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October 18, 2014: The marvelous Zachary Zatara is on the Cait Sidhe case.

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Excitement is in the air in one of the many clubs of Metropolis. One notable Zatara is being featured there tonight. One who is known for his travels and performances ever since he was a young teenager. His older cousin, Zatanna, is, of course, the popular of the two and people may recall the even older Zatara. The whole place is abuzz and outside the club people flitter inside.

The lovable Zachary Zatara is getting ready backstage dressed in full costume with his stage assistant, Bunny, following close behind him. "Ready for some ~magic~?" He asks her with a grin playing on his lips.

"Yes." She responds evenly. "Just don't disappear this time. That clone you left behind was…strange." Just like the doctor himself. Zachary winces at the thought of that happening again. "It won't happen again. I promise." He holds out a hand and a wand suddenly appears. It's gonna be a magical night.

It seems that sometimes the only way to really get hold of the Titans is to pay for the privilege. Well, actually, paying for a Zatara magic show is not a terrible thing; Zatanna and her father, when they worked together, were an incredible stage act, and Gar was lucky enough to see them once when he was younger. So he's not at all unhappy about the idea of seeing how Zachary's performances go. If it's at all like the others, there will be plenty of "stage" magic, the stuff that any mundane can do, but there'll also be the real stuff, and it'll be generally hard to tell the difference between them, on purpose. But that's conjecture. Gar will just wait to see what happens.

So he's purchased tickets for himself and for Keith, who seems in better shape today for travel. He doesn't get a seat center front; those are for the people who desperately want to be picked as audience volunteers, should there be such a thing. Instead they're off (stage left, audience right) to the side, with a decent view. He orders the mandatory drinks, knowing they'll be diluted to the strength of common beer.

"So, we get to see just how good Zach really is with practical magic," Gar says, grinning over a rum (bottle came near the glass) and coke.

"I've always thought the Zataras get a chuckle out of mixing the real stuff with the stage stuff," Keith returns the grin and sips his Bailey's. Of course it was Bailey's. Cats like cream, human-cats like cream with alcohol. He notices some people shooting their table looks, and of course there's a whisper here and there.

Gar was always recognizable wherever they went- there weren't a ton of green people around who also were not huge and with an entire horse stable's worth of muscles. Keith? Not quite as recognizable in his non-feline form. There were uncountable redheads in the cities, and although his identity was public and 'Vorpal' had been getting a little spike in the search engines as Gar mentioned (the spike was now turning into a rather sizeable dip due to his 'mysterious' absence), it would take a lot of notoriety for people to finally link the cat to the redhead.

"I thought we could visit him before the show, backstage… but that's considered bad luck, isn't it? All these stage people being superstitious and all." Not that you could accuse someone of being superstitious when there were things such as curses and hexes… and they were all real.

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The lights begin to lower on the stage, and the club's announcer steps up with a portable mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin! We welcome you to our show tonight, featuring Metropolis's own Zachary Zatara, the greatest teenaged magician in the world!"

"That's our cue…" Zachary groans at the word 'teenaged'. That title has stuck with him for a very long time and he's learned to not be so upset that he isn't considered a true adult.

The pair of raven haired magicians don't step into the stage right away. Instead Zachary whispers a few words and a one way portal appears on the large red curtain. For some reason Zachary has a tendency to look at his audience before performing. He glances around them until his eyes land on Gar.

Bunny blinks a little noticing the couple. "You see him too, right?"

Zachary nods a little and sighs while turning his head to look at Bunny. "It seems we have important guests. It's some of the Titans. Though Vorpal is being chased by a cult. I'm surprised he found the time to visit one of my shows." He shakes his head. "Doesn't matter. ~The show must go on~"

Honestly, this is Metropolis. They ought to be used to green people, with the Martian guy hanging around and Brainiac invading all the time. But, no, alas, Gar gets whispers and stares. Having grown up green, he's got his own special defense mechanism: he simply ignores it unless it's directed personally at him, but nobody's done that recently. So Gar simply waits for the show. Hmm. Maybe… Yeah, when the waitron comes by to take away the empty coke glass, he asks for one of their alcohol-soaking-up appetizer things - probably something with meat in it, hopefully not buffalo wings, because the tiny tiny buffalo with the wings are just wrong and unnatural … but if they have the bar version of salt-pepper squid, definitely. He also orders a goldvasser, straight. Let 'em TRY watering that, it looks like oil floating in water when you try it.

