There's No Crying In Gotham

September 26th, 2014: Harley and Joker made Rant cry. I'm telling mom!

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Mister J has been getting a bit restless. So he decided to go for a walk in the park.

Sounds like the setup for a really bad joke, doesn't it? It is. He's currently 'supervising' a bunch of toughs messing with a peice of suspiciously cobbled-together looking technology. It promises to be very entertaining. If it ever works. Which isn't looking horribly likely at least tonight. Mad genius does not help when tech support is what you need. Ah well. Worse comes to worse he'll just have Harley hit it. Or the men. Or both. A lot.

Harley sits on the fence. Well, not figuratively, just literally. She has her face in her palms, her elbows on her knees as she sits on the stone fence. "Okay, tell me one last time, Mr. J? What is it supposta do again? I mean, other then kill B-man. I get that part. But how?"

Just when she thought it was safe to go outside..

Well technically, it's never really safe to go outside. An insurance analyst for high risk people would say that anyone could die by walking over a manhole, falling down that deep tunnel and hitting your head on the way down.. or, crossing the street could get you pile drived by a person on a bicycle, and a handle bar to the throat could kill you just as easy. Unknown allergies? Ayup, can kill you.

Or you could die by a toilet seat falling on your head.

But she was out there, bluetooth in her ear just for show, chatting away on the phone that's in her pocket, not really powered on.

"But no, I said to her.. 'Hey lady, what do you think you're doing?' And she told me that she was just getting a drink. But Keith saw her put those bottles in her purse. Yeah, I know. I wasn't supposed to say anything but she doesn't like people stealing from her.'"

"Well it's simple Harley." The Joker cackles. "The Bat likes his toys. This broadcasts a signal that…" Takes them away is the expected answer. It's the best advantage in a fight. "Makes them less boring. It's supposed to be a techno-chaotic field. Or something like that. Who knows what his little gadjets and do-dads will do when it finally works. It should make our fights a lot more fun."

The device powers up and begins to thum. It doesn't look like it does anything, but invisible waves of energy begin pulsing out from it one after another.

Hopping off the fence, Harley goes to look at it some more. It doesn't look very fancy. There are no smiles on it, no happy spitting flowers. It looks so… mundane. "I think it needs a woman's touch."

"'So then, she came down and..'".. "I… said…"

Her eyes grow distant as the machine powers up, parts of her cheeks flaring to life with purples and blues. She sparkles a little, the little nanites processing at a stronger signal than need be when surprised with waves made of chaos.

"Let me call you back." She says aloud, the phone hung up with but a blink as she follows the broadcasted wavelength to its source.. and quickly ducks behind a tree. Okay..

It wasn't as if she were a vigilante, or some sort of hero type who'd stop someone from doing something potentially bad. For all she knew? They were probably about to assemble something for children or… ah, who the hell was she kidding. Too many people were surrounding whatever it was, which made it particularly fishy.

Something for the kiddies? Well if Rant thought that, that thought is dispelled when the pale man in the purple pinstripes walks up to the devicce speculatively. "Mmmmmm. You're right, Harl. It needs… something." He pulls a butterfly knife out of his coat and begins to flip it open and closed expertly as he walks about the four foot tall cobbled together device hrming in thought. One thug is a bit distracted with Harley's outfit. He gets knifed in the ass as Joker walks by.

As Harley is trying to figure out what would make the device a little more fun, Joker stabs one of the henchmen. "Oh! A bit of color! That's exactly what this thing needs, Mistah J! You always know just how to make things perfect," she coos happily. The henchman with the butterfly knife sticking out of his backside bends over and tries not to cry out. That tends to only make the Joker angry.

Watching the lot.. Mels had to really shake her head. They were a goofy bunch, not to mention they looked weird. It was something that she really didn't want to be around. But as J stabs a henchmen, she actually winces, her hand lifting up to bite upon the side of her finger to bite back a laugh and a 'ow' in sympathy pain. Cause really, even a shot to the tookus hurt. Like, what if he hit a butt bone? Ow…

It was time for Melody to pack up and get the hell out of dodge, no matter how interesting the waves that the device emitted. Her hands went to her cheeks to mask the color within, a few quiet, slow steps taken back as she keeps her eyes peeled towards the crew. Flippin' psychos.

The next wave of chaos is a lot stronger. It's probably going to play absolute hell with Melody's nanites and it couldn't be timed worse. The Joker is just completing his circle, grinning at Harl like a madman (which he is) and facing directly in Melody's direction.

