Drunk Birds

October 9, 2014: Keith and Tim discuss some issues. Due to the influence of St. Bailey's, they end up sleeping together. But not in that way.

Keith and Miguel's Apartment

The apartment is not spacious, but it is adequare for what it is: a place for
two young upcoming heroes. The most noticeable thing is that, aside from two
futons, a book case and some personal effects and essential pieces of
furniture such as clothing storage, the apartment itself is rather Spartan in
its furnishings. It makes sense, in a way, since the owners can create any
piece of furniture they want or need and then simply dismiss it.



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Last Friday Night

Booze. To some people, it's a terrible addiction. Others have such seldom dealings with the fruits of Bacchus that the temptation doesn't really turn into an obsession. However it also means that they are ill-equipped to deal with the curves that alcohol throws at you, when they do partake a little too much of the brew.

Keith sighs, downing his… third? fourth? glass of Bailey's. He'd lost count, a little. Setting the glass down on the kitchen counter, he exhales. He was still not relaxed.

Okay, he was a little relaxed, and a little buzzed. But still…

Night-time means patrols. But sometimes patrols end up in unexpected places. Like the apartments of friends that may or may not be targets to be murderated.

Robin taps on the glass of the window before slipping into the apartment through the same window. The Man Wonder really doesn't ever use the door. "Hey," he stretches as he enters the room proper and slides towards the kitchen. He presses the mask a little tighter to his face and then looks at the bottle and glass on the counter.

"So… I take it there's no news from anyone's research?" his eyebrows arch upwards and then he frowns.

"Hello, Robbie," Keith gives Robin a lopsided smile. "Nope. Nothing at all yet. At least the Circle hasn't chosen tonight to strike, so… good riddance for small blessings. Or something like that." He pushes a glass in Robin's direction and fills it. "Come sit with me. I'm tryin' to relax."

"Sorry, man. We will get the information. I'm sure of it." There's confidence there, or maybe it's encouragement, but he continues to keep his attitude in check. The liquor is regarded with a wry arch of Robin's eyebrow. And then he looks back towards Keith. With a boyish smirk he notes, "I'm not… I don't…" but there it is. The glass. Full. And there. And it's been a quiet night on patrol anyways. Robin's gloved hand curls around the glass and he brings it to his lips. He downs the baileys and then frowns a bit at the flavour. Nope, the boy wonder doesn't drink much.

Keith gives him a smile and pulls up a stool next to him. "C'mon… sit down and tell me how your night has been. Distract me from thinking too much, why don't you?" He pours another drink for the boy wonder, and one for himself. Sip. "Gar's over at the University. Lab stuff."

Robin sniffs and he looks at the drink again. "The night has been… uneventful?" he shrugs and then manages another lopsided smile. "It's okay though. I don't mind the occasional quiet." The next glass is considered a little more carefully as he looks down at it, "Been kind of crazy lately overall, I think. Admittedly, girl troubles sort are a problem. And Robin troubles." He yawns. Neither of those things are awesome or interesting. "But we'll see what comes of it all, right?" He takes a sip of his drink now.

"Girl troubles?" Keith asks with an arched eyebrow, nudging Robin a little. "Wot, did Steph hear about that Harley Quinn lookalike who was trying to audition for the part of your cape?" He teases. Okay, so maybe he's had a little too much to drink. It's a pleasant buzz. Sip. "I didn't blab, promise."

"No, the other Robin did," Tim-Robin states blandly. "It's fine. It was all what it was," he takes another sip of his drink. "Harley Quinn lookalike was just a help-thing. Nightwing said I should've put her in a cab and been done with it." Tim shrugs and then yawns. "To be honest, I don't think I would've changed anything. I was nervous he was gonna get herself shot or worse. Harley isn't exactly beloved. Plus if she met the real Harley?" Another shrug. "It's okay though. I think Spoiler might be over it. I apologized. She… yeah." His cheeks flush. "For the record? I suck at girls."

"Yeah, you do. You totally should have tried boys." Keith gives him a grin that is not quite cheshire, if only because his mouth is the wrong shape. "'course, I'm not sure how the Bat would like you bringing a boy home, if he makes such a fuss over a girl." Oh yeah, Keith's definitely a little on the tipsy side. He fills up Robin's glass again. "We guys aren't as complicated, some people say, as girls. I never thought that was true for a minute. We're just complicated elsewhere, yaknow?"

