A Bird, A Cat, and a Wolverine... (Language warning)

October 6, 2014: …walk into a warehouse once used by Hydra to work on the Virus…

63rd St and 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Multi-Facet, Incorporated

This moderately industrialized neighborhood is a bit tired and worn from nearly a century and a half of use, and the warehouse that dominates the southwestern side of 63rd Street has seen better days. While reasonably well maintained outside, tell-tale rust markings and other indications prove this structure is starting to push the end of its service life.



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Jim Reha's 'partner' had promised a certain home invader that it'd 'keep an eye out' for anything suspicious regarding potential Virus locations or the like. After the encounter with the 'Hydra Three', it had begun nosing around, a surreptitious FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request here, some local forum-browsing, and eventually, Jim being prodded to 'take a walk' into the neighborhood and poke around. Something about this particular spot wasn't 'right', though if it could put a talon on it, it wasn't saying what wasn't 'right'.

The portly fellow is not a spy, a thief, or even a hardened criminal. So it was a vast surprise to him when he tried one of the doors of the long warehouse and he found it unlocked. Perhaps someone had left this place in a hurry? It wasn't the Three, those idiots had their location in a non-sensible spot in Queens, and there was no viable connection between them and this spot.

Not being a complete idiot, once he saw that the door was unlocked he made his way across the street to a cafe and had some coffee as he waited for dusk to settle down on the area. He wasn't going to try and enter the place in broad daylight, and he also wanted to verify that there was no 'foot traffic' entering this place that he'd missed. He's not a fighter — if anyone was, it'd be the partner — and his life expectancy in a true fisticuffs sort of situation would be measured in seconds if one were generous.

The streetlamps cast their typical 'pool of light' ambiance on the neighborhood as it gets a bit darker, and the husky Caucasian fellow makes his way around the block once before casually strolling to the door that he'd observed being open earlier and entering the building…


It so happens that Jim isn't the only one who decides that this particular twilight is the right time to go after this particular Hydra cell. The heads of that beast may keep growing back— but Wolverine takes a particular pride in hacking them off one after the next, anyway. Going on sixty years, now— he's a particularly infected thorn in anyone's side, when he decides to make it a priority. Logan doesn't have a chip on his shoulder; it's at least a jumbo bag.

The deadliest Canuck arrives on the rooftop all but silently, clambering up rickety fixtures supporting maintenance ladders and drainage with a reflexive grace that a man built like he is just shouldn't be able to manage. The only sign of his passage is the periodic creak or ting of the metalwork dislodged by his swift upwards passage, and on the rooftop he comes down low, pacing a slow circuit from cover to cover, sniffing and canting his head at each stop. At the last, one of the stairwells, he speaks softly as if to himself, "I don't hear any kind of electronic alarms active." They hum, they fucking hum like a motherfucker— pity your dogs, you paranoid, civilized people.

Another beat, a sniff, another. "Don't smell anything primed to blow either. But somebody fuckin' cleaned up in here already." There's disappointment mingled with the last observation, but it's enough to inspire him to try the door, and move on padded footfalls down into the building proper; there's no sign to the observing Reha that he's entered, most likely. He moves from shadow to shadow, and the Wolverine doesn't need no goddamn flashlight. "If you can get eyes on, a scan wouldn't go amiss." Kitty would know that tone, even from the whisper— Logan smells a trap, and that has nothing to do with his mutant perceptions.


While Kitty hasn't had the same chip on her shoulder for Hydra, she is certainly someone who does not appreciate it when an evil organization attempts to kill hundreds of thousands of people - and especially when those people targeted are mutants. There is the added factor of her friends enemies tend to be her own.

While it may seem like Logan is talking to himself, there is a bit of a silence for a moment and before the younger mutant responds. Having phased through the wall just enough to drop in a small drone that Wolverine obtained from somewhere that Kitty knows better than to ask where, she lets the little robot hover for a moment before she phases back out to stand somewhere unobtrusive. What looks like an iPad is cradled in her arm and she uses it to steer the little thing about.

Lockheed cradles himself around her neck, looking at the screen with interest. "Eyes up," she says softly as she starts the scan. "It certainly looks empty," she replies. "But, if they had the time to clean, they had the time to rig some traps," she says, evidently agreeing to his tone of voice.


Too clean. That's the general impression anyone can get from the building once they are inside of it. In contrast to the outside appearance, the general layout and appearance on the interior is one of a lavishly funded and resourceful organization. It must have truly hurt whoever left here to leave, though they did take most of the 'loose items'. There's a stray computer terminal here or there, but the towers have been removed. No dust, either. Which is sort of odd, because there doesn't appear to have been anyone or anything in here for a while.

