Night At The Museum

October 03, 2014: Booster and the Titans stop an artifact heist at the museum.

Gotham Museum of History

It's the museum.



  • Charles De Brough- Cat Burglar
  • Galatea, the muscle
  • Ambrose, the magician

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The Museum Song

he silent alarm has gone off the Gotham Museum of History, with notices to law-enforcement sent out almost immediately. It is not uncommon for the Museum to be the target of thieves and other criminals, due to its astonishing collection. Not the kind of things a common thief woud fence, but rather the kind of exquisite historical artefacts that only a megalomaniacal bastard would wish to possess through the specialized black market. Objets d'Histoire that could only be acquired by being plundered from museums or historic sites. The kind of job that powered thugs for hire with a penchant for unusual costumes go for.

It is because of the constant threat that the Museum has invested in state-of-the-art technology, the best WayneTech has to offer. While it cannot account for every possible situation, the vast array of different measures is quite effective at screening possible attempts. The parameters scan for several different possibilities, so as to rule out as many errors as possible, so a pigeon slamming against the skylight would not set up a security breach alert. But the combination of several things- after-hours activity without and withing, the setting off of pressure plates in this instance rules out any other possibility:

Someone is in the Museum. Several someones, and the Egyptian exhibit's security triggers have gone off. Law Enforcement has been notified, and anyone with the capability to plug into the GPD's network could easily pick up the alert. But there is also someone else who receives the signal: The Boy Wonder's communicator. It so happened that the aforementioend Robin was training with Vorpal when the alert arrived, giving the Titans an advantage when it came to the alert. From their location on top of Vorpal's apartment, it was only a five minute jaunt to the Museum.

If Skeets was paying attention to local chatter, it would be easy for the little ovoid to pick up on the alert.

When patrolling, Booster Gold does keep tabs on police and security bands; sitting in one place waiting for trouble to happen tends to make for a boring evening. He is far across the city when this tidbit rolls in, courtesy of Skeets, but this is not a problem for the Man of Gold. Life is a lot easier when you can fly. Like a comet in the dark Gotham sky, Booster zooms over the rooftops.

"Museum thieves, eh?" Booster remarks to Skeets on his rapid journey, sounding vaguely amused.

"Indeed, sir," Skeets replies, in a faintly sardonic tone. There are some subjects these two do not discuss, at least not directly.

A moment later, Booster lands on the rooftop, glowing a fair amount. Stealth, silence, obfuscation, these are all words that would be inaccurate to use when referring to this guy's approach.

Sometimes insider knowledge pays off. Having only been minutes away when the call came through, getting to the museum wasn't a problem for the training Titans. Already being suited up as Robin didn't exactly hurt Tim's response time either, something he mentally gives himself accolades for (because if he doesn't, who will?).

Understanding the security system also doesn't hurt. In fact, schematics are easily accessible for the Boy Wonder. The insider track really does pay off once in awhile.

"The call said it was in the Egyptian wing. That's the third floor, West side," Tim had relayed. He virtually lived at that museum when he was a kid and his parents had abandoned him for one trip or another; he knew it inside and out.

Arrival at the West side of the museum then required entrance into the facility. Windows always made the best entrances, especially rooftop skylights. "The alarm is already off, Gotham PD is on their way," Robin had reiterated when the Titans had arrived on scene. "Skylight should drop us onto the fifth floor. Form there we can get to the antiquities wing, three floors down."

"You sure know your way around the place. Is there anything your Bat-training didn't teach you?" Vorpal grins, teasing the Boy Wonder a little. "I can give us a Rabbit Hole to get to the fifth floor without going through the skylight- just in case there's ears on the floor. You can lead the way since you seem to know your way—" Vorpal pauses.

There's a glowing golden guy landing on the rooftop.

"Booster Gold, as I live and breathe." Vorpal observes, an eyebrow raised. He waves to the man, standing next to Robin. He whispers into the Boy Wonder's ear "… he's a bit… visible."

In the exhibit known as the Legacy of Ages, a man in a black catsuit takes in the splendor of the exhibit. Thousands of years of history on display, the accoutrements of kings glistening softly under the lowered lights.

Charles De Brough, a tan middle-aged man with grey at his temples, finally rests his eyes on the prize he has come to acquire: A Was scepter whose head was in the shape of the mythical bennu bird. De Brough's eyes rest on the scepter as he speaks up, "Is it done yet?"

