Getting the Elf a License

October 7, 2014: Blink kidnaps Lorna to help her get a driver's license

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Suddenly, from seemingly out of no-where, a brilliant portal opened up next to Lorna, and from its depths emerged a figure straight out of a fairy tale, or Lord of the Rings. A purple elf, with pointed ears, pale violet skin, and eyes of green - without a single pupil to them. Her hair, the lavender locks, where held in check by a scrunchy and hung down her back, to swish around her waist. Her clothing was far less Medieval, than second hand, with an oversized and loose fitting green sweater, jeans that had seen better days, and a scuffed up pair of sneakers.

The instant she emerged from the portal, her wild eyes scanned the room and lit upon Lorna. "OH good! I found someone!" Which in and of itself, may seem a bit odd, then again, what comes next takes the cake. "I seriously need someone's help…" A pause. "Green hair, huh, would you wear a w.. never mind, it'll do."
Another pause, and even before Lorna has the opportunity to say 'yes I'll help you' or 'no I won't', a portal opens beneath Lorna, as Clarice states ever so chipper. "Sweet, thanks I swear it won't take long…."

Within the blink of an eye, Lorna will then find herself transported directly outside a fairly small DMV, with any number of beat-up old cars around, and Clarice next to her, idly shifting the sweater to fit better, and yes, still talking. "I managed to get a social security card, and a birth certificate, but they still won't give me a license, without someone saying, 'hi I'm her cousin, sister, aunt, uncle twice removed, and yes, this is her."

A pause, a beat, and the elf's gaze twists towards Lorna again. "Oh, by the way, I'm Clarice Ferguson. Thanks for doing this. I totally owe you, aah " At this, Clarice has to actually pause, she never did catch the green haired woman's name.

Lorna Dane has seen plenty of weird things in her time, many of them around the X-Mansion. So when a glowing portal suddenly appears at her elbow in the Mansion's rec room, her first reaction isn't to either jump out of the way or prepare to defend herself. Instead, it's annoyance that the sudden distraction has just ruined her shot! She might only be playing pool with herself for a bit of practice after lunch, but she's still miffed as she watches the cue ball roll right past its intended target and drop neatly into a corner pocket. Straightening up, she turns around and is confronted by a scruffily dressed lavender elf. The portal might not have done it alone, but combined with the lavender elf? This occurrence is nudging her top ten weird ways to start an afternoon, now.

What's worse, Lorna already finds herself WAY behind in the conversation that said lavender elf is already having with her. And which Lorna doesn't appear to have any choice in taking part in. "I guess?" She says, a bit warily, before the purple girl announces that she needs help. Lorna feels she's on firmer ground with that. "OK, what's the matt… What? Would I what? Hey! WAIT A MINUTE!" It's all in vain, though, because suddenly Lorna is somewhere else.
Looking around a bit wildly, perhaps expecting some kind of ambush, Lorna finds herself… outside the Department of Motor Vehicles. Still holding a pool cue in one hand. Deciding that she probably doesn't need to defend herself right this minute, Lorna reaches up with her free hand and pinches the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes for a second or two. It's going to be one of those days, she can tell. She can almost feel the inevitable headache already. She can hear the elf still talking, but Lorna's not paying any attention. Count to three, deep breath, open eyes…

"Lorna Dane." She says with creditable calm, and hold up a hand before Clarice can take that as an invitation to go off at a mile a minute again. "And before we go any further, Clarice, I need to know…" Lorna waves her hand helplessly. "…how about everything? Starting with where you came from, why you stole me from the Institute, and exactly why I should commit fraud for you!" Lorna takes another deep breath, her voice having started to rise by the end of that. "Or you can put me back. Right now."

"Well, technically." Offers the lavender elf with a tilt of her head to one side, "It isn't really fraud, it's more - - ah." A pause, a flutter of eyelashes over her green eyes, and Clarice offers a tentative, "Helping to claim what really is mine?" The tone is hopeful, but given the green haired woman's rather firm set of her chin, and desire to GO BACK and not help unless she gets information? Well, Clarice just sighs.

"So, I really am Clarice Ferguson, it's kind of complicated." Clarice's mouth twists from one side, to the other, trying to think of the 'short version' of her tale, which doesn't immediately come to mind, then a light bulb hits off and she offers. "I'm not from this particular Earth, but a different one. I'm stuck here, now, and so I'm getting this world's version of myself's license, so I can actually function, with a job, and apartment, and live instead of the alternative. Which really would be fraud, theft, and so on."

Hopeful eyes gaze at Lorna, "I just need someone to come in with me to the DMV, point to me and say 'Clarice Ferguson', which is absolutely true, I'm just not this world's Clarice Ferguson, but that doesn't need to be said."

A breath, and Clarice offers a wry. "Then I'll send you back, or we could go out to eat, anywhere. France. Italy. England. You name it."

Lorna matches Clarice's head tilt, only when she does it, her eyebrows are raised in a distinctly dubious look. Just in case that's not enough to convey the point that she's not buying this yet, she says, "Just a tip? If anyone ever asks you if something's fraud? Don't start your answer with 'Well, technically'." Lorna still hasn't showed any real sign of going along with Clarice's scheme, but she does sound faintly amused. What the hell. It was shaping up to be a boring afternoon, and while Clarice may well be crazy, she doesn't seem all that dangerous.

