Zod and the Copy Cat

October 18, 2014 Amazo, Zod, and Superman all find themselves in the same block. Nothing good can happen.

Metropolis' East Side

A swanky part of Metropolis filled with high priced restaurants and shoppes.



  • Amazo

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In a posh Metropolis neighborhood, the Saturday night crowd mills along quietly and orderly, filling in and out of posh restaurants and bars. Beautiful, expensive cars stroll down the wide roads in a warm, late autumn evening. People are dressed in fine clothing-men in chic suits while women wear sparkly, slinky dresses. The only sign of disorder are the valet's who run from their stations to nearby parking garages, eager for high tips and the chance to drive Porsches, BMWs, and Audis. Live music can be heard-heard louder when the doors to the bars open. Just a normal night on Metropolis' East Side.

Roaming out of place is a large man wearing a drab green overcoat that looks a bit tattered. His legs have matching pants that bunch down at the bottom near his black boots. His hair is tight to his head, red, and he has pointy ears that make him look almost like an oversized elf.

As a particularly drunk yuppy comes and accidentally bumps shoulders with the out of place man, things begin to get disorderly.

"Hey," says Alex Harrison, a banker who does business in New Troy's financial district. "Why don't you watch where the #*!& you're going?!"

Amazo turns slowly towards the man, reaches out his hand, and grabs Harrison around the neck, just as Harrison's sexy date begins to scream!

Zod was already on the way to way to 'legally acquire' another rocket ship for his personal home away from home when he heard that scream. He's not really one for sacrificing the bigger picture for one man, but since he's in the neighborhood it seems only prudent to swoop down. Landing with a bit of a heavy thud he earns about as many screams as the giant man choking the poor poor rich banker.

He's not exactly got the best reputation as of late, maybe it's the dark black clothing, or maybe it's the fact that he keeps trying to liberate supplies for his lunar retreat. Whatever the reason he's only raising the panic in the area as he steps out of the small crater that he's accidentally created.

Amazo throws Harrison straight through the window of the nearby pub. Harrison crashes through the glass and the shards cut him badly all over the face, hands, and other regions. He's going to need some help. Immediately.

When Lilly, his girlfriend begins screaming, Amazo backhands her and her small body skitters along the sidewalk, earning very bad road rash. She goes unconscious as she hits the ground in a sickening thud.

Amazo continues to walk down the street, stopping to peer at the Kryptonian General.

"I'm always one for a bit of senseless violence, but there's a limit" Zod explains walking over rather calmly with his hands folded one over the other. He hasn't really done much yet to try and stop the android, but he's considering the option. As he move closer he just shouts out to the sky. "If any of you are going to try and stop me from defending these people, just punch me in the back like you always seem to,"

Amazo stops walking about a foot from Zod and seems to look at him with interest. Zod's keen Kryptonian ears will hear the whirring and shifting of small servos and motors. The android glowers at him and says nothing.

Meanwhile, Superman lands behind where the android and Zod stand face to face and has a horrified look upon his face. "What is the meaning of this?!" he asks, aghast, and looks to Amazo and Zod.

Zod raises a single brow at the sound, it's oddly familiar from times long gone by during the clone wars on Krypton. "Ah, so you're not alive" He takes this as a sign that it's alright to not really go easy on it, suddenly going into a flurry of punches just in time for the Son of Jor-el to ask his question, which really doesn't do that good for his reputation.

As Zod's fists begin to pummel Amazo, something strange happens. Instead of busting up into small pieces like one might expect, he takes the beating without bending. As he falls to the ground, Amazo pauses, looks up at Zod and begins to come at him, straight away with punches of the same velocity!

"Stop!" Superman exclaims as he throws himself towards Amazo using superspeed. He bashes into Amazo's back and sends the android flying!

"Really now Son of Jor-el, I thought you were pro protection of the innocent" Zod turns to face Superman looking over as the Android goes flying off into the distance, speaking with that sort of smug superiority that he's known through half the galaxy for by this point. "Or is that only when it's not a robot doing it?"

Superman peers at Zod, "Shut your mouth, Zod. There are innocent people here. If you're not going to help, get out of the w—" Amazo responds to Superman's bash with a bash of his own, using superspeed, equal to Superman to take the Man of Steel by surprise and use the strength gained from Zod to smack the Man of Steel and send him reeling into the building across the street.

Zod can't really help but smile a small bit as Kal-el is sent flying into a building across the street. It's a moment of catharsis for him really all things considered it's just nice not to be the one being flung into buildings for once. Sending a sidelong gaze at the android Zod fires off a double dose of laser vision

Amazo stands, just as Zod hits him with a blast of heat vision. There's a glow of red on his body after his clothing is burned away, but the glow dissipates within a split moment.

Meanwhile, Superman is busy pulling himself out of the building, amidst the rubble of dust and broken bricks. It's clear that the being hit him very, very hard.

There's nothing more satisfying then seeing the son of Jor-el climbing his way out of that building. Zod fly's his way up a bit higher into the sky, taking in a deep breath so that he can be ready to try and freeze the android solid. "Having trouble Kal-el?" He offers in a bit of a mocking voice.

"You can say that," Superman says, glaring up at Amazo. But suddenly, Amazo's eyes begin to glow a deep red as it watches Zod begin to fly. Then, abruptly, he bursts up into the air and begins flying away. Superman gets up to give chase, but stops as someone begins yelling for help. "Superman! I think this guy is going to die. One of the glass shards is in his neck!" The Man of Steel looks back at where Harrison is and grimaces. He knows what choice he needs to make for Harrison and Lilly.

Then the sudden exhale of breath from Zod, a full strength burst of wind, as he's hit square in the chest by the androids beams. "What is it that great Houstonian philosopher once said?" Zod calls out as he's sent flying back from the blast all that air being knocked right out of him in one massive blizzard "The needs of the many outweigh those of the few?" his voice sounding quite a bit out of breath as he tries to speak

"I think you're the last person I'd take philosophy lessons from, Zod," Superman says before zipping towards Harrison and picking him up in his arms. Superman inspects the wounds, and it is as he feared. He needs to be rushed to the hospital right away. There's also the matter of the woman who was knocked unconscious. She should also be brought in.

Zod's frost breath is unintentionally a bit stronger then he had intended managing to freeze solid a good portion of the street instead of just the android. Cars slide across the ice and into buildings, people trip and fall to the ground, and the Android doesn't seem to effected by it being able to just bust right out of its icy prison in seconds.

Superman zips away using his superspeed, carrying away Harrison who is busy bleeding all over the Kryptonian's costume. The former arrives a few moments later and scoops up Lilly into his arms. He gives a final glare at Zod, "Someday you will step too far, Zod, and then I'll get the opportunity to make you pay for your taunts."

With that, Superman speeds away, carrying Lilly off to the same hospital where her boyfriend is lying in a hospital bed.

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