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September 26, 2014: Robin brings the pizza, and then it all goes a little ..awkward


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Night time. In Gotham City. Another alleyway. Another night of watching for a certain criminal before he returns home and Spoiler is left musing over this complex situation. She is perching on the rooftop, watching the cars speed into the night, her mask pulled down but the blonde hair sticking out behind, her cape on her back. A huff, and she flops back on the rooftop, staring up at the sky.

Order a pizza Dick had said. Take her to IHOP at the end of a patrol. Be Robin and date at the same time.

Tim isn't wholly convinced that Batman would ever approve. But he values the opinion of his older brother. Besides, having a date with Spoiler meant that Dick would have a date with… someone. He said he would. That's like a promise, right? Feeling altogether uninspired for nifty ideas to be Robin and still get to know this Spoiler, Drake relies on Grayson's assertion that pizza on a rooftop could be a perfectly good date.

Which is why Tim has been carting around a pizza for the last 20 minutes. He'd struggled to find the Spoiler and was about to give up when he'd spotted the familiar Aubergine cloak from several rooftops away. He'd lingered in the shadow, using the stealth he'd learned from a certain Bat to essentially stalk the girl he's interested in. It's silly in a way. Dick had asked her if he'd intended to stalk her (especially when Tim said he wanted her to like him not Robin), and that had just enough creepy air to it that he let that idea go as quickly as he'd thought of it. Sometimes perspective means a lot.

He slides onto the roof, and steps out of the shadow into the moonlight. "Hey… Spoiler?" his eyes narrow as he slips further onto the roof. The pizza is held out before he realizes he hasn't explained himself and finally asks, "I thought you might be hungry and would want some pizza." His lips curve into his distinctly boyish grin. "Uh… I didn't know if you were vegetarian so I got have pepperoni half veggie… so…" his eyes turn downwards. Evidently he's given this some thought.

A figure stepping out of the darkness, that is just what you need when you have been trailing your dad, the supervillain. Spoiler sits bolt upright, her eyes wide as her hand flies to the stick at her side. Then there is Boy Wonder with added pizza, and she lets out a breath, acting cool, as she regains some measure of control over her heartbeat, her breathing.

She rises to her feet, resting her hands on her hips as she stands in front of him, eyeing boy and pizza thoughtfully. Her lips curve into a slow grin, "Pizza, boy wonder? I better do this then…" She rolls the mask up, revealing chin and mouth, a mouth that is curving into a broad grin, giving him an instant of warning before she steps forward, around the pizza itself, to reach for his cheeks with both hands, to kiss him thoroughly.

Forward is not something Tim is used to. Tim-turned-Robin is the nice guy; the one that waits for an appropriate amount of time before pressing forward. He's also painfully aware of his archetypal self and has no idea how to break it. He didn't imagine that bringing a pizza would have such a reaction.

Which probably explains why his eyes widen at the first instant of contact. He freezes, face growing warm underneath her touch thanks to a combination of adrenaline and blush. At first he's slow to respond. Score another point for the Spoiler as Robin suffers from an extreme case of under-experienced-Tim.

It's not like he's never dated before, but his dating experience has been, severely limited. Especially when it comes to the apparent forwardness of the Spoiler. The last time she'd kissed him, there had been no time to react. The faint brush of lips ended as quickly as it'd begun. This time his lips reciprocate, if only at the tail end of the kiss. They part lightly against hers. If there was question of his interest before, maybe he rectifies it now.

The pizza shifts from two hands to one, and it's essentially dropped, flat surfaced onto the flat roof as Robin's hands draw around Spoiler's waste. Evidently bringing pizza really does count as a date?

Spoiler pulls back, the tiniest amount, enough that her lips can curve into a broad grin and she can look up at him, blue eyes dancing. The sound of the pizza dropping earns him a giggle, and another slow kiss, invitingly teasing him before she pulls back, "Pizza delivery boys… always so cute." Snark, delivered in a faintly breathless voice, before she joins the pizza on the roof, pulling easily from his hands around her waist.

