The Castle Of The Titans

October 23, 2014: The Titans come to their new home.

The Titans' Compound

The hilly territory rises abruptly at the western edge of the
valley, and the entire area is part of a limited development zone. Many roads
lead there, and off one such road, a half mile into the woods, a strange
three-lobed granite 'castle' stands, three circular towers connected by a
curved wall twenty feet tall, enclosing a garden-like courtyard dominated by
a large fruit tree with grafts from many different kinds of apple, cherry,
and peach.
The tower closest to the compressed-gravel road is the one with the
obvious entry door. The area has cameras and other sensors scattered
throughout, and may have other entrances and exits.



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Mood Music:
Teen Titans Go!

Teenage Japanese Girls are singing … it's audible over speakers hidden somewhere inside.

"//When there's trouble, you know who to call
Teen Titans
From their tower, they can see it all
Teen Titans

When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
'Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol

Teen Titans, go" SCREEECH//. Gar throws the door open and FLINGS the 45 RPM record out into the sky, then leaps after it in the shape of a smallish dragon, swooping after the aerodynamic thing and flaming it from the sky. He circles once, noticing that the Tour Group has assembled, and lands, reverting from green minidrag to red-and-white-costume-clad Gar Logan wearing a ring on his right hand.

"Hiii! Sorry, I think someone set us up the bomb. Are we it for now, or will there be more?"

Bunker looks at Gar as his teammate reforms into a human shape. "I think we're it, for now?" he says, craning his neck to look at the castle. "I'm guessing you don't like the song very much?" he says, the cowled boy aking a look back over his shoulder to see if any others have indeed shown up.

"I have no words," Keith says, staring at the open doors and at Gar. He is wearing his Vorpal uniform, even though he is in his human form because… well. This is a special occasion. The redhead watches the tiny bits of calcinated debris that fall down around him and his team-mates, he was wondering what on earth that music playing inside was, "Was that another jingle from your agent trying to convince you?" A wild guess, reaching out to lean against Bunker. "The red-and-white uniform… is it throwback thursday already?" he grins, but it's a gentle one. That red-and-white uniform was secretly his favorite.

+MEET: Zatanna Zatara has arrived via +meet.

Zachary Zatara watches Gar as he turns into a small dragon and then back into his human form. "You know, that song wasn't that bad. It's catchy." The jingle will probably be in Zach's head for weeks. He glances up to look at the castle. "Well…it's big alright."

"Not much," Gar says to Bunker. "There was a brief period during one of the previous incarnations of the team when someone decided to call us Teen Titans, and then they did this cartoon series in Japan, and then they sued us for infringing on the cartoon."

Yes, the Titans of the past did not always have the best luck with lawyers. Go figure.

"Welcome to our new base, Titans Castle. We have three great advantages here. First, it's big enough. Second, it's not in the public eye so we won't be attracting random walk-through enemies. Third, it's a freaking CASTLE built over an old missile silo. Now the downside: Transportation. We have no super-fast transport to and from here that doesn't rely on powers. I've talked to my friend Danny and he's willing to route by here on emergencies but we're gonna have to pay him. There are a few other options I'm looking into."

Bunker whistles softly as he looks around. "OK, that is cool. But, Danny - what cold you pay him? I mean, I know only a very little about him, but what could he /want/?" he says, curious.

"Well… I know someone has teleporters, that guy with the strange wings got teleported away. Maybe we can find someone who has a spare one?" He says, walking up to Gar. He notices the ring and he grins. "Why don't you give us the grand tour?" He's seen the place, of course… but his team-mates haven't. "And what would Danny accept as payment? We could volunteer as sweepers, I guess?"

Zachary crosses his arms over his chest and his top hat disappears from his head. "I've never heard of this Danny. Is it just money he wants or something more?" As Keith suggests they get a tour of the castle, Zachary nods. "I'd like to see the castle from the inside as well….because it's cool looking and all."

"Danny is a Genus Loci, and normally, he's a street. So, I assume the usual things that a street likes. People spending money in his shops, throwing parades and parties, getting more cool businesses to move in…" Gar replies. "You could ASK him. He's not terribly shy."

Gar does NOT give away his terrible secret - Danny can text. So it IS possible to talk to him in a more overt way than his usual tricks. He just doesn't LIKE to do that, apparently.

"Certainly could not hurt, no," Bunker says. "It would be very useful, though. I can only fly so fast, after all."

Keith hahs and grabs Gar's arm, walking through the doors, "Enough logistics! I want castle," he says playfully, "And if you're not going to do the Vanna White, I will. And I warn you… I can have the outfit in my hands in less than thirty seconds, so which shall it be, Mister Logan?"

Keith in sequins, now there is a terrifying thought. "Besides, once we deal with the Cait Sidhe crap, I'm sure we can get Zach to make us something, riiight Zach? Portkeys, portable magic holes?"