"Yeaaaaah," Robin smirks. "I don't think he cares the sex of whoever I bring home — I think it's the fact that I'm bringing someone home." His eyebrows lift. And then his voice drops several octaves and takes on a gravelly quality: "'I'm desperately unhappy, and have locked away all of my feelings my entire life into this black box. You should do the same.'" He clears his throat — it hurts his throat talking like that. "Honestly. He also just doesn't like vigilante types who aren't part of our enclave. You know, because," he does spirit fingers as he notes, "Batman is in charge of all the vigilantes." He coughs and then smirks and shakes his head.

Keith laughs raculously at the Batman impersonation. "Oh my god… does he actually talk like that?" After all, he has never met him. "Now… that's just sad." Keith takes a sip of his drink again, feeling warmth all over his body after that bout of laughter.

"Don't let, don't let him tell you that. I mean, he can tell you, just don't believe it. You don't want to be a sad panda like that."

He rests his elbows on the counter, chin on his hands. "It isn't healthy, keeping things to yourself like that."

"He does," Robin emphasizes as he takes another sip of his next drink. "Seriously. It's a real thing." He grins.

But the smile is short-lived and he sighs at the next. "I dunno. I think it's hard. This life has already ate pretty much everyone I cared about. One way or another." He hmmms. "I worry she'll just another casualty. Don't exactly have good role models on the relationship front. And, singular obsession is one thing we all have in common." He yawns and then takes another sip of his drink.

"And we all keep things to ourselves… necessity, 'n stuff. But it's hard. I mean, heck, I'm falling for this woman and I get to know everything about her. And she knows nothing about me. Plenty about Robin. But not me." His lips hitch up on one side. "Nightwing doesn't seem to think it's a problem to divulge secrets. Trust and all that. But being who I am… I dunno. Too many potential ripples." He sips his drink. His cheeks begin to flush just a stitch.

Keith hms and looks at Tim, and then leans close. "Robin, you can't do this to yourself, man. You know… you know what I said the other day? Night? Whatevs. That you had outgrown the tights? Maybe." He reachers over to put his hand on the other's shoulder. "You… gotta live your own life, man. It's the only way the life doesn't swallow you up. I'm jus' not sure you can live your own life if yer balls are chained to the Bat's permission."

"But what am I even doing with my life?" Robin asks perhaps too honestly. "I dunno." His cheeks flush a little warmer and he sips his drink again. The hand on his shoulder is patted lightly and he sighs in turn. "I've been thinking about it. A lot actually. It's like. Important. It's also… kinda hard to leave. I mean. I'm very grateful. Even with. Everything." Pause. "I don't even know where to start. I don't wanna be Robin if there's the other Robin. Ugh. Have you met that guy? I swear he's gonna kill me in my sleep. And he's after Spoiler which ugh. She's awesome but seriously. If she's in love with Robin…" the thought isn't finished.

Keith smirks and grabs Tim's hand, leading him over to the futon a little unsteadily, bottle of Bailey's in his other hand. "Oookay, therapy time, Boy Wonder," the redhead says as he falls onto the futon and yanks Robin towards him. "Let's talk about all this crazy that you've got milling around. Can't let crazy stay. Otherwise you'll be Harley."

"Ha! Harley is… something else," Robin murmurs as he's ushered to the futon. He trip-sits onto the futon before shaking his head. "I should be on patrol," he mutters, but makes no effort to walk to the window. Nope. He's on the futon. Probably just as well he not use his grappling gun right now. "Can I just say that I knew it was a bad idea to start dating someone as Robin? But I did it anyways. In like the way things could've gone down it wasn't smart. Not reaaaaally. Just one of those things."

Keith puts an arm around Robin and patpats his chest, shaking his head. "Dude, you can't change who you are, what you are. You're human. You crave companionship, you crave touch. That stuff's natural. What your mentor does? Not so much. It's probably why he's so… grimdark." Keith shrugs and adjusts himself so the two have room on the futon. He offers Robin his bottle for him to drink from.