She opens the box, taking a slice, the meat side of it, and beginning to eat. Cheese is captured around a finger as it pulls from the pizza, and she licks it off, utterly unselfconsciously, before glancing up at the boy left standing there, with a brief grin.

Even when Spoiler pulls away, Robin remains fixed to that spot for a few minutes. His thoughts distinctly turn to how incredibly bad this is for him and what Batman would think if he saw him right now: utterly smitten and completely compromised. His eyes open and he watches her choose a slice of pepperoni before he remembers how to move. His arms and legs almost feel waxy and he finds himself gasping for air—evidently having forgotten how to breathe through the whole ordeal. One of his gloved hands rakes through his hair. "Hey. Th-thanks?"

He takes a few slow steps towards Spoiler and the pizza, turning more than actually walking, and then lets himself lower onto the rooftop. "So. Slow crime day?" He manages a smirk, his face still red and hot from the rather fluster-y kiss he'd just experienced.

She watches him gasping for air, fishlike in his shock at the kiss, and her grin widens for a moment. She rests an arm around her legs, leaning her cheek against it as she munches pizza and watches the Boy Wonder work through the shock, to dismay, and then to moving. "My pleasure." She replies lightly, a touch of the usual tone in there, between bites. "Nope, I beat them all already. You are just way too late." The smirk is returned, with a level of interest, and a look from his eyes, down to his mouth and back. She nudges the pizza towards him, adding teasingly, "Want some? The cutest boy wonder just delivered it. Just another service the Bat team offer, you know."

"Thanks," Robin yawns lightly as he seems to find his seat. A piece of pepperoni pizza is plucked from the box and Tim shoots Spoiler a lopsided grin. "Do you greet everyone that way?" he asks as his eyebrows draw together. In a way, some might think that Robin is teasing, but in this case, Tim, actually wants to know. He's never had a girl be so forward about anything. He tries to come up with words but instead takes a large bite of pizza. He committed to this. And then after chewing that first bite, he counters, "I'm not cute. I…" his cheeks flush and his eyes track downwards. "You like pizza then?"

Spoiler munches her pizza, watching him with amusement in the blue eyes behind that mask. "Only the really cute pizza boys…" The murmur is a teasing reply, the boy not being given that touch of security from the bold girl. "You're not cute, you are…?" She licks her fingers, waiting a heartbeat before she adds lightly, "But I only have your mask, and the shape of your body to guess at cuteness…"

She lets it sit there, the comment that hints at wanting to see his face, and having already clocked his body, and then she moves, her pizza finished, "Want to see what I can do?" Without waiting, she springs onto her hands, walking along the ledge with excellent poise and balance, walking on her hands high above the city below.

His unfinished thought is picked up by Spoiler and Tim can feel himself reddening further. This is a dangerous game they're playing, and he knows it. And yet. "Look. I'm not the only Robin. And…" his eyebrows draw together. "…maybe you like the mask? My predecessors wore it too. And… the other Robin." He watches her movement and can't help but grin at the movement. "Self-training?" he asks with an arch of his eyebrow. He finishes his piece of pizza and follows her down the ledge of the building. His own balance has incredible precision. Like her, he springs forward onto his hands doing much the same

"How're you at sparring?" He flips back to his feet, quickly changing the balance from his hands back to his feet with a quick jump. He shoots her a lopsided grin.

There's a pause though at his grin. "I." His eyebrows draw together. "Tell me something interesting about you." His teeth press into his bottom lip.

She laughs, upside down and, pushing off her hands, flips along the rooftop, feet, then hands, feet then hands, her cape flapping around her body. She lands with the grace of a athlete dismounting, her hands spread for balance, even as she turns to look at him. "Not as good as that but I can hold my own, I did with Jericho and Columbia last night…" She returns his grin, her eyes warning, the mask half off with the pizza eating. Her grin fades at his question, her head turned away. "I'm not that shallow, Robin." Back to the pizza, heading for the perch she had before, her back to him for a moment. "I don't think there is anything interesting about me…that I can tell you."

