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October 19th, 2014>: With Jericho tracking Keith, Shayera Hol, Tim, and Melinda make an appearance.

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There is… a raven… on Keith's head. This bastard is huuuuuuge, and very bold and doesn't seem like he's in the least concerned with whatever his current perch may think about the matter. This has the rather unfortunate side effect of giving Keith a somewhat avian aspect when viewed from above, especially when said Raven flaps its wings so that it can keep it's perch as the no doubt agitated ginger tries to convince it this is a bad place to be.

Speaking of Aspects, despite slowly cracking from being demonically victimized, he's still doing what he can. Today that meant getting out and flying. It's not a patrol. Not really. Jericho isn't looking for anything per se. He's just trying to clear his head and save what strength he has left for the fight with Belasco. He hasn't noticed the poor be-ravened Keith yet, though he'd probably find it pretty funny… once he realized it wasn't Corvinus just spazzing out.

"GET…OFF!" the aforementioned ginger is pretty agitated, especially at being, well, in this particular location. "Raven I swear if this is your idea of a joke I will…" probably do nothing, because Raven was scary whether she was sending birds to be your hat or not. Still, he is trying his darnest to dethrone the creature from his head without getting his eyes pecked out or actually harming the bird.

He's not succeeding.

It starts with a screech in the air. The sound of hawk circling above and dive bombing at their target to grip them within their clutches, raise them from perdition and into the throes of death.. or wonder.

This one? Death.

It was that same kid from before; the one that the other mechanical bird seemingly attacked in that cold, dark city, perched atop of his head like a mantle of terror. In Shayera's mind, the boy needed rescuing. His phone? Still attached at her belt and forgotten about for a moment like this. To save the unwitting and.. maybe he was kind?

That downward swoop happened, quick and swift, hand reaching behind herself to draw out a small rod of Nth metal, button clicked and pressed to extend it to a bow staff, twirled within the air and..


Her aim is usually and almost always true. For that bird may go flying and take tufts of red hair with it. This time, Shayera doesn't fly off into the night-set. She lands with a slight skid and by the whip of her wing and twirl upon balls of her feet to face Keith head on… probably to hear lamentations of her being a jackass for taking his phone.

Jericho blinks as something dives down at near reckless speeds toward the New York street and… oh hell no. That woman almost took that guy's head off. He tucks his wings in and dives himself landing behind Keith as he draws both knives. Something familiar about this guy but he hasn't placed it quite yet.

Jericho is not, sadly, a calming influence. Between his demonic, glowing eyes, his technological feathered wings and the sudden appearance of a decidedly demonic hissing imp on his shouder make for a rather threatening display.

"You!" Jericho vaugely remembers the Corvinus saying something about 'Thanagar', the world he'd fled from. He doesn't know very many other birdlike creatures. "The hell do you think you're doing!"

"OW! You mother-" Keith's parting words to the raven get cut short as he takes in the woman who has just landed. The woman who fits the general description he was given last night, down to a T-. Or an H.

"You!" he points at Shayera. "You're the ThongTheg you're the one who comes from that planet of bird-people, aren't you? Thanga… goddamnit, it starts with a 'T'. Do you? Do you come from there?"

She took his phone- but that phone was old enough to be in a museum by now. The important thing was to follow Fenris' line and see if, perhaps, she could be persuaded to initate peaceful contact.

But that's when the glowing demon-man lands and adds his own questions for the bird-woman. Keith just… stares at Jericho. And at the imp. Oh, that was not a good thing. He's fought demons before… but he didn't have any powers now.

There was a look of amusement that doesn't reach her features. It doesn't reach through the mask, however, and the curl of her lip could only slightly be seen.

"Me?" She points at herself, glancing towards Jericho and Keith, eyes darting back and forth as a slight sigh butchers forth. The staff was leaned against the shoulder as she reaches behind herself to retrieve a pair of gloves; gloves partitioned from her home world and slipped upon fingers because she knew. She just knew.

