A Chance Of Rain

October 1, 2014: Rain is welcomed into the Titans

Moontree Manor



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It's a quiet night, as nights go. Few people are out on the street in this part of town, especially near the mystical manor. The weather is good, as fall nights go. A cool breeze whips wisps of clouds across a velvet black night. Street lights take the place of fireflies in this era. A few stray animals slink along in the shadows, but for the most part, it is peaceful.

Rain has invited Vorpal to chat, and indeed, the wards will be parted so that he may enter safely. It's a harmless ward that just leads people right back to the street. But it would be awkward to ward one's own visitors. Captain sits by the fireplace, in his tan trenchcoat and curled in a ball as cats are wont to do. The house staff is quiet, likely done with chores for the day.

There is a hesitant knock outside the Manor. Vorpal gets a skeevy feeling from the house, probably because of the residual magic floating around. He's had limited experience with magical houses- namely, the House of Mystery that nabbed him a few months ago.

He hopes this house won't nab him.

He's in his Cheshire form because, well, it's an official shape. While he has no secret identity, he's been featured in the news more as his cheshire self than anything else. It saves explanation time.

A knock! And Rain's house should be welcoming. But it does have a bit of gothic feeling to it. Nevertheless, the door opens after a moment. A rather handsome looking gentleman opens the door. He's a butler, silver cufflinks and all. He is also wearing an illusion. "Greetings, young mister. Please, come in." The cat and Rain are in the living room, and greet Vorpal.

The butler closes the door behind Vorpal, bows and goes to watch TV in another room. "Welcome to our home. May I get you anything?"

A butler. A real life butler. He didn't know they existed anymore, so Vorpal gives him a little nervous smile and says "Er… no, thank you, I am fine. Thank you for inviting me." He says this to the butler, then to Rain. And then… well, he looks at the cat.

"That is a… lovely trench coat your cat is wearing, Miss… Rain, was it?" Vorpal is not going to be surprised by a cat wearing clothes. I mean… just look at him. "And your house is very lovely."

Indeed. The butler nods and backs away. Rain tilts her head. "No problem. Want anything to eat or drink? It's fine," She offers. Captain grunts, "I think you're scaring him." The cat has a deep, baritone voice tinted with a Gotham accent. "And thanks." Rain nods. "Rain. I go by Rain." And to be fair? Captain is totally a stylin' cat. Jowly, orange male tabby. Both seem to have been homeless at one point.

Rain goes quiet a moment. "Thanks. It's kind of you. Are things by your tower better?"

Vorpal stares for a moment. A talking cat. Hey, he was feeling at home already! The Cheshire saunters over and takes a seat when offered, crossing his legs. "Oh no, thanks, I never eat when on patrol. Can't exactly take time out from a fight for a break. The tower.. well, it's gone. But that is fine- we're about to get a much better place, and a more secret one, too. That will make it so people don't want to blow it up. Or at least, so that they don't uscceed!"

Captain is indeed a talking cat. He even has attitude. He seems amused. "Fair enough," Rain replies. "And ah… well, I'm glad that the new one will be better." She seems sympathetic. Having one's home blown up must suck. "I hope we didn't call at a bad time," She remarks, sitting nearby. Captain stays curled in a ball because that is how a cat do.

"Oh, no, not at all! I just got done dealing with an issue at the Museum- had to come back and help with the repairs where I could, because it's the right thing to do… I must admit I was intrigued at your message, though, and the purpose for your call. I do remember seeing you in the distance when Wiccan brought back the tower temporarily. You were in a … baht tub, I recall?" Vorpal grins.

Rain listens, dark purple eyes on Vorpal. "I see," Rain smiles. "Yeah, bit of an anomaly there." But is he surprised? It's magic. "I'm glad things work out for a bit better. And I am curious about you and your team." Pause. "Though, I do have a pro-feline bias." Witches. Gotta love 'em. Captain snerks softly. Rain eyes the cat and sighs. "He knows."

