Titans Pow-Wow

October 7, 2014: Some of the Titans gather together to discuss the Orboros situation.

Keith and Miguel's Apartment

The apartment is not spacious, but it is adequate for what it is: a place for
two young upcoming heroes. The most noticeable thing is that, aside from two
futons, a book case and some personal effects and essential pieces of
furniture such as clothing storage, the apartment itself is rather Spartan in
its furnishings. It makes sense, in a way, since the owners can create any
piece of furniture they want or need and then simply dismiss it.



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Keith is watching the sink fill up with water, suds floating to the top slowly. Dishwasher's broken, the super'll take care of it at some point. It takes time- it takes twenty-six people, it's a union call.

He looks over to his futon, which is empty. Gar had gone to teach class, even though Keith objected to him going out in his weakened state. But the pretense of business as usual has to continue until there is no alternative. He had sent Robin a quick summary of Things As They Stood to keep him in the loop. Somehow recapping the situation into three paragraphs only made him more apprehensive, it made everything much more immediate and at the foreground.

He touches the Starkpad and turns off the music. He's in no mood for music, right at this moment.


Three paragraphs of strange material about magic, mysticism, and general murderment of friends, allies, or family always begs more information. Especially notions of imminent death by said mysticism appears as a possibility. Robin doesn't get out much during the day; typically Tim goes about his day job — the life of a college student trying to get good grades and figure out what he's doing with his life. This, of course, means that Robin is usually hung up somewhere in the bat cave.

But some things are just more important than others.

Which is why when there's a rap on the glass of Keith's window, that Robin is the one lingering just outside it. Even before being invited in, he pushes against it and steps through.

It's a wonder whether the bat-family ever uses doors, or whether anyone at the Wayne residence seems to come in or out.

He crawls through the hole, eyebrows drawing sharply together as he moves. "So. That was quite the note," he observes. And then, he realizes he's once more forgotten the social niceties often not displayed by his mentor. "I mean," pause, "Hi," pause, "that was quite the note."


Keith turns around and smirks, taking his eyes off from the sink to look at Robin. "Hi," he says. The lack of effusiveness at seeing the Boy Wonder is telling of what his frame of mind is at this point. "Sorry about that. I tried to keep it concise lest you thought you were reading some bad Game of Thrones fanfiction or something of the sort." A partway successful smirk, and then he points. "Coffee's in the pot, if you want some."


"Even with the succinctness it felt like I was reading Game of Thrones fan fiction," Robin remarks as he trudges to the kitchen to nab some coffee. Tim basically lives on coffee. Most people are made of water. He's made of coffee. He retrieves a cup and pours himself a mug. "So. What can be done?" there's precision in his words — a 'to the point' attitude with anything remotely important. "Because I don't buy that there's nothing to be done."


"I don't know, Rob," is the reply that comes back as Keith leans on the counter. Water is still running. "These guys are… beyond a lot of people. That one of their scouts was able to put that slug-curse on Gar… I don't even want to think about what their actual assault force could do to him. And he will try to protect me." He grabs a mug from the little mug tree holder on the island and serves himself a cup as well. Water is still running.

"The two outcomes I can think of mean something terrible happening in each, and only the third one is less terrible."


With the water still running, Robin actually shifts around Keith and reaches out to turn off the tap. Because running extra water is wasteful. "And what three outcomes do you see?" His eyes squint and he finally takes a long gulp of coffee. "And really, there's enough mystics around that someone should be able to do something?" His fingers tap against his mug slowly. "Maybe there's information in the Gotham library on any of this. It might be myth, but sometimes myth is way closer to the truth than anyone would like to acknowledge…"


"I'm not sure you'd find much in the library. From how Fenris described them, these guys are almost antediluvian in origin and they have been absent, or hidden, for a very long time. We've got a lot of mystics in the group, but none of us equals that level of power. I'll put it in perspective: Fenris himself, the god-wolf, is wary of a battle with them."

Keith lets that sink in and rubs his forehead. There are bags under his eyes and he is paler than usual (for a ginger). "Three outcomes? One-" he grabs the salt shaker and puts it in the middle of the island. "I hide. The Circle of Oroboros will try to lure me out by going after someone I love, and they already know that's Garfield. So they will torture him, or kill him. They have access to something Gar called 'The Green', which is why they could put a curse on him, because he turns into animals. Or something like that. So… they torture him to bring me out, they split my soul to free the Cait. I die, Gar dies, and you all get the Cait Sidhe, a spirit of pure chaos, loose. That's one. So… Two—" the pepper shaker.

"I face them directly. They split my soul. Same outcome as One, except Gar lives. So Three—" the sugar pot.

"I kill myself. The Cait dies with me, no Cait to let loose. I die, nobody else dies."

He steps back and gestures to the three containers. "So yay for options, right?"