The staff was gripped again as she takes a slight step forward. "I am protecting this boy from that mechanical abomination. What the hell are -you- doing..?"

Her pace takes her a little past Keith, wing brushing against his side as the end of the staff is pressed against the ground in omnious thumps.

"Thanagarian." She corrects. "Yes." She states, "Stay behind me, human. This will be over quickly."

The staff is raised again and slammed hard into the ground to cause a dent within the cement; electricity, much like her mace, sparking to life to cover the entirety of the staff made of Nth. By now, passerbys stop to watch. Two people, winged.. demon.. armed to the teeth were out in the open and ready to ruin New York if need be.

Jericho's eyes narrow as K'nert hops down from his shoulder and takes cover in the shadows nearby. His knives rise up, left one held in a revers grip, point down. "Protecting him? You almost killed him!" Jericho snaps. Under other circumstances he might be a bit more circumspect, but the slow erroding of his self control brought on by increasing fatigue has made him rather… well, irritable would be a nice way to put it.

"Thanagarian…" Jericho murmurs. "Same creatures Corvinus mentioned. What is it you want?" The hacker/soldier begins to circle to the right, eyes locked on Shayera and her potential hostage. His eyes light on something on the Hawk Girl's belt and widen in slight disbelief.

"Also, Nineteen Ninety Two called." Beat. "They want their phone back."

"That's my phone!" Keith says, now getting rather incensed. He does not move behind Shayera, and now his alarm has moved a little to the right towards anger. "I don't need protecting, and why on earth would I want to be protected by someone with a demon on their shoulder?"

"My aim is true."

It really was. Almost wasn't in her vocabulary; which also meant, if she wanted to kill the boy? She would have.

Her brows shoot up as he mentions Corvinus, the scowl soon apparent upon delicate features. Teeth grit and bear at the mention of The Corvinus, a careful step taken forward yet, heavy is the hand that weighs upon the staff that drags and impacts more into the concrete. "You've talked to the monster." Those words came at a hiss, "I want the monster bound and gagged at my feet. That is what I want. And if you cannot deliver, then stay out of my way."

The mention of the years and phones were lost on her, clear confusion lighting her features. Phone? Nineteen Ninety Two? "I don't understand the meaning of this foolishness.." She was ready to write him off until Keith spoke, that irritation that he possessed waning on her and nearly drawing hers to a point of violence.

"Get out of here." Shayera snaps, she was going to put him out if he didn't.

Well, maybe Keith didn't need protecting… until just now. When Shayera rounds on Keith Jericho goes on full alert, taking a threatening step forward. "Hey! Eyes here Pigeon Girl." He snaps. "You're in no position to be making demands here. Corvinus isn't a threat to anyone except bright eyed college students who like their philosophy like they like their coffee." Dispensed in $6 increments.

"So far the only monster I see here has a crackly metal staff."

This is not calm, diplomatic Jeri. Belasco has him. He won't be back for a while. Sadly.

Maybe all birds carry metal staffs.

The one that rounds the corner, however, has his still hooked to his belt in its condensed form. How and why he's in New York is anyone's guess. Robin typically sticks to Gotham if he can help it. Tim Drake had other things to do in NYC, and then, thanks to some train mishap, gotten stuck in the city longer than he'd anticipated. Which could be why Robin strolls around the corner to spy Keith and two people he definitely doesn't know. "Uh… hello…?" he starts as he eyes the woman with the staff, "Everything okay here, Keith?" there's a healthy dose of skepticism to his tone and his hand reaches to his belt to curl his fingers around his bo staff, not that he draws it. In a way it's a simple reassurance that it's there if he needs it.

Quizzically, he watches the group, his forehead creasing underneath the mask.

