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October 20th, 2014: Tony gets a lucky break, and the chance to take apart Lucky, while Lucky watches.

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It's mid evening just after the lunchtime shenanigans when Jason walks right into the work room carrying…. Jason, with a missing hand held in his other one. There's a bit of what looks like blood dripping onto the floor from the immobile body held over his shoulder. He looks like hell, and could probably use a drink or twenty at the moment, but he's holding together. Fenris's portal closes back shut behind him, vanishing without a trace, Jason wiping his face clean.

Mid evening, Tony is busy at work on whatever it is that Tony is working on that given day. For the sake of simplicity, we'll just say it's a containment casing for a protonic field generator. Right now it's micrometers in size, with a containment unit about the size of a basketball, but every big idea comes from humble beginnings.

With his goggles in place and soldering iron in hand, Tony directs Dummy where to hold a particular piece of the containment unit so it can be appropriately welded. "Good."

That is, until the portal opens and JARVIS pips in with his usual excitement, "Sir, Mr. Lucky has just stepped through a portal."

Which, of course, draws Tony's intention. Even more so when the baggage the immortal is carrying is taken into consideration. "You find a twin?"

"Was one of pepper to," Jason moves over to a free space setting the corpse for lack of a better word down keeping its hand held. As he walks quietly back over to the table where Tony's working. He knows better then to…. hand…. him anything so he just sits the hand back down onto the table slightly out of the way, glints of metal visible. "Fast, strong, robotic,"

Tony stares at the body like it's going to spring up and start wrecking his shop, but finally lays his tools down and slides over towards it on the rolling chair where he's been sitting for god only knows how long. "Dummy, bri- Actually, no go to your corner… Lucky, will you roll my tool box over here?" The hydrolic arm whines quietly and starts towards the corner as directed.

Before he's got tools in hand, however, Tony is digging into some of the obvious wounds to get an idea of what sort of machinery the robot is comprised of. He has fairly intimate details with this sort of thing, having worked on a machine not terribly unlike these.

Jason silently rolls over the toolbox, patting Dummy on the 'head' as he passes by. The robot itself looks like it's had it's hand clean cut through the circuits, but other then that there's almost no damage done to it.

When Jason finally speaks up it's to say. "I couldn't have protected her, Tony" Looking down at the hand, flipping it over, the circuits in the hand itself looking pristine while all of the ones on the other side look… burnt, as if having melted together through some sort of safety mechanism. "If it were just me"

Tony glances up at the toolchest and reaches for one of the drawers to pull out a long metallic, retractable probe to use in moving wires about. He also grabs a blade to open up along the skinline of the ribs and a separator to push whatever serves as muscle fibers so he can slowly work his way deeper into the internal workings of the machine.

At first it doesn't seem like he's paying attention to what Lucky has said, but once he's finished the initial layer of separation, he glances over and offers a tight smile. "I'm sure you did fine." Quietly said as he turns back to his work.

"How many others where there?"

"One of them," Jason tries to play the part of good little helper, taking in a deep breath of air. The words from Tony might not mean that much on the outside but it's enough to keep him calm on the inside. "Looked like Pepper,"

The creature itself is a highly advanced and complex system, made from very low grade parts. It's almost like this was a copy of something more. There are vacuum tubes, mixed in with semiconductors, and everything in between, a mishmash of modern and old technology. "Don't know if there are more,"

Tony seems to be looking for something very specific, more over, he also seems to know what is and is not important. Some parts of the machine he just tosses off behind him and others he sets aside to look at in closer detail once he's found the original point of interest.

When Lucky mentions that one of them resembled Pepper, Tony takes a look at the Lucky doll. Even turns the machines face towards him and prys open its eyes to see how authentic they are. "JARVIS, give me a biometric scan on the machines eyes."

"Of course, sir." JARVIS says, a blue light scanning across the retina to see how exact a match they are to the real Lucky, which they have on file.

Jason places his hands deep down inside of his pockets, watching over the proceedings from a decent distance back to avoid getting a cathode ray tube to the face. "You don't really think" The horrifically scarred bodyguard starts off only to be cut off by JARVIS

"A perfect match to Jason Lucky" Jarvis calls out after a few "I've rechecked the data several times over,"

Tony sighs quietly at this bit of information. "Alright, I want you to keep running diagnostic scans and find some flaw, JARVIS." Said as he taps the metal probe against what should amount to the duplicates heart or in that area. "If I can find the power source." Tony says back to Lucky without actually looking back at him.

