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October 10, 2014: The three cursed heroines meet to talk about each other.


Supergirl's home on Earth.



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Getting to the Sanctuary was simple enough. As the kryptonian had enough of the other two women's mysteries and attitude (although some showed more of one or another), she simply took off with them to the place that was now her home. Somewhere in the ocean Kara simply hovered before speaking in Kryptonian, a blue lightshaft surging from beneath the waves to engulf them, slowling bringing them down.

As spectators in the world's deepest sea touring adventure, shadows of large whales and stranger things just outside the eyesight, as they'll sloooowly fall downwards until they are standing on strange stairs made out of crystal, stairs that lead into a large building with a glowing portal for a door. A hypnotic voice talks in the other woman's language and Kara speaks.

"Walk inside… it's safe. I mean… it's safer than anywhere else on this planet.", the blonde says with a smirk, and she just strolls past the portal.

Walking through the portal the first thing they will notice is just how breezy the place is, comfortable, and how absolutely bright it is. No corner of shadow.

-Welcome to Sanctuary, Friends of Kara Rose Wilson and Zatanna Zatara-, the computer speaks before some guns show up from holes in the crystal, pointing at Rose. -Earthlings seem to do consider this one dangerous. Exterminate?-

"NO! Put those DOWN, Sanctuary! RAO, I warned about this!", Kara says angrily, flying to interpose herself between the white-haired woman and the weapons. -Are you sure, Kara Zor-El? The list of her wrongdoings seems to be vast.

"YES, I know. She… is not doing anything here. Now stand down.", the blonde groans, before looking at the other two, apologetically. -The other one seems to be an interesting anomaly that does not match our database. I would require a sample of tissue and blood for examin-

"NO! SANCTUARY, SHUT UP! No more talking unless I talk to you FIRST! Rao… why did they program you like this!?"

-Your father thought you like my cheekiness.-

"… Lets go in, please…", the blonde sighs, motioning the others to follow her.

Rose Wilson did NOT like things she had no way of controlling. Strange shafts of blue light shooting up from the ocean and sucking her down were just that kind of thing. Blonde cheerleading aliens who whisked her away to parts unknown without asking (and leaving her bike behind!) were another. If they hadn't been moving at such breakneck speeds, she might have chopped Kara Zor-El in the neck until she let go.

But it was a long, long swim back to the mainland.

She tries to look suitably unimpressed with the fish-eye's view of the wildlife down in the undersea, but her fingers flex a little around her remaining sword (having lost her other one to molten blood) as an abnormally-large shark casts a shadow over them. Or maybe it's a perfectly normal-sized murderfish. She wasn't very well versed in marine biology because people didn't generally pay her to stab Atlanteans.

"Sure, as safe as any prison." The platinum-blonde replies snarkily, eyeballing the way forward the way one might a dank cave. For all she knew, Kara controlled the only means of entrance and egress, and her ability to take the Kryptonian apart wouldn't save her from the crushing ocean pressure. …She'd just have to resort to breaking things if she had to 'ask nicely' to be let out.

Not that she'd particularly wanted to come in the first place, Rose works very hard to remind herself as they descend the stairs.

Guns, lists of her warcrimes, Kara flying in to intercept. It was all pretty cute, and saves her from having to perform any ridiculous maneuvers to save her own skin. Instead, the mercenary folds her arms, eye narrowing with a smirk. "Way vast. And that's just the stuff they know about." Maybe she wasn't helping, but… she wasn't here to help. Her chin lifts to indicate the guns. "Why not just reprogram it? It's equipment, not a person."

Even if Zatanna was ~still~ a little bit of a rookie, she had followed her father into all kinds of strange dimensions.

But even walking the gap between the worlds of time, and the worlds of fire, and all the beauty and unnatural sights and sounds that came with walking there, well… it was still a feast for the senses, the trip to Sanctuary.

Zatanna dug that stuff.

