The Doctor Is In (Part 2)

<September 29, 2014>: Stephanie and Robin take awkward to a new level. Gar practices ninjitsu, Keith concludes that girls are crazy.

Keith and Miguel's Apartment



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Last night… holy crap, it had been a doozy. After Keith had done his good deed and convinced the young Spoiler from turning into a murderess (and therefore missing a casting call for the Cell Block Tango), Keith and Gar had gone to bed in the redhead's rather sparse bot cozy apartment.

And then he had woken up in the middle of the night, gone out into the darkness, and gotten caught up in the Wild Hunt with the Elrking, Kate Bishop, the wolf-god Fenris, and even Gar had come along… despite the fact that Keith was sure he left him snoring. Gar himself didn't know how he got here and had no memory of calling himself an 'emissary'.

It was strange, to say the least. And then Keith got slashed by the goblin swords, caught an arrow to the shoulder, and Gar had to take him to the ER. When Tim and Spoiler came around, the green guy and the redhead were sleeping like the dead. Miguel's futon was free for the taking, though, since he was doing an overnight shift at iHop and probably wouldn't be back until noon.

And so, the morning dawns. At some point, Gar's cell rang -Keith remembers this vaguely in the mists of sleep- and had to leave. Another emergency going on at the lab or something, he was far too sleepy to remember, all he remembers is the flapping of wings out the window.

Now, though that it is close to noon, he opens his eyes and winces. There's pain coming from his left shoulder, dull and throbbing but not too much right now- the painkillers haven't worn off all the way. He reaches over and finds empty space where Gar usually is, and yawns, trying to wake up. At least to be awake enough to get his meds and take the right dosage of painkillers. His bare torso is criscrossed by bandages, with his left shoulder being thoroughly bandaged.

"Nnggghhrhrrhhhh…." he groans, looking up at the ceiling, his sight still blurry.

Robin had left her there, her belongings in a single bag on the floor by the futon. Without the costume, she is a teenaged girl, nineteen years old, with blonde hair loose and everywhere at this moment. The huge t-shirt covers the majority of her, torso, upper legs, and she is cuddling a pillow, hugging it to her in her sleep. Pain in her side wakes her as she rolls, and she bites her lower lip, her hand fumbling for the bag, seeking pain killers the hospital gave her. "More drugs…" The mumble is quiet but with a touch of humour, reminding herself about Midnighter's advice. Delivery: one exhausted unmasked wannabe superhero.

There was a girl in Miguel's bed.

There is a girl in Miguel's bed. Keith frowns, "… did I end up in a parallell universe?" he mumbles and squints, trying to make out the shape. "… I'm sorry, do I know you?" He'susually not a sharp cookie in the morning. Add drugs to that, and well…

Steph, reaching for the pain killers, lifts a hand to push her hair back from her face. "Um…" Sleepy too, and she pushes herself up, wincing, taking the pill pot with her. "Hi, I'm …Steph. Robin left me here." She isn't certain of herself, certain if she was memorable enough, almost hoping not.

"… Steph?" Did he know a Steph? Steph? Nope. "Steph. Okay. Hi there, Robin's friend. I'm Keith. Or Vorpal." So this is what he looks like when he's not fuzzy. A rather handsome redhead. The freckles might be too much for some people. Strikingly green eyes, too. The redhead waves at her. With his good arm, because the other one is busy being on fire, figuratively speaking. "… sorry, I'm a little drugged up. You know." He yawns, covering his mouth.

"Um… Bird left you here for a specific reason?"

Steph sits up, giving him a smile, sleepy, sweet. "Hi Keith…" Her eyes open enough to see, showing her own baby blues, "My home got kinda trashed, he said he knew a safe place for the night. You were asleep…" She swings her legs off the side of the futon, rising to her feet, her hands to her hair. "He said you wouldn't mind."

"I'm still asleep," Keith corrects her and sits up slowly. Both he and Gar tend to sleep in underwear, fortunately. He gives a bleary-eyed look around the apartment, "Huh… Gar must've had to go somewhere," he says, with a little disappointment in his voice. There would probably be a note, somewhere, if he manages to be awake enough to find it. But there is one thing that he spots right next to his futon: the plastic bottle with the pills. He reaches for it and takes his dose- without water.