The stares and whispers don't bother Keith- but then again, it's because he would have done the same (if at least more tactfully) were he a total stranger to Gar. But then again, that is because Gar has been one of the people he has always admired, and the first thing that runs through Keith's head is not that some people react to his boyfriend as if he were a freak, but rather because of his history. He could be utterly clueless like that, sometimes

Keith reaches over to run a finger along Gar's jawline with a smirk, "Heh, appetizers, good idea, that way I won't get drunk and make a total spectacle of myself. Did I tell you that Robin and I got drunk on a bottle of Bailey's and ended up sleeping together?"

He pauses, for effect as he reaches over and takes a sip of his drink, knowing very well how horrible that phrase sounded. Which is why he adds, after he gulps the alcohol down, "Totally clothed. We just literally fell asleep on the futon. I drooled all over his cape, too. Had to have it dry-cleaned for him."

When Zachary doesn't enter the stage, the announcer waits patiently and a little awkwardly for the magicians. There are still people admitted, of course, but the lights go the rest of the way down and are replaced with stage lights and some faint ambient lighting. But the focus of the entire place turns to the stage. "And now, please welcome the Master of Magic, Zachary Zatara!" The announcer repeats in case the Zatara didn't hear him the first time.

Zachary shrugs and places his top hat on his head. "Shall we make our enterance?" Bunny nods and Zachary murmurs, "ni eht etags,"

And the two of them vanish from the backstage, reappearing in the center of the stage with a large puff of smoke. "Tonight." Zachary announces his voice carrying over the audience. "You will experience ~real~ magic." Doesn't every stage magician say their magic is real. With the snap of his fingers a large flat table appears on the stage near Zach with a cloth over it. Looks like he's preparing for another trick~!

"Yeah, I kinda noticed that," Gar says, "and I kinda regret missing seeing it. I could have had blackmail material for ages."

Sometimes, having an animal-keen sense of smell can be amusing. And, well, being able to turn into a bloodhound to get the full story. But now, the show has begun!

Gar sniffs. Yep, flash powder, the kind that makes a bunch of smoke that dissipates very quickly and doesn't leave a lot of film behind. Of course, the lack of a 'creak' from the stage also means he probably teleported.

"Miguel saw us. I think he's been writing fanfiction of that for weeks now," Keith jokes, and turns to watch the show. "He has kind of a thing for the bird, you know?" As if Gar wouldn't notice, with that nose of his.

"Man, being able to teleport things like that must be so useful," He says quietly enough so that only Gar could hear- having a boyfriend with animal-keen hearing was an advantage, "We could just bring the Smrt Cr along anywhere we wanted to." Granted, it could park pretty much anywhere. That car was smaller than some Vespas, or at least that's how it looked to Keith sometimes. The fact that it had acquired the octoleg as a temporary resident…

Zachary gives the audience a broad smile as Bunny walks over to the table. With one swift movement, Bunny pulls the cloth off of the table revealing a human-sized magician cabinet instead of a table. ~Magic~ is awesome. The young man turns to Bunny with the same grin. "I think we need a volunteer, don't we?"

Bunny smiles back at Zach and moves to nab his top hat and puts it on her own head. She throws the cloth and once it touches the ground it turns into a carpet. "Bunny, be a dear and find us a poor victim—I mean lucky helper." She stands on the carpet and lets it levitate over the vast audience. The carpet stops once it reaches Gar and Keith. She offers both of them a smile and then offers Keith a gloved hand. "Wanna go on a magic carpet ride?" She asks, yet the carpet actually has little to do with the trick. It's just a mean of transportation.

"As long as I don't have to break out into 'A Whole New World'. My singing causes stone statues to weep. Just ask him," he tilts his head at Gar and gives him a wink. "Be right back. Don't eat all of the appetizer," he jokes and takes Bunny's hand… because, why not? He's never been part of a magic trick. And since Zachary was a real magician, this time he'd be part of a ~magic~ trick.

Not only does Gar eat all the appetizer, he orders another three for back-stage, knowing they're planning to meet there later, and he drinks the rest of Keith's Bailey's, as he watches the show. He can always get more if Keith survives the trick.

