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October 1, 2014: Midnighter is doing what he does when Green Arrow shows up and wants an autograph.

Gotham City



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It's night in Gotham City. For the majority of the city that doesn't have money, it's a time to stay safely at home because while Gotham is never safe, night is when the predators come out. It's also the time when those who hunt predators are active. The car's roof has been caved in as if something heavy fell onto it. The car's come to a rest against a light pole with the airbags deflated. It's empty but two of the former occupants are on the ground nearby. One's neck is at an angle necks shouldn't be. The other is just as motionless but with no telltale signs as to his condition. A handgun lies forgotten nearby. A third man is pressed against the wall of a building upside down. His ankle is held by Midnighter who's periodically slamming his head against the sidewalk. "You haven't caught on yet have you?" he's saying. "It's that I won't kill you you should be more worried about. Now tell me who shipped you the machine guns before I get impatient."

"God. I tell you, just when I think Gotham can't smell any worse I turn a corner and 'WHAM!' some new olfactory horror smacks me right in the face."

Sometimes, when you're driving your Arrowbike down the streets of Gotham, you find yourself having long conversations with the Unfortunate Person who has had the bad luck to be stuck on monitor duty during your patrol. That sentence actually virtually never applies to anyone but the Green Arrow, so perhaps the use of 'you' is a bit misleading. However, driving his Arrowbike is exactly what he's doing, and he's having a conversation with someone from his support staff about the many ways that Gotham is disappointing him.

"Right? And you'd think that since the town is such a shithole, the local vigilante community would be welcoming me with open arms after all I did for Star City. But noooooo…. it's all avoidance or sending passive-aggressive messages via robot (See Log: Batman's Robot). I tell you, I'm about fed up with… hold on…" The bike slows down as Green Arrow gets an eyeful of the accident up ahead. Off in the distance, he can't quite get the full picture of the event, but he starts to put details together quickly. "F, make sure that Gotham EMS has already been alerted about the automotive accident at my grid location. If not, have them sent ASAP." The bike idles, and GA quickly dismounts, running to the nearest injured person as if he intends to go all First Responder on him.

Which is when he hears the repetitive thumping. And the threatening. For a moment, it looks as if he's about to pull out his bow and put a stop to the clearly-mismatched fight. But then, underneath that hood, his expression changes to one of gleeful surprise.

"Holy shit! You're The Batman, aren't you? Hey F, guess who I just met? It's The Batman!"

"Hey, after you finish maiming that guy, do you think you could sign one of my arrows?"

*thump* *thump* *thu… Leaving the man's head on the ground, Midnighter glances over his shoulder. He heard the motorcycle of course but it didn't concern him. This does. "Batman. Seriously? Does this look like a cape to you?" All the rumors definitely put Batman in an enveloping cloak."

"Well… not really." With EMS crews already on their way, there's little for Green Arrow to do other than shoot the breeze with someone who, at least sartorially, appears to be a fellow crimefighter. It's not like he's got a Neck-Unsnapping Arrow tucked away in his quiver.

"Come to think of it, I always heard you were a big fan of purple gloves. What's up? Updating the look?"

Green Arrow doesn't seem to be overly bothered by the Midnighter's interrogation techniques. Any queasiness that he might be feeling is certainly not shown, but given the things he's seen in the last ten years it's unlikely that he'd have any trouble eating after watching this display of violence.

"You know, I've thought about changing my look up a bit myself." His attempts at small talk are perhaps a bit weak, but it's not every day that one happens to run into The Batman in the middle of doing his job.

Okay. The guy's obviously slow. "I am not Batman." he says slowly and clearly since the message didn't hit home the first time. "I am the Midnighter. I have never been the Batman." And would never want to be either. "Are we clear on that? Now who are you?" Green costume. Bow and arrows. Not ringing any bells.

"The… Midnighter?" Green Arrow very quickly checks the watch on his wrist, and just as quickly puts his arm back down. It's close enough to 12.

"You must not get out of Gotham very often. I don't mean to blow my own horn or anything like that, but I'm a pretty big player in the Vigilante Game." There's a certain upswell to his tone, despite his best attempts at keeping his pride in check.

"Come on, Green Arrow? The guy who took down the Royal Flush Gang?"

"Well, 'a' Royal Flush Gang…"

"If you say so." Midnighter's certainly not going to argue about it and if the guy wants to blow his own home, to each their own. "Did you want something in particular or just an autograph from Batman?" The guy he's holding by ankle continues to squirm and groan and he thumps him on the ground again before opening his hand and letting him topple. Reaching down, he picks him up by the neck and slams him once against the wall. "I know where you live and even if you don't go there, I will find you. You'll either give me the name then or I'll do worse." 'Worse' in this case means worse than the broken arm he inflicts right then and there. "Run." The guy doesn't need to be told more than once and he runs, albeit not very fast since every stride jogs his arm.

"Nah. Just doing my civic duty. Reporting an accident, and all that. Your presence was just a happy coincidence." He sounds a bit less happy about the coincidence now that his hopes of meeting Batman have been dashed, but he does a pretty good job of hiding it. The hood and mask help with that.

"You look like you've got your ear to the ground though. Maybe you can help me find out what China White is doing in Gotham? She hasn't been moving any product, as far as I can tell, but she's been having meetings all over town."

"I don't know the name." Midnighter answers. After a moment, he adds "I've only recently returned to the States. Tell me about her." If she's worthy of mention, she might be worth his time to go after. And if the prospect of police and ambulances arriving alarms him, he gives no indication of it even with two corpses on the ground nearby.

"I'd love to compare notes with you, but I'm sure you've got more criminals to terrify, and I'm chasing down a lead on Clock King's latest caper…" Green Arrow begins turning away a bit, as if he's not quite ready to leave, but indicating his desire to do so relatively soon. "… and I DID already call the paramedics, so we'll have company soon. But you look like a pretty trustworthy crimefighter, for a guy wearing a mask and a trenchcoat. Take this." He takes a small black bar out of one of the pouches on his belt, and tosses it toward the Midnighter. "Only number loaded onto that phone is mine. Give me a call and we can exchange info. Just… don't try to take the phone apart or it might explode."

He seems to be serious about that.

Midnighter catches the phone and drops it into a pocket. Clock King. Another name he's not familiar with. If he intends to stay in Gotham now that smooth has been dealt with, for the moment anyway, he's going to need to become familiar with the local criminals. "I might do that." Once he looks into who this archer is. Turning, he doesn't bother with good-byes and slips into the shadows.

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