"If by everything okay you mean there's a crazy demon guy and a bird woman about to beat the shit out of each other, Bird? No. No, everything isn't okay." Keith grumbles. Normally he'd be happy to see Robin, but right now something very important is about to go down and the staff that that woman was carrying? That might prove to be instrumental in the whole mess that was this Cait Sidhe thing.

"Back me up," he says to Robin, getting a very determined look in his face as he strolls forward.

To put himself right in the line of fire, a hand raised at Jericho and one hand raised at Shayera. "The two of you calm the heck down right now- someone is going to die if the two of you don't start acting like adults, and it's going to be all your goddamned fault."

Hyperbole much? Yeah, but it's always good to go for the attention-getting statement.

It's been several minutes. That's an eternity when it comes to threat response. Of course, most of that time was occupied by SHIELD Agent Melinda May having to explain to Fury why her phone let a text message through while she was meeting with him. And then of course reminding the Director why she's having to deal with rumors involving herself and a particular non-SHIELD hacker. But, all of that aside, she finally got underway, her Ducati the vehicle of choice when having to get through New York traffic in a hurry while also drawing as little attention as possible.

Just about the time Keith steps in between Trent and the woman with wings (wait, what?), a shiny black Ducati and its black clad and helmeted rider pull to an abrupt stop close to the confrontation. May cuts the bike's engine and approaches, her helmet coming off, but being held in one hand in such a manner that it almost resembles an impromptu weapon. Almost.

Oh, and Robin and that cylinder he's preparing to pull from his belt gets a brief, narrow-eyed glance.

Another player to the game; great. Shayera just wanted to protect and serve none but herself, and another human walked up and.. spoke. Guh. Nosiness at it's finest. She couldn't fault him however, protectors are protectors in no matter shape or form, it looks as if she'd have to do away with this one too. Eventually.

Though, insults incoming, eyes narrow upon Jericho, fixed and pressed, taking in his visage and weaponry inch by inch, weighing him by the pound and whatever elements that could come into play as a sardonic grin decidedly crosses her features. Twisted.

"Twisted." She states, ".. the twisted sense of philosophy that the monster has carried has doomed you all. You do not know the monster that I do, the evil that is embedded within the circuitry. You protect him. There for you are my enemy and shall be tried amongst the Tribunal of my people." Aiding a criminal? A crime.

"All shall be punished."


Keith putting himself in the line of fire was no good, for her lips were hard pressed to solidify the anger that slowly built within her bones. Grip upon staff slackened as features slowly became neutral, gaze shifting towards Keith as a deep breath taken, shoulders slumping as if she were about to give in to sense and sensibilities. "You're right."

That hand suddenly strikes out in attempts to grip ahold of Keith's wrist, staff hand drawn back to attempt to punch the end of it towards Jericho's chest with the hopes of sending him flying backwards and a shock for good measure.

If she has Keith? She'd launch herself right into the air to steal him away to safety. He -did- say people were going to get killed, yes? So get the people out the way and down to business. Robin probably would be next.

Her aim is true. Jericho gets sent flying though he appears to have a lot more experience with that sort of thing than one might expect. He recovers about fifteen feet away, wings pulling him into a hover before the impact. Then he's back, blades flashing. Ginger-napping? That's just not acceptable here. Hopefully he can get her to drop Keith and focus on him. Well that's the plan, but you know what they say.

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Because his wings aren't part of his biology, Jericho is more than willing to use them as shields and weapons. And they're quite strong. Capable of moving him at a few hundred miles an hour, so there is that.

"You crazy woman!" Keith flails, suddenly finding himself airborne. "No! Stop!" he tries to make a grab for Shayera's staff, in utter desperation. "You need to get down now and talk like fricking rational…" he goes into full rage mode at being plucked from the ground like this. "I'm dying and I need your staff to live! It's Nth metal, isn't it?"

Okay, so much for making sense and trying to make a rational argument.

