Chemical Caper!

October 11, 2014: Arnold Wesker and Scarface steal chemicals to pay a debt. It doesn't go as planned.

Chelsea - Gotham City

On the north bank of the Finger River along Gotham River is Chelsea, this
area is a mixture of educational, religious and business before residential.
It's ethnic diversity can be attributed to it's location and the lack of any
singular force unless one strays too close to Red Hook and the "Cauldron".
The Gazette Tower looms over Chelsea and it's neighborhoods opposite of South
Channel Island and the Asylum there to the north.



  • Rhino
  • Mugsy
  • Billy

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Carlos' Chemical rests in a building in Chelsea. It deals in producing chemicals for products typically seen as non-toxic- plastics, soaps, rubber compounds and things like that. It does an okay business in town and beyond. It makes enough money to keep running and pay it's workers. It however, doesn't make enough for super advanced security, though considering they only deal in non-toxic chemicals- this may not be as big as a deal as other places in town. Who would steal drums of Magnesium Chloride or Sodium Gluconate or Xanthum Gum? Really, only a dummy would do that.

A large flatbed truck , followed by a 1940's styled roadster (with a new tire replaced after a meeting with a certain bird-based Bat-family member) with it's hood down crash through the gate of Carlos' Chemical. The alarm tries to go off, activates for but a second before it goes on the fritz. Not enough to alert the budget security company on the end, but maybe enough to get the attention of heroes. Of course, there's the crashing through the gate entrance itself that might attract token attention. Regardless, the truck comes to a screeching halt, aswell as the roadster.

Sitting in the Roadster is the driver, a man in a newsboy styled cap, known as Billy. Mugsy, a man in a white fedora and grey pinstripe suit sits in the front passenger seat. Rhino is the larger man in back with the much smaller, balding man in the nice suit, that's holding up a puppet cradled in his arms. The puppet is dressed in the typical mobster fedora and pinstripe getup, and is holding a tommy gun—with the help of it's puppeteer- it's Arnold Wesker with Scarface. - the flatbed truck is driven by two non-descript, unknown men dressed in your typical, 1940's mobster getup and don't appear to be anyone of particular note. On the back of the truck is a number of similarly dressed mobsters in the 1940's style- who are here to help load it up.

"Alright, youse mugs." says the puppet, looking at all the gathered gangsters as Wesker gets out of the car, carrying the puppet. "We wants the drums with the red stripe. Anytin' is useless, so don't even waste your stinking time!" he says in his really expressed and stereotypical Brooklyn accent. "So start loadin' the truck, and don't take forever! 'dat bird issue the other night has me on edge! Mugsy, Rhino, you're wit' me." he says. Wesker, of course, has been following all this time, but he practically doesn't matter. "Uhm… Mister… Scarface?" the puppeter speaks up. "Shouldn't we—". Scarface practically turns his puppet face right around at Wesker. "This is /my/ gig dummy, when wes deal with a fighting a giant checkbook, youse be the first to know!" he practically yells. Wesker just replies. "R-right boss." he says with a resounding sigh.

The non-descript gangsters begin loading drums onto the truck, along with Billy's help—who actually chooses to be useful today, while the gun toting trio of Scarface, Mugsy and Rhino keep a watch over things.

The night right now is as quiet as it gets in Gotham on this side of the city. That will probably change very soon.


"So boss, why we stealing these barrels?" Rhino asks after a while of just watching the proceedings take place, looking a bit confused. He sounds somewhat thick, but for a giant wall of muscle it's hard to top someone like him, with just sheer girth and strength on his side.


Even a non-toxic product might involve something toxic ingredient. Or two non-toxic things make a toxic thing, after all. Rain is no longer homeless, so she doesn't need to sleep around here. Today, she's gone shopping and is totally flying on her broomstick home after her day of shopping, dealing with underpants gnomes and trying not to die horribly. It beats dealing with traffic and it's likely dark enough that no one thinks to look up. She also sticks to quieter areas. Which might be why she's even here. Captain, a jowly orange male tabby in a trenchcoat and wearing a fedora with goggles sits behind her on the broomstick.

Her gambler's hat manages to stay on despite the wind, and she too, wears goggles. Though she has a dark bandana over her nose and mouth. Bugs and such are a problem when you're not a well endowed Kryptonian and stuff. But it's not often one sees classic style cars and such in general, let alone outside a very much closed chemical production place. She decides to check it out, flying in lower to investigate. Quietly, mind you.