"Nah, I don't mind, any friend of Bird is a friend of mine. Feel free to help yourself to anything here… I'd make you breakfast, but I don't trust myself around stuff that catches fire right now," he says, rattling the pills in the plastic bottle. "Normally it'd be Gar cooking under these conditions, but I guess the nudibranches are dying again or something of that sort and he got called off." Yaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn.

Steph trails him with her eyes, her hands twisting the bottle, a nervous gestures. She is moving stiffly, a little cautiously, "I can make us something." The quiet reply is calm, the steps to the kitchen quick, her bare feet graceful at least, acrobatics training showing. She starts rummaging in his cupboards, the first order a glass of water for her pain medication, taking swiftly with a touch of relief. "Nudibranches?" The curiousity finally catches up with her, and she lifts her gaze to him questioningly.

"Yeah, Gar's a grad student. Biology." Keith gets to his feet, slowly, stretching as far as he can without hurting his shoulder. "They've been having issues with the experiments over at the lab. At one point all of the nudibranches started dying."

Walking over to the kitchen, his usual grace is replaced by slow lumbering. Those swords did a job on him, alright. "Um… not sure at what point you got in last night, but if there was a green guy snuggled up in bed with me, that's him. Used to go by Beast Boy, now's Changeling."

He leans on the kitchen counter a little, exhaling. "So what happened to your house? Gotham gangs back to doing home invasions?"

She finds bread, milk, teabags, emerging from his kitchen cupboards. She begins to move around his kitchen as if she has lived here, creating a breakfast for both of them. "There was someone got up and left…" She replies slowly, "So, um, I'll be out of your hair as soon as …." She puts the tea on the side, pushing a mug towards him, her face sober. "Something like that." She is cautious now, turning away, lifting her hands to twist her hair out of her way.

Keith takes the mug, "Thanks. And you don't need to worry. Miguel and I don't really care about sharing our space, so you can stay for as long as you need to be safe." He closes his eyes and sips his tea after pouring. "No need to stand on formality or stuff like that. We're an informal bunch. I mean, one of us was raised in the jungle for a few years, so we've got to be." He grins, still a little groggy.

She glances up, the blue eyes matched with a smile, "Thanks but I need to get my shit sorted. I'm going to get a door fixed up, a window fixed, stuff like that… " She pops toast out of the toaster, smearing butter on them before putting it on a plate, pushing it over to him. "I'm going to sort all of my shit out." There is a grin, sliding up into her eyes, sparkling.

"To shorting sit out!" Keith raises his mug. "… sorting shit out. Sorry. It's that early in the morning. In my mind." He grabs the toast, thanking Stephanie. "So how do you know the bird?"

She giggles, resting her elbows on the kitchen side, sipping her own tea. Her face turns thoughtful, and she replies slowly, "I'm not sure I really do." The reply is evasive, and she straightens, heading for the futon, to find some clothes. "It's complicated I think. Yeah, it is."

"Well, yeah, he's a Bat. You don't really get to know Bats that well because of…" the young man waves his hand in the air "Mystery, and all that. But this one is pretty adorkable. Blushes a lot, too, but at heart he's a pretty sweet guy. It's something you can tell, you know?" Keith grins and munches on his toast.

"Did he try to get you into a cab? He tends to get hit with purses for doing that."

She wiggles into jeans, dressing beneath the giant t-shirt, her movements stiff. A brief flash of skin and a dressing on her waist is brief, and she turns away to change the t-shirt to another, a black one with a logo on the front. "He is kinda cute." Her hands lift, twisting her hair into a ponytail, and then she turns back to him, "No, he lectures me a lot though. Kinda bossy."