A second man dressed in a blue cloak, messy blond hair falling over his eyes, shakes his head as he stoops over the case. "Not yet. Not yet, give me time!" he hisses, his hands suspended in the air above the case. "It has been here too long, it likes this place."
"Why can't we just pick the stupid stick up?" A woman snaps as she walks into the exhibit, her frame and height rival that of any man in the room- at seven feet tall amazon clad in a bodysuit similar to that of De Brough's. Her skin looks like marble, and it is just as glossy. Under each arm she carries two limp security guards, whom she tosses to the floor, unconscious.

"Galatea, that's enough," De Brough hisses. "Disturbing something like this without proper precautions would be catastrophic." He reflects that, fortunately for those involved in the artefact's transportation, it did not awaken until recently. He looks at the mystic, the young man cursing under his breath.

"I need more time," Ambrose says, "It refuses to slumber. It hasn't noticed me yet, but if I don't do this right, it will, and then we're all as good as dead."

De Brough shakes his head and looks at Galatea, an accusing look in his eyes.
"They're alive," she grunts. "No need to give me that look." She smirks and places a foot on the back of one of the guards. "All the guards are out, but the alarms have gone off. We don't have a lot of time."

"I'm trying!" Ambrose says, strain in his voice.

"Prepare for visitors, then," De Brough says, "And leave Ambrose some space."

In a few seconds, the doors to the exhibit, massive as they were, had been slammed shut by the woman. De Brough did not choose to stand as she did, in the middle of the hallway and visible. He blended with the shadows, and waited.

"Dudes." Booster Gold amicably greets the pair with a nod, once Vorpal calls attention to them. He must have some kind of super-hearing, because he responds to the whisper with, "Visibility is my thing. Anyway, I'm bulletproof, so it's not much of a problem."

Booster floats up so his feet are a few inches above the rooftop, gesturing to the skylight. "If I drop down there and they all attack me, you guys can sneak in and kick their butts. I mean…" He puts his fists on his hips and glances around and down, one corner of his mouth pulled to the side, "I could go in and beat the hell out of them but that'd wreck stuff, and generally museums are full of stuff you don't want to wreck. Cool? Cool."

This seems to have settled the issue for Booster, who looks as if he's going to drop right down through the skylight with the assumption that the Titans will execute the rest of this 'plan'.

"You think?" Robin returns towards Vorpal regarding Booster Gold's apparent visibility. The Boy Wonder can feel both of his eyebrows draw together. "Well, we know they're here, they may as well know we are?" He clucks his tongue and nods, "Right. Get us in and — " there's a pause. "Hey. Booster Gold?" his eyebrows draw upwards. "Any chance you can provide a distraction? We can flank them in. There's two staircases. One on the East and one on the West." He looks between the other heroes. "I propose Vorpal takes me to one staircase, you to the middle of the room, and then he takes the other staircase. They'll basically be stuck. And they'll have something to shoot at—" kind of like if a hero was to douse a villain in glitter. Makes it harder to hide.

His gloved hand rakes through his hair, "Or… if someone has a better plan — ?"

The Cheshire nods as Robin takes Booster's suggestion and makes a plan out of it. "I like it. Let's go in and I'll provide the rabbit holes. Booster, you do your glowing shining thing… just be careful, we don't know who we're dealing with, here."

Once everything is in place, it takes very little for Vorpal to take Robin through the skylight and to the staircase. "I'll be invisible, Eff Why Eye," he whispers as he drops Robin off, becoming invisible. "Just to add an extra surprise."

The sound of the rabbit hole opening and closing is the only hint that the Cheshire is moving.

The staircase that Robin is on flanks the entrance hall to this particular floor, and there are security guards clearly taking 'a nap' on the floor here and there.

In the hall below, the woman known as Galatea is standing in the open, hands on her hips. Tossing her long, black hair back, she smirks. She knew that eventually either the police or meddling vigilantes were going to show up, and she was looking forward to it.

And inside the exhibit proper, curses and profanities flowed.

Booster snaps and points a finger-gun at Robin, saying, "Distraction is one of my specialties." He then explains, "I have several specialities but they don't really come into play at this moment." He looks up at his floating golden companion and says, "Skeets, come in after me but stay up high. I know that's not an ideal angle but you need to stay out of danger."