"Look, man," Luke Cage gently says as he approaches the spindly, pink-skinned-man?-who brought him to generator room of this Harlem power station. Huddled near one the dynamos, the creature is dressed in little more than rags with slight indentations where-his?-eyes should be and a similarly unsettling dip between nose and chin rather than a mouth. Even without eyes, he stares at the carefully approaching Hero for Hire, trembling.

"I don't wanna-I mean, if you could just-y'know-get on outta here," Luke continues as he takes another slow step towards the creature, "We could forget all about this; no charges, no nothin'." After another step, he extends a hand. "What's your deal, anyway; you need a place to sleep? You hungry? Si-"

"Hun… gry…" he rasps; the space between his nose and chin parts into a perfect circle filled with fangs, and without another word, he charges and leaps at Luke.


"What… the…?" a somewhat svelter Luke stammers as he shoves himself out of the now massive pink thing's grip. Despite the room spinning around him, he brings his fists up, ready to subdue his attacker-just as soon as he can figure out which creature is the real thing. "… hell…?"

With his hunger satisfied - for now - the creature lunges at Luke again-this time with a musclebound fist cocked to meet the hero's challenge.


Luke Cage whistles by Rain on his way to landing on a stack of unused pallets that are, mercifully, a ways away from the red-striped drums. The stock lined up between him and the gangsters might provide a little bit of coverage for now, but-an entrance like that one is not exactly stealthy.

Not that he's especially concerned with stealth at the moment. Mostly, he's trying to figure out what hit him; one moment, he was wrestling with an intrusive-alien? The next, it was like he'd suddenly come down with a dozen flus at once, and then-well.

Then came the pallets.

He slowly reaches one hand, then the other up to grab hold of a barrel and pull himself to his feet. That last punch he took was certainly nasty enough, and his flight into Gotham was rough, but-he shouldn't feel this beaten up. He's certainly taken worse beatings since getting his powers-

The Hero for Hire's train of thought runs abruptly off the track when he finally manages to make it to his feet and notices - finally - that his clothes have somehow become several sizes too big; a hand shoots down to grab the waist of his jeans before they can fall, and he hastily works on recinching his belt as tight as it'll go.

"Motherf-" he begins to swear before finally realizing that he isn't alone back here. After ducking behind some barrels, he pops up just enough to scan the surroundings before hunching back down and trying to work his way towards his fellow factory visitors. He's hellaciously bruised, a bit dazed, and plenty confused, but those things can wait until he's done his civic duty as a guy who gets paid to fight crime; maybe if he's lucky, he'll be able to work out a contract with the owners when it's all said and done.


Scarface turns to look at Rhino. Rather, Ventriloquist turns Scarface's head to face Rhino, but really- it's he same thing. Scarface speaks. "Again, Rhino, we're doin'a favor of sorts. See? So just make su—"

Luke Cage comes crashing down nearby and Wesker looks over there.

"Mugsy! Rhino! Go sees what that was." he says to the area over where Luke crashed down. It's possible they might not know what happened yet. No one perhaps saw Luke crash- just the after effects of it.

Rain goes unnoticied in her effort to remain low key- the big event of Luke crashing seems to cover her notice well enough.

"I don't think this is going to go well Mister Scarface…" says Wesker. "That's you're problem, you're /thinking/." says Scarface. "Dummy…." he mutters.


"Alright boss" The two rather well armed looking mobsters start to make their way over to the rough area where Luke crashed. They don't exactly know where he is per say, just the general direction of the sound. The generic thugs just continue to do their best to get the work done in an orderly fashion, one of them taking a picture of… something, before getting back to work.


Rain is good at that. She's not a busty, beautiful, bold heroine. She blinks, as Luke Cage whistles by. She looks alarmed as he lands. Her best power is healing, and she seems to genuinely worry about people. Captain merps. "Looks like your talent for chaos has worked again," He remarks, in a deep, baritone voice touched with a Gotham accent. She's going to land quietly nearby and goes to investigate where the man landed, her familiar cat trailing just behind. Unfortunately, this means she's probably going to run into the goons.


Luke can hear people coming towards him; this isn't particularly surprising, all things considered, but it's unfortunate all the same. Normally, he'd probably just meet whoever it is head on and sort things out directly; right now, though, that just isn't an option, so he turns around and starts limping his way around the product stacked up behind his landing point.