The 'best he is at what he does' fellow notes one very well-established falling debris trap as he moves along, and in fact, due to his lack of light sources he's able to pick out a couple of red dots of light here and there, perhaps from some sort of passive motion or light sensor array. The trip-wire at a different intersection rigged to a small metal package is about par for the course for a terrorist group in the field. And yes, this place is reeking more of 'set-up' or 'death-trap' than actual 'resource' so far.

With Kitty's drone in play, it's relatively easy to pick out a few more devastating areas where exceptionally creative espionage was utilized. And at least in one place, there's the faint hint that perhaps someone fell prey to one of the traps but it was reset, with almost mechanical precision.

Also with the drone moving about, the auto-mapper is easily able to suss out the location, and a few areas highlight as possible computer locations that have *not* had their equipment removed. Whether those are traps or simply an oversight or orders is uncertain. This process will take a little while, as the shadows darken and lengthen inside.

Unlike people gifted with amazing senses, Jim needs to rely on a nice, sturdy Maglight to help him see in the darkening warehouse. His route takes him through at least one cleverly disguised pit-trap — amazing things they're doing with corrugated metal these days! — and he has to pause in the bottom of the ten foot pit for a few, groaning a bit in pain. Fortunately, for whatever reason, there wasn't any spikes at the bottom, or snakes, or gas, or any of a bunch of horrible things. The guy didn't bring a rope, though, so now he's attempting to make a ramp or something out of the collapsed metal and not doing so well as he's beginning to make a bit of a ruckus.



The crimson traces of laser tripwires, the subtle electronic hum of proximity sensors and motion detectors, the smell of the batteries and terminals that tend to power them… let's just say Wolverine's alive today because he's learned to listen for them at moments like this, and hurt like hell a few times when he forgot. The parcels are patiently disarmed one by one with the steady hand of a man who's pretty sure one of these things isn't going to do him any lasting harm, and he moves methodically from hallway to hallway to clear the approach— and egress— of the electronic and otherwise rigged deathtraps protecting those less-empty areas.

At least, that's what he's doing until Reha falls in it, literally, and the Canuck's cranium cants to the side sharply, hissing into his comm, "We got company, ground floor." Which is rather far away from where he's at, and still peppered with carefully orchestrated murder pits. "Probably some schmuck tryin' to squat, sounds like they fell in it." Which has a degree of sympathy to it, despite the ire-laced, frustrated tone that sounds decisively like the crotchety old man he is. "Careful not to touch anything." Because he really doesn't have to ask Shadowcat to go check it out, in his estimation, she's just naturally curious like that; some would call it headstrong and impulsive. The pair of them share a hearty dislike for those people, as a rule.


Tucking the tablet, Kitty is through the wall quickly, but with care. She puts a hand on Lockheed to make sure the purple dragon doesn't flap away at an inopportune time and then she's on the other side and on the ground floor. The drone continues to hover where she last told it to, but she idly directs it toward where the area last registered as Reha's disturbance. "Careful not to blow up. Again," she tells him with a bit of a smirk that is clearly heard through her voice. "Meet you down here."

While she allows Lockheed to take wing whenever he feels like it, Kitty keeps herself phased. The best way to deal with pressure plates or anything of that ilk is to not output any pressure. If some poor person somehow accidentally fell into one of the traps, it's quite likely they'll need help. She moves briskly, but is sure to scan each area as she moves through it. While phasing will protect from most of the traps, there are some finicky triggers that may still be tripped by her. Pulling out a small flashlight, she sweeps it in front of her and continues toward the ruckus.

Eventually, Reha will notice a faded head of a brunette pop over the edge of the pit he's currently attempting to get out of. It may even look like she's a ghost. "I don't think you should be here," she tells him. It's both warning and advice, with a hint of concern.


The clean-up does go pretty decently, all things told. There are a couple of moments where it looks like the device had a double-deadtrigger to it, but even those are managed well enough by the Canuck, and even with the distraction he was able to clear most of the area out.

If Jim had heard the commentary about squatting here, he'd probably get upset a bit — he works for a living and has a studio over in Queens, dangit! But unheard, the commentary is sort of missed.

There's the barest of faint hums as the long-lived man gets closer to the hypothesized computer areas.

As Kitty moves through one unseen trigger she feels that weird sort of tingle that hints that perhaps a low-level electronic device was shorted out or a very tiny circuit was disrupted. There doesn't appear to be an effect from that, thankfully.

