The Smooth: Wanted

October 16, 2014: The Wall has a job for the Midnighter.

A secret Stormwatch base in Gotham.



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"Antidote and possible vaccination." Waller was quick with her words, never flinching. "If something out there can affect my people on the inside, it needs to be studied and various ways need to be developed to neutralize it."

That answer gets a nod. "The police." Midnighter suggests. "I'm sure they have some in their evidence lockup. If not here in Gotham, then in New York where it's more likely to have not disappeared from under lock and key."

The guard returns with two cups of tea and a teapot, traditional earl grey steaming the insides and poured into both cups which were offered, yet Amanda refuses. It wasn't because she didn't like tea, but she'll savor the hot liquid when it cooles enough to not blister her tongue. "Method of travel." She states. She didn't want anyone else in on this mission, it was Midnighter or herself, and allowing herself to walk right into the PD would mean eyes would be on her back.

"Call and arrange it and I'll go pick it up." Midnighter states after taking a sip of tea. "If for some reason you can't find any, I'll track down some still on the street but that'll take longer." And be more fun but he can see the need for speed.

A brow shoots up, "I know that much. I meant -your- method of travel." She chuckles quietly, then taps a few keys on the keyboard. "I'm having the boys bring up a bike. Don't care what type it is, something they cooked up themselves. Won't rival Batman's, but it'll do you good in terms of speed. Assuming you can ride one. I do not believe that you need security. However, in the case that you can't find actual smooth on the street and need to bring in a live subject, call the number programmed into your phone. That's Cadmus' division, a one time only line. It'll be dead there after. Understood?"

"I can ride one." Of course he can ride one. "So you're giving me a bike." Midnighter states. "To go get some smooth from the cops in New York? I'll need official ID if that's the case So that bit about a live subject was just contingency?" After a moment, he adds "I want a grappling gun. The Robins have this thing that shoots a hook attached to a line. It would be useful."

"Good. The order has been put.." She cuts her word off as she draws up a brow. "You want.." Well, alright. Even Amanda has a grappling gun, and the matching accessories to boot. A little shrug is given as she draws out a sheet of paper, along with a pen. Everything had to be on the books if she were handing out supplies willy nilly. For the accountants, of course.

"Fill out this form with everything you need and want. I'll have one of the secretaries submit it and you should have it by the end of business day." Too.. formal. "No rocket launchers. That's reserved for special missions. Speaking of. There's a little terror cropping up across the way that I'll need you to see about. Discretion is key on this one. I'll give you the details when I know more, but your little cat friend will be involved. Indirectly."

"I also want Armory." Midnighter adds with a grin. Speaking of rocket launchers. "Can I requisition her?" He takes the pen and paper and starts filling the form out. Bureaucracies. He just wants one simple grappling hook gun now he's seen one in action. Jumping off buildings is easy. Going up them can take some time though if a fire escape isn't handy. "Discretion, all right. I'll dump the bodies into the sewer."


She had to think about that one. Was he talking about weapons? His own personal battle suit? "OH! The woman on the plane." Her fingers snap rather quickly as she gives a slight shake of her head. "No you cannot." A beat. "I need a full psychological work-up on that woman before you even think about bringing her into Stormwatch. I want the full nine; connections that she may have, organizations she may belong to, where she lives, eats and sleeps. Everything. You know the deal. This one you'll have to work for."

"If I ever see her again, I'll tell her to apply at the headquarters." Psych evals are a bit beyond Midnighter, after all. At least ones the doctors would accept. "So what is it needing discretion?"

Amanda nods at this, she found it agreeable.

"Obtaining the Smooth. I do not anyone connected to the eradication of the Smooth to know that we're attempting to obtain it and study it." There was a pause, surely, it sounds shifty.. because it really was. "What happens with Stormwatch, stays in Stormwatch, especially something this important."

Talk about mixed signals. "Ok, wait. Do you /not/ want me to go the police and get a sample? Or just make sure it doesn't get back to Shift and the others when I do? Or when I get a sample off the street." Midnighter asks.