Bringing up her hand to grasp the brim of her top hat, Zatanna manages a grin as she whips the hat off - and flicks it to one side with a quick motion of her wrist, and… in a burst of light, the hat vanishes. "With a name like Sanctuary - I would hope that it was safe," she pauses a handful of moments. "Well, for us, and… WHOA!" she says, as the Sanctuary's defenses snap up on Rose. Immeadiately, her mind begins to spin with thoughts - plans, tricks to get them all out alive.

But with a sigh of relief, she releases those thoughts. Kara talked it down.

"Well, maybe it is a person?" offers Zatanna as she catches the tail end of what Rose says. "I mean, I have this talking sword back at Shadowcrest - it has such a /mouth/ on it, and… uh…" Zatanna pauses. "We just keep it locked up," she admits, kinda scratching at the side of her neck.

"It is not that easy. I know just the basics on how to program anything, let alone a marvel like this, and… I am sure there are things my father left me in every single bit of tech in this place. Before I have found everything, I am not changing a thing.", Kara says, almost grimly. To be frank, she wishes she could change the place. The smell of Argoniana Ice Blossoms makes her heart pound, as if her mother will show up at any moment. The breeze of Argo flowing through her hair makes it feel like Tali or Tak-Ro will show up at her window anytime now…

But it never happens. She is on Earth, and they are gone.

Clearing her throat, the Kryptonian smiles some as they walk into a plain room. "This is The Dreaming Room. it's… made out of I'noxian technology… very rare.", she says as the room shifts, and the walls and floor change before their eyes like liquid metal. In a few moments they are in a lush jungle, complete with the moisture of a rainforest, overlooking a huge waterfall that crashes before them and into a wide lake, falling from what seems to be miles up in the sky from a huge mountain.

The sun is red.

"The Golden Giant,", Kara says with a smirk as a large, multi-winged parrot-like creature flies overhead, blooming roses all around them. "I used to come here a lot… with my friends.", she admits, for no real reason. These people are not Tak-Ro or Tali. They are… what are they? As she turns, the blonde flies up, as if to remind herself this is NOT Krypton, that it is not real, feeling the small droplets of water from the waterfall wet her cloak and legs.

"What are you two? WHO are you two?", she asks, taking a deep breath. "You are not normal humans."

"Just melt it into something else, then." Rose offers, casting a blank stare at the magician, her lips quirking down into a little scowl. That was probably her answer to almost any problem, though: a liberal application of whatever violence is necessary to make it go away. "It talks because it's been programmed to talk. And it can be unprogrammed."

Rose simply walks, limps a little really, into the room with the others, giving her surroundings a seemingly-cursory look. It doesn't take a deductive mind to know she's looking for dangers, escape routes, things that can be used as weapons, or shields. Some things never change, like a lifetime of training and paranoia. "Daddy Issues, Princess?" Her eye cuts back towards the Kryptonian. "Yeah, you seem the type."

The room changes. THAT gets her attention a bit, or at least more than a bored stare. Of course, she was very good at hiding her emotions, so maybe that makes her wary, almost-look-of-wonder a little less muted. But that dour note drops in once more. "I'd prefer it to make a couch. Bed. Recliner. Something to sit on." Rose Wilson didn't want this strange alien woman's past. They'd shared enough, between people trying to kill them both, plus getting drug into the wizard's fight, and the few days they'd been thrown together.

Rose Wilson had her own problems.

One hand props up on a cocked hip as she looks at their host. "I'm the Ravager." Then looks away, poking at a leaf. "Your computer seems to know the rest."

It was impossible to read Kara's mind. Well - not /impossible/, but.. Zatanna didn't have the means to do it. And she wasn't quite certain that she wanted to, besides.