With flashlight it's easy to pick out the trail and see the motion of the commotion in the pit, and the battered Maglight he has swings up… and the light casts through the mutant brunette. If one were going for the 'shock' effect, the method was Extremely Effective. The portly fellow is speechless for a few moments as he tries to make his mouth work and nonsense sort of dribbles out. Understandable reaction, though. It takes him another try or two of taking in a deep breath then letting it out. "I am here, though. Something bad is going on in here, did it get you?"

Well, he recovered well enough?


It's kind of one of those Things He Does(tm) for Logan. If he had to count the number of secret bases and trap-laden super-villain lairs he's infiltrated over the years… well, he'd be shit out of luck because he has a hard time remembering them all, but that's beside the point. It's perhaps a sad statement that people trying to kill him for creeping on the premises is old hat for Wolverine, but well— he's lived an odd life.

"Definitely somethin' running up here." Which is awfully reassuring on an op like this, with the location so clearly prepared for them. "Be happy as a clam if it ain't something that's goin' to blow up in my damn face." Which is a gruff way of saying he'd prefer not to explode, alright, he's doing the best he can. "What've we got takin' the low road?" He's paused for a moment at that last turn towards one of the occupied rooms, by the last stairwell down. Just in case. Pryde hasn't raised an alarm, but hell— he's curious (stubborn and impulsive) himself.


Kitty winces as one of the triggers tingles as her powers short out its electricity. "Oh, nothing," she replies to Logan with a flippant tone that he may know as her playing off a near miss. Then, however, as the light flashes up toward her, the brunette quickly shuts her eyes and shields her face from the bright beam of the Maglight.

"Hey, would you mind?" She tells Reha with a hiss of sudden pain. As her pupils dilate and then contact to get used to the sudden blast of light in her face, she blinks quite a few times. "This place is a maze already without going through it blind." She's already forgotten that she's phased and while she would give the portly fellow she's come after to ensure his safety, it's quite impossible to do at the moment.

Perhaps to even add to Reha's confusion, Lockheed flutters down from the heights with the drone in his claws. He attempts to perch on Kitty's shoulder out of habit and then starts to fall through the phased mutant in an almost comical free fall before he quickly beats his wings and raises back up toward the ceiling with a jabber of annoyed unintelligible alien speak. "Yeah, this place is bad news," she continues, unaware that they may be speaking about different things. "That's what I'm here about. Why are you here?"


There's a brief 'CLICK' then a loud 'THUNK' from around the turn near where Logan is at, even as somewhere in the distance there's the very distinct sound of a generator powering up and then the overhead lights start coming on, circuit by circuit as the warehouse starts to light itself up. The place is even more impressive with the lights on, even as the whine of various bits of equipment begin to whirr themselves back to electronic 'life'.

Jim drops the light back down and away from the woman's face. "Eeesh. SORRY! I mean, wasn't trying to blind you, was trying to… well, you look like a ghost?" He pauses for a moment then tenses as the dragon does its antics. He's torn between laughter and terror at the dragonet's antics, and really has to rein it in, though he tilts his head and scrutinizes the flying thing.

"Huh." "I'm here tracking a — "

And then there are several rumbles through the building and Kitty losing her darkness-aligned vision is the least of her problems, even as the guy scrambles for some grip.

"Unauthorized personnel detected. Primary countermeasures: Not detected. Secondary countermeasures: Offline. Initiating Tertiary Response." It seems that the brain trust that built this place couldn't resist having a bit of a psychological effect as that is emoted across all the loudspeakers in the building. In various places, the floor rumbles as the pit traps angle their floors and hatches begin to open at the low end, revealing something mechanical and nasty looking.


"Nothing, eh?" Color Logan unconvinced. It could have something to do with the rumbling tremor. Obviously -he- didn't set off the alarm, so it must be Kitty's fault; or the unknown, but Pryde is just more fun to heckle. Despite the obvious and impending trouble, Wolverine completes his circuit before he delves down to meet it, slipping past a disabled turret with a single slash and *SNIKT* snakt, extruding and retracting adamantium in a smooth stroke that ensures the weapon will never function again. "Generator just fired up somewhere down your way." He can pinpoint it and hightail it there if Kitty needs him to— there's not much the tracker /can't/ run down, once he's got its number.

For the moment, it's the profound THUNK and click he's checking out in that occupied room, frowning at what he sees on its various displays. "Shit." More comforting radio chatter. "… I think there's still virus containment goin' on at this site, just rigged so we run into it." Good thing they've had their shots, right? Bad thing since it's right smack dab in the midst of Brooklyn. Not exactly M-Town saturation— but not the greatest scenario to run with, either. "Defend your position, I'm sendin' you something." A handset unit that Logan has (miraculously!) learned to work the camera on feeds Kitty a video of the monitors that indicate the points of interest. "Think the priority objective just shifted to containment, darlin'. I'm headin' your way in sixty." One problem at a time. First things first, he takes a thorough accounting of the command center he's in— and its own flagged point of interest.


