Shattered Mirror

October 20 2014: Jericho, Koriand'r, Roy and K'tten examine unusual tech that's alien and yet disturbingly not.

HMSS Starfire

Starfire Bridge. It could be a scene out of Star Trek, but the alien ship and it's outcaste crew are all too real.



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Jericho is on the Starfire, bent over a computer terminal conferring with K'tten. "Okay, so what you're saying, essentially, is you don't know where it comes from."

She had just said that, after all. The bodies and tech recovered from various sites around Metro and in New York had evinced incredibly advanced technology including stuff that's slightly reminiscent of a star drive but which K'tten seemed convinced is intended for interdimensional travel and not interstellar travel. More than that, the dead soldiers had examples of advanced energy manipulation technology and most worryingly what amounts to tech-induced psychic ability.

The worst part though is that while it's clearly of earth make the tech to make this kind of thing doesn't even remotely exist anywhere on this Earth.

So if not this one, then where?


Behind Jericho and K'tten, Starfire is seated in her chair, though it has been brought closer to them in the sliding rail setting, leaning forward with one elbow perched bent upon her knee, her hand holding her chin while fingers rub lightly over her lower lip in thought.

There is no sign of that light in those emerald eyes, a light that typically corresponds with a feline like curiousity, or a demeanor shocking to one of her stature. This one is tactical, stoic, and statuesque - fitting of a commander - but the slight lines are of concern and weighted measures.

"So what you both are saying is we are dealing with technology stretching beyond any reach we have…. Right now." Those last two words as ominous as the overall moment between K'tten and Jericho.


Leaning on top of Starfire's chair, arms folded across it as he considers Jericho's words, Roy Harper finally grimaces. "It's not even the technology that's far beyond the reach of anything we have… it's that this tech sounds like… I dunno… psychic soldiers? How are we supposed to handle that, fight psychics with psychos?"

A thoughtful look crosses his face. "We could send Skaar and that other guy…"


"They were psyichic… somehow." On another monitor K'tten has stills and video replaying from Jericho's encounter on the Metro Beaches. "They were using telekinetic and telepathic techniques. In concert, somehow." Which Jericho has never even heard of much less seen.

"The portals… what about them?"

The other Tamaaran pulls up a readout. "More stare-drive like readings but without a ship. Best guess? They came from outside this reality."

Jericho sighs. "Right. Well the other two sure, but we don't even know where these guys are coming from. Or when."


Kori comes to pause for a moment, the light bow in her spine that comes with the repose now straightens at Roy's words, making her turn her head to cast him a /look/ that borders on incredulous.

"If any of us go after this it is as a team, together." The look could be withering if it was not for a bit of concern that still reigns at the forefront. Kori has seen and known beings from belly crawling scum of their planet to hyper advanced and things in between. Planet to planet…

"Forward travel, I know, I've been there, done that or heard stories and seen some truth. Sideways is only speculated upon, whispered but never backed…rumored. So you both mean to tell me. Not only do we have parallels, but we have super soldiers that can mentally.."

Her hand rises and makes a circular motion to the side, then points to the tech device she and Jericho retrieved from the attic of the gypsy store. "Tech that can even broadcast mentally… No, our tanks would need back up."

Yes, she just used gamer lingo.


That the crack was received with a withering look by Kori causes Roy to smile, albeit one where he knows he's been caught and admonished. "Yeah. But we don't have any way to protect ourselves, do we…? I mean, if they can hit mentally, we'd need a lot more protection, and somehow I don't think tinfoil hats are going to be any use…"

Moving over to join K'tten in peering at the readouts, Roy looks towards Jericho. "Is there some way you can get readings on if they're from another reality…? Like… I dunno, some sort of different quantum readings? Schroedinger's kitten or something…?"


Jericho subtly steps out from between Roy and K'tten when he says the word 'kitten.' "If there is that's Kori and K'tten's baliwick and not mine. I can tell you they're eminently fightable but that was definitely a military organization and if they've been infiltrating long enough to have tech stashed away around the Tri-City corridor…" The hacker shakes his head.

"We need to know what they want and what they'll do to get it. And I agree with Kori. Any chance you can analyze the tech and come up with a countermeasure?"


K'tten's upper lip draws back and the admonishing look Kori gave Roy has nothing on the look from the ships technical driver. "I could beam your parts to different locations…"

Kori's turn to step in and come between K'tten and Roy, cutting into the visual of the projected technology, leaning down and splaying her hand over the control panel in the form of a prop. Side by side with K'tten they looked like twins, save the mohawk K'tten's hair is shaved into, though Kori's lips move and K'tten seems to nod in accord and move on, back to business… Her line of it.