Keith Hahs, almost spilling his tea. "That's what's adorable about him, he gets flustered and tries to steer everybody in the right direction to keep them safe. It can be annoying, but he means well. Getting mad at him is like getting mad at a puppy, really." He gives her a wink, "I would've totally made a move on him if I were single… and if he didn't have his eyes on this girl…"

Her fingers pause a moment, her gaze lifting to him, and she turns, tugging the t-shirt down. "Yeah?" She shoves her t-shirt in her bag, seeking socks, trainers, flopping to sit on the futon. Her ponytail falls forward as she bends, the t-shirt tugging up slightly, the dressing flashed on her side. "I think it would be hard, if you can't know him because of the bat thing…"

"Probably. But if I went after him, I'd consider it a part of the package. Nothing says that someday he wouldn't be able to tell me who he is, after all." Keith shrugs- and then winces. "Ow. Owowow." Looks like he's going to do the one-shoulder-shrug move for a while. His eyes finally notice the dressing (since he had looked away when Steph began to dress.) Hmmm.

"I mean, when you really like a guy, there's a lot of unusual things you can deal with."

She sits down, tying laces, before she props her elbows on her knees, lifting her gaze to him. "Yeah. Sometimes I think he has more issues with it than anyone else though." She gives him a smile, a rueful one, reaching for her bag as she stands up. "I need to go collect some stuff, get my shit together." She hesitates, before she adds quietly, "Do you need anything?"

Keith rubs his shoulder bandages gingerly. "You sure you should be going out there right now? It could still be dangerous since Bird hasn't come to pick you up."

He walks over to one of the dressers and pulls out a pair of shorts and a tank top. "Gonna leave me all lonely here without even a TV to watch crappy Lifetime movies while high on painkillers?" He shoots her a grin. "And… Bats have issues. It comes with the package, like I said. It's Gotham. This city does weird things to you." Like plopping you in the middle of the Wild Hunt run by the fricking Erlking. Really, Gotham?

She reaches for a piece of toast, giving him a grin, "If I wait for him to give me permission, I'll be sitting here in my sixties, withering away." She munches the toast, leaning against his kitchen side, watching him for a moment. "Bats have issues, that is for sure." The heavy sigh comes as she rests her hand on her chin, her elbow on the table. "So, you really need me to stay?"

The thing about doing school in New York and having a boyfriend in Gotham is the travel. Sure, there's a super-cheap super-fast train now. But it takes time to get from the train to the apartment, and Gotham traffic jams are lethal… sometimes, literally so. Gar Logan cheats. There's a small, very fast moving bird tearing through the skies of Gotham, frightening pigeons and crows. It slows just before the Gotham Arms, and enters a window on the sixth floor, landing on Keith's futon and then standing up as a very human, albeit green, Gar Logan.

"Hey, Strange Lady. Keef, how's the shoulder?" Gar waggles his eyebrows at Steph, "He's still an adventurer because they didn't hit the knee yet."

"I can always use a friend, Stephanie," Keith sips his tea. "I don't get out and socialize with people much since there's always one thing or another happenin—" And the green boyfriend makes an appearance. Keith sets his cup down and walks over to Gar, grinning and holding one arm out to hug him. "Keep that up and I'll Fus Ro Dah you out of the window, you pest." Hug, kiss "It hurts like hell. I overslept and missed my med time. Took one now, though, so I expect it to die down after ten or twenty more minutes of Oh God This Hurts. Garfield, this is Stephanie- a friend of the Bird. Steph, this is Garfield."

The new arrival, through the window, makes the blonde in the kitchen jump, her mug hitting the floor with a crash. She looks paler, the movement not helping the pain that flashes through her from the side, and then she is apologising, cleaning up the mess. "Gar. You must be Gar." She is almost talking to herself, her glance up as Keith introduces the other man. She ditches the broken pieces, before she gives Garfield a smile. "See, now you have someone… I should go…" Before this gets more complicated.

"I must be. It's a compulsion, and besides, nobody else can do the job," Gar says. He helps with the fetching of cleaning things because he goes barefoot here sometimes.

"Stephanie. Good to meet you," Gar says, grinning a slightly fangy grin. "You don't have to flee quite yet, unless you're trying to get cross-town. I saw the usual number of ordinary traffic jams on my way over, but there's no outbreaks of poison gas or alien invasions at the moment. Might want to avoid Midtown South by 11th and Carmine, there's a hazmat team trying to fix a bad smell."