Robin rakes his hand through his hair and shakes his head. "I don't buy it. There aren't no-win situations. They don't actually exist." He downs another long gulp of coffee. "There's got to be another way…" His eyes narrow and he hmms, "is it possible Gar would go into hiding with you? Just while we figure it out? It's not ideal, but honestly, there's got to be a better way than — " he cuts himself off. "Let me be blunt," he wrinkles his nose, "I'm pretty sure none of your friends would be keen on your death. What does Gar have to say about any of this?"

Keith gives Robin a look. "What… you think I'd actually tell Gar I'm considering offing myself as a last ditch option in case they get close enough to split my soul? Please. His last girlfriend killed herself too- after betraying the team and nearly killing him and them. That's stuff you just don't talk about!" He sips his coffee and sets the mug down, beginning to pace across the room.

"Doesn't mean I don't have to consider it. Especially if it comes down to either him or me dying. This is all because of me, it's my soul they want. If nothing we do stops them, then the last resort is to make sure they never get to fondle it, right?"


"No, I didn't think so. But it's kind of a big secret to keep — " Robin counters as he finishes off the last of his cup of coffee with one last really large swallow. Which has him going for more. He pours himself another mugful. "You consider it, but let it go. Because there's always other options." Welcome to Tim-land.

"Plus he's more apt to… I dunno, consider going into hiding with you if he can keep you from doing something drastic to protect him." Robin sighs and then takes a lazier sip of his new cup of coffee.


There's a knock at the door. A short one, but one that definitely wouldn't go unnotcied. Though soon after a short wait there's a poof of smoke on the kitchen table. Once the smoke clears, an apparently impatient Zachary Zatara is seen, in costume, sitting on the edge of the table.

He turns to Keith almost instantly after he can see through the smoke. "Circle Oroboros trying to take your soul? Really Keith? I suppose the world is never as mad as it could be. But trust me, your death is not an option. You can't give up already! Have you even tried contacting some of your ~magical~ friends….Because I may know someone who could help here."


Something goes *THUMP* in the coat closet. And a moment of silence.

"OW!" That voice was muffled from behind the door, and decidedly feminine. Another few moments, and the door opens up as if admitting royalty, Zatanna posing with a flourish of her hand, and magic wand tucked under her arm.

Top hat. Brilliant smile. Coattails. ~Zatanna Zatara~.

"Hello, everyone~" she calls. "So I hear there's something magical going down? Hey, Zach," she says, giving those gathered a brilliant smile and a tip of her hat.


"Zee," Keith waves, and he waves to Zach as well. "The magic just happens all over, doesn't it?" He says with a little bit of humor back.

"I'm just discussing options, people. Options. Nothing is set in stone… I'm not going to kill myself."

Pause. "Unless there's no other choice. I mean, tactical considerations have to come into it. We are talking about some sort of demon-fae cat who plagued parts the world for a thousand years jumping out of my chest, okay? It's a pro and con sort of thing."


"Or, you know, just don't do it?" Robin counters before polishing off another cup of coffee. He sniffs, puts his mug in the sink, and then treads back to the wall to lean against because that's what the bat-clan does. Lean against things.

He glances between the two Zataras and scratches his head, "Yeah? See? They agree. There's got to be other alternatives. And they know things about stuff like this." There's no question Tim is out of his element here. He's not exactly skilled at it and hasn't the background that either Zatara does.


Zachary glances at his cousin. "Hello Zee. You totally beat my entrance. Why does that keep happening?" He grumbles to himself before focusing on the matter at hand. He twirls his wand in his hand before looking between Keith and Robin.

"How powerful are we talking about here. Our magic is one thing," He says gesturing between him and Zatanna. "But extremely powerful, ancient druids are another. And do you know what this circle-or whatever they are, want from your cat spirit?"


Zatanna opens her mouth as if to respond to her cousin - but she ends up just kinda lifting the brim of her hat and winking at the other Zatara in lieu of response. Pulling her hat off of her head, she kinda gives her wrist a flick, as if throwing her hat at the wall - and the hat disappears entirely. Along with her magic wand.

Lifting her chin to Tim, Zatanna gives him a brilliant grin before she turns her eyes back to ze Cheshire.

"Well, a cait sith put into a vessel of their own devising - that would be pretty wicked, wouldn't it?" she asks Zach, her eyes kinda sparkling. "I mean, rampaging cat… demon thing under the direction of a cult of spooky druids - sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday," she says, even if there was thought behind her eyes.