Cue awful turn of luck in three… two… one…

Harley blushes and acts all coy as Joker gives her that smile that could mean he loves her or wants to stab her. It's so hard to tell. That's what makes him so lovable! She turns back to the machine, no electrical devices on her to tell her if this thing is working. "So, do we aim it at something or does it just effect everything around us?" She looks up then and looks puzzled. "What's that bluey-purply light thingy over there. Did we drop something?"

Right when she was about to turn on her heels…

"AUGH!" Hands immediately shoot up as she grips her head, her back arching in pain as she falls to the ground upon her knees. Before, she couldn't actually feel them, yet now.. every single electrical current that fires off within her brain to naturally transmit data was on fire. She curls over, one hand planted to the ground as she begins to try to drag herself off, her visible arms now lighting afire with bright reds and greens to match the sparkling rainbow that encompasses her skin.

Now, was a really good time to find a hole to bury herself in.. every time she leaves the club… it never frickin fails!

Joker looks up and grins manically, another blade (a straight razor if anyone's counting) flicking into his hand. "Well… you did say it needed a splash of color, didn't you Harl? And look! She's lit up like the love child of a Christmas Tree and a Disco Ball. Whaddya say we plug her into it? See how it goes, mmmm?"

Watching the woman with the glowing colours causes Harley to clap girlishly. "We don't even need ta cut her for the red. She just lights it up when she waves her arms!" She grabs a couple skeins of rope and starts walking over to the glowing woman. "Well! Hi there! I'm Harley Quinn and this here is my Puddin, The Joker. We'll be your captors this evenin'. Now, do you have any allergies we should be aware of?"

She couldn't fight the tears that came from her eyes, she really didn't cry.. she wanted to live by the words that there was no crying in Gotham, no exceptions. She could barely even hear Harley as she came near, but the rope made it totally clear what they were wanting to do. Kidnap her. This was the second goddamned time…

She still has PTSD for christs sake!

"Don't touch me!" Rant screams out unusually loud, wave after wave crashing against her ears making it impossible for her to figure out her own volume, let alone hear others. "I'm going to explode! RUN AWAY!"

Hopefully, they'll catch her bluff, cause she's steadily dragging her knees against the ground in desperation to go the other way.

"Explode?!" It looks for a moment like the Joker might actually back off. Then he just grins wider and looks to Harley. "I love explosions. This'll be just perfect. Even if she doesn't actually add anything her colors and screams will be really eye catching. Just the thing for messing with the Bat."

His expression darkens and he starts to advance on Melody again. "Now… c'mere…"

When she talks about exploding, Harley backs away for a moment, watching her very carefully. It might also be noted that when she backs up, it's putting her body between that and the Joker. Yep, his top henchgirl, as always, willing to take a bullet (or explosion) for her Mistah J. "Well, if she does explode, that's a lot of colour right there. ANd if not, serves her right for lyin' ta us about the explodin' ta be tied up to the machine. And don't worry, dearie. This rope is all natural hemp that has been conditioned, so it's actually really soft. Only thing better would be silk, but let's not get carried away. It's only our first date!"

Woo! They were backing off!

Noo.. they were coming back..

Melody forcefully pushes herself up to her feet, one hand clutching her ear as the other swings back and forth through the invisible waves as to make herself move faster.

"Get away from me.." She pathetically whines out, feet dragging against the ground as she feels herself becoming heavier and heavier.

It was like the nanites kept pulling her back towards the machine, attempting to make her pay attention to it, to power it, to see how it works, to pick it apart like an addiction, even when she didn't want to. She fought to not separate herself to go see, it was ten steps down from the Smooth for her but ten steps is still, too close. Power is nothing but addiction.

The Joker has absolutely no clue what the strange cobbled together machine behind him is doing to Melody. He just knows she seems helpless and frankly, that's his favorite kind of victim. Save the ones who struggle for real fun with Bat. This? This is just setting the stage. He leans down to put blade to neck, waiting for Harley to come over with the ropes. They'll get her secured and… er… plugged in. Somehow.

"Now now. Why so serious?"

Harley circles the woman, flanking her as Joker approaches. It's like watching a pair of predators coming in for the kill. She seems to know a thing or two about rope, grabbing one of the glowing woman's arms and twisting it to her back. "Don't worry. We ain't gonna kill ya. Hurt ya, maim ya, make you scream a bunch. But we won't kill ya," Harley tells her, sounding so positive. "Well, till yer no longer useful. Then we might just shoot ya dead."

It's Gotham, the shadows here move on their own, live, breathe… Bear a pulse that births forth the svelte contours of a silhouette and is liquid amongst the darkness, her attire reflecting back the dim lighting cast from the broken and flickering bulbs of near/distant bulbs. Though what comes first is the sound…




Booted feet peel free with that whip spinning idly at her side like an umbrella, though she is not snging in the rain. The nine tails bearing weighted tips scrape across the crete and are airborne for a moment in each swoop until her other hand captures them, now turning the whip into a jump rope as she so casually interrupts th little gathering.

