Gypsy Fashion and Psyberpunk

October 16 2014: Star and Roy go shopping, what they find involves others and odd technology.

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Jericho is trying to avoid heading anywhere in particular because he's get. Er… issues. Well only one issue, but it's been occupying most of his attention lately. Today, though, he couldn't avoid headed out to Metropolis. Thankfully this isn't one of those 'kick down the door and shoot anyone who gets in your way situations.' More of a curiosity that seemed important enough to indulge. To wit, Jericho had noticed some transmissions coming from the city that had seemed an awful lot like stuff he'd noticed on Starfire's ship. A quick check with K'tten had confirmed that Star didn't have any tech actually in the city proper so it was the matter of a simple teleport over to downtown metro to check it out. He's currently walking through Queensland Park trying to avoid attention and keeping one eye on his HUD as he attempts to track down the source of the odd signal.

Of course, K'tten probably told everyone else. Or at the very least, she probably told Koriand'r and she probably told everyone else. Odd mix of serious, naieve and downright funny, that one.


Studies of the city have had Kori finding where it seems the mixture is best. Although Metropolis is the most of accepting cities of any abnormally appearing 'metas', it does not mean that prejudice did not reign. Long days of starin downward much like a kid staring through a magnifying glass, followed by a thorough study Kori came to favorite this old area where history still touches and modern technology like in New Troy seems to not predominate. It was a nice breath of fresh air…

In a small Romanian botique, outside they sold beaded baubles of glass and plastic, bangles, scarves, blankets, candles, all boasting hand made though who knows now-a-days. One side behind the booth is the restaurant, the other is the indoor botique of old world 'gypsy' fashion made modern.

Let's be real, Kori was enamored by the shiny gems first, and like a trail of breadcrumbs she was inside flicking through the racks sof clothing and tossing them into the wanting or (she didnt know) unwanting arms of Roy.

"Ohh this one's pretty it matches my boots!" Already oth arms are bedecked in bangles and beads, having replaced Roy's ball cap with a bandana.

Airship Pirates? Oh yes.


Skaar heard about the transmissions on a visit to the spaceship. He wouldn't have found that strange, except they talked about it as if it was strange. But he asked no questions. Figuring it out by himself is always more satisfactory.

Behold Skaar in jeans, a t-shirt and a huge coat. He is still green and over seven feet tall, but at least he looks like a huge mutant or meta instead of an alien barbarian. It also helps he is not smashing anything, the local police is probably still looking for him.


Lunair keeps her communicator with her. She's not sure why. But she does. And she seems puzzled for a bit. She's likely not far from Skaar, although she does her best not to crowd her friend. She's got her backpack with her, likely having had classes today. She even has a textbook in it! She peeks back around a corner. "No cops," She looks to Skaar with a nod. She smiles up to her friend. "Have you tried ice cream, by the way?" She asks.


K'tten wasn't likely to talk to Roy too often, simply because the ginger archer had a tendency to keep mangling her name. On the other hand, Koriand'r -was- likely to tell Roy. That is, if Kori could ever get over her -fascination- with the Romani people's bangles, baubles, and such. Lord help Roy if she ever discovered the tanana dance.

Adjusting the bandana so that he looks just a bit rakish, Roy has to inquire, "You know… I like this blouse." He indicates it with his head, seeing as his arms were full. The blouse. Nice and skimpy. And it DID match her bracers…

That others were approaching, Roy could notice from the window, and he ahems. "I see the others are coming. You want to go ahead and get things now…?"


Okay. That signal is coming from somewhere near this boutique. Jericho turns into the doorframe… and is immediately tempted to turn around and walk back out. Some things just do not compute. One of them is the sight of Koriand'r - a woman he knows to be a warrior born and raised, capable of killing men with her bare hands, able to fly through the vaccum of space and take anti-tank ordinance without flinching - enthusastically shopping for gypsy styled clothing while Roy - a man he knows to be a trained and deadly agent of a black budget government department - peers out from a pile of clothing like a slightly put-upon close friend (boyfriend? unclear). It nearly breaks something in his head and he's not at the point right now where he can afford to have that many more things broken.

Still, the signal is coming from near here… okay… he can deal. His amber eyes flash (actually light up) in disbelieving amusement as he steps inside. He waves to the shopping pair as he looks around pretending to browse but actually trying to narrow down where the signal is coming from.