He watches her carefully, each flip noted with a vague arch of his eyebrows. "I didn't say you were shallow," again, Robin's hand runs through his hair, the texture of his gloves only adding to the frizziness the gesture creates. And that is Tim in a nutshell. Shy, serious, empathetic Tim. Not that he wants her to see it. Not that he can let anyone see it. "And I'm not that shallow either, Spoiler. I want.. to know something about you. Besides the fact that you make me smile. That I spent hours looking for footage from every angle to work-out our last meetings. That you helped me when I was hurt and down for the count." In a way it's a dull ache. The get-to-know-you he knew he couldn't have against the conversation he actually genuinely wants. It's a strange thing. He sighs lightly and turns to look down at the alley below.

Spoiler sits, one arm around her knees, her face sober beneath the mask. She tilts her head, the movement suggesting consideration, puzzlement at his words. Then she puts the slice of pizza back, the movement slow, the internal struggle obvious. "Robin…" She says his hand as though it is delaying a reply, even as she rises to her feet, "I wear a mask for a reason, for the same reason you do. Isn't it enough that I spend hours lurking on Gotham rooftops, following you about? That I was there when you got hurt and didn't take your mask off?" She is balanced on the ledge, a symbolic moment as she looks across at him, biting her lower lip. Then she pulls the mask down, a decisive gesture.

"That's," there's a long pause as Tim rather than Robin gets a moment to peek out of the optimistic shell that is Robin, "not it. It's not that I — " his eyes lid lightly and he sighs again. "I like you. Ok. I think I like you. And I don't… I don't know how to do this. Our lives are secrets from each other. You're Spoiler. I'm Robin." His eyebrows draw together. "But I'm not Robin. I'm not even the only Robin. Robin is a symbol, not a person. And I want to get to know you and I don't even know how to do that if I can't have a conversation with you about anything. You flirt with me, you're, very attractive from what I've seen, and I think I like you. I just." Nope. "Maybe we just need to keep this professional. You want to protect your secret identity, and I have a responsibility to others to protect mine." He nods once. Almost decisively at the thought.

Spoiler's blue eyes narrow behind her mask, and she shakes her head at him. "I can't do what I have to do if you know who I am, why I am the Spoiler." Her voice is soft and she hesitates there on the edge. "I like you, Robin. Why can't we just date as us, Spoiler and Robin, crime fighting together? Leave the people behind the masks out of it." Her hands are spread, keeping her balance, her head turned away for a moment. "Just let us be us, Robin?" The plea is soft, and her body is poised, the wrong answer taking her from him in the next moment.

Staring down at the alley and being professional is so much easier than dealing with the idea of Robin dating anyone. As far as he's concerned, Robin is someone he wears. Robin is smooth. Robin can be suave. Robin has been trained. But every Robin was trained. Every Robin was valiant (at least at some point). The Boy Wonder's shoulders sink and he squints down at the alley below. "Because having a secret identity is a means to protect ourselves and the people we love. If Spoiler and Robin date, I'm pretty sure that's like the opposite of the intention of the thing. I'll have to check with Batman though." Seems like someone else is adopting snark.

But the moment it comes out of his mouth, he's apologizing, "Sorry. I just. A friend," Nightwing, "suggested the pizza thing and seemed to think I could juggle this. I just… dating means talking. It's getting to know someone. And if you can't tell me anything interesting about you… and for the life of me I can't think of anything interesting I can tell you without compromising," his entire Bat-family, "then, I don't know how to date you. What is dating then?" his eyebrows draw together.

"What is dating? Well, there are several descriptions of that," Vorpal says, stepping down from a glowing platform and onto the rooftop. He tugs at his uniform- damned new uniforms. Tended to ride up until you got used to it. "Personally, I wouldn't be able to tell you, since I apparently have done everything back-to-front with Gar. I was sleeping on his bed before we even kissed."

