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October 22, 2014: Midnighter checks on Keith.

Keith and Miguel's Apartment



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Never let it be said that the Midnighter is heartless. Or at least curious. It's been a bit since he was there when Vorpal got declawed. Since then, he's run into some of Keith's friends trying to come up with a way to help him and that's brought him back to mind. Having followed them back to Keith's apartment originally, he knows where they live and he's there now. The window didn't slow him down and he was nice enough not to break it. The sound of running water lets him know someone's home. The scent says who. Looking around, he steps over to the bookcase to look over the titles. Taking one, a gay romance judging by the title and cover, he makes himself at home on Keith's futon, feet up and crossed at the ankles, as he starts reading.

Last night had not been a pleasure cruise by any stretch of the imagination. Then again, dealing with anything the Joker does never is- and it is worse when he suddenly displays the powers you used to have.

He slept like a log, even failing to wake up when Gar left for the university as he always does, and he has only been awake for about an hour now, which explains the late shower.

It's longer than his usual showers, but he enjoys the comfort of the warm water over his body, relaxing as it is. He even almost falls asleep again in the shower, which is not good, but it's not that alarming- ever since being separated from the Cait, he's suffered random dips in his energy.

Finally deciding the shower has been long enough, he steps out of the shower and dries up quickly, tying the towel around his waist and stopping a second in front of the bathroom mirror.

He's not used to seeing that. The scar that remained ever since his merging with the Cait Sidhe, that horrible scar right over his heart, was gone. That sight disturbs him more than the scar ever did.

"I'll get you back, you bastard," Keith mutters to himself as he opens the door into the rest of the apartment. His hair is still a little damp, droplets dripping down on him. He steps towards his area of the apartment to get his clothes from his dresser-

And he stops dead in his tracks at the man reading on his futon.

"—does nobody in Gotham use doors anymore?" Keith asks, looking at the open window, and then back at Midnighter.

"Do you really want your neighbors to see costumed vigilantes paying you social calls?" Midnighter asks without looking away from the book as he turns a page. "This is really horribly bad, you know." He must have flipped through the pages till he got to something worth reading about a third of the way in. "But that's not." he adds, glancing over at Keith standing there. "You clean up nicely."

"My neighbors see them all the time. I don't do the secret identity thing, remember?" Keith crosses his arms over his chest, blushing brightly. "That's Miguel's," he adds, "I don't read the romance stuff unless it's- nevermind. Are you in the habit of surprising people in the shower, or am I a special exception?"

Keith steps over his dresser and quickly grabs something- his purple bike shorts- and slips them on under his towel, so he can untie it and use it to dry his hair, otherwise he's going to look like a lion in the wind.

closing the book, Midnighter sets it on the floor then intertwines his fingers behind his head. "When I surprise someone in the shower, it's similar to the shower scene in Psycho. Instead, I waited for you out here." he points out. "You know, you don't look as muscular when you had fur."

"Is there a particular reason why you've noticed?" Keith asks, a little uncomfortable at the attention- but it's rude to leave questions unanswered. "I'm covered in fur, and unless it's groomed close to the body, it sort of blurs definition. I am not in such good terms with my hairdressers to ask them to go over my naked body and make sure all the hair is even." Keith smirks.

"I notice everything." Midnighter answers. "Some things are just more worthy of comment." He looks Keith up and down, similar to one inspecting a horse one intends to purchase. "So what's your status? You look fit and healthy. Does that mean you got your powers back?"

"some- wait." Keith raises an eyebrow, his expression hasn't changed. "I hope that wasn't you hitting on me. And no, my powers aren't back, I just happened to run into several chaos waves released by the Joker last night, so I got myself charged quite a bit, and Gar went… somewhere and gave me some of his energy." He's not quite sure how to explain the 'Red' thing, so he just handwaves it as another place. "Yes, you heard right, the Joker has my powers. Or at least a portion of them, from what I could see last night."

