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<September 28, 2014>: Vorpal follows up on a promise to Iron Fist.

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Come over to the gym sometime. Tell them I sent you.

Those were the last words Iron Fist had said to Vorpal, several months ago now. The young hero intended to make good on that many times over, but things kept happening to derail him. It was useless to fight it sometimes- it was chaos magic at work: a rampaging dinosaur, bank robberies, and then the Titans, wave after wave of bizarre occurrences coming his way.

Today was a calm day, and because it was a calm day Keith O'Neil did not trust it to remain so for long. Determined to make his own fate for once, he has made his way to Gotham and to one particular gym. He's not in his feline form, but rather in his human red-headed self, operating under the belief that maybe if he wasn't the Cheshire cat, Chaos would choose to leave him alone for a bit.

It was a thought, at least. "Hi… um… Iron Fist sent me?" he says as he arrives at the gym. "Name's Keith O'Neil. Or Vorpal. Both work." It sounded rather bizarre, but then again.. what wasn't slightly bizarre, in Gotham?

Well the gym itself is more than just a gym. Noticeable by the fact that there are a lot of kids running around. A quick look around also shows a cafeteria for them to eat at, and well tutoring to make sure their grades are up to par, cause hey no good grades no Martial Arts!

The lady at the front desk, who is used to mostly dealing with kids is well happy to have to deal with an adult or close to one for a change, "Oh you'll want to see Danny then. He takes all of Iron Fist's referrals. He's in the dojo that is down this hall, to your left. It's past the library, but if you get to the sleeping area, you have gone too far." She points the way for the guy to go as she says all of that.

And well Vorpal reaches the said dojo, he'll see the end of a class that is currently happening. With the current teach talking, "Now to do this move properly, you stand like this and then turn your body towards the attacker, as you swing your palm out, hitting him in the chest." He demonstrates it as he does so, "Now you kids try." Once they demonstrate their own move, "Okay class, that is it for today. If anyone needs to talk about anything, I will be here the rest of the day. As usual tutors are here as well if you need assistance with school work."

"Sifu Danny? When do we get to learn the nunchucks?"

"Well see, I hear the math grads for this class have been a little low. And math is important, cause one day you may find out that the company that you have taken over is really having money stolen from it by the guy who was watching it while you were away. So without Math you wouldn't be able to realize that, so when the math grades go up, we can talk about Nunchucks…"

With that half the class says, "Yay Math!" the other half just goes with, "Yay Nunchucks!" and then the kids start the file out of the room.

"Seeing kids enthusiastic about Math…" Keith says, approaching the Sifu with a lopsided grin on his face. "Now that's something that never happened back at my school." In his human form, he is a young red-headed man in his early twenties. Build of an acrobat, too many freckles, rather intense green eyes. He's also sporting one heck of a bandage on his left shoulder.

"I was referred here by the lady at the front desk…" he went, indeed, into the sleeping area and had to retrace his steps, "You must be Danny?" he asks, offering his hand. "Keith. Keith O'Neil."

Danny shakes the offered hand, "Daniel Rand, owner of the Thunder Dojo and charity out reach. And part owner of Rand-Meachum industries. So what can I do for you young man? And we try to get the kids excited about school here, will hopefully help them avoid gangs or other criminal activity." He stands there, just looking at the guy for a moment, "I do admit you are a little older than most of the kids that come in here looking for help."

"Mister Rand, a pleasure." The name rings a bell here and there for Keith, but he's not drawing a full picture. Kate or Gar would probably know immediately, and then proceed to fill him in in a tactful way. But they're not here, so he just carries on.

"Actually, I was sent here by Iron Fist. I'm with the Titans… though usually when I'm in my official capacity, I run around in the shape of a cheshire cat. Today's my day off, so I left the suit at the dry cleaner's." Keith grins. "I go by 'Vorpal.' Mister Fist mentioined I could find training… which would be a great thing," he gestures to his bandaged shoulder, "since I obviously don't have enough to have the common sense to duck when arrows start flying."