"That wasn't me!" Kitty all but squeaks to Logan as the rumbling and the thunking starts. She'll blame Logan for that one way or another. Gathering her bearings, the young mutant responds much more professionally the second time. "Yup, I can see it. Looks like they're triggering everything. I can stop it, but I've got to get to a working terminal." She hasn't seen the computers, nor the system, but she is certainly sure that she can fix it given the proper equipment.

As Reha starts scrambling for a grip, the Shadowcat materializes just long enough to reach forward and snag any part of him that she can grab. Then, she jumps, suddenly still remaining in the air despite all the nasty mechanics and metal things that threaten them. "Sorry, I forgot what I looked like when I phase. I'm a mutant," she tells Reha in a calm manner. "So, what exactly are you tracking?"

At the words of Logan over the com, she frowns and looks down at the tablet. "You managed to do something technological without breaking it?" she replies in something like awe. "All those lessons must have paid off!" And pay off they do as she swipes and zooms through the different camera feeds until she finds that she wants. Her words may make her seem like a crazy ghost lady since he can't see who it is she's talking to, but she doesn't seem to notice. Glancing over at Jim, she smiles. "Well, I can't just leave you here and there's something pretty deadly that may be about release itself in the middle of Brooklyn." Even as she talks, she starts moving slowly through the air toward steady ground and to one of those points of interest. "So, care to come along?"


That turret will no longer threaten anyone.

It's very obvious that the flagged point of interest in the Command Center is the Canuck. Every time he makes a movement, the point of reference flickers and moves slightly, updating in nearly real-time. That would seem to indicate at least a sensor in the Center, which makes a certain sort of sense if someone were going to either manage the site remotely or wanted information on any intruders…

The computers are sufficiently advanced and running a series of defense protocols in a pretty standard fashion. Despite that, they do have a bit more creativity than the average HYDRA installation, though they do not appear to have a remote operation rig set up at the moment. On the plus side, at least for the time being that means largely automated defenses. On the downside, those defenses are a bit intimidating, to say the least.

There are a couple of warning flags on the bio-hazard containment area, the simple ones indicating a breach of some sort, the more complex ones not flashing in alarm but rather matter - of - factly indicating no dangerous biological hazards present…

"There's a virus, it's bad. Makes Ebola a cakewalk. Starts with mutants, but no guarantees." Jim has seen far weirder and his partner has had a civil conversation with the God of Mischief. A woman talking to herself is nothing out of the pale now that things are a bit chaotic.

The robot below begins to clamber out of its storage cubicle, shoulder-mounted gun arrays scanning over the area seeking a target, and the guns pass over the two completely before locking in on a distant target. There's the *Kshthunk* of two high-speed metal balls being targeted at the drone, largely forgotten…

The guy may have been willing to fight but after that display he's totally keen on staying with the ghostly girl. This is definitely not his cup of tea and he doesn't want to get hit by whatever the heck that was.

"Anything I can do to help, you've got it. That's why I'm here and… yeah. Just tell me what you need."


"Tell him we need someone who didn't set off the flamin' robot cavalry." Wolverine offers snarkily, ever-so-helpfully into Kitty's ear. "See if he knows somebody like that." Beat. "Besides -us-." Better than snarking at her? It's a tossup, but he works with what he's got. "Only heard one generator kick up." He intones in more legitimately useful fashion, "They're trackin' all of us, including Lockheed and the drone." Poor little thing. "Don't think the sensors can see you when you phase, darlin'." Which is particularly useful given the foe that Jim and Shadowcat are faced off against, now. Wolverine may not be particularly computer-savvy, but he knows how to plug in one of Pryde's data-mining algorithms and wait for it to do its thing— these systems may not be linked to anything offsite right now, but they're designed to store and transmit something, and even if it's just analysis of their own assault on the building? It's something he wants.

Leaving the device to do its work, the clawed Canucklehead is in the stairwell the next moment, unconcerned with telling anything he's coming as he vaults up and over the railing and down all three stories through the gap between the actual stairs. He lands in a splintering shock-wave, adamantium-clad knee crushing the flooring as he impacts already in a three-point crouch, with force enough to cripple your typical human; which, for anyone counting, Wolverine is most decidedly not. "Not sure there's any attractions left here 'cept us after all, Cat." There's something between anticipation and lament to the notes— it's always too bad when they clear out, but it's always cute when they think to turn the tables.