"Take it as you will." Midnighter did know the answer since he can evaluate Keith as a potential threat. But he was curious as to how the man would answer. And it pays off: the part about the Joker though is news. "The Joker with some of your powers. How did that happen? He somehow managed to capture that cat thing?"

"Well, in case it was-" Keith holds up a hand- "If it was, I'm flattered… but I'm a one-man guy, and Garfield Mark Logan happens to be that guy. Flirtation's fine, but that's as far as it goes."

Because forewarned is… something or other. "As for how the clown got my powers," he sits on the dresser, crossing his legs, "Beats me. Probably the Cait gave them to him. Can you imagine anything more chaos-inducing than the Joker with those kinds of powers?"

Midnighter just shrugs slightly at what Keith says at first. Take it as he will. He does look somewhat amused though that fades quickly. "No, I don't think I can offhand. But give me time." After a moment, he shakes his head. "I've never run into him though I've heard the stories. And do you think he too is worth keeping alive?" He sounds genuinely curious as to Keith's answer.

"His life is not mine to decide," Keith says. He was not one to step on Batman's toes, especially since he was sitting on Robin's shoulder and being the Little Blue Bird Of Independence. If it ever got back to the Dark Knight, he might be less than amused at the advice he has given Tim.

"As far as Cait sightings… Fenris and Booster encountered him at the Gotham Galleria a few nights ago. That was the first sighting. Now the Joker counts as the second, I guess…"

Midnighter looks impatient at the answer but not surprised. They can debate it another time however. "Tell me of it. What exactly is it? How did you come to merge with it? What exactly do you hope to have happen? And if you are thinking of merging with it again, how do you intend to keep this from happening again?"

The young man sets the towel aside and rests his hands on the dresser. It's one of those old, old dressers that could have easily survived a world war or two. He extends his legs before, suspending himself from his hands as he answers, "The Cait? Ancient Fae spirit, thousands of years old. Was a pest, as you can imagine. Was trapped in a magic mirror for a thousand or so years by the Yellow Emperor." He shifts his position, curling his legs up to his chest, before setting his feet down on the dresser, crouching there like Gar was wont to do sometimes on chairs.

"He saw me as a means to escape and manipulated the details of my death with his chaos magic so that instead of being crushed by warehouse equipment, I was thrown through the mirror and a shard impaled my heart and our souls merged. What I plan to do? Get the Cait back and shove him back in me, 'cause dying isn't an option. I've got too much to live for, and I've got Gar. On top of everything? Him, I can't hurt. He deserves to have at least one person he loves not turn out to be a complete psycho. Or die."

Once Keith has completed his acrobatic maneuver, Midnighter digs around in his pocket. "And how do you intend to merge with it again? And keep it from being freed once more? We can't have killed all of them so they'll be hunting for you so long as you have it in you." They didn't even kill all the Druids that night. Finding what he was fishing for, he pulls a dollar bill and holds it out ready to stuff in Keith's shorts. Hey, it was a good show.

Keith rolls his eyes at the dollar bill. "I'm doing my stretches, dude." He was particularly sore from last night. The bouts of lethargy had kept him off most of his training, and his body protested at being put through an unexpected mess last night. Though he decides it's probably best to wait for Midnighter to leave to continue the rest.

"Getting me back together? John Constantine, Rain and Zachary Zatara are doing their part of the mystical research. There's ways to merge souls, but the knowledge is very hermetic and obscured. Kate, I understand, is after a specific book that may have the answers on how to draw the Cait… right now the Druids think they've won, that I will die soon. So we have to be very careful and only play our hand when we're ready to act because, yes, then they WILL come to try and stop me."

Midnighter chuckles and puts the bill back in his pocket. "So you don't know how to capture it and you dont know how to merge with it. But assuming you manage to do both, you need to keep these Druids from finding out till you're back abnormal. And even then you'll be looking over your shoulder every day. Fair summary?"