"It's bound to happen, when you shake reality by the neck and ask it to do your bidding. I can't cast spells, but I do my own brand of magic. It's more blunt force trauma than the specialized finagling of spellcasters, though." Vorpal gives Captain a grin. "As far as our team goes… well, we're a group of young'uns without a lot of training, except of course for Changeling who is a veteran at this game. And the two Robins, who have Bat-training. Our aim is to learn our trade as heroes and do some good for the city. Or all three cities, if we can afford it. And get the experience we need to become better at what we do. We're a team and a family, so to speak."

Rain listens. She tilts her head. "That's true," She considers. "I do spells, but they are a bit different," She offers. She smiles at the two. Captain merps softly. "I've had my powers a couple of years," Rain explains. "And two Robins?" Huh. "Doesn't that get confusing?" She asks.

"Not really. One is nice, the other one is snarky." Vorpal tilts his head, looking at the room and taking in its cozy nature. "Well… are you interested in adding your own special brand of magic to our team? How different are they? Now you've got me curious, and as he will agree with me," he tilts his head at Captain, "There's nothing worse than a cruious feline."

LOG NOTE: SPell check, for crying out loud, Keef.

"Oh. That's handy," Rain replies. Captain opens his eyes and hrrmphs. "Curious cats make the world go 'round. Humanity already is bringing back worship." Cats: Never forgot ancient Egypt. He is being a bit wry though. "Sure. It would be interested. And how different are what? My powers? Will working is pretty odd, it seems."

"Will working? It's a bit of what I do. I focus and I want to make something happen along the lines of what I can do and… wham." Vorpal grins and can't help but agree with Captain. Cats run the internet nowadays. He should know.

"Well do you have any questions about the Titans? If you want to join us, the invitation is wide open. We're not a very complicated crew." A pause. "Except for Snarky Robin…"

"Really?" Rain seems curious. She nods and smiles. Cats do run the internet! Captain is probably the real homeowner here, even if they quietly have Rain's name on the deed. But they seem quite happy with one another. "Hmm. You guys get hired or do you respond to things…?" She asks. "I usually do work as an occult detective." Pause. "Er. I see."

"We are a response team and we also do patrols. We're not getting paid… yet. There may be a way for us to get paid without compromising our principles, but we'll see about that in the future. Occult detective?" The cheshire grins. "That sounds fascinating, really. I wouldn't mind going on a case or two to help, if you ever need backup."

"I see," Rain nods. She smiles as the Cheshire grins. "It… can be. You'd be surprised how many people want exes hexed," She admits with a sigh. "But I do handle a lot of matters many police can't." Which is both good and bad. "I will definitely let you know if a large case or interesting one comes up," She promises.

"Excellent, anything that gives me more paranormal experience is good- I need it. So… without further ado, Rain, do you wish to join the Titans?" Vorpal uncrosses his legs and leans forward in his chair. "Because consider yourself the holder of a golden ticket that reads 'Invitation'. Although unfortunately it's not to a magical candyland full of chocolate and sweets, but a team full of spandex and heroics."

"Sounds good," Rain nods and smiles. "I would be glad to accept that ticket." It won't go straight to her thighs. Not that Rain seems to be the sort to have to worry about that. She beams. "Uhm. Well, heroics are okay. I don't really do spandex…" She

"Sounds good," Rain nods and smiles. "I would be glad to accept that ticket." It won't go straight to her thighs. Not that Rain seems to be the sort to have to worry about that. She beams. "Uhm. Well, heroics are okay. I don't really do spandex…" She is a bit skinny and shy for that. "I tend to work more quietly, but that's fine." Newting for justice?

"Then welcome to the team, Rain." Vorpal grins, and then he pauses. The grin fades a little. "I must warn you, before you accept, though, that we may be coming into contact with… unsettling forces very, very soon."