"Because Zee looks better than you in fishnets. As to how powerful? Well, very powerful," Keith answers. "The dog-wolf Fenris isn't keen on fighting them, if that gives you an idea. They put something inside Gar… Raven had to help him with those… eerie powers of her. He got pretty sick. Worst part is that Fenris mentioned that those dudes were just the forerunners… the ones that come will be far more powerful. Vastly so. So… I don't know. Rain—"

A pause. "Oh yes, by the way, we have a new member. A young paranormal investigator slash witch by the name of Rain. She's trying to locate John Constantine for us to see if he knows something about these assholes. Fenris also told me to look into someone in New York who has an artifact called 'The Witchblade' because it might remember these Druids. If we can get it to cooperate. Those are my only two leads. Outside of that… …" he shrugs and sighs.

"… I'm going to sound like a completely selfish ass right now, but I'm willing to take any option that leaves Gar not dead, you know? I'm not entirely sure if there's a chance of me not ending murderated in all of this, but if there isn't, at least that choice I'd like to have."


"So. Basically, we find these two dudes… someone named Constantine and someone named after a sword," so says the dude named after a Bird, "and hope that they have some information bout these druids?" Robin reiterates as his eyes tick between Keith and the Zataras. "Okay." His lips twist to the side in contemplation.

Robin sighs, puffing out his cheeks in the process. "Maybe there's something in legend about the Cait Sidthe? Honestly, it seems like there'd be something somewhere. Not that we'd have access to it, but I have a friend that might be able to do some research. They're pretty good at looking things up and finding things that others can't find…"


"…I don't think wanting Gar to not die is that selfish, Keith," says Zee, kinda running a gloved hand through her hair. "Well, there is /so much/ magical information out there - getting ahold of a few more witches and warlocks might not be a terrible thing," says Zatanna, a little grin dancing on her lips. "As for research? I…" she glances towards Zach, "/We/ have a library that's beyond fab for stuff like this," she says, grinning even wider.

"I mean, so long as you don't find a book that some Zatara locked a demon in a millenium ago, but that hasn't happened for what?" Zee looks to Zach. "A couple years? I dunno. We should have a field trip, or something."


"Oh, the Cait Sidhe is a known quantity. He's inside me. I know him: Fae cat, spirit of pure chaos and mischief. He spent thousands of years terrorizing and intimidating most of the world. In Japan he was the Baka Neko, in China he was the Tiger In The Mirror, the Cait Sidhe in old Britannia. He's got one heck of a rap sheet." Keith shrugs. "The Yellow Emperor in ancient China was the one who finally trapped him in a magical mirror. Branded him with some sort of magic sigil right on the nose." he taps his nose. "Which is why I have all the heightened senses of a cat in my Vorpal shape… except for smell."

"It's them that we know nothing of, and they seem to have been absent for thousands of years. Why are they making a comeback? What are their goals? I have no clue, but it's safe to assume that they're not 'the good guys'. The simplistic answer would be that they are doing this to just 'cause chaos', but that's way too much trouble for something they can do through other means. So maybe there's a specific reason why they chose the Cait… Before you ask, though," Keith raises his hands, "The Cait isn't speaking to me. Not after the encounter with those Druids. I think he relishes the idea of being free, and doesn't want to give me any information that might hinder his release. How like a cat, eh?"

"Where are my manners… Coffee, Zee and Za?" he asks, grabbing two mugs off the holder. One of them is Miguel's, it has 2Qt2BSTR8 printed on it.

He looks at Zatanna, "You mean the library at Shadowcrest? Think there may be any books about kooky ancient druids there?" Keith has never been to Shadowcrest, but Zee has spoken of it often. It sounds like a cross between the Addams Family House, Disneyworld and Castle Grayskull.

Not necessarily in that order.

He looks down at his phone as it vibrates and looks at the incoming text. «No thinking about noble sacrifices! I mean it!!»

He shakes his head. How the hell? He texts back to Gar: «Pay attention to your classes. Don't fly back here until you've rested.» Was he a telepath? He had to be a telepath.


"Makes sense. but why would someone just want it running loose?" Robin echoes the other question again. "Knowing more about any mythology around it could be useful. People that have wanted it before, people that have a vested interest in the mythical and magical…" Tim shrugs. "It's a big pool to research, but investigations have to start somewhere. In this case, a big pool…"

His eyebrows arch and he nods. "Well it sounds like your library may be more helpful than the resources my friend has, but all avenues should be explored, shouldn't they? Anything we can learn is valuable. Right now, from what I'm hearing, we don't have a way to fight what's coming for you. No one is powerful enough, right? So we need to investigate to find out what is — Seems like a logical option."


"Pff. Gods, demons, monsters - how many of these are more powerful than us?" asks Zatanna of Robin, turning her eyes fully upon the young man. A beat, and the edge of her lips lift up. "But more clever? I don't think so!" she says then. "But, um. I'll take a coffee if you're offering. I was up all night doing… well… I could use a coffee," she says. "As for the druid stuff?" Zatanna kinda gives a shrug of her shoulder. "Maybe? I mean, I'm sure there's a book on spooky societies in there, and if they are ancient, they've probably run into someone sometime who thought it'd be cool to blog it," says Zee. "You know. On papyrus or whatever."