"Yes, sir," Skeets pipes up, ready to follow, but more importantly, ready to get awesome video footage of the situation.

Trusting the others to do their thing, Booster slips in through the skylight and drops straight down. Rather than shatter into a disfigured heap on the hard floor, he gracefully floats just above head height, brilliantly shiny and smiling. "Hi," he cheerfully calls out, arms crossed over his chest. He then unfolds them so he can dynamically point and shake his finger at the thieves as he says, "You have ten seconds to surrender. If you do not surrender, you'll probably be punched until you're very sorry, and that never makes anyone very happy."

Left to the staircase, Robin sinks into the shadows. He watches the security guards as he slides along the tiled floor. His hands are held in front of him and he murmurs to himself, semi-thankful no one else can hear him: "Nothing like being the ordinary one in the bunch."

He picks along the stairs, arms still held out as he moves, always ready for an attack or to gives the attack — whichever his circumstances may require. Intensely, he slinks along the wall, his booted steps silent and still. Training does the Bird Boy well.

He holds his position for the time being, his lips cracking into a smirk at the sound of cursing down the hall. "Well done, team," he whispers for his own benefit more than anyone else's.

The Gotham Museum of History has several gorgeous, elaborately-carved wood benches in the hall for the comfort and rest of its visitors. This being Gotham, and this being a Museum, these are not your standard modern benches. They look as if they had been plundered from Oscar Wilde's dream showroom and most of them have tiny plaques with names attached to them so that the great unwashed can find out who was responsible for the opulent toosh-fortress they were sitting on. They were huge, sitting up to eight people at any one time, the better for them to take in the history all around them.

Presently, one such toosh-fortress is sailing in the air towards Booster Gold.

"You're cute," Galatea says, after launching the bench towards the Golden one. "I'll try not to break you too much."

While the Boy Wonder remains hidden, he may notice that from the darkness, a deeper shadow detaches itself and becomes corporeal. De Brough's suit clearly has some technology that allows some level of light manipulation… but he has not seen the Bird Boy- yet. He is patrolling, obviously convinced that Galatea is enough to hold off one person. Now he was looking for other assailants.

As for Vorpal? There was no sign of him. However, the cursing had given way to yelling, and something that sounds like a randomly ocurring thunderclap from behind closed doors.

Booster Gold catches the bench, if you stretch the definition of 'catch' to allow for having the bench slam into his body with a loud cracking sound, knocking him back through the air several feet before he gets an arm around the object. The important point is that he ends up holding the bench, rather than allowing it to fall. He raises it, gripped in one hand, as he scolds Galatea with, "Have you no respect for museum property? This was made from trees! Trees are a valuable and finite resource!" Looking around for a place to put it, he ends up kind of wedging the cracked bench behind a large statue installation.

Once the bench situation is dealt with, Booster starts to glow more, his fists almost lost in the golden energy massing around his hands. It boils with kirby-crackle as he exclaims to Galatea, "I don't want to hurt you or your colleagues, miss." He shoots at her anyway, golden bolts of light zapping at the woman, although true to his word these are not stone-destroying blasts; just crackling stunners.

Bird boy glances at the railing of the staircase and then back towards the shadowed De Brough and then the railing. It's at that moment that he gets an idea. Silently, Robin perches on top of it, still using the trick of shadow to conceal whatever he can of himself. He watches the cloaked mans movements and then reaches for the birdarang on his utility belt. With a silent breath, he lifts the tool and gives it a good toss, much like a frisbee. It's aimed for what Robin thinks should be the other man's head. Maybe. It's hard to tell in the dark.

Once the birdarang has been thrown, even before it hits, it's time to make his own entrance. Without thinking, he runs down the railing, his own footing sure enough (although, admittedly not as good as Nightwing's would be while balancing), aiming to follow the birdarang's path. He launches himself off the railing at its end to tackle the previously cloaked figure and bring it to the ground.

When the beams hit her, Galatea staggers backwards. The beams definitely have a powerful stunning effect on her, but she recovers at an admirable rate- no sooner has she fallen over another bench (crushing it in the process) than she stands up, looking positively livid. "Oh, that's it!"