"Is… I'noxian - are we talking alien? Like… I mean, not Earthian but still in this realm? Like… another dimension? I mean… this place doesn't /feel/ like magic? I mean it looks pretty magical, but… you know what I mean," she says, kinda bringing up a hand to draw through her hair. And the place proves it - shifting from the already amazing sight to…

"…this is beautiful. Is this where you come from?" she asks, her voice soft when friends were mentioned. She might not be able to read minds, but the pain on Kara's face seemed fairly plain to her. "Oh, um… if you have a bandage or something traditionally healy, I could, uhm… heal… you?" she offers to Rose, somewhat hesitantly (it was Rose). "…but it's perfectly fine if you want to like…" A beat. "I… nevermind."

But Kara's last question?

Zatanna gives her a ~fabulous~ smile. "Zatanna Zatara - the Mistress of Magic. But you knew that already~" she says with a singsong.

"Don't speak of my father. I didn't give you this right!", Kara retorts fast at Rose, narrowing her eyes at the woman. Her tone is sharp and the kryptonian's whole face seems tighter. This is a very sore subject, the kind that unleashes all manner of bad memories.

After staring at Rose for a moment or three, Kara raises a hand, and a tree trunk, soft and blue, surges from the ground beneath Ravager, nestling just under the woman's ass and hoisting her up in a seat, unless the white-haired human dodges and slices the vegetation in half.

"I asked you, not Sanctuary. It will tell me about the murderous psychopath you behave like, not whoever is worth getting to know behind that fake eyepatch you wear. I want to know more about you. You -both-.", the blonde says.

"I…", Kara starts, but soon Zatanna's convoluted talk about dimensions and realms confuses her. Is she talking science? It doesn't sound like science! "I… it was a civilization that existed many, many aeons ago, a group of builders who took upon themselves to safekeep the wonders of the Universe after their time came to pass… …", and now it was Krypton's time. For a moment Kara says nothing, until she smirks. She is beyond being sad. This is just too stupid to bear. It makes no sense.

"Heh, well… yeah. It was beautiful once. It is -very- lifelike… it's almost like I am really back home, swimming despite knowing the Council prohibited unauthorized presence in this area. It felt very dangerous and adventurous, going to uncharted territory, where no other Kryptonians went.", and a shake of her head. If she only knew then.

And at Zatanna's incredible smile, Kara smiles too, even if her features are heavier. The smile does help, too.

"You say magic, but magic isn't real. What -are- you a mistress of? Are you Earthlings defined by your names? Am I… understand this wrong? Why were those creatures after you? Why is she so fake all the time? Why does she kill like it's fun, and why are you so happy all the time? What sets you appart?!", Kara asks, frowning at them both, raising a tree trunk for Zee aswell, remaining up in the air, a few inches from the ground, for now, her hair damp from the waterfall.

"I'll… be fine." Rose comments cautiously, giving the magic-wielding brunette a look up and down that made it clear she was very slow to trust anyone. Especially magical people. Who had demons or intra-dimensional aliens or whatever after them. Whom she'd gotten drug into a fight with. And lost her sword. And gotten roughed up. At least she'd managed to kill two of the bastards.

Wait, there was something she was supposed to say here… hmm, something normal people did… Urg, what was it? Oh, right. "…Thanks anyway."

Then comes Angry Kara's retort. Most people didn't go out of their way to irritate a member of a race probably capable of changing the orbit of the moon with a punch. Rose was a special kind of thick-headed. "Didn't ask to be here," she mutters, an instant before the tree-branch rises out of the ground to form a seat for her.

She doesn't fight it, her ankle probably wouldn't support her if she tried to do a fancy getaway move, anyway. The blade is halfway out before she realizes she's not being entangled in tree-tentacles, though, and with a huff of ingratitude, the mercenary slams it back into place in its sheath.

"There's nothing fake about it. I'm everything your computer will tell you and more. I'm a bad person, Princess." The white-haired young woman turns away, lifting her legs and slipping them over onto the other side of the tree-trunk to face away from the other two. "The sooner you accept that not everyone's beaming sunshine and farting rainbows the sooner you can show me where the beds are in this little clubhouse of yours."

