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October 02 2014: Fenris is in Gotham Investigating. Others notice. Things get a bit rough.

Gotham City Street

Dirty, dingy and full of unsavory types. Just another street in Gotham



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Gotham has been quiet ever since the wild hunt came to town. Quiet however is not the same as safe and so 'Jeremiah Wolfson' has once again returned, this time to Midtown. The rituals that would have had to be used to summon up the Erlking leave obvious traces and one of them leads here. There's none of the marks that one might expect. No circle, no skulls no candles. It's all been cleaned up pretty well really. Unfortunately being a 'predatory' feeling man in Gotham makes you stand out to a certain crowd. That crowd is now eying him from behind. With switchblades and baseball bats.


Jim's been sent to Gotham to get some materiel safety data sheets from an old firm that had used the junkyard that Drakos Recovery Solutions took over. While everything inventory - wise was in order, this was more a matter of making sure the paperwork was as well.

Jim doesn't like Gotham. It's not that the people are rough — heck, he saw worse in Chicago. No, it's this feeling he gets sometimes that this is the City that got Lost. So even in the afternoon it's not the safest of places… and then that 'familiar tickle' of someone he knows starts down the spine. Fenris, here in this city? Clearly, something is up.

Common sense would be to finish the pick-up and head on back to work. Sometimes, Jim lacks this crucial life-saving element.

He's taken a few side streets and main drags to triangulate where that predatory 'sensation' is centralized. Thankfully, he didn't get mugged along the way, but as he gets a bit closer he can see the back of the mob, and starts looking for escape routes. He's definitely not a fighter.


It's early for Midnighter to be out unless he's on the track of someone or something. It's right on time for Jack Baker to be out looking for work and his next meal, which is a great excuse to wander around and see what trouble is brewing that he might want to do something about late. Or even now if it's called for. Walking down the street, he pauses as he sees the armed crowd. Naturally, the target of their interest draws his attention but if what he sees surprises him, he doesn't react.


Fenris turns at Jim's approach, still regarding the empty space at the end of the alley. "Hello Jim." He rumbles. He hasn't noticed the men behind him. They're eying him with intent. He's dressed a bit more nicely than might be the norm for this area, and of course he feels like a walking challenge. So yes, this may be about to go badly.

Then again, the toughs haven't noticed Jack Baker eying them too. He's not important enough to merit their attention yet.


" 'ey Jer. You seem to have picked up a fan club. Not sure how you feel 'bout that, but I can tell y' that I'm not the kind to stick around for that kind of thing? No offense, you c'n probably take 'em 'n' all. Whatcha do to get 'em all riled up?"

As he talks, Jim is inching towards a fire escape. He definitely does NOT want to get sucked up into this mess if Loki-son wants to let it rip.


Lunair is not sure why she's coming to Gotham. Apparently there's some sort of tea place she wanted to get to. Or scouting potential spare apartments. She looks more like a random art student or frill monster than the terrifying armory she is (well, terrifying to some). She has a messenger bag with her that's patterned with roses. She looks pretty girly. Still, she's alert, so likely a poor choice for a random victim.

And then she spots… people. A few of them, even. And she is going to check this out.

Jack studies the immortal then looks over the crowd of men behind him. No contest. Still, he's curious as to what's brought this about. Hands tucked into his pockets, he wanders over to the crowd then reaches out to tap one on the shoulder. "Hey. Who's the guy in the alley? Looks dangerous. Like a Fed maybe."

With the funeral taken care of, all Jason has to do is head back. It's been a pleasant enough time for gotham standards, and all he wants now is to do a little more research then head back home. You can't always find the killer, and people die all the time when working in the wrong business, but that doesn't sit well for him. He's distracted by this as he walks up the other side of the street briefcase in one hand, cup of coffee in the other. He takes a sip of the overcooked, bottom of the pot coffee, trying to size up the situation from a safe distance.


