On The Roof

October 7, 2014: Nightwing and Robin play catch up.

Westside — Gotham City

The massive Gotham State University campus is located here along with it's
student housing, on campus and otherwise. Countless students live in this
area including those who also attend the Furst Memorial College of

The college age nightlife is centered around this area also, especially
Kingstone Square a location cvered in bookstores, coffeeships, nightclubs,
dance clubs, juice bars, raves, concert sites and small community based parks
for the more 'outdoorsy'.

The West Side is also sometimes "Little Bohemia" and considered the arts
community of Gotham. It's intentionally trendy in some areas and what one
would expect of a college connected art heavy location. The Gotham Comedy
Club can be found here and is a big hit even amongst the younger crowds.



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It's been an eventful night, especially for a Tuesday. Tuesdays are normally not so full of things. But this Tuesday has been. Between skipping class for hero things(tm), getting a quick nap, and pulling himself together for nightly patrols, Tim finds himself back on campus. But not dressed as his campus self.

Robin lingers on a rooftop of one of Gotham University's many buildings. His eyes squint down at what has now become a rather still night. Earlier he'd found himself at the docks, checking if the FBI had left any sign of things behind. He sits on the ledge of the arts theatre, concealed in shadow before turning his attention back up to the moon.

With a small sigh, his head shakes and he reaches into his pocket for, of all things, his cell phone, leafing through the photos from North Point that he'd taken for traces of, well, anything. Irritably he frowns when he realizes his gloves don't make it easy to leaf through his pictures. Shaking his head, he tugs on one glove, drawing it off his hand.

He carefully sets it beside him lest it go missing.

Squinting at the photos, Robin, flickers through them one by one, and he doesn't notice the wind. Or the way it kicks up around his glove and blows it off the building. Nope. He's distracted. By photos.

A moment or two later, the glove is tossed right back at him, this time from behind. "Is it the girl again, or are you really -that- distracted?" A familiar figure joins the other on the roof as Nightwing makes his presence known. "You should probably keep better track of your things. Wouldn't want it ending up in the wrong hands."

Stepping closer to the other, he peers over the quad before smirking, "Lose your keys?"

"Hey!" the glove actually hits Tim in the back of the head, prompting Robin to snap around and catch sight of Nightwing. Just the mention of the girl, however, causes his cheeks to turn a light crimson as his gaze casts downwards. "Uh," he begins, flushing a little further, "No. It's not…" he tries to hide the edgings of a smile "…I. It's a crime scene!" he urges more defensively than he intends.

"I wouldn't carry photos around of her. It's not… we're not…" He reaches behind him and grasps the glove to sit on it. At least his weight will keep it in place. "I really like her," he finally manages before looking back towards his phone, "we had pizza. We talked…" he continues to look down at the ground. "It's complicated. She got stabbed and I had to unmask her and take her to the hospital. So now things are weird…" because before they weren't, evidently.

Nightwing doesn't look at all convinced. "Which is a crime scene? The quad or the pictures you were looking at?" Of the girl. Hey, it's his turn to do the teasing…and it's been a long time coming!

He rests one foot on the ledge and leans forward to peer over before glancing back at Robin, "Pizza…in your masks? Good thing you don't have a full one on." The smirk falters when the stabbing is mentioned, "Is she all right? Why are they weird? Because you saw her whole face?"

"The pictures! The pictures were of a crime scene!" still too defensive for his own good, Tim shifts his weight from one hip to the other. "The quad is fine. It's Tuesday." It's his turn to smirk now.

And then, back to questions about the girl, "Yeah… in masks," he fights the sigh that inevitably comes out at he remembrance. "I wouldn't put everyone else at risk like that. She knows me as Robin. I'm pretty sure if she knew me as the other guy, she could put together everyone else. Maybe. One piece of the puzzle can easily define the picture with the right puzzler." He finally sets the phone down on the roof beside him.

The thought of the weird, however, makes any remnants of a smile disappear. "Because I checked her in and had to get her name to do it. I saw her face. I… had Oracle look her up so I could find her." Tim cringes at the last one. "Only because I was worried! She checked out early which was kind of a tip-off — " There really is a fine line between concerned and stalker, and Tim is well aware he's walking it. "She's the Cluemaster's daughter," his eyebrows draw together while his gaze turns back to the skyline.

