All of the Jamies get a dare

September 26, 2014: In which Jamies meet Spoiler




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Jamie Madrox stands under a corner street lamp, one of the many that seem to only light up corners in Gotham and not the street nor it's edges proper, and argues.
With himself.
Four times over.
Four men dressed exactly the same (surely that's gang related yes?) seem to be upset with one another, hands and pointy fingers jut and thrust from the knot of men as they point in different directions and their voices begin to rise in volume, "-ell you're a stupid fucker then aren't you?" "ME!? You do realize that when you say tha-" "This way! I'm telling you it's th-" "I don't care what you're telli-" "-ughta punch you in th-" "-u sonofabitch!" And with that exclimation there is sudden silence decended upon the knot as all the men turn and look at the last one who spoke. He pauses in his tyrade and looks a bit sheepish, "I mean, you know, not like /literally/, just an expression. A sorta… turn…" all of the men step forward and the one steps back, "of… phrase?" he offers up meakly.

From above, the puzzled gaze of a young women dressed in black and pur… aubergine is fixed on the four men, the perch on the rooftop like a batman themed gargoyle. She slowly uncurls a grappler from her belt, tossing it to hook onto a nearby fire escape, sliding down it to land neatly near them. The cape billows around her, but the black mask covers her face. She tilts her head, the amusement in the gesture unspoken, easily done, "You guys give a whole new meaning to an internal monologue… except, you know…" She waves a hand and leans against the ladder, folding her arms.

There are a lot of people that talk about doing things siumtaneously. Friends that speak at the same time, occasionally married couples will have a mannerism that's identicle and it'll trigger at once, the pair moving as if strings were tied to their arms. Even twins who do that thing where they move in harmony… none of them are this flawlessly coordinated. Frankly, it's got 'unnatural' stamped on it and it's creepy as shit. All four of the men, quadruplets perhaps, turn to look at her at once. Two blink confused, one frowns, the fourth one squeeks and jerks back, his hands coming up in really poorly formed 'karate knives', "It's Batgirl!" the other three eye the fourth curiously then bust out into laughter.

The tilt of her head is curious, and then amused. She folds her arms, leaning against that fire escape. "Man, you lot look like a gaggle of schoolgirls…" She smirks at the one that calls her Batgirl and she lifts a hand, tugging the aubergine hood, "Since when does Batgirl wear this? I'm the Spoiler." The one that squeaks is entirely ignored, and she leans out, one hand sliding up the ladder, to use it for balance as she swings on it. "Who're you?"

One of the men sighs, "See, now you're making us look like girls." they all turn to eye the one that squeeked 'batgirl' and he drops his hands and clears his throat in a manner that's clearly meant to be gruff or manly. "I have no idea, we're from New York, I always assumed Batgirl would have wings or something, maybe giant ears, but how many woman in strapy belty masky things are mucking about in this town that there's a bunch of you to confuse?" one of the men asks curiously.

Spoiler, in classic teenaged style, releases the post, and flips onto her hands, walking on them with a casual grace, her cape falling around her arms. "Batgirl wears more black than me. Her mask is different. It is made better." She looks up at them, the mask slipping and showing a curve of her mouth, a grin emerging. "So you never gave me your name. Names." The mocking in her voice is light, her blue eyes laughing.

A hand points, "You're uh… thingie is slipping." one of them states, motioning at his own face while on of them tilts his head and contorts his body in an attempt to see her right side up, and a third just reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose, "Jamie. My name is Jamie." he says in an exsasperated tone. The fourth points behind her and asks, "How do you keep it from dragging in nastiness when you do that?"

She springs from her hands, landing neatly with the skill of an acrobatics student, her hands spread for balance. She turns her head, looking at them one by one. "All of your names are Jamie, which makes you the children of a really lazy parent?" Snark, a service we offer as standard, and she glances down at her cloak, shrugging lightly. "Just a trick you know. You can't expect a girl to give out her secrets on the first night."

Nose Pinch Jamie shakes his head and eyes her, "No, you can't expect a girl to give out any secrets ever, I find it to be a waste of time and effort. Besides, no man want's a girls secrets, what's the fun once the mystery's gone? Men are after other things…" he nods at her get up, "like cool toys." one of the men just slumps in place at this while the other two throw their hands in the air in contempt, "Dude. Flirting." "Work on it." "Sooooooo bad."

"Ohhhh you never dated in your life, did you? Is he still a virgin?" Snark and she turns, the cape swirling around her, walking back to her ladder, one hand hooking around her, swinging on it casually. "Well, I won't share my cool toys with you, boys, on a first date." The light snark there comes with a smile, with an edge. "So are you all the same person, or separate?"

All four blink in unison, then laugh seperately… well, all but one. One just stares at her, "To mean." he says adopting a pouty face. "Just… just to mean…" sniffle. One of the laughing ones, currently hanging onto Mr. Pouty's coat sleeve for balance gasps, "Little… of… both…" for the comment he earns a glare from Mr. Pouty.

Spoiler widens her eyes at him, the movement mocking, "How can I be too mean if no man wants a girl's secrets? Or the fun is gone as soon as the mystery is gone?" Her lips curve into a smirk, and she leans against the post, amusement over her face. "So, virgin and never got a date. Alright. If these guys were any kind of wing man, they would help you out there, mate. Ohh I could set you up with someone?" The grin is wider.

Jamie Madrox chuckles at that, "Mysterious doesn't mean cruel." he counters, then seems to reconsider, "I suppose female does though, so you've got me there." one of the laughing men wipes at his eyes, "Proper wing men? Whatever for? It's much more amussing to watch him crash and burn." "Friends like you lot…" mutters the one in the middle.

Her eyebrows lift under the mask, her arms crossing over her chest, her eyes narrowing through the mask. "Some buddies you have. You are all dicks, you know that." That was to all of the Jamies, and she swings herself around onto the fire escape, her cape swinging around her body. "All of you." She confirms that through the rails of the ladder.

Jamie Madrox grins up at her, all of them, "Oh now that's a bit harsh," the one in the middle responds. One of the others speaks up, "Yeah!" "You havn't even met like… a third of us!" "Rush to judgement much?"

"Prove me wrong. Get him a date with a nice girl." The challenge comes from higher in the ladder, and then the cape can be seen, swinging across the alleyway, mocking them, her eyes laughing as she vanishes into the rooftops.

Jamie Madrox snickers as the girl disappears and he turns to eye the other three, "You guys are never helpful." he informs them. The man who was holding onto the sleeve of the middle man and laughing stands up, dabbing his eye again, "Yeah well," he says as the Jamie in the middle blurs, stretches slightly, then vanishes from sight, "it's you lot that're supposed to be helping me."he points out as the others step towards him and eventually disappear as if they were walking through a door as they walk into him. He looks around at the corner and sighs a heavy contented sigh, "That was a good … laugh …" he spins in a circle, once, twices, then throws his hands up, "Fuck! I'm still lost!!"

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