There were people moving around back here when he landed; either the factory happened to have a team of security guards assigned to the yard, its whole security staff chose that moment to check it out, or there is a robbery in progress. None of these possibilities are great ones for him, but he can at least talk his way out of two of them; his weakened state makes the inevitable consequences of the third undesireable, unless he can adapt.

Rain touches down near his landing point just as he's about to round the corner; once he catches sight of her over a shoulder, he pauses and his brow begins to furrow. Whoever she is, she's liable to get a faceful of the trouble coming for him; given that, it doesn't actually take him too long to figure out what to do next.

Once he's made it the rest of the way around the corner, he hunches by a row of barrels behind his landing point; when the thugs come, he intends to charge the partition in the hopes of taking them by surprise-although given his drained strength, it's more likely that he'll send the barrels themselves flying at the thugs rather than being able to force himself through them.


Wesker looks as the flatbed truck is loaded. As much as they can get, but it's going too slow. Slower than he'd like it to go. Scarface looks at a watch on his spindly wooden hand. It's painted on- so what the heck is he looking at? Wesker probably knows the real time, or something. "Hurry it up youse mugs- my granny can move faster than you, and she's an oak tree!" Scarface says loudly.

Wesker just kind of stands there, being 'useless', as he looks over in the direction of the commotion still.

Woah- wait what's that. Is that some guy coming out for a tackle. "Ahhh! Boss, someone's here, Mister Scarface." he says in a panic.

Scarface turns his head around 180 to look at Wesker, it's creepy. "Rhino'll take care of it."

Rhino shouts out in the direction of whoever it is making all of this noise holding his Thompson at chest level, along with Mugsy "Hey you, no sudden moves". He looks around in that direction, trying to spy whoever it is, so he can pump them full of lead.


"F. These directions are crap. Should have just used the GPS on my qPhone."

The souped-up, green-painted Arrowbike speeds down the grimy sidewalks of Gotham, sending the pedestrians who happen to be in its way scattering to get out of it. Why is the souped-up, green-painted Arrowbike speeding down the grimy sidewalks of Gotham?

To put it simply, traffic is gridlocked due to an accident. In a normal city, this might have been cleared up by the police and EMS crews within a reasonable amount of time, but given that accident victims don't give bribes, and this is Gotham, clearing up a traffic accident isn't exactly the top of anyone's priority. Hence, the lackadaisical response times. This only serves to further increase our Robin Hood-worshipping hero's acrimony toward Gotham.

"Of course there's an accident. Just another day in the City that Never Sleeps Because It's Too Busy Shooting Meth and Making Puppy Snuff Films. By the way, did you ever get a lead on who leaked that video of the methheads and the puppies on YouTube? Because that's totally the kind of thing that I should be shutting dow- OH SHIT!"

The bike screeches to a halt, turning completely sideways on the sidewalk and nearly falling over and sending Green Arrow flying. Fortunately, he's too experienced to let a little thing like nearly hitting an elderly couple phase him, and he's quickly back up and running, taking the turn into Gotham's industrial district.

It isn't long before he's in position atop an adjacent warehouse. As he peers through a pair of binoculars, he begins getting a picture of the unfolding scene below while also relaying critical information back to his hidden base.


Uhm. There's a guy. And he's just fallen. And barrels are flying. Captain peers around Rain. His tail poofs out a bit. Okay, this looks like a fight. The slender woman frowns and ducks behind some OTHER barrels that are not flying. Rain pauses. She's got to help that guy. She looks concerned for him, too. Think Rain, think. She begins to concentrate quietly, eyes closing. Deep breath, zen mode activated. She's going to have to stay still and concentrate.

It'll take a couple of minutes, but she's going to set what she thinks are one of the goon's pants on fire. It's just normal fire, so they could evade it or stop, drop and roll. … this is why Rain is not an epic hero. She also forgets her cat's tail might be visible around the barrels.


It takes quite a bit of pushing, repositioning, and raw, painstakingly applied effort, but Luke is eventually able to flip a barrel a short ways into the air to sail towards the gangsters for a little while before it just lands and rolls the rest of the way towards them.

This is plenty of time for the gangsters to open fire, however, so as the barrel flies and rolls, several bullets perforate it on their way to Luke; there are multiple hits, all of which draw loud, shocked cries of pain and cause the debulked hero to stagger backwards. When he looks down, he sees the bullets sticking out of his chest like darts, blunted against his body rather than repulsed outright.