"Like, I know what it's like to be lonely, you know?" he begins to say quietly, "What it's like to be like you're dead for four years, trying not to feel or get to know anybody just in case they might hurt ya. How do you figure that's any good for you?"

Robin leans back and sighs as he accepts the bottle which is brought unceremoniously to his lips for a longer than he should probably take swig. "I'm not worried about getting hurt as much as," he squints. "I dunno. Something. Hurting them. Failing everyone. Seeing everyone die horrible horrible deaths. Suffering. There's worse things than getting hurt by people." He waves a hand and then takes another swig from the bottle. "Keeps people safe. That's what I've gleaned, anyways."

He groans. "But I'm not a robot. Things don't shut off. I'm not the best Robin. I know that. I never will be. Robin 1 was fantastic. Way more talent fight-wise. Robin 2 more the same. And then there's me." He waves a flippant hand. "And now number 4. Ugh. I can't even. It's like Batman is brimming with proteges. Wait. What was I talking about?" He squints while his brain tries to work backwards.

"Something about people and feelings," his nose scrunches. "Uh. Yeah. We don't talk about those things. Like ever." There's a pause. "I gave her my first name." His cheeks flush. "So selfish to want her to call me that, sin't it/"

"It's selfish to love, you know." Keith gives him a lopsided grin, cheeks flushed with alcohol. "I mean, think about it. You love someone because of the good you see in them. And that means there'sh shtuff you see as good that they have, and you want to be near them because you like that becaushe it's good. If you were selflessh, it wouldn't matter if it were Shtephanie or the actual Harley Quinn, you'd love anyone jusht becaushe they didn't have something you saw as good or admiralbe. Now, what kinda love is that?"

Keith shrugs and leans against Tim. "For what it's worth, I bet you have a pretty cool name. Like, I dunno, Draco. Or Lucius. Or… Bella." He grins, saying that name in Tim's ear with his best vampire accent.

Robin's eyes drift close. "Annnd that's the worssst. So. If she loves Robin. Then what about the other guys? Like what if one, two, or four are around. Then does she like them?" he squints. "And we all kinda look similar — I think she likes four. That guy, man." He waggles a finger, "That guy. OR he likessss her. He prob'ly does. She's even prettier not in that eggplant cloak — " he sighs. This time it's more contented than exasperated.

When Keith leans against him, Tim leans back. "Draco," he chuckles. "Heyheyhey, I 'on't sparkle. I'm no vampire with all the glitters. And I don't have a wand or something'. You all make me seem incredibly ordin'ry." He chuckles. "Soooo normal. With my normal teenaged dating problems and normal trainin' 'n stuff."

Keith raises an eyebrow. "… ordinary?" He reaches a hand to tip Tim's head, so he can look straight into his mask. "… Ordinary? Are you crazy, Boy Wonder?" He gets a little close, as someone who would be whispering a secret. "You're awesome. I don't know who you are, but to be the kind of Robin you are, you must be an awesome guy. Seriously. I'd date ya. I know I tease ya and embarrass ya sometime… but I do think you're something special. You're adorable, and such an awesome friend." Keith smiles. "I totl— totally mean that."

Whether it's the closeness, liquor, or comment, Tim's face hues a very healthy red. His ears even blush. There's a self-deprecating quality to his expression, and an equally masochistic tone to his voice, "I dunno, man. I'm juuuust me. Like. Robin is interesting. But I'm me. And this piece of my life no one else knows about? Well. The other me is pretty duuull." He shrugs. "Robin is something else. Even my name is ordinary. Like John. Or Billy. Or Joel. Or… Jim."

He reaches up and pats Keith's cheek several times over. "Y'know. Gar's a lucky dude. Seriously man. You're all kinds uh great. Guess I'm also sorta hung up on Steph. Like a lot. But I'm not a creepy stalker who will be Harley Quinn.Not gonna show up to her house with pigtails or something. Just for the record…"

Keith leans into the patting, and reaches out to grab Robin's hand in his. "Yeah, and guess what? I lead an ordinary life as Keith, too. Doesn't mean I'm ordinary at all. It just seems that way to the regular eye. And you're not pordinary at all."

