A Log Falls From The Sky

October 10, 2014: Oracle observes the illusive Tokyo Nightmare in action, whilst calling Gotham PD


A wretched hive of scum and villainy. You know. Gotham.



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This isn't a rough neighborhood by Gotham standards, honestly it isn't. The place lies in between a pair of opposing gangs, but they've had their own stuff to worry about for the last few years and theres usually a fairly respectable (for Gotham) Police presence around. So when the sun goes down, a few folks still mill around on the sidewalks. The corner greasy spoon(known for the very finest coffee around) is still open of course, but it has the bullet holes to testify that it's stayed open during the worst of it. That, is perhaps predictably where everything begins to drift out of control.

A trio of rough looking youths exit a neat black Nissan GTR, missing a rear window which may or may not be familar. The trio glance to one another, making no attempt to hide the bring green gang colors adorning their jackets. The Three circle around to the trunk, and just stop. Gaze sweeping up and down the street, before one of the trio lifts a cellphone to his ear. After a moment of muted prattle, the trunk of that Nissan pops open, one man retrieves a sawed off shotgun whilst the other two source a pair of Glocks and begin their walk across the street.

Bats are not the only things that prowl the roof tops in Gotham these days, though it's not nearly as dramatic without a cape honestly. Clad in black on black, with subtle black accents and contrasting black Trim we find tonight's hero. Watching the trio mutely from behind his mask, before the trunk pops open and he gets moving. Down on the street though, well three men with guns begin to cross the street. Then the street lights illuminating the corner just, blink off. Then the next set further, and the set after that. Immediately crashing the street into relative darkness, punctuated by a sudden sharp gust of frigid wind sufficient entirely to cut you to the bone it seems. It's enough strangeness that, thankfully the trio pause right there. Just for a moment at least, sharing a look of mutual confusion.

Video streams from all parts Gotham are fed into Oracles information network and displayed in the extensive monitoring room located in the Clocktower. Oracle sits in her command chair, relaxed it seems, letting the outside world flicker and whirl past her eyes, illuminating her face in ghostly green. As she watches, one part of a monitor starts to dim, and dim further.

Sitting forward, pushing her glasses up her nose, Oracle pulls that particular video feed into a bigger screen. After watching for a few seconds she discerns a trio of youths, some may call them rough, who have stopped as they cross the road. 1 youth has sawn off, the other 2 brandish Glocks. As she watches, the three are currently paused in the street looking confused.

A heavy steel trashcan directly beside the diner goes flying, tumbling into the street a few feet from the youths and landing with a terrific clatter. Immediately all three guns go up in that direction, but they've made their mistake. Whatever chance they could have ever had, has been thrown away. They don't see it, but resolved crudely through street cameras there is a form resolving from seemingly thin air behind him. Standing on the roof of that GTR above high Tengu geta, arms crossed defiantly and a sword thrust through his Obi. It's the mask that sets off the alarm bells, that animalistic mask. It's the Tokyo Nightmare, right there in Gotham and on video for the very first time. Not that any of the youths see him. Not at first of course.

He moves in a blur, a clatter of those wooden geta so fast it sounds more like submachine gun fire than foot falls. The fellow with the shotgun doesn't even get to turn all the way around, before theres a flash of steel and a -CRACK- of steel on steel. Chunks of that shotgun go flying, peppering his peers as the Nightmare sweeps in and lands a blow known as "the Crimson leaf strike". The sword comes down from overhead with it's full force, and there is no cry of pain. No shout, no scream he just goes down like god himself had reached down and flicked his life switch. The blade work isn't fast, it isn't accurate. It's supernatural, the camera can't make out much more than glimpses of the steel. Even as the street lamps erupt, growing twice to six times as bright as they'd once been.
The duo with glocks scramper back, those pistols swing towards Nightmare and gunfire rings out in gotham.

Oracle sighs, another vigilante in the streets of Gotham. What a surprise. With an absent flick of a finger, she sends the co-ordinates of the street to the Gotham PD, she's not alerting the Bats to this just yet. Checking the Gotham PD channel, she notes 10 minutes till something hits the location.