Robin arches a wry eyebrow at Keith's comment and the double-negative attached to it. Tim squints to process what that means. "So…. " Robin attempts to summarize what Keith has said to him, but can't and so he just says, "…what." It's not even a question; it's barely a thought, and then he's being asked to back Keith up: "You're not Vorpal anymore, you're going to get yourself kil — " but Keith is already moving, and Robin's hisses fall on death ears. "Keith," the reprimand is obvious in his voice, and, for a moment, Tim may actually empathize with Babs — being the voice of reason is not easy.

Robin traipses after him, fingers grasping the cylinder at his belt with a quick, very pronounced tug. And with another shake, it extends to its full length. "N-no!" he actually calls as Shayera grasps Keith's wrist. Robin pays attention to little else, wanting his warning not to turn into some prophetic vision. He races forward, and demands, "Put the ginger down!"

The moment that the winged woman makes a grab for the red-haired man's wrist, May whips her motorcycle helmet toward Shayera's head. Even if all it does is anger the woman and turn her attention away, that's enough for a start. And, of course, the moment her hands are free she's pulling her sash whip from a pocket on her black jacket. She doesn't have to tell the woman to let Keith go, as Lewis's masked friend beats her to it. Besides, saying stuff like that has always proved to be pointless in her experience. Better to just take their adversary down and THEN talk about it.

Up in the air, a firm grasp holds onto Keith's wrist as she jettesons him to safety, the motorcycle helmet crashing right into the side of her mask which sends her twirling with the boy in her grasp. Her grip tightens, her head shakes just enough to clear the fog from her vision, an angry eye darted down towards the sight of a woman.. who.. where did she come from? Teeth bared to hiss, and she continues on her path, white knuckling the poor boy until she reaches a balcony in which Keith was surely deposited.

She was about to fly away until something caught her mention; Nth metal. She barely heard him from being cracked with the helmet but now she turns, a scowl upon features. "That demon beast told you about our technology." She hisses. No matter that he was dying, the fact that he knew about what her people possessed could be bad. It was enough to drag him from that ledge to drop him straight atop of his head.

"Stay here." She had to question him, no doubt that she would ask -why- he was dying and just -how- the metal could save him. That was something to be dealt with later.

A sideways turn and a lift of her hand to wipe the trickle of blood that drew upon her nose away, gaze darts downward towards the woman and boy.. wait…

That faux flyer was missing. Both hands swing in front of her to grip the staff as such; like a man holding a louisville slugger ready to knock the ball out of the park, she was aiming to do just that as soon as she saw the direction in which Jericho was coming from.

Above. In arial combat the high ground is the advantaged ground. Jericho dives like a bird of prey down upon Shayera, aiming to knock her off the rooftop and take the fight to the skies. He's had practice doing this (no doubt she has too but that's neither here nor there). Sadly he's far, far too angry by this point to be thinking of ways to de-escalate. All he wants right now is to 'neutralize' her and then maybe interrogate her with K'nert and a quart of ice cream.

Which, trust me, is a lot scarier than it sounds.

No, seriously.

The knives flash up as he slams into Shayera, crossing into an 'X' shape to hold that crackling staff at bay as he pushes.

"No, you crazy chicken, Booster told me abou— COME BACK HERE!"

Keith calls after Shayera and then just stares, mouth halfway open in an 'are you kidding me?' expression. He slumps down on the balcony, puts an arm over the banister and exhales heavily, burying his face in his arm.

"This was a lot easier when I had powers." Without his ability to create constructs, he couldn't keep up with those two.

"Oh, eff it." He sets his jaw and looks up. Reaching up quickly, he clambers up on what he can, to try to reach the rooftop before those two take off and start doing some air ballet combat out of his reach.

With Shayera depositing Keith on the balcony, Robin, with his free hand, reaches for his utility belt and snaps the grappling gun off it. Tim, for his part, curses lowly, and presses the button on his hook at the ready. He looks upwards where Keith has been left to his own devices only to curse again when Keith moves. "Just stay where you are!" he orders, even though Keith really can't hear him because he and Damian still haven't agreed on comlinks.