There is a statue of George Andrew Reisner presiding over the central hall of the Egyptian wing. His plaque informs the public of his important contributions by combining the methodologies of Petrie, Dorpfeld and Koldewey, and other similar data. Currently, however, the statue is being used as a rather large club by Galatea - who cannot fly- as she tries to swat what she sees as an annoying golden fly out of the air.

De Brough is taken completely by surprise, and his descent with the Boy Wonder on top of him becomes a tangled mass of limbs and flailing, with the older man not quite managing to get the upper hand. De Brough is a legendary thief in some circles… but he's decidedly old-fashioned, a 'Gentleman Thief' a little past his prime… and he doesn't have Bat-Training.

The noises from the exhibit, however, have subsided completely. There is an eerie silence throughout the museum. Except, of course, for the flailing De Brough and the crazy marble woman trying to hit Booster with a statue.

"I totally warned you," Booster reminds the statuesque woman, as if he found her anger unreasonable. He is a nimble flier, twisting and swooping in the air. He could probably just fly higher and avoid the statue-club, but that would risk losing her attention. At one point, the Man of Gold grabs at the end of the statue, but this does not work well—he is strong, but in the air he has no leverage, so all this accomplishes is letting Galatea whip him around like a blue and gold pennant.

There is a dull sort of clang-thud whenever the statue clips Booster, and it does knock him around a bit but he simply will not drop to the floor. "Ugh," he comments, after a swat that smacks his thigh. Gesturing at the uprooted statue in Galatea's arms, he adds, "Who's going to fix that? Private grants? Taxpayers?"

The Boy Wonder has more skills to recommend him than the elements of stealth and surprise. The flailing limbs are only seconded by Robin's elbow to the De Brough's head. The blow is hard and fast, and aided by the Bird Boy's weight as he leverages into the formerly stealth-ed gentleman.

Robin lurches to a stand, his legs at the ready to deliver a scissor kick to the fellow's head. Knocking out crooks is his modus operandi.

De Brough never really had a fair chance, which is not a bad thing, really, which means that the Boy Wonder now has one knockout under his belt, and is free to assist with the others.

Booster, on the other hand, hasn't quite managed to take care of Galatea yet due to his reticence to use something stronger than his stun blasts. The woman bats him around as much as she can, but she seems to grow increasingly angry when she seems incapable of putting him down for good. "WHAT… THE HELL… IS YOUR PROBLEM?" she bellows as Booster activates his power of Fiscal Responsibility at her. Her swatting becomes more violent and erratic, and she is going to hurt someone soon—

Except that the doors blow up.

There is a loud, foundation-shaking explosion that causes the massive doors to the exhibit to fly off the hinges with shocking force. Fortunately for Robin, the door that would have smashed into him smashes into Galatea's back instead. There is an audible crack at the impact, but the woman does not seem to be badly damaged, even if she does collapse under the door as it hits her, the statue falling to the floor with her.

The other door, though, comes flying right at Booster….

It is hard to see what is going on in the exhibit room, as a rolling mist seems to have formed in there and it is now in the process of invading the rest of the Museum once the doors are no longer an obstacle.

Once again, Booster catches the flying obstacle, although just as it did before this consists of it hitting him full-body and knocking him back through the air quite a ways due to that aforementioned lack of leverage. He ends up grabbing the door before it falls just as his touch the wall, as if he were trying to stand perpendicular to the floor. Frowning, he tries to look around the door but this is too awkward. Briefly, he uses his on-board x-ray vision to look through the door, then wonders to himself why he's doing that. ultimately, he just drops the door and lands on the floor beside it.

It's a happy coincidence that the Boy Wonder doesn't become a smushed bird. And one that Robin is pretty happy about. He reaches downward and zip ties De Brough's hands together. There's a moment he considers something, but instead reaches down and launches the now-knocked out assailant over his shoulder. "Let's get you out of here buddy. Not safe for a knocked out body. Even if you are a crook." Would Batman be proud? Who knows? Tim just won't be criminally negligent for letting some fellow die in the cross fire.

WIth two out, there's only one crook left to face. And Vorpal, allegedly, is dealing with him.