"Yup, that part we've got," Kitty tells Jim as she moves them toward some place where she can hopefully help. "How'd you know about it?" At the mention of Lockheed in the sights of the mechanics, she gives a sharp whistle. Lockheed, knowing the sound of danger when he hears it plummets, heading straight for Kitty, leaving the drone behind.

The metal balls collide noisily with the drone, smashing into the poor small mechanic with the loud crash of metal destroying plastic. Drones can be replaced, but Lockheed cannot. Desperately, she grabs for her dragon friend. Again, she materializes for a moment, the pair of Jim and Kitty plummeting for just a moment while the Shadowcat grabs and phases her friend back with her. Then, she and Jim's trajectory steady.

"It's all gone?" Kitty's voice isn't so much disappointed as shocked and annoyed. Who do these Hydra think they are? "Come on and get close, then, I'll run us through that thing and out onto the street."


The algorithms snake their way into the architecture like a knife through hot butter, even without the assistance of their creator. While the information security was pretty decent, it wasn't designed with a premier hacker assaulting it in mind, even if by proxy. It'll take it a bit to grind up that data and pocket it in a reasonable method of travel. There was a *lot* of information in the logs here…

Another automaton stumbles up out its closeted resting spot and begins to track in on Logan. Due to the unconventional descent, it tracked high and fires two hypersonic slugs that tear out holes in the wall the size of dinner plates and keep going… somewhere… off into the distance, their kinetic energy largely untouched.

"A crazy glowing man showed up in my apartment with a chain-gun rolling saying he was from Syria." is what he wants to say. What he does manage to get out between yelping at the sudden dropping as mass returns then vanishes once more is "Not the time. After!"

He's pretty confident that with resources now available they'll make it out.

"Wait, what? You're going to ram it?"


"Dumpin' their command 'n control into one of your toys." Logan explains in lieu of out and out protest against Kitty's plan for egress, "We'll need to give 'er time to finish. Then we can hit the generator and scoop it up at our leisure." Which is Wolverine code for 'only dealing with deathtraps and not killer robots.' Said murder machine closest to the Canucklehead takes its shot— and then he takes his. Adamantium razors are bared in matching sets as he uses the foot-long blades to rip a swift ascent up the front of the thing, flipping over its head and fully inverting to drag that slash across the mounted cannons on both ascent and descent.

Armored hull torn like so much shredded cabbage, bits thrown off, main cannons tearing free under their own weight— even if the thing is durable enough to stay operational, he does what he can to make it useless in short order. It's the legs of the next Logan targets, looking to disable its mobility— and then the sensor— before sprinting the rest of the way towards Pryde. Worst comes to worst, he can go through walls, too; more like Jim imagines it working.


"A crazy glowing man?" That is the sort of thing that Kitty certainly would like a follow up for. However, as Logan nixes her plan, she shrugs and decides to continue with the rest of hers. "Well, there's a simple way to take care of these things," she tells the Canadian with a palpable grin. If these things are purely electronic, her phasing through them should render them unable to function. "Should give us some time for my program to work itself through. We should only need about ten-fifteen if you've got the most updated software compiler."

There's a laugh toward Jim. "Not ram it! We're going right through!" And while it might be kinder to Jim for her to not sound excited at the prospect, that would not be the truth. Keeping a firm hand on Reha, she takes a running leap and then tucks her legs up as if she's canonballing into a pool. "Take a deep breath!" she says, a few seconds before tumbling through - double downing on the pool analogy. Because while it's a short way through the automaton, he still will not be able to breath as they move through it.


The machine was designed to handle well-armored conventional soldiers. Perhaps even a modest superhuman or two. It was not designed to handle the toughest metal known to man. It also wasn't designed to handle multiple breaches throughout its form. The damage is catastrophic even before the legs and sensor are taken off-line permanently… and then the thing begins to whine and… Ominous Hum.

It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Fortunately, Logan is well and clear of the thing before it goes off, leaving a nice crater in the floor where the pit was… and no scorch marks.

Jim nods to the woman as he blinks at the discussion. "Straight th —" He does take a deep breath and not because he's whipping around but half-forgotten military experience of the gas chamber test during Basic. As they scream on through the machine overheats, stumbles a bit, then collapses in on itself, completely non-functional. On the other side, though, he's screaming his lungs out… because hey, that was effin' surreal and kind of awesome and terrifying all at the same time. He stops after a moment or two even as three more doors begin to clank open over other pit traps in other spots of the warehouse.

"Get me a safe spot, the partner wants to help. Trust me!"