"See, if you ever flunk out of the hero business, you could make money as a traffic reporter," Keith smirks and settles down onto the futon. He seems unfazed by the broken mug-it's not like he had any attachment to his cheap stuff. Now, if she had broken the StarkPad—

"Must you go, really? We were just getting to know each other." That dressing. Suspicious Keith is suspicious, but he is also polite. "I hope we're not scaring you?"

"I've got to get to the bus station, and then home." The quiet reply is soft, her gaze flickering to Keith to Gar, her teeth catching on her lower lip, "No! Not at all." She hesitates, before she comments softly, "I don't want to put you guys into an awkward thing, and I have to get it all cleared up, get some stuff sorted out…" She meets Keith's suspicious politeness with a smile, "Thanks for the bed."

"Awkward? I'm green and Keef is a part-time purple cat and my boyfriend. The awkward, it flees from us in humiliation," Gar says. He pours a cup of hot water and adds Italian coffee powder and a tablespoon of condensed sweetened milk and stirs it up.

"Apropos of nothing and a complete coincidence, I'm beginning to like taking the bus. Except when on Titans business."

Keith laughs at Gar's line. Yep, that does sum them up quite well. "Well, purple does go well with green. I think you knew I was around, subconsciously. It explains your uniform."

"That's a good idea, actually," Keith nods. "Hey- we could accompany you, that way you won't have to worry about whomever trashed your place coming after you. Gar can turn into a lion and eat them. Okay, not eat them, just give them a heart attack."

She hesitates, her bag on her shoulder, almost balanced between fleeing them and giving in. Her blue eyes flicker between the two, hesitant, and then her shoulders slump a little. "Look, they got taken away by the police last night. It should be empty…" She hesitates, before she drops the bag, leaning back against the side. "You guessed." The flat words are at Keith, her eyebrows lifting, as she watches him.

"I hardly ever eat people," Gar says agreeably, taking a sip of coffee. "Also, you smell like Robin, did you know that?"

Coffee is really good for masking the scents that people carry that make other people look at you funny because you can smell them and they can't…

"I didn't really know until I saw the bandages. And the bit about your house… which I was kind of the people who wrecked it, so—" Keith stops when Gar delivers his line. So many comments, all of them inappropriate. All of them restrained, like a good boy.

"So you don't have to flee us. I'm your friend, y'know. And Gar can be, too. He's the sweetest. You just have to tell him not to come in wet when it's raining."

The blush, so usefully hidden by her mask before, isn't hidden now, and blondes have great skin for blushing with. "Oh god, all we did was hug!" Embarrassment and she lifts her hands, tucking stray pieces of hair behind her ears, "I have to sort the house out, make it safe, and make a new costume. Mine got a bit trashed…" She glances at Gar, adding quietly, "I'm Stephanie. Or Spoiler, whichever you prefer. And he is going to throw a fit that you know that…"

"I won't tell then," Gar says. "I'm very good at not telling other people's secrets."

He sips more coffee, and starts looking through the cupboard. Aha! Ramen, ramen, beans, … Man the bachelor chow here is very bachelory.

"Yeah, you can trust us. I trust this guy with my life, and he's never let me down." Keith walks over to Gar to put his good arm around the other's waist in a hug. "Sorry about the selection. The paycheck kinda got very thin towards the end." Ah, poverty.

Steph nods, her cheeks fading in colour a little bit, her eyes tracking Keith as he walks towards Gar, and she shakes her head, "Look, guys, I have to … I'll trust you. Just … I have to sort my stuff out. I need a new costume, window, door.. locks… bike…" The amount that she needs to sort out suddenly seems a little overwhelming and she walks to the futon, sitting down abruptly, watching them. "I made toast."

"Are you planning to stay there?" Gar asks. "I mean, is it safe? And you should talk to Robin. Make him do some of the work, fix things up. Useful for seeing if he's got what it takes to do household chores and so forth. I'm not sure what to say about the costume, but the rest of it, he can probably help with. I mean, you've seen what he wears himself, right?"