Keith finds this cute. He slides the purple mug to Zee, and the other one by Zach. "It sounds reasonable. Then I guess our avenues of research are as follows: Robin, you will get your friend to do research on the legends. While you're at it, if you can swing by New York and talk to Detective Sara Pezzini, she's the wielder of the Witchblade. So… see if maybe she can get the apparatus to tell her something? the Zees, you do book-hunt at Shadowcrest for any mention of the Circle Oroboros… if there's anything, even the slightest snippet, we can use it. Rain in the meantime will try to track down John Constantine… and…"

He pauses, looking around, and frowns. "Maybe I need to find another place to stay. For the meantime. Right now I'm kind of putting anyone I'm staying with at risk."


"What kind of place to stay? I don't know enough as to whether it's possible for you to just hang out somewhere and lay low or whether it has to be someplace… otherworldly — " because Robin knows no places otherworldly. His lips purse again and he hmmms, "I'll try to find Detective Pezzini." There's a pause. "Does it matter if I go as a civilian or not? Civilians sometimes get better results with police…" not all police love masked vigilantes.


Zachary turns his head to smile at Zatanna. "Right!? Demon warlords. Overrated. ancient cults. Whatever. We will stop them one way or another." Zach accepts the mug and lifts it to his lips to take a sip. He then looks over to Keith. "I do think Circle Orboros is underestimating the Cait Sidhe. I doubt he is as easily controled as they think."

As for contacts, Zachary runs a hand through his hair. "Yeah Shadowcrest has a good deal of info in there. There must be something in there about this Circle. If not, there is this ~strange~ doctor I know of."


Lifting her brow as she receives the mug, Zatanna reads the writing and audibly makes an amused noise, taking a sip from the mug soon after.

"Well - it sounds like we all have a plan for the next step?" she asks.


"It sounds like that, Zee." Keith says, and looks at Robin. "Yeah… I don't know anywhere otherworldly, so I'm not quite sure there is a safe place to hide in this world. They didn't really find me until I transformed, so maybe if I stay like this for now-" until someone tried to take hostages, or a building burned down.

"I'm not sure going as a civilian is a good idea, Robin. You'll have to tell them you're with the Titans, that you know me, and what 'My Damage' is, so to speak. Any cute raven-haired boy going to talk to a police detective like that with that kind of info? Sort of a dead giveaway to secret identities, you know. There's only two guys who match that physical description in the team who wear masks and have secret identities." Because, unless Tim went for an extreme tanning session, there was no way in hell he could be speculated to be Bunker.

"Strange doctor? Well, the stranger the better. Hit him or her up, anything worth digging up."

The redhead sips his mug for a few seconds in silence, and then adds, "Also, let's not make too many assumptions as to what they'll do with the Cait. As frightening as the idea is, they might just want to … let him be free. These are the people who called the Erlking's Wild Hunt with the horde of goblins through Gotham just to 'cull' people. I don't think they're very hands-on concerning the damage they cause, as long as it happens."

He walks up to the window and looks out. "And unfortunately I can feel the Cait being very open to that idea."


"Alright then. Looks like we know how to proceed." He shrugs and then nods, "I'll see the Detective dressed like this then. I hope she likes vigilantes." His lips purse lightly and he walks towards the window again. "I'll go see this Detective…. I'll see you all later." And with that he issues a wave and disappears out the window.


Zachary nods at Zatanna and then waves towards Robin. "Looks that way Zatanna." He then tilts his head at Vorpal. "I guess that's a possibility too. Causing chaos sounds just like something the Cait would want." He hopes off of the table and grins at Zatanna and Vorpal. Then back to Zee. "Shall we search that creepy library then?"


"I never once said it was creepy, Zach - it's a great library," says Zatanna, kinda lifting up a finger and waggling it, but not before taking another sip from that '2qt2bstr8' mug. "Thanks for the coffee, Vee," says Zee, giving the cheshire a wink as she returns the mug. "We'll letcha know if we find anything," she says, Zatanna going back to the closet, getting ready to get back in. Another moment, another wink, and she steps inside, closing the door behind herself.


But soon enough, silence comes from there.


Keith smirks a little, watching Zatanna's exit. When he's finally alone, he sits up on the counter and just holds the mug in his hands, swirling the now cold coffee.

"You could at least try to pretend you're not anticipating this," he says, to no-one in particular.

The Cait Sidhe does not reply, maintaining his silence since the encounter.

"It's my life too, you know. You made me like this. You owe me, and if you think I'm going to just let you go with your friends and end my life, you've got another thing coming to you."


"Yeah. Fuck you too," Keith mutters and sips the cold coffee. He tosses the mug over to the sink, where it shatters from too much force, and then he goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

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