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October 16, 2014 Kate and Damian catch up over Titans talk and a little Vorpal on the side.


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Late night in Gotham isn't usually Kate's thing. She's more used to Central Park, or the docks of New York. Gotham? Gotham is weird. But then again, there are plenty of things to keep the archer busy. She's been trying to track down the druids who came after Keith. Unfortunately, they're not exactly easy to isolate among the weird. At the moment, she's just finished up with a few strange cult-sorts, who have been left tied to a lamp post while she perches on a fire escape nearby, grimacing down into her cell phone as she tries to figure out the streets here.

From quite some distance down the alleyway, there's a guttural roar of an engine and, without warning, a pair of blinding floodlights illuminate the scene in question. A blank tank like vehicle rolls down the alleyway and draws up towards the pair of lampfolk; lying there strung up.

The Batmobile comes to a halt and sits there for a moment. For a long moment. Waiting for something. Scanning something, perhaps.

Kate looks up from the phone at the sound of the engine, arching a brow when it comes roaring down the street. "This place is ridiculous," she mutters under her breath, tucking the phone away in her pocket and swinging over toward a spot of roofline closer to the vehicle. "Anybody home?" she calls over.

The canopy to the Batmobile hisses as it opens slowly, the flood lights so blinding that those out in front stand no chance of seeing them. Inside the hyper-futuristic insides, Batman is not there. Instead, it's Robin. Or one of the Robins, as it were.

"Just me, Just Kate," Ibn al Xu'ffasch says, the white lenses of his mask affixed upon her. "It's been a while. Too long."

"Nice ride," Kate calls back with a smirk, making her way around to the side of the bat mobile. "You got a license and registration for this thing, or is it hot?" Gingerly, she reaches out with the end of her bow, poking at the side of the vehicle in a testing motion.

For the first time in 32 hours, Damian smiles. "It's bought and paid for. This is a long way from home, Just Kate. What brings you to Gotham?" His thick accent is understandable, but doesn't seem to have Americanized any in the past few weeks. "The last time I saw you, we ran into that man the Midnighter."

When the car doesn't zap her bow, Kate leans against it, crossing her arms over her chest and smirking over at Damian. "Helping a friend, actually. I think one of your cohorts is doing the same. You know Vorpal?" she asks, head tilting as she gets a closer look at the bits and pieces that make up this particular piece of equipment.

"I do," Robin responds with pride. "He is a Titan. As am I. I'm afraid he's ill, but I cannot confirm with what. I've not seen him in some time, but recently had a package delivered to him. I do hope it arrives."

Inside, there are all sorts of gizmos that can never be done justice with the simple phrasing of 10pm. Nevertheless, it is certainly something to behold.

Kate quirks a brow at part of that. "You joined the Titans?" she asks, a touch of surprise in her voice. "Huh." She turns to face the car, folding her arms over the edge of the catch as she looks inside. "This…is a lot of expensive tech." And Kate knows expensive tech. "Clint has to sign paperwork before SHIELD lets him take out something like this. Anyhow. Vorpal. Kind of more than just ill, I'm afraid. So I'm trying to track down these druid guys who were after him."

"You seem surprised," Damian responds, clearly a bit ruffled. "I assure you, I am a hero of great renown. They are lucky to have me." Clint? Oddly enough he's recently had a run in with this 'Clint' but that was a different discussion for a different time. "The bureaucracy your friend Clint must have sounds apalling," he responds, mysteriously, giving no information about Batman in his response. As the topic turns back to Vorpal, Ibn takes greater interest, "What happened? I've not gotten a straight story from anyone." Vorpal doesn't particularly like Damian, it's true, and Vorpal himself did not get specific about his condition.

"Some druids called down the Wild Hunt," Kate explains. "We managed to chase some of them off, but apparently more of them caught his scent when we ran into them. They wanted to cut the cat loose, so they came after him with some sort of enchanted blade or mirror thing. They stabbed him, and the cat got out of the bag, so to speak. Unfortunately, it was sort of helping to keep him alive."

Damian frowns, "This sounds worse than I had feared. I did not realize you were close with him. I'm sorry. If there is anything I can do to assist you in helping him, I'd like to. Regardless of our differences, he and I are teammates. Also, I noticed you did not respond to my comment that noted your surprise in me being a Titan. I'd like you to elaborate."

"He's a friend," Kate admits. "And I help my friends. I'm just…" She falls silent, letting out a long breath. "There's not a lot I can do, you know? It's a mystical thing. And most of what I can do is shoot people. So." At his last, she looks back, smile flickering as she shakes her head. "You struck me as a little bit more…I dunno. Grounded. I like the Titans, but I didn't sign on. They're a little too bright and shiny for me."

"In my estimation, what the Titans need is to be a bit more grounded. I am the dirt on their cupcakes. You should join in. It wouldn't be so lonely for me," Robin changes the subject back, "Regardless of whether his ailment is physical or mystical, I will do my best to assist."

"You're not wrong," Kate agrees on the topic of the Titans. At his last, she hops up to try to swing into the Batmobile, grin flashing. "Great. Then you're driving. These guys say there's a place down by…Buford, I think they said? I'm not great on the whole street map around here. Not my territory."

"Hold on."

If there was a doubt as to actually who owned the vehicle, the bat insignia's all over the equipment gives a pretty good hint. The cockpit closes and Damian peels out, pushing the pair hard against their seats. His expert driving pulls him just out of the way of killing the two lamposted druids as he pulls out onto the street and really puts on the gas. From behind, a flame explodes from the back of the Batmobile, pushing the car even faster.

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