Fenris turns around, and glances. "Yeah, who knows." One of the toughs answers Jack. "He's suspicious as hell though and he creeps me out. And anyway this is our turf so…"

The small crowd advances. "Hey Buddy! Shove off!"

The tall, predatory looking man just stares for a moment. "Free country, public street. You shove off." There's a two foot oak rod strapped to his leg and he's reaching for it.

Across the street Jason can probably hear the commotion heating up. It's looking a bit ugly. A crowd of rough looking Gothamites squaring off against a tall, lean looking man. He's not costumed, just maybe kind of creepy and dressed a bit too nicely.


There's a man with a strangely violent fanclub. Then again, Gotham. Lunair sometimes wonders if shanking someone is just how one says hello. She isn't costumed (although, one might argue her tastes are costumey enough). She's on the same side of the street, watching carefully. As the crowd advances on the predatory man, Lunair looks thoughtful. Find some cover! Maybe this nice parked car will be good to dart behind…


Jack just nods and backs away slightly, an experienced Gothamite resident who knows not to get into the middle of this kind of thing. You don't interfere with gangs cleaning up their turf. Nope. Glancing around, he spots a couple people across the street and heads in their direction. "Hey. Five bucks on the guy in the alley?" He reaches into a pocket and pulls out some crumpled bills.


Jim attempts to grab at the fire escape… and misses.

//Oh sonuva — //

He scunches himself in tightly behind a dumpster, trying not to think about smells and textures and the like as he attempts to be as small as possible. This isn't his fight!

Of course, laws of the urban jungle apply… and those who are weak…


Jason's got his eyes on the small group, he's got a good idea that it's just a turf war, but how hard would it be to do a bit of vigilante justice. Just once couldn't hurt anything, and he'd be cleaning up the streets in a town where no one would recognize him. His thoughts shift about as he just turns to look over at them hand clutched to the handle of his briefcase. Rather suddenly he just speaks under his breath commenting "It's a bad idea,"


There's a couple of sour looks at Jim. A couple of the toughs brandish a knives and move in. Fenris sighs. "Look can we just…" The rod snaps up and a blast of wind sends both men bowling through their comrades and skidding into the street a good twenty five feet away. "Do this later? I'm rather busy and this doesn't have to be a bad night for anyone."

Jim gets a curioous look as does Lucky. Midnighter and Lunair Fenris is respectively not familiar with and less familier with. Besides, Lunair is taking cover.

Unfortunately, Fenris display doesn't do anything but provoke the gang and in short order they're muttering angrily and closing in, bats and other improvised weapons at the ready.


Hmm. Hmmhmhm. Normally? Normally Lunair would barrel in, dubstep gun a blazing. But she might catch that oddly tall, predatory gentleman and odds are good he might not appreciate doing the ole Werewolves of London or something. So, she's gonna have to be a little more careful. To that end, she might have to get creative. It's time for her to weave herself a set of armor and get out … the nudity ray.

That's right. Naked gang members. Maybe it'll make them think twice?


Jack frowns as he gets a good look at Jason. The guy from the docks. With his eyes back. "Five bucks?" he repeats, shaking the bills at Jason. "Five bucks on the guy with the stick?" he asks, turning to Lunair. "Even odds."


The portly fellow yelps a bit as his efforts to be 'small' don't pay off at all. He tries for the ladder again… and gets brought down easily by two of the thugs who start to work him over. First with the classic blow to the gut to take away his wind, then some shining up the face and body-shot blows. He kind of windmills a bit as he slips, and takes a shellacking across his back from a couple of bats as he slumps against the dumpster. For some reason, the Bird is letting this happen?


"How about a hundred on the guy with the gun?" Jason asks pressing his thumb against the bottom of the briefcase handle that causes the whole thing to just suddenly rearrange itself into a bizarre looking rifle. It's got two barrels one that looks relatively normal, and the other that looks like something out of a science fiction film, along with a drum barrel for the ammunition. Then two fingers go into Jason's mouth, and he lets out a loud whistle so people can get a good look at him and his most likely highly illegal firearm.