"…And killing isn't /always/ fun. But I'm good at it. So I do it."

The father issues - that immeadiately puts a twist around Zatanna's heart. Zatanna adored her father, and if she ever lost him… well, she didn't know what she would do. She didn't want to think about it.

The twist to her heart was readily seen on her face - the creasing of her brow, the frown - the concerned rumple of her lips. One that flies away from her features as Kara shouts? at her. She had seen her punch through demons. She'd rather not see how easy it was for her to punch through people. "So it's a little bit like a museum," she says, with a note of understanding, still keeping her hands up, fingers spread wide. "Magic most certainly /is/ real. /Especially/ if you don't believe in it," says Zatanna, her blue eyes sparkling. With a flick of her wrist, people might see the flash of a card from her sleeve, and Zatanna holds it up to display to the others - the queen of hearts.

Like she had practiced it for years, Zatanna… kinda trips back and falls onto the stump, her hands clutching the sides for support as she is raised, a little yelp leaving her.

A handful of moments more, and she breathes out, her attention shifting towards Rose. "Well, um. You don't seem all /that/ bad? I mean, you risked your life to help me, and it sounds like you did the same for her. So…" Zatanna pauses. "…just ~mostly~ good?" she says, giving that devilish smile of hers, all ~dazzle~.

"You didn't ask, but you LET yourself be taken here! If you wanted to be here, or you needed some shelter because of your foot, I don't know, but I am sick and tired of your attitude of being bad! A bad person wouldn't have helped me! Wouldn't have saved me! You saved my -life-. And you could have not done it. I can see through you, Rose Wilson. I can see through you as easy as I can… well.. see through you. Sanctuary has information, sure, but it is not you. I know it."

… damn these powers ruining her metaphors.

-Kara Zor-El, I do have more information. On Earth the expectations of what is to be good or bad seem to vary greatly. According to their dictionary 'Bad' could mean FIRST: of poor quality. Example: This is a bad planet. SECOND: not such as to be hoped for or desired, unpleasant or unwelcome. Example: This is bad life form. THIRD: Coloquial. Behavior-attractive sexual partner. Example: You are a bad girl. Following these examples Rose Wilson could indeed be bad while retaining characteristics that pertain to a 'good person', as your moral matrixes would suggest.-, interceeds Sanctuary.

… damn this whole place. She is reprograming it. It is decided.

"So… it is… real, if I don't believe it? I was taught to believe things either are or not, and time will prove their existance, like the Geo-Mo Law. But…", and Kara looks annoyed, "Earth has taught me many things are possibl-", and out comes the card, and Kara smiles, surprised. That's… a pretty nifty trick! Even if Kara can see every small movement of the mistress of Magic if it is not ACTUAL magic!

"My planet is a place of science. My father would have never believed people like you existed, and if he sent me here, he sent me here for a reason. I must believe that. And you are the only people I know and… that I want to trust. I just need… help."

The white-haired young woman stares at the magician. Staaaaaare. It's a hooded, flat look, and though she doesn't say a word at first, it clearly conveys her meaning: Shut up. Or maybe 'You're an idiot.' Maybe both? Good or bad, it's readily becoming apparent that Rose Wilson is at least one thing: not very nice.

"If you get any more optimistic, I'm going to get diabetes. I only stopped you from falling because I didn't want the cops investigating a pretty brunette smear outside my window. And I only stabbed the assholes that came after you because they shot a freaking missile at my window."

That's what she tells herself, anyway. Truth is, there hadn't been ulterior motivations, she had simply reacted on instinct to the situations at hand. These two preppy do-gooders didn't need to know that, though.

Her head turns enough to look at the Kryptonian blonde over her shoulder out of her good eye, offering her profile and nothing more to Supergirl's retort. There's a pregnant pause, and then…

"…I can't help you." She intones blandly. "And I didn't save your life. I just didn't kidnap you. Not the same thing." And walked away from a sweet, sweet payday to let her go. She was still kicking herself for it sometimes. "I'm not a tour guide, I don't know anything about the things you want to know. If you want someone to stop breathing, if there's something you want to acquire in means other than strictly legal, then I'm your girl… for a price."