The cheshire smirks, hands on his hips. "Sorry, kids. Bunker and I were doing a joint patrol and… well." He points to his ears. "I thought I recognized the voices of my two favorite Gothamites. Didn't mean to drop eaves… oh hey, you don't know Bunker, do you, Spoiler? Bunker!" He waves to his construct-riding friend to come over. They had been doing their patrol, trying to find ways to blend the power they did have in common so they could be more effective. One of the things they were trying out was the transportation thing. Bunker's psi-bricks were far more versatile than Vorpal's constructs, but he could keep up by creating a path in the air for himself. Not as fancy as riding, but…

"Do you guys usually talk about your romantic problems while hanging out on rooftops?"

Bunker floats down, small groups of glowing purple bricks under his feet, and waves to the costumed pair. "Hey, caped cop squad," he smiles, and looks to Vorpal. "Well, where else are you going to talk about stuff like that while wearing a mask and cape, huh? I don't want to think what Gotham's IHOP's are like.." the cowled teen says as he drops to the rooftop, his constructs vanishing for now.

Spoiler's shoulders tense and she spins on her heel, giving him a look at the hint of her own snark thrown back at her. "So what, you thought you would bring some pizza, I'd strip off my mask, you'd keep your identity and I'd give up all my secrets. Boy, your friend must think I'm cheap." He has actually managed to anger the Spoiler, her hands moving from the balancing position, to rest on her hips, her blue eyes narrowing. "Maybe you should take your pizza and…. " But she doesn't get to say where he can put his pizza when Vorpal steps down, and she turns her glare on both of the new arrivals, hands on hips. "Oh perfect. Just perfect." The roll of her eyes is speaking, her glare visible behind the mask.

Tim's brain may implode. Robin just stares at the alley, thinking of ways to get off the rooftop sooner than later. Between getting berated by Spoiler and interrupted by Bunker and Vorpal, the Boy Wonder is in his usual beet red state. In fact, it almost seems like he may let himself fall off the roof. He says nothing though, letting Spoiler have her moment to rip into him and the cat a moment to tease them and their evident romantic encounters on rooftops. Because that's where all things happen in Gotham. His arms fold over his chest and he just silently hmms and shakes his head. "That wasn't what I was saying at all. But okay. Let's go with it," Robin nods towards her. "I didn't think anything of the sort. But I did think maybe we could talk about… never mind." He shakes his head, still red and he looks towards Bunker and Vorpal, finally managing a small wave. "Welcome to Gotham. Everything happens on rooftops."

"Okay… I see what shape this is going." Vorpal hrms, noticing the tension in the air.

Why did people say that? About tension in the air? You coulnd't really see it in the air, but you saw it in the tilt of a head, how the muscles on the neck bunched up under tension, or when a back knotted up after a terrible revelation. Hm. Gar had a great back. Maybe he could stop by the ESU do-focus.

"Boy Wonder, every time I see you you turn redder and redder. It's the tights, isn't it?" He looks down at his new uniform, "I did tell that Zelinksy guy that it felt a little tight…"

Okay, comic relief is over. As much fun as he has teasing Robin, there's clearly a problem here, and he was a friend. "I'm going to admit that it's a tricky thing. Dating with secrets. And while wanting to know the identity of the cute guy behind the mask is a totally understandable thing, Spoiler…" Vorpal walks over to her, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder ina conciliatory gesture, "You do know that he basically belongs to the Big Guy, right? He probably can't fart without first clearing it through a Bat-Text. It's not just his identity at stake, but basically any Robin who ever takes a mask off or tells someone makes the chain of secrets that much weaker. Try to look at things from Robin's point of view… if it were his secret alone to tell, then it would be up to him to decide whether he trusts you or not. But… whomever our friend may be under the mask, Robin belongs to someone else. While I understand it is frustrating… don't be so hard on him."

You know you've got serious problems when the voice of reason comes from a purple cat.

Bunker nods along with this, new to the game but realizing the truth of things even as Vorpal says them. "See, the blushing might not be so bad, if you had more purple in your costume," he grins, leaning against a brick divide on the rooftop, crossing his arms. "I'm just saying…" he smiles.

