When Spoiler comes a knocking

September 26, 2014: Spoiler goes to find some feminine advice, at the top of the Stark tower

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It's 4am. Yes, four friggin o'clock in the morning. Why in hell is she awake, dressed for work, and entering Stark Tower at this ridiculous hour? Simple. Overseas conference meetings. At least this one is with Spain and she won't have to get an interpreter.

"Jason, I told you you didn't have to be here," Pepper offers to the badly scarred man as she leads the way to the bank of elevators.

"Yes I do," Lucky responds without much in the way of added explanation as to why he might have to be here. He looks rather lively for this hour of the night, and by the coffee mug in his hand he's not exactly planning on going to sleep any time soon. He's wide awake, and ready for whatever the world might throw at him, taking a sip from his coffee mug.

Entering Stark Towers, being watched from above, the office building across the way by a masked girl in an aubergine cape. Then she hooks onto a wire, swinging across, using a window ledge to hook herself to land neatly on another. She crouches there, waiting, silently rolling up that cable once more. Her face is covered by a mask, her blonde hair shoved into the back of the mask.

Pepper Potts doesn't have to press a button to get an elevator, as one obligingly opens as she approaches and JARVIS' voice emits from speakers set almost everywhere. "Good morning, Miss Potts. I have taken the liberty of starting your water kettle, so it should be ready soon."

"Thank you, JARVIS. Say, what about breakfast, Jason? The bakery down the block should be open in about half an hour, and they make amazing kolaches."

Jason offers a small smile filing into the elevator beside Pepper. "Sounds great,". It's nice that he doesn't really have to say much on the issue of his needing to be there. At the end of the day it'd just be harder for his job if she didn't let him stick around at least in the building. Then he couldn't play around in the bowling alley, or at the shooting range, or as he would say in any interview then he couldn't make sure she was safe.

Spoiler shifts position, getting comfortable to wait, as long as it takes for Pepper to reach the level of her own offices. The wind at that level is quite high, and she wedges a knife between the cracks of the building, using it for balance.

Pepper Potts steps out of the elevator and heads for her office, the lights turning on apparently by themselves a mere moment before she steps through the door. "Black out the windows, please, JARVIS." She doesn't really feel like announcing to anyone in the adjacent buildings that she's 'home'. She spends a few moments doing some prep work at her desk before she moves to sit on her sofa, the TV mounted on the wall powering on and initiating the conference call while she settles her tablet on her lap.

Rather suddenly Jason raises a hand to the side of his head. He lets Pepper sit down not wanting to bother her with the current situation, as he reaches into his shirt pulling out a rather odd looking pistol that he folds out. "I need to go check on the trash," The horrifically scarred man locking the pistol into the unfolded state, and flipping off the safety.

A tapping on the window begins the moment the lights go on, and then the windows are blacked out. Tap tap tap tap tap. The aubergine clocked figure is not trying a subtle entry but a polite knock on …well, the front window

Pepper Potts nods absently to Lucky, having missed his going into protect mode, and then she starts the conference call, speaking to the people on the other end in fluent Spanish. If she's heard the tapping, she's too focused on the call to pay much attention to it. Yet another reason why Jason is so invaluable. And really, if it's that important, JARVIS will put a message on either her tablet or the TV screen.

Checking the clip of his pistol, Jason looks over towards the window, keeping his pistol held low. He moves a bit closer to the window holding his hand to the side of his head again. There's a moment where he just stands there looking at the window, there's no way he's just going to leave Pepper, but at the same time he can't exactly just shoot the window.

The tapping becomes louder and a little more urgent. And then stops, as its owner moves, windowledge to windowledge, to the balcony of the next office. She jumps down, an almost silent landing, the athletics training showing up nicely. A brief adjustment of clothing, the knife put away, and she knocks on the door. Politely. Loudly.

"Mr. Lucky," JARVIS offers quietly so as to not disturb Pepper, "There is someone on the balcony of the adjacent office. Shall I notify Security?"

"Roger," Jason turns to the wall, moving over towards the door while speaking that rather short statement. He's still not sure if it's a motile, but he's got to take ever precaution. He's not about to leave pepper with the possible threat, so the backup is actually appreciated.

Spoiler is leaning against the balcony, waiting politely, her hands clearly empty of all but balcony railing, held away from her body, a deliberately non-threatening pose.

Obliviously, or maybe that's sleepily, Pepper continues with her meeting unaware of an unusual visitor. At least, if one is familiar with such things, it sounds like the meeting is already wrapping up. Blissfully short.

Well the response time on security seems to be getting faster every day. It's not long at all before a few armed members of security show up to the office room in question, keeping their eyes open for any sort of danger. One of the men moves over to the door, pulling it right open.

Jason simply keeps his hands on the gun, and his attention darting about. There's something about this that just brings back all kinds of memories, and still he's on the ready.

Faced with armed men opening the door, Spoiler's eyes widen, and - being the teenager she is - she panics. The homemade grapple hook is removed from her belt, and flung across the void, just catching a building. The young woman is clearly planning to jump off the building in response, straddling the balcony's fence, holding on with one hand. "Whoops, wrong number."

Pepper Potts ends the conference call, and THEN notices security guards and all the hustle and bustle. "JARVIS? What's going on?"

"There is an unannounced visitor on the balcony next door, Miss Potts."

Pepper looks partly suspicious but mostly confused. "Why not just drop by during office hours?"

"The individual is wearing an outfit consistent with the masked vigilante sorts that frequent Gotham, Miss Potts." That garners an 'oh' out of the CEO. "Please inviter her in. She must be here for a reason."

Despite the standoff on the balcony, JARVIS' voice coming from the speakers set into the ceiling even there is calm and polite. "Miss Potts has offered her invitation. However, for the sake of security, I feel that I must requst a name to identify you with, madam."

Balancing there on the balcony, peering downwards, before she accepts the wiser route. "The Spoiler." The reply to the weird voice over the speakers is given with a wavering voice. Slowly, she climbs back, tucking the hook back into her belt, straightening her clothing before she pushes her shoulders back, giving the armed guards a look that is as haughty as any teenager can summon. "We're friends. Sort of." The information is given with a touch of her snark.

"Mr. Lucky, if you would be so kind as to escort Miss Spoiler to Miss Potts' office." The voice over the speakers is apparently completely unflappable. Maybe that's something that Stark Industries hires for.

It's quick, and it's rather sudden but out of the blue there is a single muscular man with the kind of face that looks like someone took an exact-o knife to after burning. He's not really dressed in all that threatening clothing, but something about him definitely screams do not piss off. He just rather calmly looks over towards Spoiler and motions for her to fallow him. Never saying a single word, as he nods to each of the security members.

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