There is a deep blush at the compliment, and he squeezes the hand. "Thanks, Rob. You're all kinsd uh great, too." The Bailey's is making him extremely warm, but it's a good warm, a slow, alcoholic warmth instead of summer heat suffocation. "Yeah, and don't wear pigtails. I like your hair short and spiky, you're pretty cute that way. I'm sure Shteph agrees." He grins and bumps noses, "'sides, if you wear pigtails, I'll totally start callin' you Bella."

"Ha! Me with pigtails. Naaah. Can't see B-atman ever bein' okay with that. Seriously. He's good people 'n sort of understanding. Unless it's about secrets. Or vigivigipeople who fight crime at night who aren't trained by him or police people." There. Good. Robin returns the squeeze to Keith's hand with another lopsided grin. "If you gotta call me somethin' can't I at least be the vampire. Dude be crazy. But at least he's a vampire. Seems more awesome than bein' vampire fodder. Or bantha fodder. Or a sarlacc's breakfast." His thoughts wander some.

"I'm not cuuute. One and two were the lookers." He nods once over. He presses a finger to his lips. "But don't tell nobody that." He hmms. "I think it's just the uniform tho. People like it. S'why other Robin — " thought not finished again. He takes another swig from the bottle. "This stuff's good. I likes it."

"Please. If you weren't cute, I totally wouldn't consider kissing you." Keith teases, with a smirk. "C'mon. I can see beyond the uniform, yaknow." He raises an eyebrow. "I can tell both of you Robinseseses apart."

There's another wave of Robin's gloved hand, but it's exaggerated and sort of ridiculous as he tries write off the assertion while his eyelids get heavier and heavier. "Naaaah. all the uniform. Folks dig a feller in uniforms." He rubs his mask and leans back further into the futon and against Keith. His eyes feel heavy. "Way-way-way-wait. Kissing me? Noooo. Steff'd flip. 'F not fer 'er n' Ger, define'ly take you up aann…" He yawns. "Maybe. Prob'ly." His eyelids feel very heavy now, and mid sentence he gives in, allowing them to lid entirely. Which could be why at the end of the sentence, the Boy Wonder if snoring lightly.

Keith laughs good-naturedly at seeing Robin flustered like that. Even when drunk, he definitely enjoys making Robin blush. "Sweet dreams, Boy Wonder," Keith mutters and pats his cheek, and keeps him resting on his lap. He'll soon be snoring himself, but at least he got to enjoy a few more minutes of consciousness. "… hmm… Bailey's… so good…"


Early in the morning, the time when a lot of young waiters end their shift. The Gotham skyis still dark, at 5 a.m… then again, it never really gets very light.

And there's Keith asleep on the futon, with a mostly empty bottle of Bailey's on the floor. He's snoring softly, and he is cuddled up to… well, a Boy Wonder. Fortunately, Keith doesn't snore too loudly when he sleeps— when he is in his Vorpal shape, he could snore a hole in the fabric of space and time, but his human form is nowhere near that loud.

Miguel sleepily puts a key in the lock and quietly opens the door, having learned to navigate the oft-treacherous waters of their apartment in the dark some weeks before. He shrugs out of his jacket and hanfs it on the back of the door, then turns to tip-toe his way into the main room.. and freezes, seeing Keith and.. Robin? He blinks, quirks a smile. Man, you forgot the sock on the door, he thinks, and shuffles quiet as he can over to his own sleeping area.

Spooning Keith on the futon, and not at all remotely classy about the way he sprawls across it, Robin snores soundly. Partially because of the mask. Also because he doesn't sleep much. He sleep twitches lightly with each passing moment while his body lets itself have its first full REM cycle in what could be years — at least since his father died and whisked him away from Gotham. Whenever that was. Liquor has a good effect on his sleep. Not that he's likely to notice when he wakes up…

Capes make for good pillows. Robin's yellow/black cape is currently bunched up under Keith's head. He was careful, in his drunken stupor, to detach the cape from Robin so that he A) wouldn't strangle himself in his sleep and B) could give Keith a pillow. Because he was too drunk to reach the pillows that were on the floor.