"Otherwise," The mercenary scowls, slipping off the bent tree trunk and onto the ground with a tiny, almost imperceptible grunt. "I'm gonna go find a bed and crawl in it."

No, it wasn't actual magic Magic. At least yet. Whispering something beneath her breath, Zatanna winks - and the card winks at Kara at the very same time. It must be one of those hologram cards, right?

With a gentle flick of her hand, she would send the card kinda flying towards the Kryptonian, it was meant to be an easy catch, but if she didn't… the card would swirl around her like trapped in a vortex for a handful of seconds, before fluttering down.

Zatanna did agree with Kara's assessment of Rose, though. Obviously Rose was a good person, but could do some very wicked things. Kara seemed kinda the same way, if one wasn't careful enough with her. "You know, I'm a member of a bunch of superheroes. The ~Titans~. They could help - well, both of you," she says, looking towards Rose afterwards. Only to catch the tail end of that stare on her, Zatanna kinda… glancing towards the ground sheepishly as she musters the composure again to lift her chin and ~smile~ at… well, the smile lasts about three moments.

"Still, you could have just let me fall. And you didn't. And yeah. Just… thanks," she says, the words as heartfelt as possible. Even if she was willing the stump seat to rise a little more.

Kara fetches the card, smiling at Zatanna and tentatively winking back, enjoying the gesture. Mimicing the magician earlier, she stores the card in her long-sleeved graduation tunic, before sighing and turning to Rose.

"The moment you decided not to kidnap me you saved my life. I heard your heart race that moment… just like it does sometimes, when the time is right. You cannot fool your body, and your heart speaks the truth.", Kara says, looking almost upset as Rose stands. Why does the woman fight so much to be condemned? It is beyond Kara.

And at that, the Kryptonian slowly flies to the fighter, hoisting Rose up in her arms, like a true damsel in distress, hair dripping the cool water of the waterfall.

"Sanctuary, please prepare the Healing Pods!"

-We do not possess Healing Pods.-

"Well, do we have anything like a Healing Pod here?"

-We do.-

"… Lead me there."

-May I suggest a more humane solution? We could eject Rose Wilson into the depths of Earth's ocean and end her misery.-

"… Sanctuary, as Rao is my Light… don't test me further."

-Please follow the blue lights into the Healing Capsules.-

And with Rose in her arms, the Kryptonian turns to motion for Zee to follow them. "What could you help us with? And… what are superheroes?", wonders the blonde, knowing only true HEROES like Val-Ro, her childhood favorite.

"Just do me a favor and remember it if the situation's ever reversed." There's mention of a team. She'd been part of a team once. They had helped her kidnap, and sometimes murder, children and young adults. Teams were not happy things. Teams could not be controlled. Especially ones like the Titans, do-gooders. "No thanks. Somehow I think your friends would be more interested in seeing that I faced justice."

A beat.

"…Wait, what do /I/ need help with!?" Because clearly she is the epitomy of self-sufficient efficiency! And really, what more could a young woman need than to be a well-oiled murder-machine?

To not be picked up like a helpless waif, of course!

"What are you- KARA!" Hey, she actually called Supergirl by name instead of 'Blondie' or 'Princess'! P-… Progress? Sort of, since she instantly begins twisting like an eel to get out of that rather humiliating pose. She contemplates wrapping her legs around the Kryptonian's throat and letting unconsciousness make her point for her, but she reminds herself that she is forty thousand leagues under the sea, with the only means of egress being the blonde alien and her ridiculous computer.

Whom she was introducing a virus to at the earliest possible moment.

