Something Wicked

October 13 2014: Fenris checks in on Pepper and Rune

Pepper Potts' Office

A comfortable, functional, well appointed office in Stark Tower



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Fenris actually uses the door this time. It may be a sign of the apocalypse.

Okay, he doesn't entirely use the door. He tears a Way open into the nearest hallway and knocks on Pepper's office. He's not actually going to deal with the receptonist. The last time he did the poor girl took a week of sick days. So really, it's a public service, just teleporting into Stark Industries.

Sure. We'll go with that.

In any case there's a knock on Pepper's office door and when it's opened, 'Jeremiah Wolfson' is standing there.


Pepper Potts is in the middle of work stuff. Like always. "Come in," she calls out without looking up. After all, anyone who has made it far enough to knock on her door has to have passed several layers of security, including Cricket, her current PA and a sentient AI in a robotic body.

Pepper Potts is in the middle of work stuff. Like always. "Come in," she calls out without looking up. After all, anyone who has made it far enough to knock on her door has to have passed several layers of security, including Cricket, her current PA and a sentient AI in a robotic body as well as Jason Lucky, the bodyguard who won't stay dead.


Pepper Potts is in the middle of work stuff. Like always. This time, it includes Dana Hunt. Both women are currently seated at the small conference table looking over a set of photography proofs and sharing some hot tea.

"Come in," Pepper calls out somewhat absently without looking up. After all, anyone who has made it far enough to knock on her door has to have passed several layers of security, including Cricket, her current PA and a sentient AI in a robotic body as well as Jason Lucky, the bodyguard who won't stay dead and seems unable to avoid dying.


For her part, Dana has been scarce, lately. Though the proofs somewhat make up for that, the absence wasn't entirely her own choice. She's not, however, been much inclined to talk about it. The tea, however, is lovely, as is the company. A relief, really, compared to company she's had to keep while outside this building.

Her head comes up as the door opens, the sense of the Old Wolf filling the room… though it doesn't shake her any more. Behind her chair, the cwn annwn, Rex, raises his head as well and chuffs softly.


Fenris smiles at the Hellhound, inclining his head and steps in. "Good evening Miss Potts. Hello Rune, I didn't realize you were back in town." And the Old Wolf does try to keep track. "I trust all is well with you ladies?"

He's checking in partly because there's been a lot of fae related magic recently, most particularly in Gotham but between the wild hunt and returned sects of ancient druids he'd been concerned for both the seeress and the CEO. Hence the Big Bad coming to pay a visit.


"I know the Board would have kittens, but I still really like this one." The current CEO of Stark Industries indicates one photo from a set clearly taken at a recent press conference, with Pepper looking at some press person or other disapprovingly while people in the background of the image are in various states of trying to conceal their amusement at something.

Then she looks up also and smiles as Fenris steps into the office. "Hello, welcome. Busy as ever, but well enough. Please, have a seat. You can help me decide on which photo to use for the company's next quarterly bulletin." And, of course, if the Big Bad wishes, he knows where she keeps the liquor stashed in her office.


"Well enough," Dana replies with a smile and a courteous nod of her head to the Old Wolf. She glances down at the picture Pepper indicates and then chuckles softly. "You just like the glare," she notes. Pepper, she's noticed, seems to like people to think of her as stern… when the truth couldn't be further from it. Well. Most days.

Her attention returns to the Wolf. "What brings you here, Old Wolf? Doing the rounds?" She wouldn't be surprised if it's something of a territorial thing.


Fenris pulls up a seat with a tired smile. "Something like that, Lady Dana." He murmurs. "That is, indeed, a rather fine glare. In past centuries Miss Potts could have made mannor staff quail or princes shiver with that glare. Alas, these days it must be reserved for the press." He's half joking, but only half.

"In truth there's been some rather odd disturbances lately and I simply wished to make sure all was well with the two of you. Kind of you to be in the same place when I dropped by." He is, after all, a territorial hunter and were one to break down his psychology perhaps more than is wise, one could probably make the arguement that Pepper and Dana are somehow 'his' and thereforef get looked in on from time to time.


Pepper Potts looks at Fenris with a bit of concern in her expression. "Disturbances? What kinds? I've not heard anything particularly noteworthy in the local news for the past several days." Of course, she's not one to read tabloids or other similar 'rags', so she might not be as up-to-date on things of a supernatural lean.