That was then, and this was now. Green eyes open halfway, blearily staring at the figure moving into the room. So blurry, much headache. He puts his own arms around the arms holding him, supposing it to be Gar in that blissful ignorance that an alcohol blackout provides. Odd… Gar was wearing gloves, what gives? "M'gel…?" he asks quietly

Miguel whips around in the process of taking his shirt off, totally throwing it over into a corner where it may never be found again. "Ah, hola," he waves at Keith, all smiles and such, holding out his hands there to disuade the other man from trying to get up. "Shh, go back to sleep, it's still o-dark-thirty," he stage-whispers, trying not to look at the Robin in the room.

Pounding headache is pounding. The Boy Wonder shifts. His mind doesn't work yet. Not yet. But a sound pushes it into overdrive. A very familiar sound.

Ding ding ding ding

The familiarity of the alarm at his wrist has Robin sitting up with a start. He's supposed to be getting off patrol right now. To go to class. For 8 am. It's only then that he freezes. Alarm still going off and that distinct feeling of where the heck am I ringing through every ounce of his being.

The stumble to his feet is impeded by his arms that don't seem to be working because they are wrapped around someone. And the combination of arm stuck and foot movement actually just causes Robin to take a tumble around Keith while, rather awkwardly he springs to the bathroom.

To ralph.

Maybe this is why Dick gave up the Robin gig for college?

Keith's genes do allow him a small mercy from the vomit rollercoaster, but the headache is something very few can escape. AS Robin tumbles around him, he frowns and grabs at his forehead… and then realizes what just happened as he sees Robin disappear into the bathroom. He notices that his head is laying on the cape…

~Oh god… did I drool on this?~

"… Miguel… was that Robin… in my bed?"

"Ah.. um.." Miguel turns to look at the bathroom with some concern, biting his lip, then he looks back at Keith. "I.. um.. yeah…" he says as he peeks in on the Boy Wonder. "Um, you.. need anything..?" he says. "You good, mi amigo?"

The unholy sound of Robin heaving into the toilet is enough to make him heave more. His head is killing him. When he straightens to inspect himself in the mirror, he shifts his face just an inch to see the outline of his mask firmly indented into his skin. Yeah. That's not good.

He can only imagine that the rest of him is in equally bad shape thanks to sleeping in kevlar. He groans.

The sink turns on and he splashes cold water onto his face several times over, trying to right the colour from its jaundice nearly-green hue to something far more natural, but it's useless, and only ends in getting his mask wet. Frown.

When Miguel peeks in, he groans again. "Advil. Water. Never to drink again." He pinches the bridge of his nose as he reemerges, his eyes squinting against the onslaught of light. "Hi," his voice is ragged from the combination of restless sleep, vomit, and dehydration. It actually sort of sounds like his Batman impression from the night earlier, but with a lot more ease.

"Bird… considering that you're, you know, dressed, I don't think it was likely but just in case… please tell me we did not have sex last night?" Keith asks with a groan, rubbing his forehead.

Miguel sends some tiny bricks over to the kitchenette to gather up a water bottle and some headachey meds, and floats them over to the masked teen. "Robin, what.." His head whips around to Kevin, then back again, then he shakes his head. "We are dead," he mutters, just waiting for Batman to kick down their door and gas-bomb them. "I, ah, let me.." he says as he eases back over to the kitchenette to get some gatorade for the Boy Wonder, and some water for Keith.

And now Robin is staring at Keith like he's grown a third eye. His lips part wordlessly three times over and Robin's face flushes that brilliant red that it's known for. "N-n.. No. We didn't. I.. I couldn't have taken — or put on," his chin drops and he's looking at his Robin uniform. The thought of being able to both take off and put back on his kevlar is enough to prompt a shake of his head. Which only makes his head hurt more. He groans again. And then in summary he notes: "This isn't easy to get into. Or out of." There.

The teen gratefully accepts the water bottle and meds and downs more than the recommended dose of pills before downing several too-big gulps of water. Which makes him feel queasy, and could be the reason Robin slides to the floor and leans against the wall. He arches an eyebrow at the notion of them being dead, but makes no comment, instead letting his eyes clamp shut as he tries to piece together what happened last night.

"Not that… you know, I'd be skeeved out by that. But I'm spoken for, and I'm saving myself for… you know," Keith mutters, and then looks at his own clothes. Belt still on. Considering how drunk he must have been, there was no way he could have worked that belt off. So it looks like nothing other than cuddling. Cuddling with Robin? Ok, that was fine.