"Heh, no making fun of the Boy Wonder's tights. I get the impression that's a Batman-ordered thing." Keith opens a cupboard and hms. Out of bandages. "Hon, I need to go and get some of the wrappy stuff… and I need to drop by somewher on my way back. I won't be gone for long, okay?" He says to Gar, giving him a kiss on the cheek before going to put on his jacket "I'll also try to pick something up that's more edible." He only slides one arm into his jacket, after first trying it the regular way and wincing. "Steph… please stay as long as you need, okay?" he gives Gar a look that reads 'make sure she's ok', no need to let her go if she's not feeling well.

"Don't blow the apartment up while I'm gone or anything, okay?" Keith grins, and heads out the door.

There's a rap at the window. Light and, perhaps, a little hesitant.

Masked teenagers these days are a dime a dozen around Gotham city, but some are a little more well known than others. The one at the window sill today is well known. But quiet just the same.

There's a faint creak that follows and the Boy Wonder crawls through. He stops just after the window (maybe his ears are burning?), suddenly feeling self conscious and awkward.

His hair is particularly mussed and his skin unusually pale, but his lips turn up into their usual boyish grin. "Hey guys…" If they could see his eyes, they wouldn't miss that air of exhaustion that tugs at their corners. His gaze rests on Steph longer than maybe it should, but eventually he peals his eyes away and runs his gloved hand (where'd his other glove go) through his hair.

"I don't want to ask him, I want to fix it up myself…" She props her elbows on her knees, her chin in her hands, her face sober, and she gives Keith a faint smile, the colour rising slightly at the thought of those tights. "Thanks Keith…" She watches him go, and then Robin speaks, and she jumps, the colour deepening in her cheeks. The softening of her blue eyes and the blush is speaking, as she rises to her feet, moving with some stiffness. "Hi…" The softness of the greeting gives a whole world of things away.

And OH, here's that 'awkward' Stephie was talking about earlier … Gar grins to himself behind the coffee.

"Come on in, Wonder Boy. You need some coffee maybe? I'd offer refreshments but there's just the coffee, sorry. Keef is out getting more bandages and stuff. Let us hope he can return without more injuries too."

The greeting has Robin treading further into the room a little haphazardly. There might be just a bit of hesitation in his steps. He should go home. And sleep. But he doesn't want to. "Coffee would be awesome," his lips twitch into a crooked grin. He nods at the notion of bandages, and points with his thumb to the window, "I could always — " because he can move quick. But then if Keith is already gone. He stifles a yawn and scrubs his masked face with his non-gloved hand.

The Awkward is here in full, and she stands, her fingers tangling in front of her, her smile uncertain. "It covers smells, apparently…" Her voice is low, awkward, and she reaches for her bag. "I need to go, I need to get my stuff sorted…" The uncertainty with Robin is screamingly obvious, the snark actually missing this morning.

Gar makes up another cup of coffee… "You want cream and sugar in that?"

He adds whatever Robin asks for, and tilts his head. "Michael Jackson glove trick?"

"Something like that," Robin says in turn with a chuckle. "Just black, thanks," he probably learned to drink coffee from Batman. Anything other than black isn't a possibility. The notion of covering smells as Robin's eyebrows raising. "What?" There's a pause as Steph grabs her stuff, "N-no. I… I can go?" it's a question as he tries to feel out the situation a little more. "Honest Steph, don't leave on my account — "

"No! No, I just need to… I have to get and fix my home up, Robin… And you need to sleep." Steph is worried for him, stepping towards him, her bag over her shoulder. "I have a costume to sew too." That is a litmus test, her blue eyes fixed on his face, watching his reaction closely. Poor Ger suddenly becomes a little invisible, the tension between them screaming soap opera.

Black it is. Not quite as black as the night or the sins of the Joker, but almost enough to satisfy a Bat. Gar hands it to Robin.

"You do need sleep," he observes. "Do you have enough of the right colors for your costume, Steph?"

