Baileys and Cat Souls

October 16, 2014: Oracle intrudes on a movie night with Kate and Vorpal to offer assistance

Keith O'Neil/Miguel Barragan's Apartment

The apartment is not spacious, but it is adequare for what it is: a place for two young upcoming heroes. The most noticeable thing is that, aside from two futons, a book case and some personal effects and essential pieces of furniture such as clothing storage, the apartment itself is rather Spartan in its furnishings. It makes sense, in a way, since the owners can create any piece of furniture they want or need and then simply dismiss it.



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Boredom has officially set in.

Keith isn't supposed to strain himself, at least until Gar and the others can get a hold of a wizard somewhere to look him over and learn exactly which activities would cause a draining of his essence, if any. He understands why Gar wants to be careful, even if the lack of activity takes its toll on the usually active young man.

So, he's turned his attention to movies on his StarkPad, which has a subscription to at least a few streaming services. Naturally, he had sent Kate a text, just in case she was free this evening and wanted to do a movie night (tm) sort of thing. He had the popcorn for it. With Gar having to take care of the final details of the base purchase and Miguel doing his back-to-back waiter shifts, the rather small apartment was fortunately not crowded.

"What do you think of Pride and Prejudice?" Keith asks teasingly as he fingers through the selection. "Mister Darcy is always rather dreamy…"

Oracle is alone in the Clocktower, the video feeds and data streams flickering across her monitors casting a ghostly green hue over her face and reflecting off her glasses. One window is in the middle of her screens, and it has her undivided attention, hexadecimal numbers whirl as the data scrolls, and then it stops, and the red haired woman smiles grimly.

A few keystrokes on the console and her avatar is sent rushing down the digital highway, to Vorpals Starkpad… if all goes well, it should be visible on his screen…. now.

"Don't be a bigger girl than I am," Kate calls back from the kitchen, watching the popcorn. "There's nothing dreamy about someone who's emotionally unavailable and rude about it." She comes back after a moment, popcorn in hand and steps gingerly over the salt circle. For a moment, she pauses and looks at it. Then Keith. Then the popcorn. Salt. Keith. Popcorn. "Probably not worth it, huh?" she teases back.

Keith laughs at Kate's reply. "Oh, c'mon, he totally gets better after Elizabeth puts him in his pla—" a pause, and he looks at the strange image that appears on his StarkPad. "Huh, I didn't ask for Tron Legacy. Do you see this, Kate?" Keith tilts the tablet to show Kate, and then smirks at his friend.

"I wouldn't touch that. Gar spent a good thirty minutes with a string and chalk to make sure the circle was as perfect as he could make it. We've got that creepy girl salt bottle in the kitchen."

"Good afternoon Vorpal…." the Starkpad speaks "I've been watching your trials and thought I might offer assistance. I'm Oracle."

"Talk about something that should draw the cat's attention," Kate says with a rueful look at the salt circle, dropping down on the edge of the bed to get a look at the pad. "Weird. But I could watch- Whoa." She blinks as the avatar talks, quickly reaching out to put her thumb over the camera on the device. "Not cool, okay? Can you pop the battery on this thing or something?" she asks Keith.

Keith almost drops the StarkPad when the avatar speaks at him- but once it introduces itself, Keith exhales. "It's cool, Katie. This is Oracle… they work with Robin. Flash told me about them as a potential contact before he had to go back to Keystone City. Um… hello, Oracle," Keith says, waving awkwardly at the screen, "I've heard your voice before, it's good to see a 'face' to put it with. This is my friend Kate." He says, tilting his head towards her.

Oracle chuckles as Kate covers the camera and suggests popping the battery the laugh transferring through to the Starkpad. "Good afternoon Kate. Vorpal, if you would be so kind as to tilt your device so I may see Kate fully." In the Clocktower, Oracles grim expression has been replaced by a small smile, mainly due to the antics of the two at the other end.

Kate gives Keith a bit of a look, wrinkling her nose, before reluctantly moving her hand away from the camera. "For the record, it's not super fair for you to get a good view of us if we don't get a good view of you," she points out. "But if you're a friend of Robin's, I sort of get it. You all seem to be super tight on the whole secret identity thing. You said you knew something about Keith's situation?"

Keith tilts the tablet as requested. Thank goodness this happened while Kate was here and he was dressed, for crying out loud. Before Kate came in, he was watching stuff in his underwear. Gar didn't object, obviously, but he would have been absolutely mortified if Oracle had popped in then.