"What-" he begins to stammer before-fwoosh! There's a fire somewhere; Luke snaps his eyes up to check on both it and the goons. Upon settling on the latter, he locks eyes with Rhino while sweeping the bullets free from himself with one hand and making the universal gesture for 'come get some' with the other; he is (quite unexpectedly) bleeding from all those shallow bullet wounds, but that won't stop him from trying to shake the shooter's resolve.


Green Arrow arrives. There's things going on. It's clearly some sort of theft or robbery going on— people dressed like classic stylized 1940's mobsters loading a flatbed truck while a blading dude with a puppet over sees them, though he can see the whole hubbed going on with Luke Cage and Rhino and Mugsy over there.

Some of the more nameless guys find thier pants on fire- some of them aren't even liars!

"Come on Dummy…" Says Scarface, who suspects something more is up. Wesker 'follows' Scarface (of course, he's actually carrying Scarface around, but… he's following him too. Looks things are weird when you're two people in the same body and that other guy is a puppet in your hands.)

He heads up and around.

Green Arrow might sees Scarface begin to come up and behind Rain's position, unknowingly, as the balding man and the puppet creep.

"Keep loading the truck, mugs—" he says lowly to the goons, who keep doing just that.


It's probably not particularly audible over the noise of gunfire, but there's a soft, super high-pitched whine that lasts for a fraction of a second as a narrow object speeds through the air. It stops suddenly, punctuated by the sound of a grown man screaming.

One of the gangsters has dropped his gun reflexively as a verdant arrow pierces the muscles in his forearm. He'll probably need physical therapy if he's ever going to hold a gun again, but he probably won't bleed to death any time in the next twenty minutes. Hopefully he doesn't got into shock.

Speaking of shock, that's exactly what the gangster closest to him gets. An arrow embeds in the man's chest, .03 Amps of current go through his body, and the sound of a man making involuntary noises and involuntarily soiling his pants as his muscles involuntarily seize up can be heard by anyone who happens to be paying attention. He falls over, still twitching.

But another arrow seems to miss its mark entirely. Instead, it anchors into an obliging brick wall several meters away from Wesker's… sorry, Scarface's position, seemingly doing nothing. However, this proves to be untrue as the telltale sign of a zipline gives away the Green Arrow's position just a few fractions of a second before he appears in the courtyard. He lets go of the zipline, dropping to the ground below, and firing an arrow at the ground as he plummets toward it.

Just before he hits the ground, the arrow explodes into a giant green air mattress, completely breaking his fall.


Rhino and Mugsy start blasting away with their fully automatic weapons intent on putting a series of small holes inside whoever has decided to crash their little party. It's not that they're bad aims per say more that they aren't really used to moving targets, most people usually just stand there when they start shooting and get full of holes.

Well, flaming pants are in effect. But the man being shot up makes her look worried. Rain tips her gambler's hat, still trying to stay behind the barrel - but at this point, a hat and a cat in a trenchcoat? Might be a bit fishy. She doesn't see Scarface coming up and behind her. But Captain might hear him. He's a cat. Housecats have ears. Ears with which they hear very well. He turns and will hiss if he sees the two.

Rain's attention? Is on Luke because the dude is being shot. Rain starts to concentrate again, going quiet. It'll take her awhile, but he'll find the bullet holes start to knit and mend just as easily and quickly as they came. It does take her a bit to cast though, and she is vulnerable in her trance state.


Wesker and Scarface come across the cat first. Who hisses. Wesker sort of startles in surprise. Scarface sneers. "It's a fancy dressed cat." Scarface says. Scarface levels his dollsized tommy gun down at the cat- and is about to fire when—


Arrows go flying through the air and some of the mobsters loading the truck fall down. Then Green Arrow appears, and he takes priority over— some fancily dressed cat.

So that's two confirmed—and a cat!? No something isn't right here.

Green Arrow begins having tommy gun bullets slung in his direction from Scarface's gun. Wesker sort of cowers under an arm while this happens.

"You think youse all can stop this!?" he calls out in challenge. "MUSGY, RHINO, COME ON, WE'RE PACKING IT UP!" he yells.

"Get to da truck!"