"You do realize that most people go about meeting others without masks, don't you?" Nightwing starts, but quiets as he hears more of the story. The phone is glanced at before he reaches down and picks it up. There's another pause as he seems to consider looking through it, but instead, he just hands it back to Robin, "Don't leave this about, especially where it could be left behind, stolen, or broken. You never know who might find it."

He then is quiet a moment before he offers, "The only weird thing I see is using Oracle to track her down. You need to tread carefully…it's not polite to know secrets about…most people…until they're ready to tell you."

"Right," the phone is accepted and tucked back into Robin's belt because pockets aren't a thing with the Robin uniform. "I'll work on it."

Nightwing's about looking people up are easily conceded to. He sighs and nods. "And I wasn't going to. I swear I wasn't going to." He presses a palm to his forehead. "But she went home to take down her father." He holds up a single hand and then shakes his head, "Just bad ideas all around. She checked out early. She blew her stitches." He shakes his head.

He stares at the ground below. "It's weird. I know things about her she doesn't know about me. Including her name. Her real name. And I really like her. I mean. A lot." His cheeks flush again.

"Also it's becoming painfully obvious that I suck at girls."

"I don't know anyone who excels at girls, to be honest," Nightwing admits. "A lot of people fake it, but they really don't know. Maybe if they can read minds…" but he doesn't want to go there. He's actually rather quiet for a long moment.

"I don't really know what to tell you. I mean, you have a few ways you can play it. You can pretend like you don't know. You can tell her who you are so you're both on even turf. Or you can just continue knowing and see how things play out. However, that last way might kind of get you slapped once she finds out how much you really know about her."

"Whatever. You seem to do well enough," Tim counters. "I don't think I'd want to read their minds though" He presses his palms to the base of the roof and fights the frown that wants to take over his expression. "And she knows I know a lot. And I haven't gotten slapped yet." He shifts again and then crosses his arms over his chest. "Well. Actually — I did get slapped, but not for that." He clears his throat.

"I never admitted to understanding women," Nightwing grins in response, "And I'm not currently seeing anyone right now. Haven't really had time for it since starting the Academy. I tried with one of the girls in my class…didn't really go past a second date." It got weird and she kept on misconstruing his manners for patronizing behavior.

He tilts his head some, "She knows you know a lot. How much does she know you know? And why did she slap you? Did you try to kiss her when she didn't want it?"

"You're in a better position than I am," Tim clucks his tongue. "I have no idea what I'm doing. And whenever I think I'm doing the right thing, it's completely the opposite." He groans. "You said you would do pizza if I did pizza. Which I did. Just saying."

The notion of being slapped isn't left off the table, however, and has the Boy Wonder frowning. "N-n-no," Tim didn't kiss her when she didn't want it. His cheeks begin to redden, "She's always kissing me." And it's not even a little bit untrue. He scratches his head. "No. I. Don't really know why. Not really. Jealousy I think?" And there is the truth. "I drove a Harley Quinn-look-alike home. She wasn't from around here, but honestly, I could barely see the difference until I was up close. I was concerned because if I had this case of mistaken identity — " someone else might, he shrugs. "Spoiler slapped me for it and then said I should've let the lady take the bus." He shrugs again.

Nightwing clears his throat, "We had Chinese food…not pizza." So he did live up to his end of the bargain…even though he didn't know that Tim had actually done the pizza thing. "I don't know if I'm in a better position…at least you sort of know where you stand." Although there's hope.

The explanation gets a frown, "Why…was there a Harley Quinn look-alike? And I kind of see her point…some. Although it also sounds a bit like she got a bit jealous. You probably should have called her a cab…"

"She was from New York," Robin rolls his eyes. Evidently he's been through this before. "If she'd been a local, a cab would've been…" Tim waves his hand. "Seriously. She was dressed for some roller derby thing… big ponytails, painted face, schoolgirl skirt… Harley Quinn." He sighs. "I was trying to do what I do. Honestly, this lady was not very… defensive, I guess? She couldn't defend herself. Or move quietly." There's another pause. "Or get her taser quickly. Assuming she actually had one and wasn't just idly threatening me."

And then it dawns on him, "I thought you said you weren't seeing anyone. Who did you have Chinese with?"