"What happened to the Pepper duplicate?"

"Sliced in two" Jason comments trying to ignore the results of the scans as they come in. He doesn't need this right now, not when he's got such a good hold on things as it stands. A single hand on the side of his head, as he looks over himself being torn open by Tony, memories surging back to his mind, as his heart rate skyrockets.

In the center of it all at the very core of this device is a single object all to familiar to Mr.Stark, glowing a bright green hidden in the middle of everything else. On the front of it all a skull with HYDRA tendrils.

When he finds what he's looking for, Tony prys it out of it's housing bracket inside the machine and holds it up in a tripod of his index, middle, and thumb fingers. "JARVIS, digitize this for analysis." Holding it up for the blue light to tak schematic readings. Once he's received a beeping reply, Tony goes about taking the device apart.

Of course he recognizes his own work, rudimentary in design maybe, but this is his technology. It was always a concern that someone would duplicate it. He never worried anyone would be anywhere close to him in regards to power output, but even a fraction of the power his own reactor produces is enough to create very dangerous weapons.

"Sir, this is lower than first generation design. Power output of point zero zero gigijoules." JARVIS informs them both, while Tony takes a look back at Jason.

Then at the mini reactor, "compute biometric analysis protocol alpha zero two on all known employees of Stark Industries. Anyone producing that power wattage is to be immediately flagged. Start project: Silver Sword and add it to my work load."

"As you wish, sir."

Turning now to face Jason. "You alright?"

Jason keeps holding onto the side of his head, trying to come back to reality. "It's fine Howard, been through worse," Rather suddenly, as the world in his mind falls apart around him memories coming back clear as day. "Just keep it up,"

Well that's a slap in the face.

Tony has rarely ever been directly confused with his father and it isn't at all something he would say he likes. "Yeah, I'm Tony." Said rather pointedly. It isn't that he's stopped sounding like he's concerned, so much as he has a great bit of distaste with the name drop.

"And you're going to take a few days off." Isn't it Pepper who usually mother hens? "Paid, somewhere tropical."

"But, you're not" Jason shakes his head rubbing at his eyes for a moment, that one comment bringing him crashing back to reality in a way. "I'm sorry Tony, I was" He just stops dead in his tracks, there's no explaining his way through that. "Out of touch,"

"Well, that's obvious. You confused me for my dead father, that's pretty much the definition of out of touch." Tony is by no means a psychiatrist or a therapist, but he knows a thing or two about being out of touch.

"And you ''are'' going to take a few days off." He'll even send a message to Pepper, who everyone knows will agree with him on this given the intent, "I'll keep you up to speed on what's going on here, but you're no good to the company if you're breaking up. You follow?"

There's a short delay before Jason manages a rather quiet reply moving beside himself, to just look it right in his eyes. "Alright Tony," Thoughts race through his mind his face turned stern somewhat as he tries to piece together what pieces of information. "We could all use one from time to time,"

"Yes we could. I, personally, like Malibu… but to each their own." Tony turns back to the 'other' Jason and stares at the descicated mess that he'll be dissecting for the rest of the night. Which, it turns out, might not be a good thing to do infront of Jason. Maybe he realizes that, but he does glance up at Jason and jut his chin towards the door. "You don't have to stay down here for this if you don't want to. I don't know how I'd feel watching someone take me apart…"

"Wouldn't be the first time" Jason backs away from himself taking in a deep breath of air into his lungs. There's a momentary look to Tony, and a somewhat forced smile to show he's ok while he just jokes "I'm thinking Cuba,"

Jarvis's scans come up blank, but they do show a rather large number of employees have all left at the same time. Coinciding with Jason's arrival in the building, almost as if there was some sort of warning sent out from the minute this… thing… shut down.

Tony brings up one of JARVIS' monitoring screens as a holographic display beside him, now with new biometric parameters to identify any potential energy based infultrators… provided Tony's calculations are correct.

And when aren't they?

To Jason, he nods and adds a forced smile of his own. "Bring me back some cigars." Which is only slightly illegal. Then again, he's Tony Stark. Who would argue?

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