If only Rain could tell Vorpal she's Loki's roommate. And also she's survived a Silent Hilling, a MechaHitler and … well, she smiles at Vorpal. "That's fine. I do so already. I'm a witch, remember?" She tilts her head at him. "A lot of the supernal tends to be unerving on some level."

"Then maybe you will be able to know something. There is a group called the Cirlce Oroboros. Some ancient group of Druids, old as the hills apparently. They're coming after me. They want to rip my soul apart and unleash the Cait Sidhe. And, of course, kill me in the process," Keith adds. Just in case that part was not clear. "They're incredibly powerful, extremely ruthless, and… they hurt Gar when he tried to protect me. We don't know how to stop them. So there it is… your first case, should you wish to accept it. Because if we don't stop them, aside from the fact that I'll be dead as a doorknob, the city is going to have a creature of chaos unleashed upon it that hasn't walked the world in over a thousand years or so."

Rain and Captain both listen. Captaing grunts softly. "Of course. They'd probably get torn apart in the process." Because cats. Add cats and fae and well. Double your fun, double your OH GOD SCRATCHES EVERYWHERE GOD WHY AM I HAIRLESS AND VULNERABLE!? Rain tilts her head. "Sure. I wouldn't want either of those things to happen. I already leave out milk and stuff for some of the local fae. We don

"We don't need you being torn apart or that. My family's line is probably just as old." So there.

"I'm afraid these are not your ordinary tree-hugging, weekend Druids. Fenris himself isn't sure he'd want to take them on." He lets that sink in. If the Apcalypse Wolf is wary, things are not good. "At first I thought, maybe John Constantine could find something in that house-library of his, but then I remembered… I don't know how to actually find him."

Hm. Rain nods. "Yeah. And well. I know his name. I could use divination. I'm pretty good at divination. It might make him grumpy, so we should find some good scotch or whiskey before we start that," She offers. "And I suspect the best way to take on a group of ferocious hatedruids is a group of non-hatedruids or people. It won't be easy either way. Alternatively, you could tell the fae on them. Fae hate being summoned and used like that a lot of the time."

"The Cait's… not on good terms with the other fae," Vorpal says diplomatically. How bad? Well, he was imprisoned in the Heavenly Mirror by the Yellow Emperor for over a thousand years and not a single one of them lifted a finger to help him. "Even by fae standards, they sort of consider him a nuisance, I get the impression…" the cheshire strokes his chin and looks at Rain. "Divination, you say? Hmm… that could work. I could get the Scotch. Does that take hours…er.. days?"

"ah," Hm. Frown. "probably hours, depending on if he wards himself," Rain offers. "It's easier if I use a map but we can tail him down. There's plenty of booze in the cellar here. Fae spirits, scotch from the 1800s… you name it, I'm sure my aunt drank it at some point." There's a faintly pained expression at that.

Vorpal nods slowly at this, and hehs. Her aunt sounded… interesting. "Tell you what… you go prepare what you need to prepare and I go find a bottle of scotch that won't raid your own supply. You give me a ring when you have him in your sixes. It'll also give me time to gather the team and introduce you to them."

"… honestly, I'm offering to reduce inventory. I have an entire BASEMENT slash cellar full," She smiles. Rain shakes her head. "I'll get my crystal and - that's about it. I might hop my flying broom to follow it. And fair enough. That would be nice."

"… you know, if this thing is over without me, you know, being murderated, I'll totally have to ask you for a ride on your broom. I've never actually seen it being done." Vorpal smiles, and stands up. "Alright. I'll go and send the mail out to the team, and see if we can get together to introduce you. Keep me up to date on what you find, alright?" He gives Captain a nod as well.

"Totally," Rain smiles. "Just remember, most guys like to sit sidesaddle." This is probably why you don't see a lot of dudes on broomsticks. At least, the ones who aren't pushing a career in singing soprano. "Sounds good." Captain hrrms softly. "Yes." He's totally the head of this outfit. Because cat. Duh.

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