"Talk about what, Robin? You've nothing interesting you can tell me without compromising, and I'm the same. What do you want to talk about? Schoolwork? Pizza? The latest crime spree by the Cl…" She shuts her mouth abruptly, shooting him a glare, "What were you saying, before the glamour pair turned up?" A turn of her head gives the pair of them a look, suggesting their arrival was less than welcome. The touch from Vorpal earns him a glare, and she replies, sharply, snarkily, "Well, gee, I hadn't thought of that. Which was why it wasn't *me* demanding that someone reveal something about themselves." A glower at Robin, and she adds, with a touch of sarcasm, "For pizza as payment." Vorpal's hand is shaken off, and she takes a step away, her arms folded, her chin lifted, an actually angry Spoiler.

"It wasn't a demand as much as an I don't know how to do this," Robin returns. He looks towards Vorpal and Bunker, "Sorry guys. I — " his eyes clamp shut. Something weighs on him, but he shakes it off and scrubs his face lightly. Spoiler's thought that he should finish his thought has the Boy Wonder frowning. "I didn't say it had to be something deeply meaningful or personal. Something interesting! Geez! Like… I like baseball and I actually don't really like pizza." His eyebrows draw together. "Interesting. Not personal. Interesting. Not exactly the same thing. And not at all what Ni — my friend suggested. You just… I can't even. I wouldn't ask for anything deeply meaningful or personal, but I'm not so shallow that I just want to sit with you, watch you do flips, and … kiss you on a rooftop," he scoffs and shakes his head. "And if that's what Robin, as a symbol means, then, I've been grossly misrepresented."

That said, Tim slides a little further towards the edge. His eyes turn back to the alley and he peers through the dark while he tries to listen. "There's probably someone somewhere getting mugged." Because they're in Gotham, after all. "We should… do something about that." Instead of talking about his lovelorn life and myriad of misunderstandings with the purple cloaked woman.

Vorpal seemed unfazed by Spoiler's anger. However, he is extremely sympathetic to it and its source. Watching these two go about the subject was like watching an episode of Moonlighting. "Alright. I've got a question for the two of you, and then you can carry on doing what you were doing before we interrupted you."

Turning to the young woman, he says, "Are you two, you know-" and here he turns to the Boy Wonder, "Actually interested a relationship? I mostly ask because there seem to be a lot of assumptions being made and not a lot of communication going on." He walks over to Robin and puts an arm around his shoulders. "And I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Not liking pizza is against my religion." he gives the Boy Wonder a half smile, looking over at Bunker to see if he can say something to calm the Fuming Spoiler while he saw to the Boy Fluster. "Hey, you really like this girl, right?" the cat says quietly, for Tim's ears only.

"Hey, at least you can't fault her taste in clothing," the purple-clad Titan says, bricks popping into existance around him as Robin says 'mugger' and then vanishing when the youth figures out that the Teen Wonder doesn't mean 'right now'. "I dunno what to say, really, despite un-asked-for advice being my specialty. "Dating a superhero is going to be stressful, anyway, worse than dating a cop or doctor…"

"And you think I do?" Spoiler waves her hands, an expressive gesture of exasperation, as she searches her mind for something she can tell him without revealing anything. "I like motorbikes. I… like pizza. Not that much." An offering of common ground to the Boy Wonder, and a smile tugs at the corner of her lips, her eyes finally finding Robin for a moment. She turns to look at Vorpal, her eyes narrowing slightly, "I don't kiss just anyone, you know. In fact, he is the only one I kiss now. Even without the mask." With that, Robin's observation about the mugging is acted on, her hood pulled up, her homemade grappling hook thrown, to catch on a nearby fire escape, and she jumps, swinging down towards the sounds of the mugging, her cap flaring behind her.

The arm around his shoulders has Robin easing a little. Touch isn't a common thing among the bat-folks, but this Bird-boy had at least one affectionate parent for most of his life before his father's untimely passing. The Boy Wonder shoots Vorpal a lopsided smile at the question about being interested in a relationship and he murmurs, "I have no idea how." And the pizza comment merits a small chuckle. The last question is left for a moment before he nods, just a little, not quite wanting to draw attention to it. And then he mutters, "I don't get women."