"I am going to have to insist you guys take a trade. See. She's a little birdy tht escaped her cage." In saying as much those clear lenses on her goggles do /nothing/ for softening the bite of her gaze.

She was so close.. she was so close to freedom.. move your legs Mel.. move your legs..

Don't freeze up Mel.. don't freeze up..

'C'mon Melody.. breathe..'

She wasn't breathing.

Her arm is twisted behind her back.. the first and possibly only sign of life within the girl was the slight resistance that she put up before she ultimately.. snaps.

The tick.. click click proving to be a backdrop noise in her mental world of violence that draws her free hand up automatically to grip Joker's wrist to press hard against her throat.. and drag. It wasn't a hard one, a light press of the blade against her throat whiles fingers clamp down upon his wrist with meta-human strength. It was not enough to break, but enough to know that she will break it if he moves, or dare tries to run while Catwoman is near.

Thin little trickles of red form across that neck as she yanks hard down upon the arm with the hopes to bring him to the ground, and judging by the way Harley reacted, maybe she could her arm free at the same time. "I.. said.. get.. away.. from.. me.." Her voice sounds almost mechanic, like a field of distortion corrupting her voice box.

The Joker quirks an eyebrow. Rant has his wrist in a very good hold. But there's a Harley not far away. "Catsy!" He calls out as if his wrist were not in a metahuman vice grip. "Good of you to show up. We were just looking over your little bird here. Is she yours? Tsk tsk, Cat, you shouldn't let the mice play so far from home." Yes he's mixing his metaphors. No he doesn't care.

He looks over at Rant. "Oh don't worry. You'll be fine. Unless you get electrocuted to death. Or bleed out."

As their captive starts to struggle, Harley proves that Mel isn't the only one with super human strength. She twists the wrist in her grip. "You hurt him and you'll be pullin' back a stump, princess." But she doesn't get to say much more as the familiar sultry tones of one of her friends is spoken behind her. "Kitty! Oh… so we don't get to play with her? But she's sparkly!"

One hop, two hops… The whip made jump rope slithers from her grip in a quick crack that keeps her from tripping up mid hop as well as brining its end back into onw grip with the hilt as se stands a few feet from the two, brows furrowing as Rant begins to bleed. "Neither of which are on her itinerary tonight, birds have to fly - just like Bats… To give me the information I need… Now…"

Catwoman extends a hand, as fingers uncurl those hooked claws are seen at the tips of gloved hands. Yes, she is amongst 'friends', but not the apostrophes, sometimes this group is a tricky one…. Oh hell, and group of villains that consider themselves friends.

Always out for numero uno.

Fingers ripple, curling inward in a flux to gesture for Rant to come to her if released and possible.

"I can fill some of my local mobsters with sparklers and drop them off tied up with a big pink bow in trade if you like?" Even in saying as much Catwoman's lips curl into a smile.

The twist of her wrist was met with a sharp hiss, fingers curling tighter upon that of the Joker, her features relatively calm for someone to be in such a situation. Okay, there was a twitch or three from the way her wrist was twisted, but she was calm as all get out in such a precarious situation.

Her gaze turns backwards as she watches Catwoman barter for a 'nice' trade, her fingers slowly releasing their grip upon the Joker's wrist, her own attempting to twist and tug and pull away 'nicely', as she was beckoned by hooked claws. She looked ready to cry.

"I told them to get away from me.." Even then, her voice doesn't sound like herself, but really.. she was fine. The bleeding slowly stopped anyways!

Nanite healing for 100, Bob!

Joker's wrist released, he flicks the straight razor open a few times, and then closed a few times. He considers Catwoman's offer finally, tapping the flat of the blade against his jaw and looking over Harley. Catsy was fun, sometimes. And Harley liked her. But she got rather protective. "Bit far from home for that tonight, aren't we?" It's a dig at Catwoman, noting she's out of her usual East End haunts. "Mobsters I can get myself. Tell you what… why don't we just call it a favor…"

As soon as Joker is released, Harley lets go of the little birdy. She sulks a bit, sighing heavily and kicks at the ground in disappointment. "You said get away cause you would explode. You didn't say get away cause you're a cat toy. We're crazy, not stupid." She stands there, cocking her hip to one side and resting her hands on her hips. "So, whatcha doin' all the way out here? Just lookin' fer yer birdy?"

Ah shit, don't cry. Beneath that shadow strapped attire of a mask her jaw clenches, tightens and sets as teeth grind down… The broken stitchwork upon attire gives nothing away despite it unless you know that /look/. Catwoman takes a few more steps forward, that whip sweeping back and forth like a pendulum at her side even as she now leans against a burnt out lamp post.

