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October 23 2014: Jericho is close to Illyana. That means Storm will mother him too.

Westchester County Bus Stop

A bench on a road in Westchester County



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Jericho hadn't gone stright back to his safe house. He had shown himself out though trusting that Illyana would catch up when she was ready. He's just walking at the moment. He could fly, drive or take one of two shortcuts home but he needs to try to relax. He can't. He can't destress. Can't decompress. That was taken from him. It doesn't stop him from trying though and this area's kind of nice.


Ororo, being well practiced in the art of keeping ones emotions in check, is rather adept at seeing the emotions in others. As such, she can tell that Jericho Trent is in distress. She follows him, concerned for his welfare. After all, he has become rather close to one of her students and therefore he has fallen under her umbrella of matronly protection, whether he likes it or not.

The weather goddess follows Jericho, knowing he is sharp enough to realize he is being tailed and will confront her when he wishes to.


He's gone about a mile when Ororo following him goes from probably a coicidence to probably not a coincidence. Jericho half turns and regards the weather witch with a quirked eyebrow. His eyes are… different than last time. Last time they'd simply been mostly amber. Now not only are they nearly entirely so, but they glimmer and glow as if somone lit a match behind them. "Something on your mind, Miss Munroe?" He says quietly.


Gesturing to a bus stop bench, 'Ro offers one of her subtle smiles. She'd give the Mona Lisa a run for her money when it comes to barely there displays of emotion. "You seem like someone that has a lot on your chest. Sometimes, the ones that are close to you are in fact too close to really vent to, to confide in. I realize you barely know me, but you are a close friend of Illyana. I could not stand by and watch you in such tension and not offer some sort of assistance."


Jericho regards the bus bench for a long moment and then hitches a shoulder and walks on over to it, sitting down. He's quite for a long time. A few cars pass going one way or the other. There's no bus due for some time.

"I can't relax." He says at last. "A demon stole my ability to rest. So I'm slowly building up stress and pressure. Eventually, it'll drive me insane." The mind can only handle so much after all.

"That's what this is all about. Kitty, Logan, Illyana. They're going to confront Belasco because of me." Granted he's going too. And granted Jericho may have been assaulted but it's Illyana being targeted. This is a case of Belasco trying to get to her through those close to her. Still, Jericho can't help but feel a bit guilty about it.

The notion that he's a 'close friend' of Illyana's draws a smile. "I'm closer than most. Closer than anyone's been in a long time. Or, perhaps differently close." He trusts her. Enough to let her mark his very soul. And she's returned that trust in her own ways.


Joining Jericho, Ororo listens. At the mention of Belasco, she takes a deep breath. "So, he is trying to hurt Illyana through you then? Perhaps thinking he can get more of her soul if he offers your ability to rest in exchange?" Overhead, the clouds start to build and darken. Storm is still in control enough that there is no worry of being rained on, but her emotions are showing with the movements of the clouds above.

"Mr. Trent, I am not one for vulgarities. When I say that you are close to Illyana, I do not feel I need to state just how close I am certain that you are. It is enough to know that she considers you a trusted friend. More then that is neither my business nor my concern."


"Perhaps. I've heard enough of him to know that he's playing a long game with lots of options. This though… this isn't a bargain. He's set up a trap. He knows Illyana will come and try to take the missing part of me back by force. He's deftly set things up to isolate her from her allies. It was difficult for her to allow Kitty to come not because of a lack of trust, but because of what she has seen him do to her before." Jericho's emphasis on the words is audible. "She wasn't even going to let me come with her until… circumstnaces forced a change in that."

Jericho's not sure how much Illyana would want to tell Storm about taking him as a Familiar, not again because of trust but because of who Storm was to her before.


Nodding her head slowly as she takes in the information that is given to her. "That would explain what I walked into. Illyana has led a very hard life. As such, gaining her trust is difficult at best. The fact that she does not wish to have a repeat performance of what caused her to be the queen of a hell dimension is laudable. I do not agree with her decision, but she is a grown woman now and able to make her own choices, whether I agree with them or not. That said, should you need our help, you have only to contact us. Perhaps take one of th Bampfs with you, to fetch us should you need us."


"I could send K'nert back. You're familiar with Illyana's demons yes?" Jericho offers. "It's a difficult decions to make. Either take your allies knowing they have little to no defense against the power Belasco is likely to wield against them - knowing he'll hurt them just so you can watch - or go alone knowing that it's a trap and the odds are against you. As glad as I am she's taking me and Logan and Kitty, I can't fault her for making the other decision. I don't know that I would have done differently in her place."

Jericho sighs and shakes his head. "I hope Kitty isn't too upset with Illyana over that, even though she changed her mind." Beat. "Er. Or with me."


A single nod, slow and thoughtful like all of her actions. "I am passing familiar with them. They do not have the appeal of the bampfs, but they are from a different dimension after all." The bus starts to approach and Storm waves at it to indicate they aren't waiting for it. "I am not asking for her to bring us along. If you are able to do this task with as little aid as possible, that is fine. I am simply offering that should you and she feel that the aid is needed, it is there for the taking."

When Jericho talks about his hope that Kitty won't hold a grudge, Ororo can't help but smile in amusement. The corners of her eyes wrinkle in unspoken laughter, her lips curling at the corners just enough. "Kitty, you will find, is one of the most forgiving and lovable souls you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. I do not think she could be upset with Illyana for long even if she wanted to be."


"I hope you're right. She's been friendly enugh with me and I like her. And Illyana likes her which makes things much easier." Jericho smiles a bit. His introductions of friends have not always gone will so it's nice to have two people meet eac hother and not have it turn into a fight, a standoff or a stare-off.

"I do not think she doubts that you would come to her aid. But you know her. She isn't the type to ask." Jericho's learned that. He's one of the few that will actively seek ways to help her rather than simply rely on her asking because he understands that mostly she won't ask.


"She is prideful. I know. It is part of her charm." Ororo stands up now. "I would offer my help to her, but I know full well she will turn it down. And so, I offer my help to *you*, to give to her when she needs it most. You will know if we are needed and when we are needed. I hope to see you again, Mr. Trent. Perhaps after you have returned from this adventure and gotten a bit of sleep."

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