"Relax, Rob. Looks like we just spooned." The migraine now sets into a dull thud-thud-thud behind his eyes. "Which I'm ok with, if you are. I appreciate the company when Gar's not here… and I was kind of scared last night. C'mon, sit down here again, you probably are feeling as bad as I am." The other reason why he was drinking. Those druids had a habit of popping up everywhere.

"How was your shift, Mikey? Sorry for the unexpected surprise…"

Miguel whips up a soft squishy bean-bag-like mass of purple blocks for Robin to slump into when he see the capeless crusader is headed for the floor. He goes to one knee and hands Keith the water bottle. 'Here, you need something in you, as well," he says. "Nah, it was fine, I got a lot of tips. Enough to make rent this month, at least." He looks to Robin to make sure he's fine, then back to Keith. "What had you scared?" he says, voice lowered a little, concern writ broadly on his young face.

The blushing doesn't cease. But Robin does nod while he stays on the floor on the squishy blocks (which were met with a grateful albeit weak smile) where he is, after vaguely pointing with his thumb towards the bathroom; he may end up in there again because his player his vindictive and not nice to him.

With a small sigh he shrugs. "Cuddling is fine," he murmurs. "Steph," he mutters quietly. He's also spoken for, probably. If he can ever make the simplify the complicated. He presses his hands to his face and just shakes his head. He groans, "They'll be worried. Unless I called. I don't remember calling — " he frowns. "Maybe I called…?" his eyebrows draw together.

But he silences when Miguel asks what had Keith scared and Robin shrugs, leaving the story for Keith to explain once more. Again. Because hungover Robin is generous like that.

Keith hmms "Text her. Tell her you spent the night with me because I was afraid the Circle would strike again…" he looks up at Miguel. Of course, because of his schedule, he hadn't seen Miguel awake. He needs to fill him in.

"There's a group of Druids. Called the Circle of Oroboros. Extremely powerful. They're hunting me. They want to basically kill me and rip the Cait Sidhe out of my body and set him free upon the world. They're… insane. They hurt Gar, too. Raven was able to help him, though…"

Miguel's expression grows more and more frowny as Keith relates this, and he shakes his head, bricks - big spikey not-squishy bricks - popping in and out of existance in the room. "Well, then, it sounds like we need to do something about that, mi amigo," he says quietly.

"Text Steph?" Robin repeats as he arches an eyebrow. "Yeah. I should text Steph." His chin drops and he reaches into his utility belt to take out his cell phone. With a frown his gloved fingers do little to the screen prompting him to draw a single glove from his hands and begin punching in the keys. "I should text Batman while I'm at it. Ugh. I'll just tell him I forgot to check in." And if pushed on it, he'll force the conversation about the other Robin, but he leaves that unsaid.

He pinches the bridge of his nose and then nods. "Yeah. So. Bad news all around. And I came here. To check on things…" and then they drank Bailey's. "Anyways. Not a good patrol night last night. Also. Sleep is overrated."

"Nah. Just tell Batman you were with me. I'm your team-mate. Just tell him I got injured or something." Keith says, "And you need to sleep more. Jesus, Robin, you know that sleep deprivation affects the brain, right?"

To Bunker, he says, "Aye… Zatanna, Robin and Zachary are doing research, and Rain… our new member… is trying to track down Constantine to see if he can find something out. Until we know what they are, we don't know how to stop them. And they are extremely powerful."

Miguel growls, bricks forming over his hands until they are of Thing-like proportions, but then he takes a long slow breath and dissipates the constructs, save the one Robin is sitting on and the ones acting as floating tables. "OK, OK, you have people on it. But.." He rolls his shoulders, Latin temper barely held in check. "Man, now I wish /I/ drank…"

Keith looks at Miguel and gives him a soft smile. "You don't need to drink, Miguel. I am sure Robin will let you cuddle whim without the alcohol part."

It's good to break up the tension with a joke. AND he knew Miguel had a big celebrity crush on Robin, AND that Robin was easily embarrassed. Triple whammy.

"Nah," Robin counters about sleep deprivation affecting the brain. "I'm still getting As." It's only after he says it that Robin squints irritably. Sleep and hangovers impact brain function it seems. And so he makes a course correction: "I mean in high school?" Because now he's stepped over a big no-no line of the bats. Never admit to anything personal. He frowns. "Besides med students never sleep, right? So. I'm no different than then. Except the kevlar."