And then comes… The Explanation. Involving other Earths, and… "Wait, there more than one of you?" Lorna asks, faintly incredulous, but then shakes her head. "No, no, sorry, carry on." She definitely sounds amused now, but she manages not to say anything else - or laugh - until Clarice has finished. "First, that's a terrible explanation. Even if it's true, but frankly, I've dealt with weirder stuff than you." But not very often, Lorna has to silently admit to herself. Shifting her weight to one hip, she props herself up with her pool cue… then looks at it and sighs. She looks back at Clarice again and shakes her head. Not in an I'm-not-helping way, more in an I-don't-believe-I'm-doing-this way. "One question. Did you pick me and the Institute at random, or do you /actually/ know anyone there?"

"You, Ms. Dane, I picked at random. The mansion? I am a X-Man… or at the very least, reserve X-Man, I stepped away for a bit to get adjusted to this world. So, yes, I know a lot of people there, Talia Wagner is one of my best friends, as is her dad, Kurt - ahm. Hmm. I'm sure most of the staff know, too." The elf's expression remains held in a quiet smile, luminous eyes watching and remaining upon Lorna's features, intently gouging if the woman is going to help or not, or further, if Clarice has met an incarnation of her on different 'Earths'.

Certinaly, Clarice recognizes the green hair, so the answer is 'yes Clarice has met a different, alternate version of Lorna Dane before', but that's about as good as Clarice is getting right now.

Rubbing the back of her neck, Clarice ponders a moment. "And honestly I'm not sure if there is another of me, I can only assume so, as I exist in some form. I have the social security card and birth certificate to prove that. I could be dead. Or .. at least the other me, could be dead, I simply don't know, and don't really want to find out."

She really does believe everything she says, so insanity is probably the best idea behind Clarice's words and actions.

Lorna takes her hand off the pool cue, which remains standing incongruously upright next to her, the small amount of metal in its construction enough for Lorna to keep hold of it while she rubs her temples with both hands. Yep, here comes the headache… "Clarice? Another little tip? Next time, lead with 'I'm an X-Man'… OK?" That would have avoided SO many problems… "Kurt? You know Kurt? Great…! …except I don't have his number. Damn." Lorna frowns, but Clarice has already begun ruminating on the possible fate of this world's Clarice, so at least Lorna has a couple of moments to think. With a shrug, she reaches out and reclaims her pool cue with one hand, and digs out her cellphone with the other, finding the number she wants even before Clarice has stopped speaking. As the person on the other end of the connection picks up, Lorna shoots Clarice a look and waves her pool cue in a vaguely 'keep quiet' gesture.


"At the DMV."

"…it's a long story. Look, do you know a crazy purple elf called Clarice?"

"You do? …don't ask, just tell me if she should be trusted behind the wheel of a car?"

"OK, great. As soon as /I/ figure out the full story I'll tell /you/, OK? Yeah. Bye."

Lorna hangs up and just looks at the phone for a moment, then sighs. Putting the phone away, she pushes her long green hair back and looks up at Clarice. "/I/ must be the crazy one, but it's your lucky day. Go on, before I change my mind." She sounds pretty resigned to the whole thing now, though.

Watching the pool stick stand - on its own, Clarice's eyes narrow slightly. There were many explanations to how this could occur, and Clarice couldn't remember Lorna enough to remember what her powers were. So, the elf remains silent, casting her gaze on the telephone that soon emerges and listening with a wry grin on her face, at the one sided conversation, unable to hear the voice of Miss Grey.

Linking her hands behind her back, Clarice idly rocks to and fro on her heels, listening and grinning at what she can hear. "Actually. I probably wouldn't want me behind any wheel." Still, Clarice is only too happy to have Lorna agree to her plans. "Awesome, thank you Miss Dane. A lot."

With that, Clarice moves with a purpose towards the door to the DMV, parts it open, and steps on inside. "As she calls back, one might hear. Huh. Ticken number two hundred thirty nine." While inside one can hear the DMV associate state. "Now serving number 2."

Lorna, still talking to Jean at the time, frowns at Clarice when the purple elf blithely suggests that she's an auto accident waiting to happen, then rolls her eyes. She's committed now, after all. Or possibly she should BE committed now for going along with this… "Don't mention it." She says, sounding a bit aggrieved. "Really. Don't mention it. Particularly to anyone who might report me." It's hardly the MOST illegal thing she's done as an X-Man - it's not going to involve any immediate property damage, for a start - but somehow the very mundane nature of what she's doing is bothering her more.

Propping her pool cue as unobtrusively as possible outside the door - and hoping it'll be there when she's finished - Lorna steps inside, just in time to hear the ticket number be announced. Lorna stiffens and then takes a deep, calming breath. "You are DEFINITELY paying for food when we're done." She tells the girl, ominously.

And then settles in to wait. It's going to be a long afternoon.

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