Fair's fair, they've shown theirs…


"Almost as fun as my way." Logan congratulates Kitty, even if it is via gruff tease. The radios are scarcely necessary now, as he crosses the last span to meet up with the others on the far side of the second, abundantly fizzled robot. He sticks the thing in the side for good measure, tearing apart the main conduit powering the now twice-disabled sentry. "Couple of these traps were flagged bio-hazard, but it looked like storage got cleaned out when these bastards high-tailed it." Which is all the more troubling to Wolverine, it's clear— he too knows about the lethal virus at play, and while they may have stopped production and neutralized the bulk of it, even a little is too much in his estimation.

Wolverine pauses for an analytical moment to look over Kitty, a considering study and confirmation of condition that wavers into a knowing half-grin a moment later, blue eyes scanning hers a moment before the feral runt's attention shifts, more sternly, to Reha. Apparently settling on the newcomer's basic nature— at least enough to take the risk— in that moment, Logan offers up a polite, "Don't fuck it up." in vague assent to Jim's offer of aid. This is punctuated an instant later by a murmured aside to Shadowcat, "Damn thing's whatever version you flamin' gave me, darlin'."


Right through the strange mechanical creature does Kitty and Jim plunge through. As they do so, the electronics short out and crumble, leaving the thing a husk of its previous terrifying self. As they move through, Kitty sets Jim down on the ground in a tucked back corner. "Partner?" she asks curiously, wondering where this partner may be.

"Hardly," Kitty snerks from her place on the ground. Making sure that Jim is in a position that is properly protected, she smiles. "Alright, I'm gonna leave you here," she tells him for a moment, eager to get back to the fight. "Just give a shout if you need help." She's not sure what it is his partner can do, but she'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Leaping forward toward the other mechanical creature, she shakes her head. "I've given you multiple updated versions once I fix the other ones. You never know what flash drives I give you," she sighs, not needing to speak very loudly to be heard by the man in her piece. "One of these days you'll wake up and realize you're in the 21st century, Logan, I swear."


Fortunately, the adamantium fork stuck in the second disabled bot definitely makes sure it is done versus 'standby for barbeque'.

"Well, hell, then I definitely better get the partner up and running. Because I don't want to be standing next to that crap if it goes."

Given the go-ahead and the apparent prep-time, well, both of the witnesses are mutants, they've seen this kind or done enough that it's nothing spectacular. Two long limbs extend out of the man's back, even as his skin turns black and feathers extrude in what would appear to be a painful fashion until there is some sort of strange blackbird-person-thingie in front of them.

"Partner assures one that this one will 'not fuck it up'."

It tilts its head at Kitty's comment then considers. "A transmitted program is much more efficient than a hard - copy transfer. This one should compare notes when one is not busy."

It drops itself down low as its own talons pop out… not nearly as impressive nor as potent as the Canuck's, but they do look rather wicked as it launches itself up in a perfect arc to land behind another of the emerging robots.

The other two bots, given that they cannot seem to detect Kitty and haven't gotten the updated tactical feed, start tracking Logan, twin barrels lowering down into place, and making themselves easy targets for unseen phased folks to barrel through…


"They all look alike." Logan retorts dourly, deliberately difficult. "I think it was purple." It probably wasn't a bright plastic color of any sort, given the quality of Pryde's work— but that seems to be inherent in the dry implication. He takes a moment to grin and watch Kitty do her thing, his attention seemingly split between Jim's transformation and his own partner's efforts, heedless of the peril posed to him at this very instant. Appearances can be deceiving, however, and the moment the twin barrels lock in place to fire, he's in motion.

The sound they make might as well be a starter's pistol to the mutant's ears, and he darts and rolls low, coming up to intersect Kitty's landing from the opposite angle and offering her a hand as he braces himself in the crouch. It's a stable vault and a strong arm he's offering, ready to forcefully launch her along a clear trajectory towards the next killbot in line as it tries to track the surprisingly mobile Wolverine. The inverted Fastball Special even includes complimentary swat to her (possibly abruptly phased) rump— which is part of the maneuver's tradition more often than Logan might like to admit.


"They don't," Kitty sighs as she tumbles through the air toward Logan. While the words of Jim reach her, her own attention is already directed toward another target. The talon growing man will most likely garner much more speculation later on down the road. For now, there are other things on her mind.

In a synchronized sort of motion that belies that they have possibly done this before, the young mutant unphases just long enough to gain the momentum from the toss Logan gives her. There is also a backward scowl at the swat that only lasts a moment before she is careening toward and through the next mechanical kill-bot.