A bright flash of purple tints the mist for a moment, and then there is a scream. The mists part to let the cheshire cat through. Problem? He's flying, or rather he is being tossed with great force, probably in such a manner that it would injure him greatly if he's not stopped from either landing or hitting the walls

At the same time, the mists part again to let the mage through. He is carrying the scepter in his hands- a long staff with the head of the egyptian 'phoenix'. Mages and staves, after all. All is not well, however, as Ambrose is not walking but levitating a foot off the ground, and his eyes are glowing with an eldritch light. On further inspection, it would become apparent that he is not carrying the staff, but rather the staff seems to have his hand attached to it, and it is guiding him. The bird's head on the staff has the same eldritch glow around its eyes as Armand has.

The Was scepter has woken up.

"Okay. See, this is the kind of thing we all wanted to avoid," Booster says, gesturing at the mist, the explosion, just everything. He gives Galatea a very reproachful look. There is no time to linger, however, as he takes flight again and this time he catches the sailing cat without simply letting him crash into him bodily. Vorpal gets a much gentler save in Booster's arms, and is then protectively set behind the golden hero, who turns to face the floating staff and its mage.

"Stop right there, miscreant!" Booster Gold lifts his arm and holds his hand out, palm facing Armand. "This has gone far enough! Surrender before anyone gets … more hurt than they currently are now!"

Not only was Zachary's magicial senses tingling, but he was pretty sure that he got an alert from either Robin or Vorpal, that something was going on at the history museum in Gotham.

And so he can be seen barging in through the front doors. Coattails, slacks, tuxedo and even a bowtie are all part of his attire. Sadly there's no top hat or cape. "So what did I mi…" He pauses, confused, looking between Vorpal, Booster Gold…. And this mage with a floating staff? "Well, looks like you all are having fun…"

Zachary's appearance elicits an immediate reaction from the mage. Or, rather, the mage's staff.

"Booster…" Vorpal says weakly, clinging to the man to stabilize himself "Be careful, there's something wrong…"

Too late. A flash of purple lightning lashes from the staff at Booster Gold, lighting up his forcefield.

Glowing eyes now focus on Zachary, and the mage's lips open to say something. It sounds like a question, but it is in a language that was in use four thousand years ago, so the question is fated to never be answered.

Hearing Vorpal's warning, Booster suddenly shoves the cat-man back and away. This may seem rude, since poor Vorpal is already having trouble standing, but the reason becomes clear immediately. When the lightning hits Booster, it crackles around him and his suit sparkles with excess energy. The floor where he is standing actually seems to smoulder, either from the magical strike itself or due to how the man's powersuit is dealing with it—contact would probably have crisped Vorpal.

Staggering a step forward, Booster glows even more brightly as he seems to be absorbing the coruscating purple energy. Abruptly, the glow snuffs out, the glossy shine dims, and when Booster hits the floor apparently unconscious his hair actually gets tousled.

Zachary's blue eyes widen as Booster Gold is shot with purple lightning, but his gaze soon focuses on the mage. "Um…frankly that sounded stranger than my backwards speech. I would use hand gestures if I were you, but that would be hardly appropriate at this time."

Instead Zachary raises a gloved hand towards the mage. ""Etativel ffats ot em!" He exclaims a spell that should magical make the staff float to him….But he's seen weirder things and would not be extremely shocked if the spell did not work.

"Booster!" Vorpal manages to get to his feet and rushes over to the unconscious hero, trying to check his vitals. "He's alive-" he says to Zack, because keeping the team-mate updated was important.

When Zachary casts his spell, something remarkable happens: The staff flies from Ambrose's hand and manages to get partway to Zach. Reaching the halfway point, a blast of lightning arches from the staff to Ambrose- and another one to Zachary. A battle for the young mage's soul begins, with Ambrose suddenly fighting to regain control, dropping to the ground. It is evident that, for the moment, the staff cannot operate without possessing someone, and Zachary's spell clearly disrupted the connection it had with Ambrose- and so now it is trying to establish one with Zachary.

"Oh shit!" Vorpal curses, trying to shake Booster awake. "Booster, wake up! wake up!"