"Perhaps. From what we've speculated, the merging of my soul with the Cait Sidhe was imperfect because it was basically improvised through the magic mirror. There may be more… permanent ways to do it. That's the knowledge we're waiting on right now. And then again, there may not be. This is a crap shoot…" Keith shrugs, "But like I told you- there is wiggle room. I won't object to killing if there is no other alternative. So if the druids can have the opportunity to unleash the Cait Sidhe again even after our best efforts… they'll leave us no choice." Because it was either that or Gar would go on a murderous rampage should this happen again. And they could touch Garfield with their magic. "Unless Doctor Strange and company are finally done with the Elder God crisis going on and can find a way to trap these meddling assholes in some sort of pocket dimension or something. I'd gladly take that option, too."

"Some day I want to find out just how many people need to die before you acknowledge there's no choice." Midnighter says. "But I didn't come here to argue with you. You know how to contact Stormwatch. You can get a message to me through them. Call me when all this happens and I'll show up to keep you alive."

"There is always a choice, Midnighter," Keith says, hopping off the dresser and stretching. "A lot of people choose to leave others no choice, but there is always a choice somewhere." The redhead looks at Midnighter, chin raised a little. "Were you serious about that invitation to Stormwatch, or was that a way to mock me?" He smirks again.

"Yes, the choice to let someone keep hurting others or to take responsibility for saving them." Midnighter counters and then returns the smirk. "Think of it as more of a dare. It's not my decision. But since you were going on about being part of an organization that can change things, you should jump at the opportunity. It is, though, ultimately Waller's decision."

"You couldn't afford my price of joining," Keith smirks back. "I'd join, under a strictly no-kill rule for any missions I were to undertake. Unless there were no other choice, and that part would fall under my personal judgment." The young man crosses his arms over his chest, maybe showing off a little, since it does make his chest and arms look good. Then again, he is taking a pretty ballsy position… which he knows will never be accepted.

"Again, Waller." Midnighter answers. "What arrangements you and she decide are up to her." Just as he had his own conditions. "It doesn't hurt to broach the subject to her though so assuming you live, go for it. And are you serious about considering the possibility?"

"It will depend on whether or not it would demand so much of me as to quit the Titans. That is one line I won't cross." Keith shivers a little, as night time approaches and the window is still open, after all. "So… again, it depends on the offer."

"Close it." Midnighter can easily see the signs of being cold. "The Titans. I've read about them and what happened to your tower. Does one of them live here as well?" It's an obvious conclusion since he says he has no secret identity and has regular costumed visitors.

"Nah, I live with Miguel. He's a friend of mine, and he doesn't mind." He was not going to betray his best friend's secret identity, after all. "He works as a waiter with pretty brutal hours, so Gar and I have the apartment to ourselves most of the time. I don't know where any of the Titans live outside of Gar," because, more or less, they're living together while still living in two different places, "And Rain, of course, and I know the Zataras have a mansion in another dimension."

Keith looks at the watch on the wall, "Actually, I was on my way to check up on Rain's research. It's not my habit to kick guests out… but I do plan on putting on something other than bike shorts, and only Gar gets to see me change." Keith smirks. "I do have a candied apple in the fridge I can give you for the road, if you're peckish."

"There's the bathroom." Midnighter points out as if he has no intention of leaving. But a moment later, he stands up. "Remember, call me when you need help. Or if you want to stretch some more in front of an audience." The offer of an apple is ignored as he returns to the window.

"Dear god," Keith mutters to himself as shuts the window after Midnighter. And then draws the blinds. And then remembers that Gar likes to fly in… and it wouldn't do for him to smack himself against the window, so he opens it again but leaves the blinds in place. "I'm dying and suddenly I'm attractive? Talk about a morbidity fix."

He goes to the center of the room to continue his stretches, shaking his head. Stormwatch… yes, he could probably do some good there, provided Waller approved of his approach. But the Titans were like his family… or, rather, the only family he has left. He wasn't going to sacrifice his allegiance to them for anything.


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