The two machines wheel and whirl in place as they attempt to track the surprisingly agile opponent, the first volley of rounds putting holes in pieces of equipment, the second tearing up the floor.

The bird-thing goes after the vulnerable points much like Logan had done with the other ones, and lubricating oil sprays upwards as the machine flails helplessly, unable to right itself after it collapses.

With the carefully honed teamwork between Logan and Pryde, the targeting is spot-on and another machine slumps to the floor, lifeless.

The remaining machine turns to lower it's rails down on the bird-person, who is still in the middle of getting untangled from the slicing and dicing it had performed on its primary target. It hasn't quite picked up on the danger yet, given its focus…


If a man transforming into a steel-rending crow were the strangest thing he'd seen, well… Logan's life would have been several shades closer to 'typical'. As it is, he can simply appreciate that the guy in the pit is a fair bit more useful than first appearances might have suggested. It makes much shorter work of the nastily armed sentries, for one thing. As Kitty careens through the middle bot, Wolverine rolls the opposite way, coming up on the flank of the last and darting in under the firing arc of those mighty magnetic cannons.

Logan throws his momentum behind it and kicks his legs out in front, dropping into a classic baseball slide that takes him beneath and beside his target, claws slashing to and fro in a harsh snicker-snack that relieves the behemoth of no shortage of its supporting metal and circuitry. He rolls back to his feat and pounces on the thing's back even before it's really started the tumble to the ground, straddling and riding it down amidst a shower of sparks and arcing adamantium. "They just don't make 'em like they use to." He laments, without much conviction.


Kitty flings herself through the kill-bot still phased, shorting it out as it attacks. When she reaches the ground, she remains solid only long enough to come running back in order to run back toward Logan. Jim turning into a metal bird is something that gives Kitty some pause, but she doesn't find it any stranger than any of the other mutations she's seen in her time.


As the one machine dies a horribly snikt-y demise at the hands of the Canuck and the other a shorting out mess, the lighting in the warehouse goes to a red flashing. Warning klaxons sound as solid steel shutters slam into place over the ground level doors.


While the destruction of a Hydra base would normally be a thing to be applauded, the normal methods of base destruction usually involve some form of fire, explosive, or a combination of the two. With bio-hazard materiel about the building that has not been positively identified as Virus-bearing or not, however, this becomes somewhat problematic. Theoretically, a fire would destroy a virus that was kept in cooling containers for transport. That's a very long shot to take a chance on, though. If it does not and the force of the explosion jettisoned the hazardous materiel into the atmosphere… the long-term impact could be far more devastating than a simple warehouse fire where some firefighters might get exposed, or even the neighborhood.

As if serendipity knocked, however, Kitty gets a ping of acknowledgement that the data-mining algorithm is done…

Time for some heroic hacking, perhaps?


There's a bit of a smirk at the paradox — quick, get out. By the way, locking you in. Just like Hydra. "If we can shut off that self-destruct, might be some useful salvage here — or the virus." Logan doesn't have to start on all the ways this shit could go bad if it just detonates. Hydra isn't known for their cares about collateral damage. Besides, he'd rather they take it down themselves, with portions of explosives and fire he's -sure- won't eradicate the surrounding block; or worse.

Kitty's got the easy way up to the control center, and aside from a moment taken to give her a hearty boost up towards the ceiling should he need it, he's high-tailing it that way himself, "Get back out the front and make sure you're watchin' if I gotta bail out a window, Birdman." Kitty he's sure can vacate swiftly — Jim? Not so much. "You tear through those shutters?" If not, there's another pause — this one to rip asunder a section of the lock-down for Reha to make good his escape. Kitty knows what she's doing with the terminals.


It's easy for Kitty to spring upward and through the floor up the upper floors once she's given quite the boost from Logan. Once she's through, she's quickly looking through terminals and computers in a way to counteract the self-destruct. While she's not too keen on this building, she doesn't want it to blow up and effect everyone else around it. She'll let Logan deal with Jim and the killbots down below while she works at the electronics above.


"This one is going through the roof. It appears less durable than the shutters."

And the bird-thing supports itself on an intersection of steel I-beams and with a screeching circle-cut slices out a large enough hole for its egress as well as any others that seek to use that method. It waits atop the building for the Canuck and Kitty to get out.

Given the rooftop aperture, Logan doesn't need to open one of the shutters and can see the bird-thing peering in towards him.

"Get this secure, get the details, get out. This one is covering the exit."

Kitty's data-crunch is easy to retrieve. That's at least one thing that won't be lost if the building goes up.