Nightwing doesn't look impressed by the excuse. In fact, if he wasn't wearing his mask, there would be a -very- unimpressed expression on his face. "You are the sidekick of one of the richest men in the Tri-State area. I think you could afford a couple hundred bucks for the cab ride." Yeah. That excuse isn't going to fly at all.

"So you drove her home because she was completely clueless and helpless? Well, I see why you were slapped…your girl probably thought you'd let her flirt with you. Or worse."

He's not letting the subject move onto him though, "I'm not seeing anyone and we just had Chinese. Really, it's none of your business."

"I'm not convinced a cab would've drove that far," Tim says in his defence, although the tone isn't exactly defensive. "And the lady thought I was gay anyways. And she knew I had — have — a girlfriend… well someone. Which she took to mean I was gay."

"So that's how this works? I tell you everything because I have no idea what I'm doing. Obviously." It's not even a question. "And you tell me nothing?" And then with a shake of his head, Tim notes, "My frame of reference is literally one high school girlfriend and a handful of other non-events."

"A cab will do anything for enough money," Nightwing points out. "And just why would he think you were gay? Were you talking about cute boys?" Maybe he's never seen that part of Tim, but he hasn't hung out with him in a bunch of different situations. After all, when one is in the Mansion and being waited upon by a butler…there are a lot of conclusions one could reach.

"What? Are you trying to live vicariously through me? You, I will point out, have gotten at least a kiss…or more. Looks like you're doing better than I am right now. I didn't date that much in High School either…I never had time!"

"Will they? Because I'm pretty sure they still have boundaries on where they're allowed to work… don't they?" or maybe Robin really doesn't know much about cabs. "Plus, to be honest, I don't think this woman would've trusted the cab. And then when she saw the Redbird, I'm pretty certain she was determined to go for a ride." And then in defence of the Redbird, he adds, "It's an awesome car." No one will convince him otherwise.

"No," Tim was not talking about cute boys, "but Vorpal sort of implied it and then kissed me on the cheek. Which is what happened with Spoiler. Earlier. When she thought I was gay." There's a pause. "I don't think she thinks that now."

His cheeks redden at the notion of living vicariously through Nightwing, and then more at the thought of getting kissed, "I don't know. All I have are girl problems. Some solidarity would be nice. Assuming they are actually universal."

Nightwing shrugs, "I've never tried it, but people do go between New York and Gotham quite often. It's not -that- far…" just over a bridge or two, really. "So she wanted a ride in your car and you deferred. Ok…I'm beginning to see the reason for the slap." He moves to crouch on the ledge, balancing easily, "So they thought you were gay because a guy kissed you…on the cheek. Not on the mouth. And you didn't kiss him back…and yet they thought you were gay?" He doesn't quite see that, but maybe he's already of a different generation.

"You have solidarity. Believe me. Every single guy who dates girls has been where you have if they're not there already. Maybe slightly different since we have the whole…mask and secret identity thing." There's a pause, "Did you call her? Apologize?

"Yeah. I did. Apologize. In person. She stole my grappling gun." But Tim doesn't seem too broken up about that. "She ran off with it. And then yelled back at me…" he shakes his head. "I really like her. But. She got involved in some trouble a few weeks back. Trying to stop it, I mean. And Batman," Robin cringes. "He was not nice about it. And. I think this is a minefield. Not just because she's dating Robin, which — is problematic on its own, but. Because this side of my life definitely wouldn't approve."

He shakes his head, "Meanwhile. She's… yeah." He forces a smile now.

And then, likely purposefully, he switches topics. "But honestly, earlier I really was looking at crime scene photos. Did you hear about this?" His eyebrows draw together. "Couple days ago, Oracle saw something suspicious at North Point — where the docks are. I was maybe five minutes out, so I went. Things got ugly fast, with a masked vigilante stabbing a suspect through the eye, so I asked Oracle to call the police which put things on a tight timeline."

He swallows hard. "But these thugs were carrying boxes. Large ones that said FISH. But they weren't fish. They were people being loaded off a ship." He swallows hard. "Five to be exact. All accounted for, apparently. Metahumans of some kind. I went back to try to get some photos after the Feds had cleaned things up. Nothing really to see."
"So? You're going to let Batman dictate who you're going to date? Send her flowers or candy or a stuffed animal. You know where she lives, I presume…" since he asked Oracle about her. He probably knows what she ate for breakfast. "I hope she accepts the apology." He might press more about it later, but the crime scene piques his interest.