As the animalistic mask appears on the video screen, Oracle takes a screen shot and starts a database crosscheck. Fairly soon, results begin appearing tagged with "Tokyo Nightmare".

Oracle watches as the sword glints in the little available ambient light and appears to take the thug with sawn off out and it appears as if the thugs life has been swept away. Even as the street lights in her video feed that were just now black blaze bright white, Oracle shakes her head sadly. Then she watches the remaining thugs pistols flash in the intervening darkness towards Tokyo Nightmare.

Theres a sweep of that steel, and an audible double -TWANG- followed by -four- impacts on the cars directly behind the Nightmare. There you have it, video evidence that a man can slice a bullet in flight. Still there isn't a pause, the masked man dashes. Sweeping around the side and with a leap taking to the -side- of a building. Sprinting straight up it as bullets plough into the ancient brick at his heels, and -FWOOM- those streetlights flash dark oncemore as our hero takes a resounding leap off the side of that building.

Theres a twisting sprawl, before -POP- an explosion of neon pink smoke. The swordsman teleports from mid air to the ground behind the gunmen, as a hundred fourty pound log tumbles out of the air into one gunman. A brutally nasty takedown, but certainly not fatal. That leaves one, and with a cry of one thousand years that sword sweeps upwards just behind the gunman's right elbow.

Now lets be honest, what one should expect here is what's known as a "Traumatic amputation". That arm should just pop -right- the fuck off, but thats not what goes down here. Theres a resounding -crack- of the joint as the bone is pulverized. The gun goes skittering away, and his arm bends in odd angles but stays very much attached. No blood is spilled, even if the blow was of sufficient force to lift the man nearly off his sneakers. In the glow of those sodium lights it's clear thats a "live" blade, its cut a huge chunk of his sleeve with laser like neatness but the flesh below is battern but not broken. The Sword though, is not invulnerable. Swatting bullets and chopping up shotguns is rough, and so it breaks. Half of that blade somersalts skyward, landing some distance away with it's tip firmly embedded in a car's hood. Sho's response is instant, he just dumps the hilt and keeps going. Wrapping his hands around the man's opposite wrist, before digging a knee under his armpit.Then in a lovely display of agility, he hops and sweeps his other leg up and over the man's head from behind. It's perhaps the most utterly flawlessly executed flying armbar ever recorded, it's surreal. Really.

The sudden presence of an entire NINJA on his one arm, throws the gunman off balance. Sho's shoulders are swung to the pavement and he uncoils those legs to -SLAM- the poor man to the ground. Breaking his arm, and knocking him out in one smooth move. Still, thats…the shotgun guy is stirring over there. He rolled over, no blood has pooled. Theres no enormous gaping wound. He's alive, knocked the fuck out but alive. Three armed thugs, no fatalities.

Monitoring the ensuing fight, Oracle purses her lips. Apart from the one thug that appears to be dead, this vigilante doesn't seem to be trying to kill its assailaintes. The 2nd thug has been taken been by what appears to be log falling from the sky - what are the odds of that? The third is a lot worse for wear for a partial amputation and then a knock out 'punch'. Oracle notes the hilt of the vigilantes' blade being dumped in the darkness and her fingers are already active at the console, sending out a search and retrieve party.

All the while, Oracles systems are collating all known data on "Tokyo Nightmare" and, flashing in one tiny corner of the screen is the alter ego, someone she recognises from very recently.

Nightmare rolls to his hands and holds a one armed handstand for a moment, before ever so gracefully getting back to his Geta. Then ever so casually, he walks towards the diner and pauses to offer a stiff and somewhat lingering bow. Then comes that wind oncemore, and with it color. Those lights gradually return to normal, as flower petals rush in. Something of a botanical blizzard, which grows heavier and heavier until poof. The Tokyo Nightmare just vanishes off into the ether, followed by every single flower petal in due time. Just like that, and it's over.

As the lights are returned to the street. Oracle can see the wind returning as eddies cause leaves and debrie to swirl once more, down the street. As Tokyo Nightmare seemingly disappears into the darkness, Oracle watches every flower petal gather in its' wake.

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