Amanda looks a tad bit irritated, so she explains in full. "I -want- you to go to the police.. no. The DEA to obtain the Smooth. However, do not let that Shift character know that you are doing so. If you need to bring in a live sample, do so. There are many different ways for you to cover that up. You're clever. And you'll have the credentials needed and the cover provided from tech to scramble and change your image to the cameras if need be. Understood?"

Ok, so that's clear enough. "Fine." Midnighter agrees. "Keep it from Shift and the others. I do recall a promise made to him that it would all be destroyed and none kept to be experimented on or duplicated." It's not a condemnation, just a statement.

There was a little smirk that plays upon her features, her shoulders rise almost feminine-like, then dropped almost immediately. "So?" A pause, then a quick tap-tap on the tabletop. "Since when do I bow to men that I care little and less for." In other words? Fuck that guy.

"He sees as what he does is important. Removing the drug from the streets. That's all fine and good. But what we do serves a greater purpose. To all humanity and mankind. And I want.. no. Need my people vaccinated, protected against this bullshit so that they can continue to do the work that needs to be done, uninhibited of course." Surely enough, she sends them in with the premise that they'll die. Such is war; but she'd rather it be from gunfire than a stupid little drug.

Midnighter just nods at that little speech. He doesn't really disagree, after all. "We need to know what he knows that he's not telling us. Who and what was at that house. It's got him running scared so it's got to be extremely dangerous.. Which means we need to know."

"Agreed. Secrets go both ways. As a side mission, you're allowed to find out who or what was in that house. Do nothing more than that. Use whatever means necessary but do not engage the culprit, if something.. or someone like that could output that much power, you could be overwhelmed without the proper backup."

And so it was decided, Midnighter was going to be a busy man. Two missions and a one up and coming? Saving the world will be lucrative for him.

"You're dismissed for now. Report back to me when you have the Smooth in your possession."

Midnighter slides the requisition form over to Waller then finishes his tea before standing up. He leaves without saying anything else and goes to claim his new motorcycle.


Amanda and the Professor remain outside of the lab as they watch the newest, latest acquisition to Project CADMUS' evaluation. The young man, strapped to a table of cold steel screams, through The Wall and the Professor could not hear the sounds. It was a comfort, for there are times when even the stone hearted cracks.

"So you've heard the conversation that I've had with our agent?" The Wall finally asks.

"Yes. I did. You were always the impeccable liar, Ms. Waller."

There was a tiny grin that crosses her features, her feet soon spreading upon the ground to draw out a militant stance, arms fitted behind her back as her chin lowers, eyes narrow as she watches the subject be picked apart by lasers. A limb falls to the ground. Chest spread open, the subjects chin jerking towards the ceiling as the soundless scream continues.

"Soon we'll be in possession with enough Smooth to do what we've intended to do in the first place." The Professor piped up, a look of greed playing upon his features.

Amanda only nodded, then finished the thoughts. "The Smooth as a weapon. Yes. I still want the initial plan to go through. Vaccinations, immunizations, whatever we can get to defend a select few from the Smooth, if that is even possible."

"I will make it so," the Professor confirms. "But which would you like me to start with first, once we get the Smooth in our grasps?"

"Weaponize it. Then gather a few of the Cadmus projects, the lowest of the low, test it. But do not deploy it. Keep them alive long enough so that we can extract the anti-bodies to form a cure. Then kill them."

"And what are you going to do about this Shift character, what if he finds out?" The Professor asks, he was a little concerned, but his gaze soon falls towards the room again, watching in complete silence.

The subject still screamed inside those four walls, sinew and bone extending, attempting to find it's core as the split chest slowly mends itself back together. It was painful for the subject, but he remained alive, limbs finding their connecting parts and reattaching themselves in sickening fashion.

"Amazing.." The Professor sputters forth.

"I'm sure there will be blow back from Shift. I can almost guarantee it." Amanda confides. "But the ends justify the means, Professor. It always does."

He nods, finally drawing his attention away from the latest acquisition to focus on Waller herself. "Arrange security for yourself. Set up safe houses. A freak like that can go and get anywhere he pleases. You're going to be in danger as soon as he finds out what you're intending to do with the Smooth."

"So be it."

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