"Yeah, I understand how secrets are important…" the young man arches an eyebrow. "I guess Robin must have told you what happened a few nights ago? I did something… incredibly, amazingly stupid, and now it's all a mess."

Oracles voice filters through the Starkpad "Robin has told me a little and I caught some of the activity on my video feeds the other night. Why don't you give me the whole story, in your own words…. briefly please."

Kate pops some of the popcorn into her mouth, eyeing the avatar on the screen like she's going to pick up some sort of expression from it.

"Oh dear…" Keith mutters to himself. Time to relive the embarrasment all over again. "Group of powerful death druids chasing me. Their aim was to separate my soul from that of the Cait Sidhe- a fae creature that bonded with me when I died and was the source of my powers. Well… they finally succeded because I was an idiot. I'm dying, because my soul needs the Cait's soul to survive, so I'm sort of bleedin' out. And the Cait is free out there under the influence of the Circle, which is not good for Gotham… and we need to find a way to catch him and fuse him back with me. Otherwise I'm as good as dead, and you've got a Fae of chaos loose in Gotham. I think that about covers it…"

"Hmmmmm, we've all done stupid things in our youth. So is it magic to find the Cait and restore your soul, you speak of the Fae?" The disemodied voice ask. In her chair, in the Clocktower, Oracle has seen the look Kate has on her face. Oracle enters a few commands on her console and on the Starkpad, the usually flat Oracle avatar rotates in 3D motion to 'look' at Kate, and winks.

"Super creepy," Kate informs the avatar around a mouthful of popcorn, glancing at Keith when he explains the situation again. "We're literally trying to herd a cat, here. At least Keith is never boring."

"Yep. We're at a bit of a standstill because we haven't been able to locate either Doctor Strange nor John Constatine, who are seasoned wizards. We've got our own wizards in the Titans- three, but they're young and still very much in training, so we could really use the hand of a veteran somewhere. Or, you know, find some sort of esoteric literature, a tome somewhere that we could grab, that could give us a clue as to what to do. Since I'm no longer bonded to the Cait, I can't access his memories." Keith reaches for the popcorn and munches.

"Robin was supposed to look for a police Detective called Sara Pezzini, supposedly in the possession of an artifact that might be able to yield some information… if it can be persuaded to cooperate. But Bird hasn't gotten around to that just yet, so I might just go there myself in the morning, I think he seems to be a little caught up in something. Not sure what, but he seems stressed." Then again, dying was pretty stressful too.

+MEET: Tim Drake has arrived via +meet.

The avatar on the screen takes a few seconds to watch Kate and rotates back to 'look' at Keith. "Bird, as you put it, has many things he is dealing with right now." If possible, the clipped tones of Oracle become more clipped. "So you have the practitioners but the knowledge." and pause and then "Visiting this Detective Pezzini is a good idea, Vorpal, but I'm not sure you should do it in your condition. Could your friend go on your behalf? I might be able to make things smoother there."

GAME: Keith O'Neil has set the pose order to Keith/Oracle/Bird/Kate

Oddly, the Bird, as he's affectionately called around here, hasn't been by for a visit. Mostly because he's been swamped. First by metahuman trafficking and gathering whatever he can clean about North Point. Second by his other life. Sometimes even Tim gets some airtime — which is shocking, really.

There's a faint rap at the window and it creaks open.

Tim had debated with himself what to bring with him as 'I'm so sorry you're dying' condolence basket. It wasn't exactly conventional by any stretch. So he'd settled on a few things in the basket he probably carried along rooftops in Gotham to get here. Ironically, he'd given it some thought and decided that he'd want all of the things that made him remotely happy if he was going to die. The basket is lined with a Robin cape — lemon side up. On top of said cape is a couple of movies (including Top Gun — which, strangely is one of Tim's favourites), a couple cans of condensed soup, a few boxes of kraft dinner (which Alfred refuses to buy), a couple of novels, and a bottle of Bailey's (because he's decided Keith must REALLY like it). How he GOT the Bailey's is anyone's guess because Tim definitely has some turning 21 to do. Also there's a card. But it says HELLO on the front with a picture of a hippo and nothing about death or condolences because these are things Tim won't write down or admit to. And GET WELL just seemed too ridiculous.