There's a quiet ping as the hook catches the edge of the building. He grantsg a small glance towards May and her sash and he deadpans, "Need a lift?" Even if she doesn't join him, Robin presses the button on his gun and is drawn up into the air and to the rooftop.

He clambers up the rest of the building, leveraging his body like a climber up a mountain. "Keith — what were you thinking?! We need to get you out of here — now — "

Melinda May watches Trent divebomb the winged woman with her own version of 'are you kidding me?'. If those two beat on each other in midair there will be literally jack she can do about it without one of those dendrotoxin things that Simmons and Fitz are still arguing about. But then, the masked young man actually offers her a lift, and she's not about to turn that down and get left at street level. While teenagers wearing masks and carrying gadgets worthy of Gotham's bat-est is NOT part of her everyday world by any means, she seems capable of working with him seamlessly enough, using both climbing skills and her sash whip to climb to the building's rooftop.

"Get him out of here," she tells Robin, while pulling of all things, throwing stars from her jacket. That garment would probably give an airport's metal detector conniptions.
Keith O'Neil has disconnected.


The blades connecting with the crackling Nth sends shockwaves in a focused area. When two powers connect, others suffer the damage. Glass crack and shatters near by, raining upon the streets below, the noise from the connection draws alarms from cars to ring and sing as people, the smart little ants they were, began to scream and scatter.

The push was met with equal force, arms drawn in close to her body as she slacks enough to allow Jericho to gain momentum. She uses this as her rebuttal, angling her staff downward slightly, wings bending to allow her hips to be the guide of this motion and use his momentum to whip-slide to the side to thrash him just beneath the balcony where Tim and Keith.. well.. there goes Keith.

And here comes May.


With Jericho disengaged for now, that staff begins to turn, one hand whipping it around blindingly fast as she draws back out of distance, bringing the three in her line of sight and a street view of an exit plan in the works should she fail to extract the two.




Jericho finds himself angled right into a wall just below a balcony. Okay. Melee may have been a mistake here. Pushing off the building as Shayera gains some distance he exchanges one of his knives for an uzi. Yeah, it's small, but it's easily controlled with one hand. He hasn't heard any of Keith's protestations yet. His ears are still ringing from the shockwaves that probably just ruined every window for about fifty yards.

Taking aim at the Hawk Girl's wings, Jericho opens up in steady, controlled bursts, trying to gain altitude. "May! That's the thing the Bhudda Bird's been blathering on about!"

Has may met the Bhudda Bird? Jeri may be filing a report later. Ugh. Paperwork.

"Robin! Her staff can help trap the Cait… it's vital that I-"

And then the man crashes under the balcony. "Can no one just… talk anymore?" Keith sighs and looks at how far Shays is. Yeah, no way he's getting to her. He curses.

"Yes ma'am," Robin states towards May as he shakes his staff, condensing it back to a small cylinder and clips it back on his belt. Even if he doesn't work for May, he can follow orders. And in this case, following orders is imminently important.

He steps up to Keith to wrap an arm around Keith's waist, and his eyes squint irritably while his face scrunches into a scowl. "Look. I believe you. But right now she doesn't feel like talking, and the staff isn't going to help you if you're dead."

He frowns, his chin drops to his chest and he mutters, "This is such a bad idea." He shoots the grappling gun at the building across the building. "We'll try to get her attention from there. Where it's safer." Even if she's murderous, but he leaves that part unsaid.

Wow. That was… uncomfortably loud. Luckily, May's been trained to not let things like loud noises distract her from the task at hand. She launches two throwing stars at Shayera the moment that she pushes Trent clear, then sets the sash whip spinning fast enough to make a low whirring sound. Hopefully the stars will get her attention, and she'll get close enough for May to try and wrest that staff from her. It sounds like the weapon is important somehow, and that's just a bonus. Her primary goal is to disarm or disable the winged woman because this has already escalated from a disagreement to property damage. And the paperwork on that is really annoying.