"What about us, Mister Scarface!?" he says. "Are ya deaf, too, dummy!? TO THE TRUCK!" he calls out frustratedly.


Luke gets even more bullets in response to his taunting, which-pretty much figures; he'd been hoping to avoid being shot at further, but automatic weapons have a way of making people stubborn.

Rather than just stand there, he gets low and runs towards some still-standing barrels in search of cover. More bullets graze and shallowly penetrate his body along the way, but the damage is less than what he would have gotten for trying to stick it out; he still ends up collapsing into a fatigued crouch once he manages to get behind cover, but every bit of mitigation helps right now.

He's all set to wait and see if Rhino and Mugsy will give chase and close the distance instead of forcing him to weather a storm of bullets to do so… and then a couple of his bullet wounds begin to close. After popping his head up momentarily to look for the source of his inexplicable good fortune, he decides to grit his teeth, heft the barrel he's hiding behind in front of his chest, and charge towards the thugs. He tucks his head behind the barrel after a couple of steps, but his lower body remains woefully unprotected.


Rain is near her cat and she looks horrified as the man and a - puppet? draw near. Rain is a violet-eyed young woman, who seems unremarkable aside from the cat and eyes. "Oh - er." Well, that's awkward. She really doesn't have any words for a moment. Her brain scrambles for a few words. Captain does it for them, "I'm not an it," He hisses. "Try your luck, punk." He's a stray from the streets of Gotham. Tough ole tom cat. Who TALKS. Rain scoops her cat up, shielding him a bit. There's - Green Arrow? And arrows? Blink. Well, Rain might be passingly familiar - maybe. But archery seems in this season. Who is she to disagree? It seems to be working.

She looks over her shoulder at Luke, worried. "Hey, mister! Are you okay?!" He's hefting a barrel but… She should probably remember that she is weak to bullets and duck back under something.


Green Arrow's escape is covered by a quickly-spreading smoke bomb arrow that is set off before he's even finished rolling off of the mattress. Fortunately, most of the thugs seem more intent on putting down the much more threatening-looking guy who's been absorbing all of the weapons fire, or GA would be dealing with a lot more rounds in his direction.

Using the smokescreen's concealment, he leaps/rolls/leaprolls to the next available cover, firing a grapple arrow at the tallest available structure. It happens to be a chemical silo, and he's swiftly yanked up to its top with a noise that sounds very much like a zipper being pulled on. From this spot, he has a view of pretty much the entire area, which was of course the general idea. It also leaves him all manner of exposed, which was probably also part of the plan.

"F. I think I've pinpointed the ringleader. He's some big muscle-bound guy in a zoot suit, probaly too dumb to work for the Clock King. Looks like this lead was a bust."

"Oh no, I'm already here. Might as well ruin his day. I can totally study for the board meeting after…. yes, I'm really going to study. I said I was, right? Look F, you're not my mom. She was eaten by a lion."

As he banters with his off-camera help, Green Arrow runs his fingers across the fletchings of the arrows within his quiver. Finally, he selects one, and sends it screaming toward the truck. With a loud THWACK it impacts with the hood of the truck, but doesn't appear to do any further damage.

However, the blinking light on the side of the arrow seems to be rapidly speeding up…


"But boss doncha want me to waste em?" Rhino asks while backpedaling from Luke to try and get back to the truck. He doesn't really seem too keen on getting left behind and neither does mugsy, who calls out "Aint worth our time anyways", while trying to cover himself. The generic mook who had taken the photo's is one of the first to get into the truck.


"I'm good-hrraagh!"

Luke brings the barrel over his head for a moment, then hurls it after Rhino. It doesn't move particularly quickly, and it's bound to drop out of the air after a few short feet, but as long as they aren't shooting at him, he doesn't need to haul it around.

Besides, dumping that load leaves him free to attempt another tackle-if, that is, he can get close enough to one of the men to warrant lunging after him. Given his bullet wounds and diminished condition, it's far from a sure bet.

"Just watch the gun-" His eyes twitch up at the zipper noise as he rushes the thugs, and he sees Green Arrow, but-there isn't any time to process it.

Wherever it is he landed, he picked a hell of a night to drop in.

"-fire!" he finishes shouting to Rain.


Suddenly, smoke screen. He's not going to continue to fire into that. He could hit some of /his boys/. Robin Hood picked a horrible time to drop in— Power Man is over there- and he's yelling to the girl with the talking cat. This entire heist is now amazingly screwed up beyond belif. Maybe one of these guys maybe two. Three? Three's kind of a danger.