Regardless, he ambles through the window and into the room before getting a proper invitation. "Heeeeey — " A glance is given between Kate and Keith as he sets the basket on the floor. " — on patrol and thought I'd check in…"

Kate takes another fistful of popcorn, taking a bite with a smirk as Robin comes in through the window. "Your friends aren't so good with boundaries," she points out to Keith, though she seems more amused than anything else. "Evening," she wiggles two fingers at Tim around the fistful of popcorn before looking back to Oracle on the screen. "How'd it work the first time? The bonding, that is."

"Robin!" Keith is visibly delighted to see his team-mate. "What's in the basket? C'mover and have a seat, we're talking to a friend of yours-" Keith points.

"As to how it worked? Well… there was an enchanted mirror where the Cait's soul was trapped. I fell through it, a shard impaled me through the heart, BAM, soul merge and suddenly I'm a cheshire cat." Keith shrugs and smirks.

Whilst this interchange has been occuring with Vorpal, Oracle has been busy. A number of searches were started on her systems, through libraries that not many would be aware of. "Good evening Robin. It's good of you to join us." Oracles voice emits from the Starkpad. "To continue. It's not clear whether the magic mirror is actually required to reunite the Cait Sidhe and Vorpals soul - this is a reconnection, not an initial joining. The searches I've just conducted are divided on that matter at this point." Oracle pauses "Vorpal, if I was to provide a list of texts and, potentially, the texts themselves, would your practioners be able to use them? and by that, I mean use them appropriately."

Robin glances back at the basket, "Well!" he begins enthusiastically, "It's the AWESOME basket because it contains all thing AWESOME and nothing crappy! Some soup, some macaroni and cheese, some books, wicked," because that's the only word for Top Gun, "DVDs, a Robin cape because I know how much you like them, and a bottle of Bailey's." Yes, Tim is excited about this basket. "Everything is awesome!!! It like radiates awesome. And the awesome radiation will seep into anyone who touches it. Obviously."

Robin twitches a little at the sound of the voice from the Starkpad. Whether it's because the voice surprises him, he hasn't turned on his comlink today (or last night), or he knows Oracle knows he's under 21 and bought a bottle of Bailey's is anyone's guess. But he manages to strain out, "Hey Oracle."

"Have some popcorn, awesome kid," Kate replies to Robin's explanation with a smirk, holding out the bowl before looking back to the others. "I could probably shoot both of you in one shot, if we got him," she offers to Keith. "We get a piece of mirror, make an arrow head out of it. Hit both of you at once, and then you're back together again. Also," she adds, raising a finger, "I can shoot you without killing you."

Keith laughs and gives Robin a hug as he stands up. "Thanks, Bird. This is definitely an awesome basket. C'mon, siddown." He says, sitting back down again and looking at Oracle.

"Hard to tell until we look at the texts, though. Mystical texts are, by their nature, full of riddles and allusions that are meant to obscure as much as they reveal. From what I do remember, when I talked to the Cait about it, the magic involved is not… reputable. Messing about with souls never is, so it is bound to be an extremely esoteric, riddle-ridden collection of texts with traps set in for whomever wants to attempt it and shouldn't be attempting it. Still, just having a few texts to go from should be some help. Even if our mages aren't experienced enough to read them.. it's one piece of the puzzle, right?"

Keith laughs at Kate's suggestion, "Well, if I were ever to be shot by someone, I'd prefer it be the lady with the uncanny accuracy… but I forgot to mention that the mirror was magical. The Yellow Emperor had it made specifically to capture the Cait's soul. Called it the Heavenly Mirror… so we may need to find a magic mirror or something of the like made for that purpose. Somewhere."

If the Avatar on the Starkpad could roll its eyes, it would have done at Kates commentary. "Soul magic is not to be scoffed at or played with, you are correct Vorpal. I'm downloading some texts to your Starkpad, for your practioners to review. If these are of assistance, I have more but let's do this in bite size chunks." There is a pause "I see there are two priorities: The first to contain the Cait and reclaim it from the order and the Second: to recombine your two halves, Vorpal. Both have parrallel tasks. What, if anything is being done about the Order? My information network is vast, but when there is so much conflicting data…."

A glance is given to the popcorn, followed by a boyish grin towards Kate, "I would, but I'd hate to get my gloves all buttery," because these are the worries of the Man Wonder. "Even if I took them off — I need these butter-free." There's a pause as his eyebrows arch upwards. "Wait." His head turns towards Kate and he states, "She's going to shoot you? On purpose?" He cringes just a little. Robin's lips hitch to the side and he hmmms at the information coming form the Starkpad.