There… was going to be a fight. Now there's a gun in play. It's a big gun. No one really wants to get shot by it, surprise surprise. Fenris just grins.

"Er… okay, mister… let's not get excited." The second lead tough says, putting both hands up and backing away, slowly. Everyone stares at Lucky, one of those stares when you're trying to remember someone's face. "We'll be going now…" And it does indeed not take long before… several of them are nude. That does send them scampering away. Winds whipping around? Freaky meta crap. Clothes disappearing, now that's black magic. The street is empty of thugs in under a minute.

"Well…" Fenris chuckles. "Thank you for that Lucky. And you too…" He calls over to Lunair, glancing around at everyone remaining. "What brings you all to Gotham?"


Lunair would totally bet on Fenris or Jason. Because holy noodles, Jason has a firearm. A likely highly illegal one. She doubletakes for a moment. Apparently nudity is a far more potent weapon than Lunair realized. She looks baffled. Poor Jim gets a curious, sidelong glance. Lunair dismisses her armor and weapons. "Um. I was shopping and going to a hotel," She admits. "You're okay, right?"


Thankfully, the two toughs roughing up Jim leave him slumped over the trash can and take off for the hills with the rest. In response to Fen's question, the battered worker simply points at Fenris, then shrugs. Yeah, he's not feeling very local at the moment. He just got tooled.


Right. The dock guy with a high powered gun. The girl who can create armor and weapons. He knows that one even if she didn't make… whatever that is that removed their clothes. He looks from one ot the other then over at Fenris and just backs up till the building is at his back.


As the men run away with their tales between their legs, Jason just pushes the same button again, and causes the rifle to fold itself right back up into an easy to store briefcase. Once it finishes folding itself back up and away there's no real easy way to see how it could have done so in the first place, it's a work of scientific art.

"Muriel, how the hell did you wind up here?" Jason asks rather suddenly blurting out the question as he practically runs over to her, just a few inches away from bowling over the plainclothes superhero between the two. He's currently a bit more focused on her then the potential danger of the situation.


"Muriel?" Fenris cants his head for a moment and then shrugs, reaching down to help Jim up as he eyes Jack. "I'm not here for trouble." The tall, creppy man assures him. Sure. That'll work. That //always works. "I was just checking something out. There's been some strangeness in Gotham lately and I was trying to suss out the who's and why's." The where's would help too but one thing at a time, mmm?

"I'm fine thank you." The Old Wolf aswers Lunair as Lucky runs over to her.


"…" Lunair sort of winces as Jason blurts out a name she hasn't used in years. "Huh? I was walking. I -" Her name is different now. "I'm Lunair mostly now." Smile. "What are you doing around here? I didn't figure you were around," She admits. She looks surprised as he bolts over. "And that's good," She nods to the Old Wolf. She likely has no clue who gun guy is or was. Alas.


Jim takes the hand up quietly. If he wanted to start trouble he would have tried it earlier. But that's not his style. Usually. "I'm jus here gettin' paperwork, 's all."

And probably a drink or three when this is done.


Muriel. And Lunair. Names to go with Armory. He waits till Jason has passed him and then starts down the street. He still needs to get his breakfast. But once he's turned a corner, he finds a high vantage spot that allows him to follow Lunair.


Jason lets out a small chuckling laugh, before putting an arm around Lunair. "Hey kid, not going to kick you down for picking a new name" He leans in a little closer just to make a little jab "Even if it's a stupid name," before actually turning his attention back to Fenris and trashcan boy. "That can wait for now, who's up for a hot meal, on me?"


"Sounds good, actually." Fenris, says, nodding and heading out of the alley as Jack heads away. "Come on Jim. I remember how much you can eat when you put your mind to it." That'd been Corvinus actually, but hey. "Lunair, won't you join us too? You can tell us how you and Lucky know eachother." Since he assumes he knows.

High on a ledge above, a single crow watches with a red, cat slitted eye, noting Fenris and all the people around him, noting Midnighter as he slips away.

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