A Brief History Lesson

October 23, 2014: Magneto meets Lunair in Mutant Town for lunch and business

Mutant Town, New York


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Mood Music: Almost a month has gone by, and then Magnus emailed Lunair again, politely requesting a couple hours of her time to talk about some business. For a crazy mutant terrorist, he is quite polite, at least when he writes.

Mutant Town doesn’t have really good restaurants. They tend to be cheap places, often crowded and loud. They are colorful, though. Maybe it makes up for the simple food, often cooked badly. Some tourists would agree. Most mutants just need the food cheap because they are poor. For Magneto, it is something akin to patriotism. Food tastes better when you are supporting a mutant business, right?

To be fair, Lunair seems to see him less as crazy and terroristic than most. But she's bad at that sort of judgment call. Still, she gets the e-mail and will reply. She seems to like visiting the fellow enough.

And for Lunair, cheap food is unusual and a novelty. She's curious about it. And it is nice to support a mutant business. Even if she's not entirely certain about what she's eating. Nevertheless, she will arrive at the restaurant and wave to Magneto. There's a faint smile. She has better days than others about emoting. "Hi there!"

Magneto stands up when Lunair arrives. Old fashioned, he even helps her with the chair if she lets him. “Thank you for accepting my invitation, I had to leave the country for a few weeks and my usual associates in New York have been… indisposed.”

Lunair smiles to him, and will accept his oldfashionedness. "You're welcome. Thank you for inviting me. How was your trip?" She seems curious. Once she's sat down, she looks to him.

Magnus sits down, looking thoughtful. “It was tedious most of the time, frustrating occasionally. Intriguing once or twice.” He returns her gaze, his icy blue eyes almost too sharp. But that is brief, and he hands her the menu. “You must have heard about the Brotherhood, I expect. They used to be my eyes, but now it is splintered.”

Lunair listens, looking thoughtful as he speaks. "I see. Thats a bit of a bummer," She looks to him. There's a little smile up to him. Then she head tilts. "A little bit, but not much," She admits. She looks puzzled by his gaze for a moment. "And uhm, I - don't know what that -" She looks confused. "I am not really in the loop on some things. I try to keep up, but I'm sorry." She looks apologetic. And listens.

“You should try to become more familiar with the history of mutantkind,” chides Magneto. “Brief as it is, there has already been too much blood spilt.” He sighs, then looks back at the young girl. “Mutant Town is the largest mutant community in the America, did you know? Perhaps the whole world. But there are mutant ghettos in India that rival in size with this one.”

Lunair looks apologetic, "True. It's weird not realizing you are one until someone tests your blood," She admits. She listens, looking over to the older gentleman. "Really? The biggest in the world?" She taps her chin. "That's surprising. But I hope it helps," She considers. "And I haven't been to India…" She frowns a little. The mental image makes her a bit uncertain. "There's so much out there." She looks a bit guilty over it.

“Indeed,” replies Magnus. “You should try to see it… once you finish your studies, that is.” Priorities. Education first. “The Brotherhood is a mutant support organization I founded in the seventies, with the help of several other adult mutants. We were few back then. The role of the Brotherhood varied with each country. In the less violent places, it was just a quiet support network. Beyond the iron curtain, we were an underground railroad, getting mutants out of the claws of the KGB and their Red Room.”

Education! Good times. Lunair tilts her head, looking up to Magneto. "I see." She nods. "Well, I study part time since - having powers keeps me kinda busy sometimes. Even if I don't fight, I feel this weird itch to go do so and challenge myself. Fights find me anyhow," She wrinkles her nose. "And you mean more people are becoming mutants?" She huhs. "A mutant support organization. Do you look after them, then?"

“Oh yes, mutant numbers have multiplied by 100 since then,” explains Magneto. “Our numbers double every five years. Most mutants are very young, though.” Fights find her, uh? But she was in the mercenary business. “I did. And I lead them to war for ten years. When I renounced to war, I became a traitor for many of my comrades. And the Brotherhood shattered.”

Lunair listens. "Really?" Huh. She hms. "That had to be tough." To choose between renouncing and war… Lunair seems sympathetic, even if she can't entirely understand. "Ten years seems like a long time," It is when you're 19, mind. "But I'm glad to see you," Nod. She seems a little at a loss. "Mostly, I've been studying and trying not to get into trouble."

“Too many setbacks, often at the hands of other mutants,” explains Magneto. “Had I go on, I would have been forced to slay too many of my fellows. It was not worth it.” Ten years don’t look like much when one is approaching the century, but they were ten very intense years, and he frowns at reminiscing. “Never mind, Lunair. Now I have to look forward.”

"Ah." Frown. Lunair nods. "That's true. You must have tons of plans? People here might look up to you, especially since you worked so hard at the festival," She notes. She pauses. "Did you want anything to eat or drink? I can get it this time." Smile.

“We should order, yes,” Magnus calls for a waitress, and she takes their orders. Once the woman is outside hearing range, he explains. “I have plans. But I am wanted by almost all the law enforcement agencies of the planet. So, I keep moving.” He smiles humorlessly.

"Sure," Lunair smiles. Lunair will order after Magneto, so she can pick up the check. "Plans are good and … oh." Sadface. She smiles weakly. "Well, you're welcome to hang out at the apartment I keep when I'm not in the dorms. I have a rooftop garden. It's nice."

“Thank you, but I have safehouses in most important cities,” explains Magnus. “I need to leave again in a few days. This time for Antarctica. Something is going on… I didn’t expect. I’d like to know someone is watching Mutant Town, though.”

Lunair nods. "Makes sense. But I am glad I got to see you while you stayed here," She beams at him. Then a blink. "Wait. Antarctica. For reals?" Her eyes widen. "I'll probably putter around here in the evenings and look around. But I can't fly…"

“Antarctica,” confirms Magnus. “There is more there than ice and snow, but the reasons are not important now. Perhaps I will tell you when I return. Meanwhile, yes, I would feel better if you keep an eye in the neighborhood.”

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