"Wait, there was a transport of metahumans? At North Point? I hadn't heard…" but he hasn't much time to watch or read the news. "Were they rounded up or did they escape?"

"I dunno. No? But I'd rather not have more trouble brewing," at this he actually frowns. "I've been thinking of… not being Robin anymore. There's so many reason why. But growing up into another role. This is just one reason. One of many." He sighs. But regarding the candy he leans forward, "That seems really cliche. But maybe a present is in order…" He hmmms. "She's not cliche. I think she'd find all of those things pretty cheesy."

"Most of those involved seemed to be rounded up," Tim offers with a shrug. "But it's not — I don't think it's that small or simple. They managed to get the crooks involved with that raid, but it was like nothing I'd seen before. Gurneys, drugged out people, and they were being harvested for something." Tim frowns. "You know those blood bag machines you see at the blood drives. It was like that. But it wasn't collecting blood." He shrugs.

"A gift then…but nothing trite. You know her better than I do…I'm sure you'll figure something out," Nightwing starts with a grin but it fades when he mentions not being Robin anymore. "Would you just quit or set off on your own?" Like he has? "Because there, I can tell you, it's not easy. Still having Batman on your side is helpful. Maybe you can step away while you're at college as I did? I mean, it was a huge help…I don't know that I would have finished if I was also Robin."

The seriousness remains, "Harvesting?" There's a shake of his head, "I never figured it would come to that. I'll help all I can. I'm sure there will be extra patrols there too by the police, but if I need to put a word in someone's ear, I will…if I can."

"Well I don't want to be mistaken for someone else," comes Robin's cryptic reply. "So I dunno. I don't know what I'm doing," in any part of his life. "And I'm not sure there's room for me all the time. It's not a college thing," Tim doesn't even know what he's doing with his life. "It's just a thing. And I really have no idea what's next anyways. Is there life after any of this? Or is this all there is?"

He frowns at the notion of the crime scene again. "Yeah. I know the Feds were brought in. But like I said, I didn't get anything really noteworthy from the pictures. It's just… if this is happening in Gotham — I doubt it's a single incident."

"We'll keep an eye on it. All of us will…and you know that we'll have a good eye if Oracle's on the job." He might be just a little too insistent about that. However, the other comments have his attention now as the raid is filed to deal with later.

"There's life after it…as long as you stay alive. I've been in situations where I had moments of doubt…that I wouldn't get out of it. I've been shot at, stabbed at, beaten…" Nightwing shakes his head. "There's no guarantee that we'll survive this. But it's our decision to keep going. No one will fault you if you want to get out of it and focus on a different life. Maybe I will one day, too…" just not yet.

"I don't even know what I'm doing with my life," Tim replies with a shrug. "Someday I should probably figure that out." He swallows hard and then looks back down at the world below.

His lips purse lightly and he asks, "Have you ever heard of Miranda Tate? She invited me to come by her office sometime. To talk about my future. Me. Not Robin. Because," he manages a very lopsided very boyish grin, "apparently I exude directionlessness. I think she means to offer me a job." Pause. "But why? Literally, she was running by when I was doing calculus homework. Which, to be fair, is challenging but some of the most singularly useless things that I'm doing right now."

"The businesswoman?" Again, Nightwing's mask hides much of his expression. "If you want to consider business, just…look Wayne Enterprises. Seriously. That'll give you a better taste and you'll at least know people. I bet you can even just start in the mailroom or as a paper pusher if you really wanted to start at the bottom and work your way up, but…see, I think it might be dangerous going to a different company." But he also has an odd loyalty still, despite everything. "If you want an internship, but…do you really want to be stuck behind a desk?"

Still staring out at the skyline, Tim goes quiet for a long stretch. Finally he lands on, "I don't know." About any of it really. "I think if I went to Wayne Enterprises I'd never really feel like… I'd earned it, I guess." He shrugs. "And I'm not ungrateful. That's not it. It's that I want my life to be something I work for." He sighs quietly. "And I don't know if I want to do business. Honestly. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life."

Nightwing reaches out to clap the other on the shoulder, "That's partially what college is for, you know. We get it kind of messed up with adding Robin into it…" which was one reason why he quit during that time. "You don't need to decide tomorrow…or next month…or next year. You don't even need to decide when you graduate. You know that, right?"