"Ugh…" Booster stirs, and some of the gloss seems to return to him. Translucent holoscreens with rounded edges appear out of nowhere around his head, streaming with non-English characters for a moment before they shrink and blip out of sight. He opens his eyes and sits up, saying, "That purged a lot of my energy resources." He gets to his feet, unsteady for just a moment, and then turns and grabs one of the fallen doors. Despite the ease he showed earlier in tossing heavy things around as if they weighed no more than slips of paper, he seems to be putting some serious effort into this, muscles flexing and shifting under his shiny metallic suit. Turning, Booster brings the door up and around, then swiftly down, trying to use it like a flyswatter, with the staff as the fly.

""Dleihs!" Zachary calls out, both of his hands outstretched, making a golden barrier surround him. It's made of pure magical energy and should be able to at least block out the initial lightning blast.

Though the actually possession is a bit more difficult. Seeing Ambrose fall to the ground after releasing the staff, Zachary seems to be aware of what the staff is doing. So he does his best to block it out with his eldritch shield, but the shield isn't meant for long term and he feels himself give out just as soon as the staff is hit with the fallen door. Assuming the staff is sent flying into the air, Zachary drops the shield and turns his head to Booster. "Thanks…" He offers quietly.

Zachary then turns over to Vorpal. "What the hell just happened? Because I'm lost right now." His gaze returns to Booster. "Are you okay?"

Fortunately he staff is, indeed, sent flying through the air, which breaks its attempt to possess Zachary.

Unfortunately, it also breaks the staff, as it smashes violently against a nearby wall.

This is not a good thing, by the look that Ambrose gives the sad remains of the staff that slide down to the floor.

There is a tension in the air. Vorpal can feel it. Zachary can definitely feel it- it is as if something terrible is building up, probably having to do with the fact that the two halves of the staff are glowing brightly and building up in intensity.

"Explanations later, get your ass over here!" the Cheshire calls out to Zach, grabbing Booster by the shoulders and pushing him back. The dome appears as soon as Zack is within reach, and just in time as the staff explodes into a whirlwind of eldritch magic. The storm is intense and it sweeps up everything that is in the room that is not within the dome. Fortunately due to their positioning, Galatea and Ambrose are also within the 'safe zone', and the fallen guards are one level too high, or are safely stored in the exhibit chamber.

The room is positively thrashed as benches fly through the air and smash against the dome or each other, fixtures are torn, even glass and tiles fly, and it's clear that Vorpal's barrier is not going to hold up for much longer…

Until, fortunately, the storm dies down with a whimper rather than with a bang. The cheshire cat sinks to his knees in exhaustion as the barrier dissipates… and Ambrose runs to the pathetic remains of the Was scepter. There's not much left, really, and he lets out an indignant wail as he cradles the remains in his arms. "You've killed him! You've killed Nub Ar Sal!"

Sometimes, brute force is the only option left. Despite lecturing Galatea earlier about wrecking things in the museum, Booster clobbers the staff as hard as he can. He drops the remains of the door and seems to be trying to raise his force field around everyone, but the golden sphere is sputtering and flickering in and out of view. Whatever that staff did to him earlier, it has clearly compromised his powers. "I'm fine, what about you? That thing seemed like it was trying to get you," he says to Zachary. He looks unhappy as the room gets demolished, but there is not much the heroes can do about that.

When Ambrose cries over the staff, Booster frowns at him and says, "Dude, if anyone killed that, it was you. I told you dudes to surrender and you totally did not surrender. So chew on that!" He parks his fists on his hips to complete this attitude of disapproval. Then, blinking, Booster says, "Skeets! Are you okay?"

The little golden robot peeks in from the skylight, and seems undamaged. "I'm fine, sir, thank you for asking. When things got turbulent, I felt it would be a good idea to get out of the way!"

Once the storm, Zachary just blinks before answering Booster. "Yeah…yeah, I'm fine. Just shaken. I have no idea what just happened, but yes, I think I was about to be possessed…so thank you." He runs a hand through his hair and then his glare daggers to Ambrose. "You joking, right? That thing tried to control you and you're upset!"

With a roll of his eyes, Zachary kneels down near Vorpal and places a hand on his back. "Hey, are you alright?"

"I'm okay…" Vorpal says, weakly, as sirens are now heard in the distance. Ten, fifteen minutes. A new record for the GCPD. "I'm just a little wiped…" he growls at Ambrose. "Can somebody please. shut. that. guy. UP?"