Dana knows there've been things afoot. But, then, there are always things afoot in the city. And, it's the time of year when the Veil Between Worlds begins to thin, Samhain less than a month away and the full moon with a full lunar eclipse just past. "Well enough," she tells the Wolf again, her smile wry. It's no lie, after all. Whatever had caused her absence, for the nonce, is past, too. As for the future? Well… Samhain is coming. And after it? Winter. Time to circle the wagons.


"Someone called down the Wild Hunt to 'cull' Gotham, for starters." Fenris sighs. "And the same someones have been hunting a certain Disneyland refugee I believe you are acquianted with." He looks through the proofs on the table selecting one with a smile. "Aaaaah. This one is quite nice. Carries an aura of authority with it, don't you think Dana?"

Then again, Pepper frequently carries that. It shows, in part, in the strange circle she's surrounded herself with.


"Which Hunt?" Dana asks, her head canting and a brow arching. Because, while her father is Lord of the Wild Hunt among the Sidhe, the Celtic pantheon, there are others who also have such a Hunt. Odin, for instance, has been known to ride the night, as well. Not, mind, that she'd put it past her father to enjoy a raid through Gotham. He is what he is, whether she likes it or not.

She glances to the image he selects and chuckles softly. "Indeed. Though, this one over here give her an interesting aura, don't you think?" A halo, really, just because of the lights filtering through her red hair. Dana always finds the flat images so different than what she sees normally.


Pepper's eyebrows go up at that. "I saw the news report on that. A lot of random violence over night, and people reporting hearing … hounds baying." She shakes her head. "That's honestly disturbing. And to think I had an invitation to go to a gala or something like that, on that same evening. Now I'm glad I RSVP'ed no."


Fenris chuckles. "I do like that one. Makes her look almost like a Valkyrie." He pauses. "Well, the daughter of a Valkyrie and a fire giant."

Glancing up he hitches a shoulder and shrugs. "Not the All-Father's. That'd have been an awkward encounter indeed. It was the Erlking's Hunt. The goblin lord was… as he ever is. All to happy to hunt and spill blood for the thrill of it." The Erlking isn't evil so much as utterly amoral and powerful enough to make that very, very dangerous.


Dana's raised brow turns into more of a dry grimace. "The Erlking," she says with just a hint of distaste. "Chasing through Gotham? Forgive me, but I think I'll stay in New York, then." That's a heads-up she can appreciate. Rex cants his head, an ear flickering and his tail thumping once.

Again, though, the image makes the photographer smile. "I see what you mean, yes. I was reminded of one of the Ladies of Summer, personally, but it's a much more apt comparison."


Pepper Potts leans to look at the photo they're both referring to, looking perhaps a bit perturbed. "That makes me look like I have 80s hair, or something." She looks from Fenris to Dana and back. "Valkyrie? One of the what?" She shakes her head. "It's just frizz from the humidity."


Fenris chuckles. He long ago gave up commenting on Pepper's looks, striking as they can be, since she is either confused or insulted by the compliments. Instead he compliments her bearing or manners. Those at least she understands.

"It's something with the light Pepper. And maybe the look on your face. You do have a look that could either be used for bearing some brave soul off to Valhalla… or lopping their head off."

More reason to avoid Gotham indeed, as if anyone needs it. Still, it's in his hunting grounds and if there's one thing the Old Wolf can't abide, it's poachers.


Dana lets the comments from Pepper slide, other than to say, "One day, I shall have to conjure some illusions so you can see the world the way I do…" Then, perhaps, Pepper might understand why Dana finds the mundane things so fascinating. She glances to Fenris, now. "Do you have any indication if the Erlking has an agenda, or is simply Samhain foolishness?"


Pepper Potts looks between the two of them again and ohs faintly. At Dana's comment about conjuring up some illusions, she nods. "I kind of would like to see that." And then she asks a bit hesitantly, "The Erlking, is he… who I think he is?" She isn't sure she should say her thought out loud, partly for fear of insulting her friend, partly because the walls might have ears. Other than JARVIS's.


"No no. Someone different. The Erlking is a goblin lord. Trust me, you'd have a very different friend otherwise, I do believe." And with that Fenris stands. "I'll drop by again later if it's not imposing, but for now I really should make sure the disciples of the Wurm are not causing more trouble. It was more than just Samhain foolishness, I fear, Rune."

The Great Wolf tears open a way and pauses as he begins to enter. "Something Wicked this way comes…"

And then he's gone.

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