Favor for favor, blood for blood. She saved the Clown from the Bat, The Clown saved the Cat from the Bat.. They were even, until now. Bartering with the Joker was a dangerous game, it is a good thing she has some lives left.

"No do-overs." Catwoman clarifies. Meaning, if they find Rant again, there's no further 'trades', but this one stands.

"There is a lot going on in Gotham that bleeds into my little abode, I do not always stay there if I can /fix/ the problem before it gets too close to home. My little birdy was staying in one spot too long, she rarely does that unless it is in one of two places…" Catwoman responds to Harley though now an incriminating look is pegged upon Rant, that hand still waiting.

Melody was finally released, the skin where her wrist was gripped rippled in a wave-like fashion. One day, she'll reflect on how bad her wrist was twisted to the point of breaking and maybe cry about it.. and eat cookies after. But now? She was a bit gone.. that wavelength still hitting her nanites hard, which make her.. as Harley put it, all Christmassy and purpily. She could barely register or hear with they were staying still, that machine screwing with her ears, but she knows that stern look no matter what cloud she was under.

Arms hang low, head drops, and feet slowly shuffle towards Catwoman. "People should stop touching me." Pout. But that was another thing that really wasn't allowed in Gotham. Pouting.

The Joker eyes Melody once more and then waves dismissively. "No do-overs. You really should mark your toys Catsy. Or something." He pulls out a gun and shoots the machine. Apparently this was exactly what it needed. Yes, that'll make it much better.

The waves of energy stop.

One of the henchmen around the machine swears as he is nicked as the bullet goes through the machine. That's two henchmen that the Joker has injured tonight. Being a Joker goon is really not a safe profession. Harley looks over her shoulder at the men whinging in pain and rolls her eyes. "We could put a little collar on her?" she suggests. "With a little bell so she's easy to find?"

Taking Rant into her arm she tucks her in against her, that hand now rising to extend fingers, withdraw claws, and then curl them, those claws back out as she repeats this motion in a stroking motion through Rant's hair. A tender gesture, mother to child if the child was under threat. "I have marked her, it healed." Fingers sliding through her hair end just at her throat where she forced Jokers hand into /using/ that razor… No nick mark, no slice, no more blood.

Fingers curl now under Rant's chin, tilting it upward to reveal her unmarked neck and one Harley just mentioned collaring. "I would say yes, but I don't even do that to my cats. Bud and Lou I know likely disapprove as well, hm?"


The waves were suddenly turned off. The loud crack of the gun snaps her out of her daze and she breaks the all too cardinal rule. She cries in Gotham. Yup. Everyone in the underworld and in the hero world is going to know that Catwoman has a fence who cries a lot in the face of danger and wigs out when a microwave turns on, and can't hear. She's deaf when people pop popcorn. Sad.

The tears flow as she's inspected, quickly wiped away with a shaky and defiant hand, sniffling all the while and clinging to The Woman with a half-assed arm around her waist. The talk of the collar? It had her inwardly cringing.. and with a bell? Yeah, she'll light up like christmas then. Christmassy anger.

"I wanna go home." To the servers, to the cage, to where ever. She just wants to go play Destiny with people who she can shoot at without feeling badly.

The Joker actually stares. Crying? Is that allowed in Gotham? He looks to Harely? Is it allowed? "Well, I think we're done here tongiht. Harley, let's pack it in. The machine needs some prettying up before we're ready to debut it for Batsy."

Melody gets a too-sharp grin as he walks away. "If you're working with Catsy, I'm sure we'll be best of friends in no time. See you around, little bird."

Now that Harley isn't in her 'I'm a villian of Gotham and skeery dammit' mode, when she sees Melody crying, Harley's face melts into sympathy. She pouts over to Joker. "We made her cry, Puddin'!" She scampers over to Melody and Catwoman and gives Melody a sudden hug. "I'm sorry. I promise I'll use the silk rope next time ta make it up to ya." Then Joker tells her its time to go. "Oh! Gotta go. Toodles!" And with that, she is backflipping back to the device.

Catwoman is releasing Rant's chin in time to blow a kiss to Harley and Joker, following it up with a wink. "You /must/ tell me what that pretty machine is, we'll catch up for tea /real soon/."

Rant's half ass grip will likely take a firmer stance real quick, because as Catwoman'shand lowers from the show of affection amongst 'friends' she is looping it around Rant and in a swift motion and that resounding crack the whip is pulling them from the ground and off across the city in a scaling of awnings, ledges and free-falling leaps. "Might want to /actually/ hold on."

If a Rant falls in Gotham, can the nanites fix the splatter?


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