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October 11,2014: After notifying Mike and Pepper about an attack, Jim gets summoned to Stark Industries.

Apartment 320B, Queens, New York City, New York

This former studio apartment has seen better days, and the walls have the amazing property of muffling only the important noises but not the noisy neighbors at all hours of the night. Currently one wall has half of a futon sticking through it, the other half perhaps in the adjoining room. Dust of many decades fills the air, and a very large hole is in the roof/ceiling of the apartment. Given the nature of the place, it is highly unlikely to be livable any time soon. It had a kitchenette with a counter, and a small shattered bookshelf with some shredded books. Along the door and the window, ironically enough, there are horse shoes with the 'open' end 'up' and various other folklore markings. A laptop amidst the ruins small kitchen table was the Internet Window To The World.

Stark Industries - New York City, New York

Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark
Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and
its associated sub-levels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top, the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at least, when
he's not at his Malibu home.



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Frank Tyson, Stark Security (not named specifically)

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It's been one HELL of an evening for James Reha, who is the unlucky bastard who gets to share a body-space with an ancient alien entity-artifiact-thing known as 'The Corvinus'. Given that the bird-thing was being quiet of late, Jim had taken the opportunity to go and indulge on almost Starkian-scale binging without the female companionship.

Then he got home to his dingy little studio in Queens… and the roof LITERALLY came in on him as someone with a big mean mace, a big mean streak, and wings and armor and who knows what all else decided to put the fear of death and justice into him. By whatever means he could swing, he was able to persuade the intruder to leave… however now he is sans most belongings save the clothes he was wearing and a small bag with whatever quick odd bits he could salvage as he was running out the door.

Mike's drone was able to catch up to him about half-way to Stark Industries as Jim was whipped through the streets of New York by someone who was promised a hundred dollars if they could get him to SI within ten minutes. Given circumstances, it's worth the investment and what Pepper said… it might even be comped.

When he makes his way into the Lobby the man looks like hell.. and not because of drinking, but it does look like a room blew up on him, and he has bruise marks starting to show around his neck. Plaster dust and who knows what other kind of musty old shattered building funk permeate his coveralls that he was wearing from Mike's facility…


Mike's drone is, in this case, a football-sized thing, gold and black, propelled by some technique that isn't yet on the market, and it follows Jim from the cab into the building. It mutters to Jim, 'You look terrible. Explain when we get to Pepper,' and floats along serenely just the way a gold-and-black football normally does not.

It signals a greeting to Jarvis, along with identity: Mike Drakos telepresence.


Pepper Potts wouldn't make Jim go all the way to her office for this, and she doesn't. She's waiting in the Lobby for him and the moment she sees the taxi pull up she sends one of the night shift security guards out to make sure Jim is all right and to give the taxi driver an extra bonus. For her own part, Pepper looks at Jim almost critically even if her attire is rather different from normal. She's wearing casual jeans and a baggy sweater and slip-on flats that all look like she dressed in a hurry. Or maybe it's the sloppy ponytail that gives that impression.

Her eyes flick up toward the floating gold-and-black football and then back to Jim. "What happened?" She gestures to the other security guard at the front desk, who brings over a first aid kit that had clearly been pulled and set nearby just in case.


"All I'm saying is that it'll pay for its-" Jason stops mid sentence seeing Jim and the odd drone his attention now completely away from whatever it was he was discussing with the security guard as he goes to help Jim. "Well then"


Jim gives the drone a bit of a nod, and then thankfully gets stopped in the Lobby. He's used to things like the drone from his other work, as Mike sometimes tries them out in the yard. He moves with a haste and clarity that belies the fact that he'd nearly been mauled by someone with vast strength. He's probably still cruising on adrenaline.

Jim nearly had his trachea crushed and has some largely superficial cuts and bruises, thankfully.

"They're here. At least one. Maybe more. She crashed the apartment, started attacking me —"

He breaks off as he tries to catch his breath and restart again, letting the guard and anyone else look over the injuries.

"Shayera Hol, allegedly of Thanagar. She came for the partner. Medieval Mace, heavy armor, wings, bird-mask. Shorter than me. She was going to kill me but… she wanted it, not me…"

It kind of burbles out and he tries to bring other words to bear and fumbles for a few seconds.


Pepper Potts snags Jim by one arm and pulls him to sit in the nearest chair, one of those things that normally look comfy but aren't even if these actually are very comfortable. "JARVIS."

"Yes, Miss Potts." Yes, the AI really is wired into every inch of this building. Well, except the restrooms. Pepper was adamant about that.

"Find me everything you can on Thanagar and a person named Shayera Hol."