Spoiler's pizza comment earns a lopsided grin. But then she says he's the only one she's kissing and his face reddens all over again. He doesn't believe he's ever going to be a normal human colour again. He sniffs lightly and watches her disappear down the fire escape. "Man, she can move," he murmurs. "I should… make sure doesn't get herself killed. Always a mugger or two to deal with here — " he reaches to his belt, clasps the grapple gun and fires it towards the building across from them to climb down the building.

"Why do you think I date dudes?" Pause. "Okay. A dude." Vorpal smirks and reaches over to grab Robin's hand to stop his grappling for a moment. "Before you go? Tomorrow night, there's going to be a meeting in the Diamond district. Check my phone for the details. Eight p.m.. Jack Delanio's gang is going to get together to plot something. I'd be there… but Gar and I have to take care of some business." He lets go of the grapple gun and grins. "Take Spoiler along. Some teamwork might help ease the bumps you've just gotten."

Bunker starts to follow, then shakes his head as Robin joins in. "Best to let them hash this out on their own," the purple-clad boy says, considering. "Ah, mi amigo, is no really any different, is it? Is not the sex that makes people el loco, is just the whole love thing, you know?" He shakes his head, smiling.

Spoiler lands, her favourite MO in place, both booted feet into the chest of the mugger, followed up by a kick to the face, her grin widening as she turns, as Robin swings down. "What took you so…. " Newbie error. Muggers don't work alone, not here, not now, and … not this one. A yank on her cape and a knife to the throat widens the baby blues behind the mask, and she goes still, thinking through her options. Limited right now. Embarrassing. Damn.

"You're right in that, Bunky." Vorpal smirks and leans on Bunker. "Goodness knows I'm the least sane of all. I'm still waiting for Garfield to wake up and go 'what the heck am I doing?'" Vorpal's ears twitch. Confrontation. For a moment, he considers helping, but…

If Robin and Spoiler were going to have to solve these issues by themselves, gentle nudge aside, then they had to learn to depend on each other. Trust- it was a very important thing to build.

"C'mon, let's leave them to the task of butt-kicking and let's see if we can get more training in, what do you say? Race you to the iHop?"

Thumbs-up from Bunker. "Please. I can fly…" he grins, forming up the brick-platform again and zooming off.

Rob heeds Vorpal's words with a nod. "Yeah, I'll be there, and it's good to bring someone along." He shoots the cat a lopsided grin. "Yeah… we'll see about those bumps I guess." He shrugs, still not wholly convinced that Robin dating is a good thing. He's barely convinced that Tim dating is a good thing, no matter what Dick seemed to suggest.

And with that, he's down on the ground behind Spoiler. He presses a button on the top of his grappling gun and it releases, sliding back into the mechanism through some pulley system that Tim might be able to explain to you if you asked him. No one ever has.

When she turns her back, Robin opens his mouth to warn, "Wat — " but it's too late. She has a knife to her throat. "Hey buddy…" Robin says towards the mugger while holding out his free hand. But he's still holding the grappling gun. He lowers it slowly to the ground. But as he does so, he grasps one of the smoke pellets from his belt and tosses it in the pair's general direction. In seconds he's disappeared in the haze… to hopefully assault from behind.

Spoiler gives Robin a look, barely swallowing in case that blade at her throat cuts something important. Suddenly there is a haze and she lets herself slump against the mugger, as if passing out from the substance in the fog. An act to confuse him, and his natural instinct is to catch the figure slumping against him, the knife moving from her throat. Not entirely helpless, and willing to give Robin an in… Spoiler's eyes are half open, watching, waiting for that moment to act.

"You can fly— but you can Rabbit Hole?" The Cheshire grin and disappears. Soon, he is zooming right along Bunker, hopping from one hole in reality to another.

Kids. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's a Deathstroke family reunion.