And then the destruct mechanism… is run through the terminal. For all the ingenuity in the defense of this place, destroying it clearly wasn't very well thought-out. This is more of a hardware problem than a software problem. Destroying this terminal destroys the activation message on the circuit for the mechanism. No message… no earth-shattering ka-boom.

It can't be that easy, can it?


"Right." For all the ambivalence of the single syllable, Logan looks upwards at that path through the structure with a degree of respect as Corvinus makes his play to vacate the premises. He's in the stairwell and up, up, up with a less stylish, lumbering sprint that brings him out into the control a few moments after Pryde has set up shop there.

"What are we dealin' with, darlin'? Localized doomsday scenario, widespread apocalypse, or the world's most over-engineered dud?" AIM might give them a run for their money here and there, though. The teasing belies the severity of the situation — being in a building that may be about to go up like a fuel air bomb has a way of demanding perspective from those stuck in it. "Any of those needs a quick kick…" He's her man. Computer troubleshooting is an exceptionally fine art.


The pull of her information drive is quick. Kitty puts it into her pocket without a thought. As she looks at the terminals and the computers in front of her she realizes that not even her expertise will shut them down in the short time period she has. "I've got the drive," she tells Logan. "But, it's going to blow no matter what. We've got to get out of here."

With that, Kitty phases through the floor and back toward the others, but now with better information in her back pocket.

"It seems to just be for the building. Anything else would draw too much attention. Hail Hydra and all that idiotic jazz." Kitty drops to the ground floor into a crouch. "We should probably just get out of here," she suggests.


The bird-like being crouches on the roof and waits for the other two to exit. It does not know what is transpiring below, only that it said it would remain and that it would cover the exit for the other two. Saving the lives is important. If the duo can manage to deactivate whatever destructive device is in there, ever so much power to everyone. If not, well, it can hopefully get the fellow out and the woman can phase out of danger. It gets a bit fidgety as the clock counts down…


It can't be that easy, can it? It echoes in Logan's head, too, when Kitty just shorts out the control terminal as she turns to leave it behind her. A dubious look is cast to the brunette, then he just nods towards the ladder back to the nearby rooftop hatch. He's on his way there already, clambering up and dropping a hand to Kitty, swinging her upwards to allow her phasing to drag them both through and up onto the roof. From there, well— minimum safe distance can mean so many things. "Get clear!" For his part, Logan stalls at an adjacent rooftop, looking from the warehouse, to the transforming bird, to his techno-ninja comrade with some measure of hesitant relief. Is the trap disarmed? He's on eggshells, it's clear, and wise enough to stand /right beside/ Shadowcat.


Either way, Kitty is not about to find out whether her phasing was able to defuse anything. It is truthfully a haphazard method at best. Even as Logan helps toss her up toward the roof, she tugs at him and keeps them both phased just in case the roof does indeed blow even as they are attempt to traverse it. Seeing the strange bird creature also there, she'll gladly help him across while phased as well. Explosions are all the less dangerous if the debris passes through all of them.


The bird-being launches itself from the building-top and lands on the same building that the Canuck and the phasing woman are on, fanning its wings out and over the two of them to hopefully provide them some protection. It is patently unaware that the fellow could probably stand at ground zero of a fuel air burst and regenerate. It, too is on edge as the countdown reaches the warned of demolition time… and nothing happens. No big boom. No huge explosion. No fire. No… nothing. It seems almost anti-climactic as they all stand there and stand at the now dark building… much as it was when they entered just a short while ago…


"Whelp." Logan breaks the tension first, sensing no looming detonation and confident the timer's come and gone. "Guess now we sweep that place proper." Though there's likely even -less- left now: the important systems were dumped before they could shit the bed. All in all, it's a win in Wolverine's book. He chuckles at but doesn't dissuade Corvinus' protective instincts— that Kitty's intangible and he's nigh indestructible aren't things he broadcasts, when he can avoid it. Instead, Logan offers up Jim's way, "C'mon. You and your partner can buy us a beer." Beat. "And tell us how you got mixed up in this shit." No, one mostly helpful op does not Wolverine's trust earn— but he's curious. This can be good, or this can be bad. An arm is offered to Kitty, and he makes his way off towards the nearest dive.


It is quite anti-climatic when Kitty finally phases back into the normal materialized form and watches as the building they leapt from does nothing in response to their dramatic effort. At least nothing exploded and they did not do so along with it. With a raised eyebrow, she takes Logan's arm and starts to move toward the proffered dive. "Yes, there are quite a few things I'm sure we both have questions about for each other. And I've found it's easier to talk about it when liquor is involved." With a grin, she gestures with her chin for Reha to join them. "Come on, let's debrief."

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