"At once, Miss Potts."

Pepper moves to sit in a chair similar to the one she steered Jim to and asks a bit less forcefully while looking at the first aid kit's contents. "Did she say why she was after your bird friend?" Where are the damned painkillers in this thing?


Mike runs an IR and sonic scan of Jim when he finally stops moving enough to be able to get a clear picture.

"She nearly DID kill you. He needs medical care, Ah, you're on it," the drone says to Pepper. "Bruises around the throat, some blunt trauma from being knocked around along with the superficial cuts and things that will need to be disinfected. Thanagar is something his bird-friend talked about once. A planet."


"Take it this means bowling's canceled for tonight?" Jason asks, moving over to Jim as the man's sat back down into the not so kampfy chair. His voice sounds just as gravely as ever but slightly more normal, as if he's slowly working towards being…. human again.


Jim is shaking as he's snagged and guided to a chair. Sure, he's been scared before, and heck, Fenris has that whole 'predator' thing going on… but to be that close to dead and… nothing stopping it save some very quick talking and thinking…

" 'Crimes against her people punishable by death' is what she said. I… told her if she was really from another world then she was here illegally and needed to turn herself in. I think it made her stop… or the fact that Corv's been hiding so hard the past week or so I can barely talk to it… and then it wanted to go all out and do a 'show and tell' just as she was leaving… I… just don't know…"

Jason's comment about bowling gets a blank stare.



Pepper Potts flicks a glance toward Jason at the bowling comment but otherwise lets it be as she finally finds some Tylenol. A pair of those pills are pressed into Jim's hand, followed by a fancy insulated glass version of a water bottle she pulled from her ever-present shoulder bag. Then she's pulling the disinfectant and the gauze and those tiny band-aid things to set on a side table nearby. "Okay, Jim. No one can get at you here. Just take a few moments, all right?"


"Oh, lovely, another crazy alien," Mike mutters to himself. "Like we don't have enough crazy humans thinking they can just go around killing anyone they want to."

The drone says, "The bird mentioned Thanagar once, something about 'ungrateful' or something like that. He seemed shocked and surprised that they didn't gracefully accept the dispensation of wisdom and enlightenment from on high. Apparently the Bird was created by people who were never kids."


Jason silently looks over the man who is sometimes a bird, trying to mentally construct what happened, needless to say he doesn't do a very good job. He's no Batman, so it's not like he can exactly guess everything about a crime by looking at someone. Though even now he thinks it'd be a rather good thing to practice.


Jim takes the water bottle and tosses back the pills and drinks a goodly portion of the bottle before he coughs a bit, frantically pulling out a bunch of paper napkins he had shoved into the coveralls from a messy lunch, and a glob of something blackish-grey comes out. Kind of like when someone gets dust down their throat, not like some sort of alien contagion or the like.


He undoes the top of the coveralls and rolls them down so his arms and hands can be looked at. Mostly bruising, some scrapes and dings, and some that look like they've been healing like perhaps he'd gotten his butt kicked somewhere else recently, as well.

"If it can have the emotion of 'sorrow', Thanagar is the deepest of it, but I don't know why. Other than a feeling of alternatively not being able to do the job or doing the job too well. It's really confusing on that score, and that's when it is actually communicating and not trying to be a 'hole in the water'.

He tries to take a few moments then gets this sort of weird cast to his face. No, he's not going to pass out or get sick.

"Y'know, I could really go for a drink right now."

On top of the pills it would probably be a bad idea.


"Yeah, it didn't say WHY it left, but the whole thing sounded kind of like one of those 'civilize the poor natives' situations… even though I'm sure it has the best of intentions," Mike says through the drone. It snaps a light on the work area while Pepper is providing first aid. Bowling? No. Wrong shape for a bowling ball.


Jason idly thinks aloud under his breath, something about rescheduling. This bowling thing is his only real chance to just hang out with the guys, other then the nightly trips to the Hanoi Hole. Though there is still a bit of interest shown into Jim's well being, he just knows the birdman'll be fine if he worries for him or not. The bowling on the other hand…


Pepper Potts, with help from the strange little floating thing, manages to clean and apply bandages to a few of the scrapes and minor wounds Jim is sporting. She runs out of supplies way way too quickly. "Okay, this kind of thing is why Tony had an Infirmary built. Come on, I'll call Sam on our way up there. Jason, could you check with JARVIS and make sure there's a guest room free? And…" she looks at the football thing again, not sure how to address the device or whomever is controlling it. "Thank you."


"You're welcome Ms. Potts. Tell Jim he doesn't have to hurry in to work in the morning," the drone answers, as Mike summons it back home.


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