"It's an idea," Kate shrugs to Tim. "Replicating events, or something like that. Not a wizard," she points out with a thumb toward her chest. "Magic's not so much my thing. But if there's anything I can do, you know I'll be there."

"You're wrong, Kate. You're a bow-wizard. Or witch, I guess. Is witch the correct term? I should ask Rain… maybe witches are different from wizardress. Anyways, I digress," Keith says and proceeds to answer Oracle.

"Fenris seems to know about it. He called them… um… those who ride on the tail of the Wurm. They're supposedly ancient. Like, millennary, antedilluvian even. They have not been around for a very long time, and suddenly they are here and chasing me. There's something big behind all of this, too… because the first thing they did that I am aware of, was that they called The Wild Hunt into being in Gotham several weeks ago. Kate was there for it- the Erlking and goblins. Gar confronted them but he doesn't remember speaking to them at all. Something about a Parliament of something and demanding to know why the Hunt had been called, and the reply that I heard was that the Circle Oroboros had called them to hunt people in Gotham. The next time they appeared, they were coming after me and Gar tried to protect me."

Keith shudders as he remembers, "They did something to him. Twisted something inside him and put him under a curse. Gar then said that they had gained access to something called 'The Green' and that it must have required a lot of power. The Hunt was not called for me, but I get the impression that that is when they became aware that the Cait Sidhe was around. I guess that the best way to get information is to either get access to John Constantine's house and his library… or try to get a straight answer from Fenris…"

And here, Keith turns his head to look at Kate with an unspoken question in his eyes.

"If you want assistance tracking The Order, I am willing to help but you need allies on the ground and I" Oracles voice pauses "am only really equipped for the esoteric work. Review the texts I've downloaded, Vorpal, see if they provide you any leads."

"And not a bad one," Robin states towards Kate. "I just can't imagine being shot with an arrow would be pleasant," hence the cringing. "And, to be honest, I don't get ANY of this. Magic is completely not my thing. Give me a psychotic Joker carrying hallucinogens," that Tim never saw a doctor following (it's possible that MAY still bite him in the butt later), "Harley Quinn with a mallet, or Two Face with his murderous coin any day. At least mentally I understand those people."

"I can call the wolf man if you want," Kate shrugs at Keith's look. "But I thought he was already here and did what he could." She sets the popcorn down, slipping off the bed and stepping aside to start making a phone call.

"Well… I never really asked him for particulars. Any information that you can ask him about what they are… will be good," Keith says. "And yes, Oracle, I will look at them and then try to find our wizards. They too seem to have gone incommunicado. I honestly fear that something big may be happening in the magical realm, and we just don't know about it because we're mundane."

Or, well, most of them were mundane. Keith was mundane enough now.

"And I wouldn't call the Joker ordinary. I've had a taste of those hallucinogens… it was the reason a musical broke out in Gotham, you know. I was higher than a flag on the Fourth of July."

"Excellent" Oracles voice is crisp through the Starkpad "I've set up a communications channel for you on this device. You may contact me at any time using it, please keep me updated with what you find and if those texts are of use, I'll provide some more. If there is nothing more you wish to add?"

There's a flicker of a smile towards Vorpal and a faint flush of Tim's cheeks as he pivots on his foot when thinking about the Joker's hallucinogens that may or may not still course through his veins, "Yeah," Robin states as he shuffles towards the kitchen for a cup of coffee — assuming there's any to be had because Tim really does live on coffee, "but I can wrap my mind around him. He may be nuts, but at least his damage is something I can explain scientifically." He smirks.

Tim glances at the Starkpad and then back to Vorpal from the kitchen and he shrugs.

"That's pretty much it, Oracle," Keith nods, looking a little distracted as he looks out the window.

"I've got an egg timer on my soul and if we can't get any progress before it runs out, I'm done for. At least Fenris estimated a couple of weeks instead of days. That at least gives us a little wiggle room… but not much."

Keith hms. Then looks at Oracle, "Can you also get on my phone too? It's a bit on the old side… but I don't take the StarkPad out of the apartment. I'm always afraid it'll get stolen…" and even though his boyfriend could afford to buy him all the StarkPads he needed, Keith was raised poor and would never consider something so valuable as an acceptable throw-away risk. "Gar jokes that my phone is old enough to have a crank on the side… but it should be at least modern enough to allow for your type of techwizardry."

