you see her and -then- meet her as you…but you risk her putting two and two together. I don't envy you that decision…but if it helps, we've all been there." He shrugs, "It's one of the reasons I quit being Robin when I went to college. It was nice being able to date, even if it was for just a little while."

With a wave of his hand, Tim brushes the thought away. "Nah. It got the kevlar. I'm… fine. Nothing that aspirin, an ice bath, and a lot of rest can't fix," he shoots Dick a lopsided grin. But the grin disappears when he notes, "Putting the suit on again though." He groans. "Getting it off was not awesome. Putting it on.. equally not awesome." He sighs and shakes his head, "See. It's just not an option. I can't date this girl. I don't even know what she looks like. Not really. And she likes Robin. It's like… a fangirl thing… right?" his eyebrows arch upwards. There's another pause, "You actually dated in college?"

"Arnica gel too…that'll help with the bruising." There's a wince before Dick moves to lean against the computer desk, "Take a night or two off? Batman and I can cover for you, I think…and it's better to have you whole than possibly hurting yourself more." Now, it might not be what Batman says, but he's not Batman. "Does it matter what she looks like? If you like her…should it matter all that much?" Now there's a dangerous question. "And you seem to just like her in -her- costumed form…so you're both coming from the same direction."

At the question of him dating in college, he rolls his eyes, "Of course I did! I had a little more time, remember? I wasn't Robin."

"Good tip," Tim notes as he tugs on the front of his shirt and exposes his bruising. It's a myriad of colour that has Drake cringing with his assessment. "Yeah… don't tell Bruce I got shot?" Evidently Tim hasn't told him yet. "I'll tell him later. Sometime." He sighs. "It was a dead zone. I had no reception. Couldn't hear anyone. Couldn't get a message out. And Wesker seemed…" he shrugs. "I would've been fine if I'd remembered to disarm the puppet."

But back to more important things like what Spoiler looks like underneath the costume. Tim's face scrunches together and he hmmms. "I dunno, does it? I…" his face reddens. "She might like Robin, but what if she doesn't like me. You know?"

He shrugs at the comment about college. "Right. And what about now?" He studies Dick carefully. "I admire Bruce for what he does… it's…" he sighs softly "…is it wrong to want a life someday?"

Dick Grayson shakes his head, "It's not my place to tell him…" he's affiliated, but still on his own. "At least you weren't hurt worse and that the girl was there to help." He inclines his head some at the next question, "Seriously? I mean, are you seriously asking that question? You won't know if you don't try…and if she doesn't like you, then she's not worth your time." There's a shrug, "We don't have the time to play those games."

There's a wry twist of his mouth when he's asked about dating now, "I'm a cadet in the Police Academy and Nighwing. I don't really have time to date…nor have I met someone I'd -want- to date right now."

There's a crisp nod of Dick's head. "Good," he says quickly. "I don't think Alfred said anything either." His lips twist to the side thoughtfully. "I don't have to tell him, do I? I just… the lecture." His eyes roll. "I'm fine. No internal bleeding. No broken ribs. And I didn't actually take a bullet to my flesh. The suit did it's job."

He sighs at the notion of the girl and sweeps up the remainder of the spilled cereal. "She's… kind of sarcastic." Which is so different than Tim's general sincerity. "And disarming. But I don't know how to date her. Even this IHOP idea. Like. Do I just randomly find her on a rooftop and invite her for pancakes? In my mask?" He squints.

When Dick says he doesn't have time, Tim lifts a hand,"See? That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm in college now, there's no time for this anyways…" there's a long pause "… right?"

Dick Grayson holds his hands up as if to stay away from the topic, "I'm not going to answer that. You're an adult now…you get to make that decision. You can choose to tell him or not, but you know what'll happen if he finds out without you telling him." His grin quickly reappears at the question of the date, "Why not? Just ask her like you'd ask any other girl. Or…maybe order some pizza and have a date up on a rooftop if you're that worried."