Bunny grins at Keith and helps him onto the carpet. Standing on the carpet, Vorpal would realize that it's much sturdier than it looks, almost as solid as any normal platform. Once they're both on, the carpet floats over to the stage and lands softly.

Zachary smiles at Keith and then looks back to Bunny. "Bunny, what should we call this little trick?" Bunny raises an eyebrow at Zach as if unsure what to say. "The Red Comet." She blurts out. Zachary merely laughs and says, "You've been watching too much Game of Thrones."

Looking to the audience now, Zachary annonces, "This is my good friend Keith. He shall be part of this firey trick." Zachary turns his head to Keith. He leads the other man towards the cabinet painted with stars and the moon. "Now…just step inside the cabinet. There's no secret compartments. Or trap doors."

"Of course. I'm accustomed to people wanting to set me on fire," The redhead grins and waves at the audience. He expected he'd get some stage fright… but then again, once you jump across town fighting large crises in colorful spandex in front of hundreds of eyes…

Keith steps into the cabinet. He's sure Zachary wouldn't send him off to an eldritch dimension, or something.

Pretty sure.

Gar is pretty sure that this isn't going to kill Keith, because that would make a mess and cause the audience to break out the pitchforks and torches that are no-doubt duct-taped up under the tables — wait, no, that's the nightclub in Salem, not here in Metropolis. Here, it's laser rifles and napalm grenades.

He sips more of Keith's drink (as his goldvasser hasn't shown, since the bar back can't figure out how to dilute it… oh well, he'll have to send it out neat after all … and watches the performance, trying to figure out all the details.

"Are you ready?" Zachary asks Keith, but he doesn't wait for an answer. He shuts the door to the cabinet and seals it off. There's a small laugh from Zachary that isn't exactly stage-professional. "Ladies and gentlemen! Prepare for a fright." He lifts his wand to his lips and mutters a few inaudible words. The wand turns into a small candle that sits on Zachary's palm.

He blows the flame gently and something…different happens. Instead of the flame going out, it turns into a large flame-like…comet shooting towards the cabinet causing it to burst into flames.

The audience gasps in surprise and there lots of whispers among them. Zachary holds up a hand to try and settle this. Even Bunny looks very worried as Zachary reaches over to take his top hat back and holds it in front of the crowd. First about a dozen doves frantically fluttering out of the hat and then turn into confetti that showers over the audience….then some of them coalesces into the form of a certain Vorpal, right where he was sitting next to Gar. Applause. Lots of marvelous applause!

Keith claps too… because that was pretty impressive. "Okay… I've never been… whatever that was, never had that happen to me before. Good show," Keith grins and reaches to playfully grab his Bailey's from Gar's hand. "Not dipping into the cat's cream, green boy, or it's the doghouse for you."

Well, that's not something you see every day. That's not even something Gar sees every day, though he's done the 'swarm into human' trick himself more than one time recently, but then with Gar, it's not … magic? … well, it doesn't SEEM like magic, although maybe J. Constantine might disagree. Then again, does it really matter how someone turns into animals and back? It's a magic show!

"Good grief," Gar says. "Just because I ate all the appetizers. I ordered more for backstage."

He does get his own drink, finally and offers a sip to Keith to make up for stealing the Bailey's.

Yay! Magic, magic and more magic! There's lots of it….But after the show is the less enthusiastic Zachary Zatara with Bunny and even Garf and Keith. He leads the trio to his dressing room.

The room is much bigger than it needs to be. In fact, it's kind of ridiculous. Bunny suggested a smaller one, but Zachary kept insisting on a larger one. On floor is a white carpet and on the ceiling is a chandelier. There's a vanity in the front of the room and a few couches and lounge chairs too.

Zachary plops down on one of the couches and throws his top hat into the air causing it to disappear along with his wand. "Well….To what do i owe this visit?"

"Chandelier? You mapped your own place into their green room, didn't you?" Gar says, grinning and gesturing at the room. The appetizers have been delivered, along with an appropriate plum wine to go with salt-pepper squid, and sparkling water, because plum wine.

"So we do have an ulterior motive. You know that Keef's been cut in half by jackhole retro-druids from the hell of swallowing your own tail, right?"