Keith's comment has Robin feeling his ears get hot. The signs of green are long replaced by crimson across his cheeks. "I. Sorry," he finally murmurs towards Keith. "I… was downright unprofessional and not befitting this uniform," Tim is sure it sounds like his voice, but the words sound so much like Batman's they make him cringe…

"Robin. We are friends, okay? You can be a human around me, it's fine. We're all vulnerable here and, to some extent or another, we're all scared. Maybe you can't admit it outside of these walls because of Batman… but it's fine to do it here."Keith sits up some, rubbing his forehead. "I'm scared. A lot. And I'm not ashamed to admit it to either of you. And I don't care if it's unprofessional. You're my friends and the only family I have."

Miguel rubs his face and then the comment makes him freeze, and then laugh. If he wasn't so dark, he'd be as red as Robin's vest. "Keith.. I can make a huge purple sandbox for you to live in, you know that, right?" he groans as he gets up and pads over to the kitchenette to rummage in the fridge to make romo for all the food he managed to bring home. Next week's lunchs all taken care of.

Keith's words merit a sigh and a comical smile. "Right," he agrees albeit somewhat curtly. "One of these days," he murmurs more to himself than the others. His hands scrub his face and he forces himself up to a stand. "I should go. I have… someplace to be in a few hours, and there's no way I can wear this when I go there." He smirks. He warbles a little, considering heading to the window just to shake his head. "I'm going to use the door. I parked a block away. And while I feel cruddy I'm not drunk anymore — " so no one has to wrestle his keys away, right?

Keith smirks at Miguel. "That sounds enticing, my friend, but I have to live outside of the sandbox too, you know…" He looks at Robin, and stands up a little unsteadily. "Fine. But give me and Miguel a farewell hug at least. Wanna make sure you're not going to be all weird after this…" he looks at the cape. "Um… I could wash this and give it back to you. It's… sort of got my drool on it…"

Miguel coughs suddenly and has to get some water himself, before he can talk again. "Ah, yeah, we got.. a washer.. around here somewhere.." he manages to say before he has to turn away and his shoulder shake with the effort not to fall over laughing. OK, things at five in the morning are way funnier than they normally might be…

"I don't get weird," Robin counters gruffly. "I was just born this way," he manages a lopsided grin. "Told Steph where I was, so no worries there, and yeah… it'll be fine." But just the same, he slowly moves forward to follow the instructions, and gives each of his Titan teammates a hug. As far as the cape is concerned: "Yeaaaaah. Maybe wash it? I think I have a spare back at the b-place where I keep that stuff. But. This is the good one. It sort of catches wind if you need it to." He shrugs. "But don't put it in the dryer please. Uh. Because. Chemistry suggests it won't hold up very well to that…" And with those parting words, Robin uses the door. Possibly for the first and last time ever.

Keith smirks and hugs back, and watches Robin leave through the door. For once. "… admit it, you've got the hots for him, don't you?" he needles Miguel, trying to get revenge for his room-mate's quiet laughter attack.

Miguel leans on the refrigerator after the Teen Wonder leaves, and he recovers. "Madre de Dios, who /doesn't/?" he goggles at Keith, as if he suggested that pigs could fly. "I mean, seriously?" The boy shakes his head again and then rubs his eyes. "Annnnd I need to crash. I have a noon shift.." he groans. "You have NOT made it easy not to have utterly lascivious dreams about my straight and unavailable super-hot teammate, thank you /very/ much for that," he snerks as he passes Keith and gets in a quick friendly hair-ruffle.

Keith smirks and hugs Miguel. "… well… he is unavailable because of Steph… buuuut… I don't think he is that straight." He wiggles his eyebrows.

Miguel leans into Keith, the shirtless boy shaking his head. "You are such a tease, mi amigo especial," he says, patting Keith's back. "Good night," he yawns, breaking the hug and flopping down onto his futon. He's asleep in seconds.

"Buenas noches, Mikey," Keith says softly, and yawns. Okay… shower. Shower would help everything. He lumbers towards the bathroom like a zombie. Looooofa….

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