"Ungh… at least we stopped them. This should look good for the Titans…" A pause. "And Booster, of course." He reaches out to steady himself on Zachary and Booster to stand up. Ambrose is still emotionally distraught, bewailing the loss of a Great Find For Magic. It had been his intention to steal the artifact for himself and leave De Brough up a creek with their employer, so he feels the loss personally.

"Anytime, dude," Booster tells Zachary, as he walks over to Ambrose. "Vorpal, we can't just clobber someone after they've been defeated, simply because they're acting annoying." He leans down and tells Ambrose in a solemn way, "Sir, please suck it up and face your defeat like a grown man instead of as a tiny baby." Looking around at the wreckage, he turns back to the Titans and wonders, "Where did your little masked chum get to?"

"There are other ways of shutting someone up besides beating them up…."Gag mih." Zachary says quietly conjuring a piece of cloth to be put over Ambrose's mouth to prevent him from speaking anymore. Then he turns his head to Booster as if it never happened. "Little masked chum….You mean the Boy Wonder, don't you?"

Vorpal eyes Booster. "You know who Johnny Storm is, but you don't know Robin? You know, The Batman's sidekick?" his ears twitch as the front doors are breached. "Looks like the Gotham boys in blue are here."

Vorpal shrugs and smiles. "He's probably giving their leader the third degree. Find out who they're working for, all of that. So…" he looks at Zach, "I guess we should probably stay to give the police info on what we saw here." And paperwork. Oh god, the paperwork that would ensue.

He looks at Booster, and suspects that photos will also be involved.

Booster Gold rubs his chin, brows pulled down, arching up, then pinching inwards. "Batman exists?" He asks, as if this were truly surprising news. He does not try to argue this with the Titans; after all, if they know someone who knows Batman, it may well be true—the demon might be real. "Well… he didn't get hurt during that big…" he gestures vaguely to indicate the trashed room. "Anyway, I hope they don't try to blame us for the collateral damage. I do have video footage to show how much we tried to minimize it."

Zachary sighs as he hears the mention of paperwork. "I have no time for that. If I'm not at Metropolis in an hour, I'll be late and I'm never late!" His top hat suddenly appears in his hand. He smirks and takes a bow. "Farewell…And have fun explaining all of this," He says gesturing towards the museum. "But I have a show to attend. And Bunny is probably looking for me." He places his hat precisely on his head and with a poof of smoke, he's gone!

Vorpal smiles and waves at Zach, and then looks at Booster. "… Batman is real? Are you kidding me?" He shakes his head. Maybe the dude was from the future. Hey, Tel was. Why couldn't there be two? He reaches out to squeeze Booster's arm. "Hey… thanks for saving me back there. Are you okay?" he asks, since he took a blast pretty much head-on.

"It's all cool, dude," Booster assures the cat-man. "I'm not sure what that thing did, but it flatlined my powercells. I'm just glad it didn't cause me to explode, because if you think this looks bad" he twirls his finger to indicate the ruined room. "At least the walls are still standing. I didn't have the power left to get a force field up and around everyone, so you did an awesome job!"

"Well, I'm about to flat-line myself," Vorpal jokes, looking rather extremely tired. As the first wave of policemen come in, he looks at Booster. "Ready to fill out paperwork?" He sighs. Now he really wants to punch the mage. "And you might as well get ready for the cameras. Every time the museum gets hit, they send out the news crews. You'd think they'd know better by now. Crooks, I mean."

"I'm always ready for the cameras." Booster looks aside and one of his holoscreens pops up, the display showing his 'reflection' as if it were a video mirror. He checks out his battle-tousled hair, deems it satisfactory, then gives himself a wink before the holoscreen vanishes. "I think some crooks just like the attention, too." He removes the door on top of Galatea so she can be safely taken into custody, although he does give her a wink and a phone-handset gesture — thumb to ear and pinky to mouth — before she's hauled off.

Vorpal blinks and looks at Booster long and hard.

~Okay, he seems to be pretty media savvy here…~
~Maybe we should…~
~Maybe we ought…~

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to need to sit down with you over coffee so you can teach me some stuff." Vorpal says, keeping his eyes out for the officer in command. They usually brought the paperwork. "The bouncer job isn't going to cut it much… maybe you can teach me some of that publicity stuff you do— yes, officer," the cheshire says as he and Booster are waved over. Their statements are ready to be taken. And, yes, there are papers.

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