The rich guy just starts shaking his head at Keith, "That should just be instinct there. Do I have to break out the bag of wrenchs and see if we can get you to dodge them. Hopefully if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge an arrow." Such a great line from that movie you know. "But I can work with you on the training. It'll have be after hours though, may need to make arangements to do it somewhere else as well. Don't want to disturb any of the kids that may have decided to sleep here for the night." Hey Iron Fist sent him, of course Danny doesn't let on that he is Iron Fist.

"I don't want to make too much of a fuss," Keith admits, looking around. "In my defense, I was riding a wrecking ball at the time and trying to avoid being shot by goblins under the leadership of the Erlking during the Wild Hunt last night."

He pauses, and then looks at Rand. "… it sounds like I was high on something, doesn't it?"

"Well don't worry about making the fuss. If there is one thing I do have is extra places to practice at. It's the advantage of being rich you know. We'll just have to setup some type of schedule, I do have some other interests that I do need to take care of as well." He pauses after that, "It's either high, or stuck in a Dresden novel."

"I walk into mirrors and turn into a cheshire cat. I am a Dresden novel," Keith quips. "I won't be able to practice for a bit until this heals," he gestures to the shoulder, "But I thought I'd come over and introduce myself. See if there were any things I could help out with while I heal, too, since I'm not supposed to be doing anything 'heroic' while recovering."

Because if he did, there'd be a lecture. "I happen to live not too far from here, actually. I'm in the Gotham Arms, since I had to get a place to live after the tower blew up. So I could come over and lend a hand… if you welcome bizarre volunteers." He grins.

"Well that does make sense. Get yourself healed up, and then we can talk about your training. We are always looking for help around here. Kitchen always needs workers, and well we can always use some tutors." He thinks for a moment about that, "Plus just people to help clean up some more around here."

"I could help with any of that. Though my constructs do help a lot when cleaning." Keith nods. And then something dawns on him. "You know… my team, the Titans? Most of us are pretty inexperienced, outside of Changeling. Maybe… well, I mean, we've got a lot of mages who aren't good at combat, and we've got Wonder Girl who could punch holes into buildings… but none of us have formal training. I'm a black belt in Black Tiger Fist, so hand-to-hand isn't new to me… but I'm obviously still green. The other kids outside of Robin could use at least some basic training as well. Especially the ones without any hand to hand experience…"

He strokes his chin. "Maybe we could come over and volunteer, or tutor with some subjects- we've got a few college students among us- in exchange for training?"

"We can possibly work something out about that. Not sure how many I can handle in one class though. I would like to meet all of them, and sure they would like to meet me as well. Also if Robin doesn't need any training, bring him anyway, sure he can help me supervise to make sure you are getting things right." Hey the more eyes the better, plus well it's possible he may be able to teach Robin a thing or two. "I can always use help so if they are willing, we can setup a meet or something. Heck we can go out and get food, my treat." What good is being rich if you don't treat.

"Ooh, let's make that a thing! It'd be nice to go somewhere other than iHop." Keith hehs, rubbing the back of his neck. "That's sort of been our unofficial meeting place. Nine people crammed into a booth."

"I'll go and talk to the team and see if we can arrange an outing so you can get to meet all of them? Then you'll have a better idea…" of what you'll be dealing with.

"Okay then. Plus they probably would want to look me up or something. Make sure I'm not really a secret crime lord or anything." Hey if the kids are heroes, it is something they would need to know, right? "I can tell you I'm not, but hey better to make sure."

"I'm sure Robin will do that the moment I tell him." Keith grins and offers his hand, "Because he's a Bat, and that's what Bats do. Thank you so much for your time, Mr. Rand… I am sure there's kids who want to talk to you, so I'm not going to monopolize you any further. What's the best way to reach you, once the team's ready to meet and all?"

He shakes the hand once again. Then heads over towards his non workout clothes and grabs a card, which he hands over to Vorpal, "My number is on here, you can reach me there. I'll invite you guys to my house for the meet and greet session if that's okay." He knows a kick ass chinese food place to order from!

"That would be wonderful, thank you Mr. Rand!" Keith gives him a wide grin. Not as impressive as his Cheshire form… but it's still a good one. He's got the kind of face that lights up whenever he grins. He pockets the card and nods. "I'll show myself out, have a great day, okay?" he says, giving him a wave as he starts walking to the door— and wincing. "… wrong shoulder." Right shoulder, this time, he waves as he walks out.

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