Meeting Strange

October 13, 2014: Doctor Strange summons Zachary to talk about a new magic group.

Sanctum Santorum

Home of Doctor Strange



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As he walks into the Foyer, Stephen says outloud, "It is time to bring the next possible Sentinel. Seal off the doors, and lock the Nexus." The Sanctum begins to hum, as doors begin to glow as runes begin to glow around the doors and fade. Stephen moves to the center of the foyer, and places a hand over the Amulet of Agametto. As the eye opens, the Sorcerer Supreme begins to scry for Zachary Zatara. His eyes begin to glow slightly as he easily locates the young man.

"This one is cocky, and a bit…self centered. I expect he will not like being pulled away. We shall see how he reacts." As he cocks his head to the side to see what the boy is doing.

When Stephen locates Zachary, the Zatara is on a large stage with a red background looking into an even bigger audience. He is dressed in costume. Coattails, slacks, wand, top hat, and even a magician's cape. You know, the traditional magician attire.

"The next trick from the world's greatest magician is one that will require a volunteer!" His stage assistant, Bunny, calls out to the crowd. She, on the other hand, is wearing the exact same thing besides the hat and with fishnets. There is a human sized box in the center of the stage. Zachary offers the people a brilliant smile. "Who would like to disappear?"

A hmmm escapes his lips, as Stephen raises his hands before him. "A simple replica for now will be suitable while I speak with the original." The older gentleman raises his left hand above him, as it begins to glow. The spidery language of magic begins to flow from his lips as a beam of light fires from his hand through the ceiling. It flies out the door and out into the world as it travels to Zachary. It moves with lightning speed as it makes it way to his performance.

As his spell arrives, it creates a large flash of light to create the solid illusion of the magican. As the light burns for a second, Stephen reaches through time and space to pull the boy before him with his free hand. As the original arrives, Stephen takes a step back to allow for the boy to adjust to his new setting.

As Zachary arrives to the Sanctum Santorum, he looks around, wide eyed. "Definitely not Shadowcrest…" He mutters to himself as he spins to fully capture his new surroundings. Until he turns to properly look at Stephen.

"Um…" He seems to be lost for words. Even as a full-time superhero magic-user, he never expected something like this. "Who are you? More importantly, where am I? Looks like I'm the only one who's going to be disappearing."

"I have placed a replica of yourself. You are still performing your show, yet you do not seem to like being alone often. So you left me no choice." As he bows, his red cloak seems to move on it's own around his feet, "I am Doctor Strange…" As he comes up from his bow, "You are in my home, the Sanctum Santorum here in New York City." His pale slate colored eyes watch the young man intently.

"Sorry, the life of a stage magician is hardly a solitary one." The male Zatara lifts a hand to pick up his top hat and throws it into the air. It disappears along with his cape.

Zachary raises an eyebrow hearing the name. "Oh? Billy mentioned you…" He says mostly to himself. "So, I'm here while my show is still going on. Well that's a good thing at least…But why? Why invite me to your mysterious and probably ~magical~ home?"

"Well…I have a reason." As he waves his hand, a table filled with tea and cookies fades into view. Stephen moves to sit down in his chair as he motions for the young man to join him. "Wiccan is on his own journey at this time. His magic is…different. If he follows the path I have laid before him. He will become my apprentice. You on the other hand. Your magic is in your blood." As the Sorcerer Supreme begins to pour the tea, "Your Homo Magi background gives you the ability to do magic easier then most. You could say I have met an Aunt of yours many years ago. However that is not the point."

As he leans back in his chair, he folds his hands in his lap and continues to explain, "I have summoned you because I think your magical talent would be an asset to the team I am forming. They are called the Sentinels of Magic. A group of magic users who will be there to defend the earth against any magical attacks or villians."

Zachary Zatara does join him though he is a bit reluctant. "Yes, I've been told of my mystical background." By Zatanna and her father actually. "And all things magic is easier. Especially when speaking backwards." He rests his ankle on his knee under the table and leans back. "Sentinels of Magic? Cool name." He offers. "But I think you might find my cousin a bit more useful."