Seeing Tim's search for coffee, Keith smirks. "Just wait a bit and I'll brew us a new pot. You sure you don't want to stay for movie night? Kate and I were thinking Pride and Prejudice." Well, Kate wasn't for it. But he thought it'd be funny to pretend it was, if just for a moment.

Back in the clocktower, Oracle smiles at Vorpals request and her hands move over her console. "Done Vorpal, you have a comms channel from your phone as well. Get your people onto those texts and then we'll see what can be done."

As the Avatar begins to fade from the Starkpad, Oracles voice filters though one last time "Oh, and Robin? Bring Baileys next time you visit. Oracle out."

"Does it have zombies in it?" Robin quirks an eyebrow before shaking his head. "Nah. Not really my kind of thing. Good science fiction? Absolutely. Action movies with all the awesome? Yes. Period piece with clothes I don't understand? Not so much." He shrugs. "Besides, I've got to get back to patrol," which he's totally been doing despite not checking in the last few days.

But then Oracle says to bring Baileys and he frowns. Busted. At least on one front. With a shake of his head, he recovers from his frown. He treads back towards the window and deadpans, "I should go. I'll grab a coffee at the convenience store down the way." And then, he begins to ramble, "They're used to it — there's a strip club near there and lots of folks wear weird and unusual things in — " he flushes. "//Not that I'm — " he clears his throat and clarifies, "I'm not a stripper." He flushes more. "Uh. Yeah. So." He points to the window. "Enjoy the basket! Especially the Mac 'n cheese."

"Roger Wilco, Oracle. And thank you. I really appreciate it," Keith says, getting at least the first solid lead in days does a body good.

"Hey… 'fore you go, Bird, get over here," Keith says and waves him over while Kate is still busy on the phone.

The wave towards him has Tim stopping in his tracks and treading back to Keith. "Uh. What's up?" he runs a gloved hand through his hair and then forces a grin. Because a lot of things are up and few of them are awesome.

Keith sits up and gives Robin the closest thing to a bear hug that he is capable of in his weakened condition.
"Thank y- for being my friend, Robin," Keith says quietly, and then adds. "… in case this goes south, I know it's a lot to ask but… can you look after Gar? Just in case. I've left something behind that may or may not help him get me back, if I do fade. If it doesn't work… he's going to need his friends to be there for him because." A pause. "Well. I've told you that he's lost everyone he's ever loved. If I go- I just need you and the team to be there." He steps back. "Not that I'm planning on dying. 'cause fuck those druids. But you know how it is- prepare for the worst and hope for the best, aye?"

Robin easily returns the hug. When Keith starts talking, it reaches that awkward place that Tim so generally dislikes. The nastiness of death, its antecedents, and discussion around it have never suited the Boy Wonder. He inhales a sharp breath. "Just don't die," he says evenly. And then with a smaller sigh, "Geez Keith, I'm not going to disappear or anything. I.." he sighs again. "I… I wouldn't do that. And, well, I'll definitely be there for him. Just. Know that you never have to ask. I don't abandon my friends. Even when things suck… that's when friends need each other the most." He shrugs. "And I'm sure others will be there too." He shoots Keith a crooked smile. "Just focus on, y'know, not dying."

"I wasn't implying you would vanish," Keith chuckles. "It's just… Gar might go to a dark place. And I know that Gotham keeps you pretty busy."

The redhead smirks. "Promise I will try my best not to die. Now go, you might need to get a bottle of Bailey's for Oracle—" pause.

He looks at the StarkPad to make sure Oracle is not there anymore*, and then he turns to Tim. "Does Oracle know we, um, slept together?"

*But you can never really know for sure, can you?

"Good. I'm glad," Robin replies. "It seems the world has lost a lot of confidence in me these days." He sighs heavily and then nods. "Gotham keeps me busy, but — " he shrugs. "I don't even know what I'm doing anyways," there's an unusual earnestness to his tone, more genuine than he even intends.

There's a smirk at the notion of Baileys for Oracle. "Yeah. I have a feeling she was kidding about the Baileys," kidding-ish. His eyes flit away from Keith and then back to the StarkPad.