The staff in Robin's grasp is an extension of himself. That's what the sensei had said so many years ago. Its collapsible nature has always done him well and made it easy to keep at his side. The first hit to the mugger is to his head. It's not as powerful as Robin would generally make it, but it should be enough give Spoiler some leeway. The Boy Wonder isn't going to take extra risks if he can help it.

Duck and cover. Those are the words that spring to her mind and she does that, the blow to the mugger's head freeing her to roll from his grip, rising to her feet to turn back to them, her glare directed at the mugger. The victim is curled up against the wall, sobbing with fear, but Spoiler steps forward, a low kick sweeping the feet from the dazed mugger, her arms hugged close to her for balance, the cape swirling with the movement. "You do not play with sharp things." The tone is an echo of a parent, certainly not one of hers, and Spoiler turns to the victim, her eyes seeking signs of harm.

And as Spoiler assesses the victim, Robin reaches into his utility belt and extracts his handy dandy zip ties. The muggers' arms are bound together as Robin whistles. "Don't worry, police will be along soon. You'll get to meet the Gotham Police Department." He grins lightly as he sinks back towards Spoiler and the victim.

No harm done, apart from the terror, and Spoiler looks up at him, her grin brief, flashing once in the shadows, before she rises. "Going to do your cab magic again, Wonder Boy?" Mocking him lightly with that snark in her voice, as she winds up her homemade grapple. "Want to show me your toys?" A mocking look suggests he might get something in trade, at least some more time with her.

"A real cab," Robin says blandly, "not a yellow car. Those aren't the same things." He shoots Spoiler a quizzical expression and states, "You'd be surprised the number of people who don't know that." His eyebrows draw together and he's speaking into his wrist. "Cab is on its way," he grins. And sure enough it shows up in minutes. "Seriously. I never manage to catch a cab that quick when I need it — " he shoots the victim a lopsided grin before opening the door and sending them on their merry way.

The question about his toys has Robin smirking, but there's a pause, "I want to show you more than my toys." There's a pause. "Look Spoiler, I don't think you should do this. This crime-fighting this is super dangerous." He holds up a hand, he's not done, "But. Because you seem insistent, you need some training. Some actual training. I'm by no means a teacher, but I've had some pretty extensive training in the past. And some of it's little stuff like don't look away until the bad guy is tied up." But with that mini-lecture (oh, Tim has MANY lectures, be happy this one was short) finished, he reaches for the grapple gun he'd dropped earlier and shoots it towards the building before snaking an arm around Spoiler's waist. "Hold on," he says as he lets the tool do its work to bring them back to the skyline.

The grin fades a little, and her arms cross as he begins to talk, the victim on her way. There is a touch of defensiveness, perhaps born of talks like this in the past, "Alright. With some conditions." But she steps into his body, curling her arms around his neck, her blue eyes lifted to his face. There is a look in them that bodes for his ability to get them onto the roof without interference. As their toes land on those tiles, she kisses him. A careful, polite kiss on the cheek, through her mask, but she doesn't let go. "Teach me then but no lectures on my safety. I have to do this, Robin, I've got reasons."

There's another flicker of a smile at the comment and, if she's looking, Spoiler might catch that glimmer of fondness in Tim's eyes. His lips curve more at the kiss on his cheek and, despite himself, he doesn't let go of her waist. Not right away. He settles there, standing linked to this woman he barely knows. And, apparently, can barely know. "I…" he starts and then stops, his gaze settling on her very masked face. "I can't promise that," he finally replies while his chin drops to his chest. "I want you safe," he murmurs in return. "I've thought a lot about you lately. I just…" Finally his head turns to face the world beyond them in this moment. "I barely know you, but I don't connect with people often. Believe it or not."

She drops a hand from his neck, lifting it to touch his cheek. "Robin… I won't take your help if you lecture me. You don't know why I do this, why I have to stop him." She studies his expression for a moment before she steps back, shaking her head, "I think we need to think, when hormones… this… thing isn't muddling our thinking." She is retreating slowly, her face beneath the mask sober. "Catch you soon, Robin." A faint smile, and she turns away, heading towards another rooftop, her shoulders drooping a little.

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