"Take em out then, Rhino!" Scarface yells from across the way. "PUT THEM UNDER AND HURRY AND MAKE IT QUICK."

"Mister Scarface, what's that beeping?"

Scarface yells. "HELL!" and then he leaps off Wesker's hand. (Wesker throws him.) and Wesker dives shortly after. Scarface is smart enough to know a bomb when he sees one.


Rain pauses. She looks worried about Luke again. There's an arrow guy and Luke is being shot. She hears the shout to put them under. Rain doesn't want to die. She winces, throwing herself to the ground. "Do you need medical attention!?" She calls to Luke, especially surprised as the smoke screen goes off. Wait, is that beeping? It totally is. Rain bolts in the general direction of away, but not so far that she can't hear Luke.

"Thanks, whomever-is-shooting arrows!" Hey, it's cool. And she's distracted. Captain is a giant fluffball, unhappy looking.


And then the little light on the side of the arrow stops blinking entirely. Just a split second before it explodes.

There's a BOOM!, a noticeable shockwave, and the engine block of the truck is pretty much scrap metal. But overall the explosion seems incredibly well-contained. A lot of sound and fury, not signifying much to anything that happened to be more than a few feet away from the arrow when it exploded.

Scarface and Wesker aren't the only ones who run from the Explosive Arrow. That seems to be the prevailing sentiment of anyone who happened to be near enough to suss out what was going on. But as some of the henchies flee, they find their progress impeded.

One guy falls flat on his face after a Bolo Arrow wraps around his arms and legs.

One guy falls flat on his face after a Glue Arrow sticks one of his feet to the ground while he's trying to run.

Another guy falls flat on his face after he falls into a mysterious Grease Slick that somehow happened to be right in the path of his escape route.

Yet another guy falls… well, you probably get the idea at this point.


Arnold Wesker spazes out on the ground as the explosion rocks the ground, and the cab on the truck explodes. Then the chemical barrels on the back begin to burn. The chemicals may not be toxic, but they're flammable! This causes more secondary explosions— suddenly- it's now chaos and war zone like as Mobsters fall on grease slicks and glue arrows.

"RHINO , MUGSY, BILLY! BREAK OFF YOU MUGS!" yells Scarface over the Chaos.

Wesker grabs- and reseats- Scarface back onto his hand as he stands up in a hurry and begins to run somewhere off to the east behind containers- the meek balding man and the puppet running for thier lives at this point. The others can find thier own way back.


Catching up to Rhino and Mugsy isn't in the cards for Luke; too many bulletholes. Still, he doesn't quite know how to answer Rain's question, even as the two thugs gradually pull away until he has to just stop, wrap his arm around his ribs and take a moment to recover. Does he need medical attention? It's been a long time since he's had to deal with injuries even remotely like these; his sense of how much he can or can't take is all out of whack.

"I-nah," he decides as he reaches around to gingerly pick an embedded bullet from his back. "I'm-I'll be-"


The explosion interrupts his uncertain fibbing, forces him cover his ears, and leaves him grateful that he was already a ways away from the truck.


Rain isn't about to go after them, either. But she's definitely perceptive. "Uhm. I can at least take a look at y-" She winces at the explosion, covering her ears and the poor cat with herself. Captain's muffled complaints can be heard from inside her jacket. Once her ears stop ringing, she moves towards Luke. Captain is ruffled and merping annoyed.


"Really? And they're actually coming? Surprise of the century, I didn't know the old GCPD actually responded to…"

Green Arrow's pleasantly surprised expression suddenly falls into a hard line of 'Shoulda figured'. "Oh. You told them there was a couple million dollars of cash on the scene. Yeah, that sounds like enough to motivate 'em."

Off in the distance, the fine men and women of the GCPD are clambering to their cars as if there's a pile of cash waiting on them at the scene of the crime. Which, thanks to Team Arrow, is exactly what they think is going down. Whether there's any cash at all on the scene is, of course, not known to either Green Arrow or his Team at the moment.

However, his work here is done for now, and he doesn't want to stick around for the cops any more than the criminals probably do. So from his perch above the fray, he taps two fingers against the brim of his hood and gives a friendly salute to the crimefighters working the scene from below. And then he fires a grapple arrow off into the distance, and is quickly gone.

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