He crosses his arms at his chest then, "There's time if you make time. If I met the right girl, I'd probably figure something out. Just haven't met her yet…" or rather, she isn't really giving him much to go on right now.

"Yeah, probably more than a lecture," Tim agrees. His hands reach up and scrub his face, washing away the whole getting shot business and he sighs lightly. The notion of pizza draws a crooked grin, "Well pizza seems easier." There's a pause and his face scrunches again. "I forgot to mention that the second time I saw her I ran into," got help from, these things are the same things to Tim at this moment, "this fellow who's dating Changeling." He shakes his head. "And Spoiler kind of thought… " Nope. He's not finishing the thought. "I don't even know if she's legitimately interested anyways. The rooftop, that first time," his eyebrows draw together, "it was like a game. She moved. I moved. Like." His head shakes. "I don't know."

His expression turns pensive at the thought of making time for the right girl. "You should get on that. You know, I've heard rooftops are good places to eat pizza." He shrugs.

"Changeling's dating a guy?" Now, that's news…he never figured Changeling to be interested in guys. "Who was this fellow? And what did Spoiler think?" Dick can't help but chuckle though, "Didn't you date in High School? Of course it's a game. It's always a game." Of course, there's a snort at Tim's advice, "Yeah, well…it's a little more complicated than that. But I'll keep that in mind." His grin widens, "If you do the pizza thing with Spoiler, I'll try the pizza thing."

"Yeah… his name is Vorpal. One of those Titans. He's a purple cat…" Tim's eyes turn away from the computer. "Spoiler sort of misunderstood things. I was short. And not really… " he emits an audible breath. "Ok. She thought I was gay. Like totally gay. And I have … " He raises a hand in the air. "But to be fair, it was after Vorpal said he needed me." He clears his throat. "And then she said something about being with someone, and I was confused so I said Batman… and then they thought I was with Batman." It's only now that Tim buries his face into his hands. Yup. He may be an adult, but he's as awkward as ever.

His throat clears. "Assuming she doesn't think I'm," he leaves a pregnant pause, "dating Batman, I'll do the pizza thing." Pause. "I'll do it regardless, but you actually -have- to do it."

Dick Grayson just bursts out laughing at the revelation. It takes him a good half a minute to calm down enough to talk. "You…you…Batman…Oh, god…" He's laughing again before he finally does calm down, "Well, looks like you'll need to set her straight." He bursts into laughter again though at his pun. "He's way too old for you."

"Thanks. Thanks for that," the laughing and the pun. Tim's complete and total mortification is palpable as he stands from his spot on the floor. "I told them!" he insists emphatically. "And like… " he cringes, "he's my adopted father. That's…" he frowns and shudders. "It's messed up." His arms cross over his chest. His eyes roll lightly. "The worst part is… I think she sort of liked me before that." There's a pause. "She might've been flirting with me." There's another pause. "She kissed me." He groans. "This is trouble, isn't it?" There's another pause. "Don't tell Bruce. That'd just culminate into another lecture about people…something isolation something."

Dick Grayson waves a hand, "If she kissed you, then maybe she doesn't think so. Sometimes people can figure it out on their own…and you can always reassure her…with pizza, of course. It will at least give you a subject to talk about the next time you two meet." He then shrugs some, "I don't think it's too much trouble…I think you're making it much bigger than it is."

"Really?" Tim skeptically squints. "I didn't think dating was wise because in high school… being Robin made me a truly awful boyfriend. I was never on time. I missed dates. I disappeared for no reason with lame explanations that no one in their right mind would believe if they thought I was even a half-decent guy." He sighs. "Someone dating Robin…" he considers the thought. "I don't know. Could it be any better? They couldn't know anything about me. At all."

"If she's a vigilante too," Dick points out, "She'll understand." He then shrugs, "I guess it's going to depend on how far you end up going in the relationship. Maybe you won't get along after the first date or so. Maybe you will and you'll truest each

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