Shots ring out. She wasn't too familiar with the weaponry that Jericho possesses; yet she was about to get a full view of his capability in that moment. The bullets and stars bounce from the tips of the staff, projectiles aiming towards the three which, causes her to stop almost instantly as she realizes just what she had done. Even if it hadn't hit them, she would stop; attempting to dodge by shifting left and right.

But she wasn't that fast. She never was.

Her right wing was clipped; a sharp scream draws forth as the air that she held beneath her feet gives way. She doesn't drop right away, but far enough to give them all the overhead advantage.

Blinded by rage, pain, bloodlust, her free hand grips the damaged area with with an overarm cross of hand upon her other shoulder, that little foot that she remained above the ground cleared to her landing with a bended knee.

She knew when to retreat, she was obviously outgunned and outmanned; but faces were etched into memory with the next meeting a promise to a fight to the last. With them attempting to get their hands upon the Nth metal that she wears and wields, it would be smart for her to leave… and she does.

No flight, no air, just the ground upon her feet as a button is pressed and staff un-electrificed and compacted to make her getaway cleaner.

The New York subway system makes for a very good escape route in many cases. The crowds preclude easy pursuit and use of weaponry like guns. Jericho could chase her, but he doesn't. Instead he jacks into the network as he lands near May, trying to track the strange being for as long as he can, and make sure it doesn't take out it's rage on anyone. If she starts doing that he'll have to go down there regardless of how ugly and damaging it'll be. But for now he has to avoid the authorities himself.

"Damn it. She's gonna get away…" He mutters.


Keith O'Neil slumps against Robin as he watches Shayera get away. He drops his hand to his side with a forlorn expression. Another day lost, one day closer to death.

He doesn't say anything more. "Rob… just drop me off on the ground. I want to go home…"

There's something between relief and regret that colours Robin's expression when the woman runs away. But there's a hint of something else underneath the surface. When Keith slumps against him, Robin sighs in response.

"You'll find her. But this there was no having a conversation — " his eyes lid as he uses the grappling gun to angle back to the ground.

There's a lot of silence from the masked bird as the pair defend to the ground. He releases Keith when he gets there and then adds: "Don't seek death just to find life. Okay?" There's a pause. "I'll help you get home if you can hang on for a couple minutes. I should get," he realizes he doesn't actually remember Melinda May's name and so he calls her, "Ninja Nanny to make sure she doesn't get stuck. Rules of cars apply here. Rides are important — "

His chin turns upwards and he gets the gun to release it's target only to angle it back towards the building where he'd picked Keith up. With another flick of a button, he's rising upwards, stopping at the rooftop where he'd left her only moments ago.

So this birdwoman can be injured. Interesting. May tries to keep an eye on Shayera as long as possible, glancing at Trent when he lands nearby then calling in to HQ and requesting surveillance of the cameras starting in the subway platform closest to her location. She's not sure how long the tech geeks can track the woman, but she can at least hope they'll get SOME kind of trail to follow.

As soon as the woman is out of sight, May turns to look at Trent. "You look like crap." She's giving the hacker a chance to offer to talk about recent events before she has to sit him down and interrogate him. That, and with the telltale sound of that grappling hook thing the masked kid uses, she knows that they're about to have company, and she knows Trent's penchant for NOT talking around strangers.

Robin, be VERY glad that she didn't hear you call her that. She'd take it out on BOTH your hide and Lewis'.

There was no looking back, okay. Just once. She had to be sure that she wasn't followed.

She didn't take the subway area, she ducked in between buildings and took the cover of shadowed areas and streets that weren't main to make her getaway, which wasn't clean. A questioning of folk could easily lead someone to her location, street cameras and everything else.. for once she ducks behind a building, it would be for a final time. She wasn't unstoppable, she needed rest.

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