Gar is all solicitousness, but honestly that much purple… eggplant, that is … only works in Gotham.

With another stifled yawn, Robin shakes his head, "I'll sleep when I'm dead. Good to get used to not sleeping." He sniffs and then accepts the cup of coffee and brings it to his lips. A glance is given to his hand again, the Michael Jackson comment finally sinking in even though it was a bit ago (yup, delayed reaction), "Oh. No. I lost of my gloves." His face scrunches as he tries to remember the details. "I had it early in the night… but not later. I probably have a spare somewhere."

The thoughts of the costume has Robin turning around and walking back towards the window with his coffee. It's a nice way to cover any reactions to uniform repairs. "You should take it easy…" yaaawn, "…today."

"I can get some, if they didn't trash that too. I can use other colours with it…" She lifts her hand, fiddling with her hair, an entirely feminine gesture. "My house. It is on the table… " The blush soars, and her gaze follows Robin to the window, her expression falling, her fingers tightening on the bag. "Robin, I'm not going to stop. I need to train, to be ready for them next time. I need to get my kit together, get my act together."

Gar doesn't say anything about that. The two of them need their space. So. He's practicing his ninjutsu. The green kid is invisible, right? Sip coffee, be invisible.

Coffee is sipped as Robin looks out at the skyline beyond. "You don't need to get your kit together," he mutters as he takes another long swallow of java. There's a long pause as if he's working something out in his mind. "I'll steal the other Robin's," his tone makes it obvious he's smirking, even though he doesn't turn around.

There is a look on her face that makes it very obvious his comments didn't land well, and she spins on her heel, giving Gar a forced smile. "Thank you for the night… tell Keith thank you?" She doesn't even give Robin a look, her cheeks gone from red to pale in one easy go, the blue eyes bright in her face as she walks towards the door, twirling to point at Robin at the last minute. "You don't get to put me on the sidelines. You don't get to smirk at me without the balls to face me and say it."

"Actually I think he's smirking about stealing the OTHER Robin's kit," Gar observes. "I think there may be some appropriate Birdling Rivalry here."

He grins behind his coffee again. "I'll let Keef know you say thanks."

Wait. What. "For you," he finally twists back. "Get the other Robin's kit for you. I have my own…I don't need…" His face scrunches into a frown again and he sighs and then shakes his head. There's a smirk at the comment about the rivalry. "Yeah… something like that…" he coughs. "I should go. You rest. I'll — " he begins to turn back towards the window.

Steph hesitates, her gaze moving from Gar to Robin, slowly, doubtfully, "What other Robin?" Her back to the door, she is not sure, her blue eyes wide. Then she offers Robin a small smile, "Thank you… but I want to get my home back, Robin, I want to get their stuff out and make it safe again." The glance to Gar is a direct appeal for help here, Steph's foot always so in her mouth with Robin there.

"Would you like me to help you out? I'm pretty sure Rob here would do the same, if you let him. I'm free until six, then I have to head back to NYC for the night. Or I can come by tomorrow?" Gar's little car is locked up in New York so he can't drive here, but he'll ride the bus! Wait, Keith might want to help too…

And Gar is so not going to explain who Other Robin is… that's Bat Country, that is.

"The other one. The one that I mentioned. The one that," probably wants him dead, thinks he's the only Robin worth knowing, said that Tim-Robin didn't matter. BIOson. BATspawn. The one that is Bruce's real progeny. Evidently it's a loaded conversation, and it reads over Robin's expressions as he finally glances back to the window. "Yeah. I'm willing to help. But later. Like," his eyebrows draw together. He has class in three hours. "Five hours. I need some shut eye." During lecture. "And then…" he shrugs.r

Stephanie gives Gar a smile, a really warm one, gratitude in her face. "Tomorrow sounds great. I want to get my place.. just me for a bit. There is a bit to think about." Her voice is quiet, her cheeks regaining colour, "Then come over tomorrow, bring the.. outfit, the kit and we'll… " Her lips curve into a broad grin, her blue eyes sparkling, "We'll kick some ass. He won't dare leave prison." A glow, almost, knowing that Robin is going to help, that she has friends.