A soft smile escapes his lips, "Yes. I plan to speak to Zatanna soon enough. However, I am speaking with you now." He cocks an eyebrow, "As a member of this team there will be certain benefits. One of them being access to my vast library here at the Sanctum. I promise you there is no library like mine here on earth. Even one like your cousins. If you are not interested Zachary. I will not waist your time. However, if you are…you are."

"Really?" Zachary questions looking around the Sanctum again. "And I thought Shadowcrest held all the knowledge in the world of the occult." Zachary looks at Strange and shrugs. "Oh, I'm interested. So, magic-users who defend the Earth. Is there any particular set of rules I need to follow or what?"

"The Sanctum is a focial point for all magic. If and when I think you are ready. I will tell you some of the secrets that are held within these walls." As he takes a sip of his tea, he holds the cup looking at the young man. He remains silent for a moment before he says, "Rules will change as it tends too with magic. The first and biggest rule is only members of the team will be allowed to come here. If you break that rule those not on the team could be harmed. The Sanctum is warded." If your senses extend at any time it is some of the strongest magic on earth.

"And second, if and when I call I ask you make an attempt to be here to defend the earth."

"Don't worry…" Zachary smirks. "If I want to throw a party, I have Shadowcrest for that." And yet Zatanna was not pleased the last time he had done that. "This is the meeting place of the Sentinels of Magic, then." Zachary nods to the last rule. "Of course. Saving the world from evil ~magic~. Only magic or is this a superhero team."

"This is against all magical threats…demons…gods…mythical creatures…etc." Stephen waves his hand as it glows for a moment and he opens his palm. A gold ring is glittering in his palm, its in the shape of a serpant eating it's own tail. "This ring will allow you access to the Sanctum, and it allows me a means to locate and communicate with you. If you do not wish to wear it you merely must just keep it on your person. The choice is yours, Zachary."

Zachary nods again and glances at the ring. He picks it up to examine the piece of jewelry. "Hmm…" He says as he slips the ring on his finger. "Thank you. I shall keep it with me at all times." He says quietly before leaning back in his chair and look at Doctor Strange. There is a moment of slience before he speaks up again. "…And I also should mention Wiccan's training while I have you here." He pauses. "If you don't mind me asking."

As he hmmms, Stephen reaches down to take a sip of his tea. "Are you telling me or asking me about his training?" The older man sets the tea back down before he cocks his head to the side curiously.

"Um…Asking mostly. He is friend of mine, you see." Zachary says. "I was just wondering. He told me that you wanted him to go to…Tibet, if I recall." There is another pause. "Without using magic?"

As he nods slowly, "Yes. I have my reasons. He feels like people do not understand him or his magic. His magic is unique compared to others." As he takes a small bite of his cookie. He chews it and continues, "It is part of his journey to discover if he wants to be -my- apprentice enough. It is not going to be an easy journey. I want him to realize that and learn to discover that his strength comes within."

Zachary looks at the tray of cookies and takes one before bitting into it. He then nods as if understanding. "Yes, but I don't see how he could get to Tibet without any magic. I am aware of his chaos magic."

Doctor Strange nods, "Yes, but that is his challenge." He smirks softly thinking the boy has not asked a friend to magic him there yet. "If he wants to be my apprentice yet will find a way. But I will know if -he- uses magic to arrive to there."

Zachary arches an eyebrow. He did notice the emphasize on -he-. "So…he can't use his magic to get there, but someone else-" Zachary says gesturing to himself. "can? That makes things easier."

A grin escapes Stephen, as he stands his cloak moving back and up away from him. "If you say so. Now I beleive you have a show to finish? Shall I return you Mister Zatara?"

Zachary stands as well and smiles lightly. "Yes I do." He almost forgot about his show and the magic clone left prefoming it. His top hat and cape reappear suddenly and he looks over at Stephen. "I can get there myself. Neuter em ot wohs!" The boy exclaims causing him to disappear and a cloud of smoke to be left in his place.

When he returns to the stage his clone is gone. The show seems to be almost over and so the Zatara is slightly confused.

"~And the show goes on~"

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