Really, he has no reason to shop here. Illyana wouldn't be caught dead in most of this.


"This one?" Kori plucks it from where Roy had gestured, a white blouse in a satin form of fabric bearing buttons up the front.. Well, where the midriff cut off just below the heave of chest where the fabric is then shredded and made into tassles, held apart by that of purple and gold beads, a few bearing feathers. New age boho is what this is really called.

Sliding it on se is in the middle of trying to clasp the buttons in the middle of the botique floor) when Jericho walks in, a beaming toothy smile given his way as she lifts one hand to offer him a finger wiggling wave. This is only interrupted mometarily by the botique owner offering her the matching skirt, just as sparse, the sateen fabric covering over her hips in the side-knot that binds it in place and the tattered/tassled ends that sweep down to her ankles, binding it in place for her like any other eager saleswoman, then also topping it off with sandals of purple and gold beadwork that lace all the way to the knees just after a light tsk has Kori making them disappear in a digitalized dissolution of 'mater'.

The straps aren't laced yet by the botique owner to show off the 'final look' before she is heading for Jericho, attempting to bandana him as well. Not yet noticing the approach outside of Luna and Skaar.

"There!" She says clapping her hands together before Jericho, glancing back to Roy and gathering the pile of clothes from him to hand them back to the shop owner who took the massive heap with an 'unf'.

A perk of brow now as her head tilts, one long braid slipping over her bare shoulder the blouse already slipped from. "Does it seem harmful?"


Skaar spots Jericho just as the man goes into the shop. Well, well, that can't be a coincidence. Glance to Lunair. "I have not," the whole 'have you tried' question game usually gets that answer. Likely will for years. "Jericho is here," he adds, changing subject. He studies the building just ahead for a few seconds, and the heads for the boutique's door, peering in. "Look who else is there…" he murmurs.


"Ah, we'll have to try some sometime." Beam. Lunair asks because she rarely assumes. He does do stuff when she's not around, after all. Or at least, she assumes so. She tilts her head. "Is that-" She follows along then, "I see." She peers around Skaar now. She doesn't seem offended or ruffled by the change in subject. Luna is good at rolling with the punches. "Aw," She peers into the door and smiles faintly. She does look, noticing who is being pointed out. "We can go say hi?" Lunair hesitates. Her social skills fail her now and then.


It was a complicated thing, what Jericho was trying to ascertain. Although it was probably a good thing that Trent had yet to meet Lian Harper, or his head might have exploded even more so.

A wide grin crosses his face as Roy nods to Starfire's query about the blouse. "It looks fantastic," the man notes, perhaps unsurprisingly.

The others are met with a greeting. "So, you guys get a lead yet on what we're looking for?"


Jericho gets bandanna. By a Starfire that would not look out of place in a Pirates parody film if you gave her a sword. Of course, doing that might be dangerous. His eyes gleam as he glances upward. "Uh, thanks?" The bandanna would look a lot better on him if it weren't covered in pink french cut poodles. He notes the hulking presence of Skaar and Lunair and waves as they pass by. They're often seen together. It's an interesting pairing not the least because Skaar could probably lift Lunair in one hand. Well, he has beofre.

"Hi Koriand'r. Roy. Er, out enjoying a day off." His eyes cut back and forth. It's close. Veeeeeery close…


What Jericho is trying to ascertain is… Starfire has sleepovers at Roy's to watch Disney cartoons with Lian.

…No joke…

Starfire is about to head out to drag Skaar and Lunair in but the shadow that looms at the door disappears just as abruptly as it was there, making deep purple stained lips twitch a bit in the corners, tilting her head to follow their shadows down the road.

Moving back inside the owner is standing their waiting, plucking at the price tag still dangling off the blouse.

"Ah yes!" Kori jumps and from the bracer around one of her wrists she withdraws some bills, handing the amount over to the botique worker, even for the bandanas.

Sorry 'bout it Jer…

"Intermission, it's never a day off, just have to take the moments for what they are." Pupilless emerald gaze slides from Jericho to Roy and back, wating to be filled in on the missing link between glances….???