The sound of a key in the lock, and the door opens. "Hey kids, I'm back, missed me?" Keith walks in carrying a plastic bag. "Please tell me nobody attacked us while I was gone or anything like that." He closes the door behind him and waves, looking at the assembled folks.

"Oh, good timing. Hey, Keef, we're gonna be helping Steph out at her place tomorrow. Also Robin needs to get his half-hour of sleep."

He washes out his empty coffee cup, and then sits down to do interesting things (at least, to him) with his smartphone. Emails. So many emails.

"Hey. I sleep more than half an hour," sometimes. Robin sounds indignant. Maybe sleep is a continued issue in the Bat-family. Or he's just doing his thing. "And I gotta get going," Robin finally says again. He takes a step towards Steph, hesitates, and then treads back towards the window. "I'll… see you later." He scratches his head and begins to crawl through the window.

She gives Keith a warm smile, slinging the bag over her shoulder, "Sleep well… " The murmur is soft, and she watches Robin leave, before she turns to the door, her shoulders slumping a little. "Tomorrow, guys!" A good attempt at cheerful as she departs.

Keith blinks, watching Robin and Stephanie depart. "Er, bye!"

Once Steph is out, he turns to Gar and sets the bags on the counter. He's been paying more attention to body language since Gar started using that trick on him- "Whyfor the sullen mood over those two exchanges?" he asks, reaching with his good hand to give Gar's hair a scritch.

Gar looks up from his email. "Sullen? Well. Robin's being bat-sleep-deprived so badly he forgot one of his gloves, somewhere, sometime last night. He's also so mushy for Spoiler that he's considering stealing that OTHER Robin's 'kit' - which I think means their belts and stuff - to give to Spoiler. I suspect there's something tied in there - he might be upset about the other Robin usurping him or something. Stealing the kit would probably be a bad thing but I didn't say anything. He needs to figure it out. Now, as for Steph, she wants to get her stuff back together and protect herself from whoever her foe at home is. Also, when Robin came by she went all bleebly-blah. She gets completely tongue-tied when he's around, which is adorable to watch."

He grins at that. "It's like old times, y'know?"

Keith laughs at this, trying to imagine Stephanie going all weebly wobbly. "Okay… so why exactly aren't we being mushy and weeblywobbly? Also, I got us some real food. Carry out from Raven's favorite place. I checked. She wasn't there."

Or was she? You could never tell, with Raven.

"Also… I think I struck a deal for the Titans in our favor."

"Deal? What kind of a deal, and with whom?" Gar asks, poking at the emails to make them go away.

Keith stands behind Gar, massaging his neck with his hands- though using his right hand more than the left to avoid moving his shoulder too much. "Daniel Rand, of Rand-Meachum Incorporated?" Keith had looked him up on the way back. "I met with Iron Fist a while ago, before I met you and before I was with the Titans. He told me to go to this gym and say he had sent me. Today I finally had the presence of mind to do it and there was this man there. You should see the place… it's amazing. Anyways… Rand is open to training those of us who are less experienced, in exchange for volunteering with the kids."

"Hmm. Yeah, that's a pretty solid company. We should do that even if we don't manage to meet the new requirements on the purchase."

Gar looks up and grins at Vorpal. "See, you're already moving and shaking."

Vorpal smiles at Gar, "Shaking, mostly. But I've got a good teacher in the subject, I would say." The redhead smiles and kisses Gar's forehead. "Hey, wanna go out to a movie?"

"Sure! What do you want to see?" Gar grins wide. It's a Sunday, so all he has to do is be back home by six…

"Hmm. That movie about trolls and boxes? It looks lighthearted. After last night, I'm not in the mood for drama." Keith grins. "Oh… and I guess I should bring the drugs along." He reaches for the plastic bottle. "I'm a little out of it, but you'll watch out for me, won't you?" he winks.

"Yeah, sure," Gar says. "I've never actually MET a box troll, so yeah, that sounds interesting."

Other trolls? Once or twice, arguably. He nods about the drugs and grabs an eggroll. "Nom."

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