Because if Zachary hasn't been updated on that yet, then he needs to know the deets before they go on to the punch line, last night's chaos wave.

"Yeah, you've been a little hard to find. All of you Zees are," Keith hehs. "The druids caught up to me. Though I'm pretty sure you've been able to notice something's weird with me. And I don't mean the fact that I was turned into confetti."

Zachary raises a brow at Keith. He hmms slightly as he looks over Keith. "You physical look fine….But you're on the verge of being non-existent which I'm sure you have a reason for." And then Gar explains and Zachary looks between the too, not masking how surprised he is.

"So…I assume Circle Orboros have caught up to you and released the Cait Sidhe. You can't turn into Vorpal, can you? And you're other spirit is busy causing chaos wherever he is?"

Gar whispers, "Go for it, they're for everybody," to Bunny, regarding the appetizers, and then nods to Zachary. "Yes. Well, specifically, he did something really noisy last night, caused a rolling blackout in Gotham and boosted Keith's energy. By the way, if you know any chaos-whammies, they're apparently good for the Keith right now."

"Yeah… I'm sort of dying without him plugged into my soul. Last night gave me a bit of a recharge, though. But we need to find a way to catch him… which is where you come in, my esteemed magician," Keith says, leaning into Gar and looking at those appetizers. He will let the assistant take some first. He's nice like that.

The assistant seems even more shocked than Zachary which isn't a surprise. She isn't really magical in any way. She almost misses Gar when he whispers to her, but then she moves to take a little.

Zachary, on the other hand, remains where he is not bothering with food. "The more chaos we put into you means the longer you can survive then?" Zachary says just to see if he's hearing correctly. "Well…I could do some scrying if needed. You know, to find him. Maybe once we've at least contained him, we can merge you too together again."

"The trick," Gar notes, while sipping plum wine, "is HOW to get them back together. I suspect it's not going to be easy. Do you know how they got merged together the first time?"

Gar has heard the story, but at the tower, so he's not completely sure it's completely correct in the regular world, though it probably is from what Keith's told him obliquely.

"It probably involves some sort of ritual. Oracle did find a book that deals with that sort of… stuff. But it's written in code. Wizard code. Booster was kind enough to have Skeets scan it and turn the book into a text file, so…" he reaches into his pocket, since instead of his usual jacket and shirt combo, he is wearing a forest green turtleneck and black slacks, and produces a small thumb drive. "I've got it all in here, in case you want to do some research. You know the story of how I became this way, right? Magic mirror with Cait soul inside, mirror shard through the heart, bim bam boom, merge."

That's the fastest Keith has ever told the story. Maybe having watched CLUE with Gar last night hadn't been a bad idea after all. It was only after the 'To make a long story short-TOO LATE!' scenes that he realized he tended to go into too much detail sometimes.

Zachary furrows his brows slightly. "I don't read wizard code. Doctor Strange might though." He leans back in his seat and ponders lightly. "Well the first way it happened, doesn't seem like an option seeing as that magic mirror is broken and you're only half of your former self. But a ritual could work." Did Shadowcrest have something about soul merging rituals? Zachary wasn't sure, but Dr. Strange did say he had a larger library than that of Shadowcrest.

"Toldja Zach'd know Doctor Strange. You know I tried to find the guy … every method short of the one that I don't like using a lot … and he just doesn't exist if you don't have magic to find him with," Gar says to Keith, then to Zach. "I mean, a ritual seems like the way to go to me too, but I'm not actually a magician, I just know people."

Incidentally, if Zachary Zatara has ever investigated — Gar uses the transcendental elemental resonance called The Red to shapeshift, and that's considered magical in various circles.

"Yeah, Doctor Strange is all well and good, but we need results fast-ish. We don't have time to wait on him to have time for us," Keith says, looking rather frustrated and reaches for one of the appetizers and munches.

"Last night gave me a good zing of life, but I'd rather be able to do something while I still have life to do it with, if you pardon the irritability. Detective Pezzini told me there's some sort of Elder God Crisis happening right now, which might be taking up his attention. I'm not sure I like being number two on that waiting list. There's no telling when Cthuhlu might decide to go back home."

Zachary hmms softly mentally noting Vorpal's frustration. "Very well. We won't rely on Mr. ~Strange~ then." Then Bunny speaks up looking towards Zach. "He's very busy anyway. Looking for more of these magical sentinels you keep telling me about."