"The tech will need to be disemboweled down to the very core, the energy readings will have to be tampered with, the coils, dampened and perhaps reversed, I think… If given time.. I can tap into its wavelength and find out where it send out those readings to the mind, queue the channel…." Her words drone off as she glances to Jericho, seeing if her techy partner in crime is on the same ball while Kori is now bringing up /her/ area of expertise…

The fight between Jericho and the soldiers. "If K'tten can interfere, intercept, and we can gain control mentally… Physically we can break them, we just need that upper hand or a block temporarily until we can turn it around on them…"

Standing she glances back to Roy. "But I am still stuck on… Another dimension… So a parallel world like ours? Or what?"


"Schroedinger's -cat-", Roy amends, far too late for the molten lava stare. Sidling just a little bit out of vision range, Roy tilts his head. "Well, the whole thing about other worlds and dimensions are definitely Kori and… K's thing, not mine. Just point me at something, tell me to shoot, and I'll do the rest. Beyond that…"

Roy scratches his head. "Far as I know all I know I've seen on Star Trek. If they're like from another universe, they might have swapped places with their alternative selves?"


Kori just tilts her head, where as K'tten now slowly stops looking at her data reads to cast a sidelong glance at Roy. Albeit fleeting it looked like a moment of praise. "And there is one thing we do not /want/. More mental illusions that become very real." It was almost as if she knew exactly what Roy is talking about.

Kori preferred Star Wars. But she still gets it without relating it to a show. Standing Kori gives Roy a level stare and shakes her head. "You always underestimate yourself."

Now she casts a focused glare at Jericho. "You come as bedecked as my kind can, but all on your person and not anything K'tten has ever seen, but intriguing none the less and she has eluded to /more/ with you, but I will not pry unless necessary. More is kind of necessary. What do you have to say?"


"Right, princess," Roy responds, as he scratches his chin. "I don't suppose we could try and take that apart and reverse-engineer it or something…?" he asks, jerking a thumb towards the device's readings on the monitor. "Or… I don't know, peek at it? Goddamn it, don't tell me we're going to be like cavemen banging on the outside of a tank."


Jericho nods. "More?" K'tten had alluded to his tech being 'dependant' and that being dangerous but he never did get the Tamaaran tech to explain what that meant. "Perhaps if I know what exactly you're looking for I can provide the details. Or let K'tten examine me again more closely if that'd help." He glances between K'tten and Kori and Roy, his amber eyes glimmering. That's a relatively new thing. Within the last month or so at least and it definitely corresponds with unusual energy readings from him if K'tten has been paying attention to the sensors.

"Maybe we can. I know, Roy, that the signals can be jammed, but I was only ably to do it at short range with a few of them. If they come in force…" Theta wave jamming won't be enough.


K'tten look at Jer and nods slowly. "No, we simply need to talk, and gain an understanding." K'tten did not even have to look at Kori, there is no question there. For a warrior, and the history she was trusting, and K'tten could not chide her too much for the company she keeps and so freely brings because the treatment is across the board. "This thing, I think you may be a key to something very close.." She says as she looks back at the tech canister and leans back, restarting the data scroll.

Kori is passing Roy and Jericho now, responding to Roy. "Even cavemen started somewhere. Some evolved.." Teasingly she looked at Roy and smirked, then looks at Jer as well. "An some just bang on other kinds of rocks." A brow perk then and she wanders off towards the back of the ship.

"Let me know how that goes, I am going to go swim with the dolphins." Joke? Nope, Kori is already heading for the platform to go down.


"Well, getting together some sort of tech to block the signals would be a great place to start," Roy begins, before looking back to K'tten. "Right, so you think that we won't understand because they're too advanced, so we just need the right language to talk to them…?" Sighing, Roy shrugs. "Not the worst thing I've heard… just gonna take a lot of work."

There's a pause as Roy glances after Kori, before jerking a thumb. "You know, that's pretty much an example - dolphins supposedly are smarter than us, but they talk a whole other language we can't decipher… Maybe she's got the idea. What say we take a swim too… anyone got any scuba gear?"


"You two go have fun." Jericho flashes Roy a tired smile. "I'm not in a good headspace for it. Probably won't be until after my Limbo excursion. I'll chat with K'tten up here for a while then I'm going to try to get some sleep." If the nightmares let him, that is.


Scuba gear? K'tten's devious smile is growing now and she is already pressing the button to tritely drop Roy a few hundred feet above the ocean waters… Kori will have to catch him or he's gonna make a splash. But just before they disappear Kori turns a concerned gaze towards Jericho, brows furrowing.

They were not done, she would ask later after he rested, if even she lets him. "Don't make eacho ther's heads explode…. K'tten!"

*BzZZzzt* Gone.

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