Sleepovers with Starfire was very welcome, although Lian probably appreciate them even more so, mostly because Starfire was an actual, real-life -Princess-. Which, as far as Lian was concerned, was the bestest, awesomest thing ever.

That Skaar and Lunair were camping out browsing (and thankfully, apparently non-destructively) made it easier for Roy to turn his attention to Jericho. Never mind sparkling, tinkling Starfire. "A day off? You weren't, uh, looking for something…?"


Jericho doesn't get days off either. "I am, yeah. It's around here somewhere." At least Koriand'r had to take the bandanna off to buy it which gives Jericho a chance to wander toward the back of the store. Hmmmmmmmm…

He stands there for a couple of minutes, looking about at things only he can see (to wit, his HUD) while his eyes dart this way and that. "Gotta be close… Maybe…" His eyes cut up. The ceiling. It's a drop-tile ceiling. "Bingo."


The shop owner is cutting off the price tags now for Kori, thanking her with that thick accent and offering to tie those sandals just before she looks up and follows Jericho's path with a questioning glance.

"Oh, it's okay, he is just getting high readings of abnormailites in tech…" Pausing as Jericho seems to gain focus and say that word Kori looks almost preemptively in apology to the shopkeep.

"…and your store's the /bingo/. We'll be careful.."

Though as Kori heads after Jericho, the thinning of lips and gritting of teeth states she doubts it. So she lied…a little. She stated a /hope/.

Every step let forth a fitting abeyant chime, even the small *tck'ing* of beads while the tassles parted and moved as needed to reveal glimpses and then take them away just as quickly. Yep, she liked this clothing place…

"Please tell me I did not just lie to this poor lady." Kori whispers to both Roy and Jericho as she stares upward with a narrowed gaze.


Opening his mouth to try and explain things, as he considers that, Roy simply shakes his head at Kori, as he moves over to the shopkeep. "It's all right, he was just admiring the ceiling. He's, uh… ever seen Rain Man? He just enjoys counting all the little holes, and you've got a -lot- of them…"

Placing an arm around the old lady, Roy flashes a wide smile, as he steers her away. "I've been meaning to ask… could you help me find something?" Lowering his voice, he adds, "It's for the lady with me, I was hoping to get some suggestions for, ah…" Eyebrow arched, he lets her draw her own conclusions…


Jericho grins as Roy distracts the shopkeeper. "Depends on what I find up there." He murmurs low enough that only Koriand'r can hear him. "That looks nice on you by the way." See? It is possible for a human male who is not Roy to compliment Kori and not be leering or suggestive. Jericho just did it.

"Okay… mmmmm… just… don't mind me for a moment."

Like someone flipped a switch Jericho is suddenly the most uninteresting thing in the room. It's something abou his posture. Subtle nonverbal cues that say 'just part of the background.' It's a skill he's picked up and handy for things like this. He slips away toward teh back room.

Kori and Roy may both at this point sense a subtle mental presence. Something that tells them very firmly that there's nothing up in the cieling after all. Probably just a lark or a false positive or, hell who knows if Jericho knows what he's talking about, right?


Before Kori can evn thank Jerico beyond a smile he si gone… Leaving her standing there and staring up at the ceiling only to blink and look around, a brow rising in Roy's direction as the shopkeep is taking Roy back to a room separated by hanging beads over the arched doorway.

Sigh… Oh look earrings!

Kori is headed for the glass case before her hand presses down upon the surface, fingertips spreading and /smearing/ across the syrface with that mental pressure. Something she has to get used to yet when it pierces her will and goes beyond some simple technological implant.

Glancing to the back room Jericho went into and then to where Roy and the old lady went she takes in a slow deep breath and begins to ascend, sandalled feet no longer touching the wood floor as she reaches the arched ceiling and inspects for herself, fingers inserting into a vent and giving it a slow /yank/ trying to dislodge it quietly.

"Are you sure?" She murmurs into the comm unit now, not used to false positives until her eyes say as much as well.


That there was 'nothing' in the ceiling, well… that was a bit disappointing, but Roy was bound and determined to keep the shopkeeper distracted anyway while they sorted out what was going on. And in any case, he -was- rather curious as to what the shopkeeper would come up with.

What the shopkeeper came up with was an unbelievably slinky belly dancer-esque outfit, one that was practically strings and ribbons and straps, joined with large sparkly gems at certain locuses.