At the question about sleeping together, Tim turns five shades of red. "No… and .. That's not… I… it's. We literally slept. I'm pretty sure that's not what people mean when they say that and I have a girlfriend — She might not know my name or what my face looks like, but she's totally real and I really like her and wouldn't want her to think that I was off cheating while getting drunk on Baileys — " and now he's rambling. Stop talking Tim. You're burying yourself in a hole. "Besides I've never — " That voice in Tim's head goes off. RED ALERT. STOP TALKING. RED ALERT. His lips clamp shut mid-sentence and the chatter finally ends.

He clears his throat. "Just don't say that to Steph, okay? I'm sure she'll be nonplussed at the picture of me and the Harley lookalike. Oy." He frowns.

"Hey, it's cool," Keith says, filling in the blanks from that interrupted rant. "… I'm a virgin too."

Because if you're dying, might as well be completely frank. "'Sides, don't you think Steph would find it hilarious, the two of us passed out and me drooling on your cape?" Keith laughs and pats Tim's shoulder.

"Losing confidence on you? Do we need to have one of our Psych Talks?"

"I think Steph gets the wrong idea a lot," Tim says honestly. "Admittedly, the Harley girl basically invited the two of us for a threesome. Again. I think she likes the car better than me." He shrugs.

Clearing his throat again, Robin hmms. "A Psych Talk sounds like therapy. I don't like therapy." And again, more personal information than Tim intends. "Fine. Psych Talk." Pause. "It seems like the people I care most about in the world think I'm either untrustworthy, not too bright," his eyes turn up to the ceiling, "naive, or just a kid." He shrugs. "But at some point I need to have my own life, right? I can't keep living in someone else's expectations." He strokes his chin, "I don't think that makes anyone very happy."

"Hmm. Well, you are part of a rather stressful network. If you're a Bat, you're expected to march to a certain drum. At least that's the impression I get from when Gar talks about how the previous Robin behaved before he decided to ditched the speedos. It's also probably why he's not Robin anymore and why there's been a few." He looks at Robin and hmms.

"You know, it may just be that the mantle of Robin lasts only for as long as you're comfortable in the nest. You've been there for four years, now you want to build your own nest, perhaps. But others care about you, they're afraid you might be taking the leap too early, afraid you might get hurt, and in turn also bring trouble upon the whole tree."

Keith really knows how to take a metaphor and just beat it to submission with itself. "You know… you can't not make mistakes, it's impossible. I'm sure Batman has had fuckups too. And…" a sigh. "Because he's had them, he wants to spare his pupils from them. And his pupils want to spare their pupils… it's a noble sentiment, but it only goes so far in effectiveness. Sometimes you can onlylearn from making a mistake while striking out on your own." he puts an arm around Tim's shoulders.

"I mean… look at what I did. It was a colossal mistake. If I survive this, I will be much wiser from it. I'll know to trust Gar's resiliance and not assume that he's dead from one attack. I'll have learned not to lose the reins. Valuable lessons… if I can survive the cost. But that's life, isn't it?"

Tim rubs his chin again, his gloved hand raking against the forming stubble. He needs to shave — not that he can tell through the glove. With a small smirk he nods at Keith. "You'll survive." He manages another lopsided grin, "Watch Top Gun instead of Pride and Prejudice. It's still one of the best movies of all time. It'll make the tricksy Cait thing want to come back here in sheer jealousy."

"And I'll be fine. Just working through everything," Tim offers with a shrug of his shoulders. "I swear I will be. Just between Spoiler wanting to know more about me, others thinking I'm making a mistake, you the way you are, metahuman trafficking…" he sucks on the inside of his cheek. "Just feels like a lot is going on." He shrugs. "But I thrive under pressure," he's unconvincing. "And everything will work itself out. It always does. One way or another." With another flicker of a smile, he treads to the window once again. "Rest up. Eat your mac 'n cheese. Watch Top Gun. Robin's orders." As he opens the window with a creak he notes, "For all you know I'm a doctor in my other life and I know what I'm talking about. I swear Doogie Howser was younger than me — " with a wink and another smile, he's through the window and into the night.

Keith watches Robin vanish through the window, and shakes his head.

"I've got to talk to Gar about tranq-darting that kid and forcing him to sleep for at least twenty four hours. He's going to kill himself like this," he mutters and gets back to the couch. He will pull up Top Gun for Kate. Or maybe the Fifth Element, if she protests too much.

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