The hand on his shoulder merits another grin, this one easier than the last. "But at some point I need to pick some direction, don't I? A major maybe?" The grin turns crooked as Tim notes, "I've also heard this rumour that going to class is a good idea. I should probably work on that." He hmmms, "Maybe I should quit for awhile. Hang up the cape for a few." Except Robin is dating Spoiler. Not Tim. Which causes Robin to pause and then shakes his head, "Then again, maybe not."

Nightwing shrugs, "A major is helpful…but it doesn't have to be a career path. It can be something you're interested in…although I will say that it can be har to get a supportive job with an Arts degree." He can't help but grin at that. "Going to class does usually help. It might also help you find what you think would be fun. Maybe you'll find a calling. Maybe not. There's always Grad School."

At the mention of hanging up the cape, "You do what you need to do…no one will fault you for it." He pauses, "-I- won't fault you for it."

"I guess. But doesn't a major sort of narrow down your career path?" Robin quirks an eyebrow. "Although I guess that's not a bad thing. I just need to pick something. There's just so many possible somethings." He shrugs. "I feel like this is something I should've figured out last year. But I wasn't actually thinking of college as this finite thing, you know? Like. It was just the next thing."

He frowns a bit at the last. "I dunno. It seems like all I do is as Robin. And for Robin. Or the city as Robin." His lips hitch up on one side. "It's the only part of my life that makes sense, but it's also kind of all my life is. I'm struggling to get up int he morning for 8 am calculus. There's always another crisis that needs attention…"

"Not really. I mean, it can help, sure. If you want to go law, you can do Criminal Justice, History, English, a language, Philosophy…I knew people who did all those and went into Law school. If you want to do Medical, you probably want to major in a science or two. Most majors though…they're transferrable. Besides, most people don't get a job in their field of study right out of college. They go to Grad School…or get a starting job somewhere, maybe in their field, but most likely not."

Nightwing is quiet again before he nods, "I know. Believe me, I know. We have training exercises at 8am…and some mornings I'm dragging."

"But do I want to go law," Tim asks with a small smirk. "And medicine? I can't imagine keeping this up and doing that. Robin the med student? I don't sleep enough as it is; can't imagine being an intern would help." Pause. "That's actually choosing something isn't it? I mean. It's choosing to give this up out of necessity."

He turns to face Nightwing and then nods, "I don't think I could make it happen. Honestly, I miss calculus more than I go." He waves hand, "I'm still doing fine. I show up to office hours when I need to. But. I know I should be at school. And not sleeping. And yet." He hmmms. "But I really don't want to give up Robin." He silences and then notes, "Ironically, I think these girl troubles have pushed my time over the edge. But she's dating Robin. Not the other guy. So giving up one piece sort of negates the rest. And I don't want to not date her. Even if Batman wouldn't approve. It's complicated. All of it. Maybe it shouldn't be."

Nightwing lets Robin talk, even as he stands and moves off of the ledge to the roof proper. "I majored in something I was interested in…but honestly, I've had more than one thought to go back to the Circus. Life would be so much easier and I'd be doing what I love. But I'd miss being Nightwing, too." Even though he's not doing it for a girl. "Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. She can always date the other guy instead, you know. Do it for you…don't do it for anyone else."

His smirk returns, "There. There's some wisdom from the older guy."

"Yeah, because you're so old," Robin teases with a smirk as he presses himself back up to a stand. He shoots Nightwing another grin, "I guess I should go do some homework or something. Skipping class and homework probably will land me on academic probation if I'm not careful." He, however, remains on the roof's edge.

More seriously, however, he adds, "I'll let you know if I hear anything about the North Point metahumans. And anything in terms of developments there." He yawns, "Otherwise take care of yourself." He jumps off the roof, his cape catching the wind allowing him to parasail downwards. But even as he moves, he calls back, "And thanks!"

"I'll keep an eye out as well," Nightwing promises, and he gives a chuckle as Robin mentions doing homework. "You'll be on the Dean's List and you know it!" is called back before he shakes his head. "Welcome!" is called back before he just watches the other glide down to the ground.

"I do not miss being a teenager," is murmured to no one before he gets ready to head out himself. Prowling around North Point seems to be on the agenda for tonight.

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