The white-haired, one-eyed woman settles for an uncomfortable elbow to the ribs to try and get the Superbrat to release her. " /I can walk/." Hairline fracture or no, there was a limit to the amount of indignity that Rose Wilson could stand! Even a piggyback ride would have been less… lame.

That was a little too subtle display of the mystic arts. Next time, Zatanna should… hmm. Butterflies? Butterflies might be ~amazing~. Maybe she could work that into the stage show she was just putting the plans together for… "Um…" says Zatanna, having spaced out for a moment.

A beat, and she starts to hurry after the others, again lifting up her hand to brush wayward locks of her hair out of her eyes. "Well, you know. If you wanted to do /good/, it can help to have a bunch of friends who feel the same," she says, stepping around a low stump kinda sticking out of the ground. Skipping over it, she can't quite help but smile brighter in the aftermath of the magic demonstration.

At least until… KARA!

"You know, uh… friends?" she says, sounding uncertain of that last part, seeing Rose kinda twist and fight against the grasp. "I think… well, I think they could be made to see the light. If you were… you know, honestly interested in changing," says Zatanna, kinda glancing away from Rose - not only to help her as if she didn't see the indignities - but the views in this dream room? /Amazing/. "… or you get tired of being alone or whatever," she says, hurring along afterwards.

"What do you need help WITH? Oh, Rao, where to begin?!", Kara says while frowning at her current waif starts trashing. At first she is taken aback by Rose's quasi-squeal, something about it brightening the alien's face visibly even if she looks as surprised as the mercenary, for different reasons.

"See Rose? You can have fri- OOF!", says the breathless blonde as she is elbowed hard, gripping Rose tightly as Sanctuary suddenlly sprouts dozens of guns everywhere. "S…. St…. S-Stop, S….", the Kryptonian tries to say, still feeling the pain, the distance from the Sun making Kara weaker.

As the weapons receed, the first thing Kara does is hurl Rose away from her, knowing the vines will catch her and let the human down onto the ground gracefully.

"YOU… You don't deserve any friends! You are TOXIC, Rose Wilson!", growls the young alien, hugging her ribs and looking at Zatanna, trying not to be as angry then.

"I… you know what? Yes. I accept your invitation. I'll meet these Titans.", she mumbles afterwards, "No point in expecting a rotten skyllo to produce samgba seeds. Damn it… now I need the damn Healing Pods."

-Healing CAPSULES, Kara Zor-El-

"Sanctuary! SHUT DOWN for the night. Enough of you too!", she says grumpily rubbing her sore ribs, waiting for Zee to get out of the Dreaming Room, smirking some, lips quivering.

"You are welcome to stay, Zatanna Zatara. There are rooms that will fit to your biology's favored configuration for stasis. If you want to go back, Sanctuary will send you home when you are done here.", she says, reaching for Zatanna's shoulder and back, giving the other woman a gentle caress. Thanking her? Hard to say.

"AS FOR OTHERS, do as you wish, as usual.", she mumbles without looking, frowning as she flies slowly, following the blue lights.

It didn't quite click with Zatanna just what this dream realm /was/… well… until she saw the dozens of guns kinda materialize due to, presumeably, Rose's own impulses. A little bit of a smile dances across Zatanna's lips. And in the distance - perhaps, in the swirling ocean waters that made up the background. A butterfly did appear.

A luminescent thing made of light, that glittered and sparkled as it fluttered about.

"I'm sure they'd love it. When we're all done here…! I can show you around the tower at least, see who is around. You'd love them all, I… uh…" Maybe not /all/ of them. Raven was still kinda scary, and some of the others can be a bit unrelenting. "…am sure of it?" she says.

Zatanna finally pulls herself from the dreaming room - just in time to kinda feel that little caress. It was relaxing, to say the least. And not to mention the flushing it brought to her cheeks.

"I…" she whispers to Rose after Kara flies off. "… anything I can do to help, let me know!" she says, before kinda… following along after Kara. Presumeably to that room that was mentioned.

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