There was absolutely no hesitation whatsoever.

"Definitely buying."


It's a good thing Illyana doesn't come with Jericho on most of his work outings. It really is. Though she might actually find the part where he swipes a ladder and carefully climbs into a ceiling crawlspace kind of interesting. Up top Stafire's floating form manages to come up right next to Jericho. "Er, hi…" The hacker grins, no longer doing that 'I'm boring' thing. "Have a look."

Over in the corner is a cylindrical device the size of a large dog. It's thrumming ever so softly and seems to be the source of the transmissions Jericho was picking up. Jericho takes another step closer and it beeps and lights up. There's the very distinct impression of mental pressure on everyone in the shop along with a 'You don't see anything' thought. If Koriand'r looks over to Jeri, he's blinking and shaking his head to shake it off. "The hell is this thing?"


Peering in through the vent voices and murmurs gently carry from Roy and the shopkeeps direction. His tone was a bit…disconcerting, making her curious about exactly what he and the lady are discussing, but as she turns lightly to change her vantage and comes almost nose to nose with Jericho her rapid blinks tell him of that … moment… where he was close to getting his nose bitten off… In self defense!

Rising up further now her arms come up above her head, a shift of her body makes her move almost like a liquid smoke to /squeeze/ in through the vented slot and join Jericho, setting the vent cover quietly aside just in time to get that -push- of mental disturbance again. A slight hiss draws in between her teeth, her eyes pulsing with it and coming to a close while her head lowers and one hand rises, lightly eminating that perse hue in a defensive draw. No firing though, but it lingers.

"Nothing of mine, but if I cannot melt it let's let you and K'ttn do a Depalo on it…"

Does. Not.Like.

"Roy? You okay down there?" She inquires in the comm, trying to ensure the shopkeep did not go elderly ninja on him.

Weirder things have happened…


There was a distracted mutter, as Roy has the communicator go off while he's setting up to pick up that dress. Smiling at the shopkeeper, Roy adds, "Also, do you have something like, a sparkly belt? She's apparently got a shine to everything you have, so I was thinking something to go with the dress too."

While the shopkeeper tends to finding -something-, Roy answers the comm, slightly breathlessly. "Yeah, fine. Just, uh… found something that might interest you." And him. And others, quite likely. For now, though…

"You find anything up there?"


"Yeah you could say that." Watching Jericho talk via radio or communicator is always fun since he links to them remotely and doesn't need to have them in his face to do it. It kind of looks like he's holding a conversation with himself. "Advanced tech. Up here in their roof. Do you get the feeling that the gypsies downstairs are high tech subversive types with access to mind affecting technology? Cause I don't."

Whatever it is, it's humming and buzzing away quite happily. "I'd love to know what the hell it's doing."


"If it is enough to alert my ships sensors and convince you to follow up, it's doing something. It's not my doing, or yours, or Roys.. I say we find out." Kori is now crawling through that duct, slowly to maintain silence as she extends forward and reaches for the thing.

"You find anything down there? She is not acting /off/ is she?" Pausing she looks down and then back over her shoulder at Jericho. "They seem very /earthy/, but I wouldn't put it past anyone."


There's a buzzing sound, and now the shopkeeper pauses, in mid-search, causing Roy to swat the air absentmindedly.

"Darned flies. Anyway, I was looking for this… you know, belt thing. And maybe a necklace, just going around her neck like so…"

Moving over, Roy points out this -green- thing that was probably made of glass, but who cares, it was shiny, wasn't it? "I think she'd like it. It'd go with her eyes…"


Jericho looks over to Star. It's active and that means this probably isn't the place to try to examine it. "Wanna send it up to your ship? Or just slag it?" Her call really, since it's her ship. His eyes flash again, glowing briefly with his curiosity. "Also, you may wanna decide and get back down there before Roy buys the entire shop. Er, well, unless you'd like that."


Kori is listening, and even a small smile gives it away as she can overhear what all Roy is doing down there.

Not touching the thing, Jericho has a very valid point, and considering it has it's very own protective deterrent that almost lead them away… "K'tten, triangulate my comm unit and beam it up." With one swift movement Kori is plucking the ear bud from her ear and tossing it to tink off the side of the beacon and land just at its base. Before the piece could even do a final landing roll the whole set is gone in a dissipating beam of light.