Zachary's glare daggers to her and she just smiles at him before walking over to the vanity. The young man turns to Keith. "So, Oracle wasn't able to decipher that text at all? I don't mean to be a negative nancy, but how do we know that this book holds anything about the Cait Sidhe at all?"

"You guys are the specialists on that kind of stuff, I'm just a biology student," Gar says. He winks at Keith and turns into a green rabbit, hopping over to Bunny. Because there's an irresistable pun there. He'll also investigate any top-hats that happen to be on the floor, though actually going INSIDE them isn't necessarily on the venue for the visit.

Keith grins at Bunnygar, and then turns to Zachary, "What the boyfriend said. I can leave the book with you… though if you think you can find something at Shadowcrest— right now, all I care about is finding out a way to glue our souls back together. Permanently if possible. If you can find that out and get the results to us without… you know, vanishing into the Ether like your cousin, then I will owe you my life. This soul-merging thing is supposed to be 'frowned upon' magic, so you may have to peruse the squicky, questionable part of the Shadowcrest library. As for the Cait Sidhe," Keith waves a hand.

"We can assume he's pretty much like all the other Fae. That might be easier to find out, since there's a lot o' dealings with the Fae and wizards over the centuries. Worst comes to worst, we can always use Iron to catch it. It's iron that faeries don't like, right?"

Keith looks from Gar to Zach, "Though if I'm forgetting anything, I'm open to suggestions."

"Cold Iron, actually. Or at least that's what folktale says." Zachary looks over to Bunny Gar and grins. "Stay out of those top hats! If you go in, I don't know when you'll come out." Though Bunny does reach over to pick up the other more green bunny and lifts him until she's looking directly into those green eyes. "I wonder how he'd look in fishnets and a top hat…"

Zachary looks towards Keith and Gar. He ~still~ is very much a rookie when it comes to the occult. He only just recently got access to Shadowcrest. "Well, first we need to find the Cait. And then I can do the magic dance and whisper a few backwards words. You get your soul back and we're all happy." As if it's ever that easy.

"Only Keef gets to see me in fishnets," the green bunny says to Bunny, "but if you can find a top hat my size…"

He did his time in humanities classes in college and had tutors instead of much of highschool, and on top of that, he still does voiceover work for cartoons, and some of the modern cartoons are amazingly accurate with regards to the magical mystical lore. So he knows this one.
"Church bells. If they weren't forged of iron, the clappers were, and the sound drove the Sidhe away. That and iron horseshoes and iron nails in them… the nails come out, the Sidhe would be lamed stepping on them, and the horseshoes brought luck by barring the doors to the more mischievous ones."

"He looks rather spectacular in fishnets. He's got the best legs ever," Keith says with a grin, and strokes his chin. "Ok… so we can try that. So I guess the division of labor so far is that Zach will look up something ritual-ish that might work, and the rest of us focus on finding things a Fae might hate or might be subdued by, and then we hand them out to our team-mates and friends and hope for the best?" the ex-cheshire looks at Gar. "We also should go and take a look at the Galleria, since it was named in that newspaper release… and call Booster. If he was there, he can tell us what went down. We could invite him to dinner tonight and get the details out of him. Sounds good?"

Zachary nods. "Sounds like a plan." Zachary then stands up and gestures for Bunny to as well, but he doesn't leave quite yet. She drops Gar gently on the ground and Zachary speaks up. "Looks like we'll be kicking some cheshire spirit butt soon. "I do suggest more research. Especially with this Constantine guy."

"Constantine," the bunny Gar says. He stands up as a human (fully clothed, not in fishnets) and walks over to wrap an arm around Keith's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'll find him if he's findable. Danny knows how to get to his house."

And that's a terrifying thought, if you know to think it.

Keith nods, and gives Gar's cheek a kiss, just because. "Sounds like a plan. Zach, thank you for having us backstage… great show, by the way. When I am not dying, I will definitely bring along more people from the team to watch it." He waves at his magical colleague, and then at Bunny, and heads to the door, putting an arm around Gar's waist.

"Which reminds me… on the way back, let's stop and get a new phone. That scary hawk-woman has it, and I don't have the courage to dial."

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