"Men here have odd customs. Do you buy women a lot of things too?" Kori inquires of Jeericho as she crawls back to the vent opening, grips the edge and slips back through, just as agile in her exit as she was on entry, slowly floating back to the floor, the wood creaking slightly as she touches down.


That Kori was probably appreciative of buying things was one thing, but the constant noise-making…? The creaking?

"You've got some loud mice up there," Roy observes to the shopkeeper, as he glances upwards a bit. "You know, if you'll let me, while you're wrapping things up, I could grab a ladder and see what I can do…?"

Whether or not he'll succeed with the ploy, Roy is already checking around for a stool, the better to keep the shopkeeper distracted.

Jericho is already slipping out of the ceiling area and down into the back room of the store. A couple minutes later he emerges and looks about as if he had been browsing. The odd tech is gone and he's not detecting any more signals, so that's good. "Not really…" He murmurs into Kori and Roy's comm links. "Buying things, I mean. But then, none of the women in my life are exactly normal." Least of all the one he's involved with.


Being considered normal is new to Kori, for a moment she stands and stares at Jericho with a slow blink. "You're woman must look like the elephants in Dumbo's dream."

Yep, Disney.

As she states that she moves into that back room where the attire on the racks got smaller and far more translucent, hooking her arm through Roy's and tugging lightly to get him to come out of there.

"Jericho says it is not normal to buy things for women.." Smirking though, the small dip of her chin hides it behind the veil of flame red hair. She knows better in some fashion, you get your friends and loved ones gifts, it is just the way almost all cultures work, especially under certain circumstances.


Stopping his search for a ladder, Roy laughs as Kori claims his arm, tilting his head towards the shopkeeper. "Ah… she's calling. You mind? I'm sorry. I suggest having someone check your ceiling soon."

Flashing a smile, Roy loops his arm through Kori's, followed by a quirk of his lips as he answers the Tamaranean. "Well, you buy things all the time, seems only fair I buy things too…" he returns, followed by a smirk at Jericho. "And what were you telling her, hmmm? Can't a fellow get someone an early present?"


"I was telling her that you seem almost as fond of the merchandise here as she is." Jericho winks, glancing over the shopkeeper for any signs of change or agitation now that the tech is gone. None so far. Jericho chuckles at the notion of what 'his woman' must look like. Illyana actually looks pretty normal for the most part. Cute, blonde. She isn't normal, though. Not that he'd have it any other way.

"Helping her update her wardrobe, mmm Roy?" Honestly, he's seen pictures from Koriand'r former modling career. She could probably wear the boho-gypsy look professionally if she wanted to. Which is, no doubt, part of the appeal to Harper.


"What did you get yourself?" Kori took the statement from Jer to Roy the wrong way completely, and is now peering back at what the shop keep is secretly trying to bag up and hide away for Roy, only a small strap being glimpsed.

"… I don't… I hope that is not for you, unless it's a bracelet. Speaking of! I picked this one for Lian…" She has one around her wrist, a few links of adjustment necessary but a small chain of beads leads to looping in a ring around the tip of her pinky. It's kid sized!

Though mentioning Lian, Kori silences for a moment then changes the subject, looking back upon Jericho.

"You should get something for your lady… You have a lady right?" Nancy mentioned something about sending that towel-hug to a girlfriend…


"This wasn't for -me-," Roy notes, before reconsidering. "Well… maybe a little, but that's a perk," he says, flashing a grin at Jericho. "I wouldn't say helping her update her wardrobe. Supplementing it, maybe." Tucking the bag back, Roy shakes his head. "Nuh uh, you'll see it later."

There's a look at the bracelet, before Roy laughs. "Lian'll love it."

And now Jericho gets a curious look. "Oh, you've got a lady, eh?"


"She might rather say she has me." And… be more or less correct about that, actually. "I may try to introduce you two sometime if the stars properly align and none of us are desperately the world/eachother/ourselves." The hacker casts a speculative look about the store.

"Mmmmm, no, I don't think so Kori. She's more of a leather and skulls kind of girl." When she isn't dressing up like a surprisingly normal graduate student, that is.

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