Zachary shrugs. "I should be able to come up something, yes. If not, I could always asks Zee or Rain for help. Once she gets out of Atlantis, that is." Zachary offers Keith a small smile before looking at Gar. "Show us the castle! We won't need Danny's way once I figure out these portkeys!" Hopefully he figures out these portkeys.

"You got it. Right now, the door is semi-smart… the computer knows what you look like and it has a thumbprint scanner. Also, it works with keys. We're gonna have to make it more secure somehow. Like any good castle-slash-secret-lair, it has a couple videocameras watching the entrance."

The door is pretty obvious. Gar grins at the obvious camera to the left of the door and grasps a large cylindrical handle, and a light flashes around where his thumb is, and the door KLUNKS and pushes forward and inward.

"Welcome. Come on in."

"Velcom to da Kessel," Gar says in a terrible … what IS that accent?

Bunker turns as he takes a good look around, raising up on a purple column of bricks to get a look at the details. "Wow, this is pretty amazing. We all get rooms?" he ventures.

"Yessir," Keith says, obviously sitting on the BIG surprise. That one is Gar's to reveal- that the castle, impressive as it is, is only the tip of the iceberg. "The tower that houses this foyer has four guest rooms, but the other two towers have four permanent rooms each. So we all get rooms."

Keith winks at Bunker, it's one thing having to sleep in a tiny apartment in Gotham, looking at a brick wall out of the window… and then, well, this. He looks at the parlor, making notes to perhaps add to the decor here and there, and then there is the courtyard.

"Miguel, Zach, are you good with plants? Because I think we need to give that courtyard some TLC. But man, won't that be an awesome place to hang out?"

"I'm not good with gardens. Once I tried to make one at Shadowcrest. That didn't end well…." Zachary sighs and levitates into the air to explore the castle. "Oh, that's neat." Zachary replies to having their own rooms. While he does live in Shadowcrest, it's nice that he doesn't always have to go there for rest. He lets out a yawn and gracefully falls to the ground. "I'll be back to venture this castle in the morning! And I'll do some research on these portkeys….if I get the chance. I'm a bit busy with some other things." Darn you Namor! His top hat reappears on the floor and Zachary turns into a pillar of smoke before shooting into the hat.

"See you next time, Zach," Gar says. "And yes, we can all have rooms if we want them, even Angry Bird guy. I plan to live here during breaks at school, maybe once we get transport going it might be worth it to avoid the cost of dorms."

He walks the group around to the Kitchen first, pointing out that it has lots of room for everything (even space behind the fridge) and that they can grow fresh veggies in the greenhouse section that butts up against the courtyard garden.

Zachary Zatara heads out to Titan's Base.

"It's tempting to consider. I mean… I wouldn't mind living here—" Keith looks at Gar with the unspoken question, "Of course, it all depends on whether Mig wants to keep the apartment. I wouldn't dream of sticking him with half of the rent unaccounted for," the redhead grins and looks behind the fridge. Just in case. "What… Octothingie hasn't moved in yet?"

Bunker ponders this as well. "Well, it's a decision to make," he says. "I'd like to live here because, well, no rent. But getting to work might be a problem. Unless we can make a deal with Danny. I think I do need to talk with him."

"He has too. He must be exploring." (ominous musical sting) Gar looks around. "Before it gets too late, here's the elevator. It goes down to the secret parts of the base. Do NOT jump off the catwalk into the water. I don't know what's down there yet."

"You can always get work at the iHop near the highway, Miguel. Then you'll be closer to this place."

Keith knows what the fun part is, of course. He's almost bouncing on his feet simply from the fact that he's here. He goes over to the fridge and opens it to assess the space, and makes a mental note for groceries. "Why don't you go explore a bit, Mickey? Or, you know, claim your room before Zach beats you to one? You can invite you-know-who to spend the night sometime…" tease. Horrible teaser, Keith is to Miguel.

Bunker blushes from under his cowl and aims a playful punch at Keith's shoulder. "I think I'll do that…" he says, and creates a platform of bricks to rise up on. "And thank you," he says, quieter, as he rises up and departs.

Gar watches as Miguel goes to select his room from the over-kitchen set.

"I'm kinda torn, Keef. We could have a LOT more space if we chose one of the rooms in the downbelow, but it's a lot more family if we're up here. Also, I think it'd be better to segregate by sex, given the shared bathroom situation. Guys over kitchen, gals over library?"

"I think that works, Gar," Keith says, sitting up on the kitchen counter. He looks down at his uniform and gets the distinct notion that, in his human form, it looks rather ridiculous. He'd chosen the color scheme to balance out the purple fur, but with pale skin it looked much, much different. The black wasn't too bad, but the red and white-

Red and white. Green eyes dart up quickly and look at Gar's old uniform.

Did he do that intentionally? He puts his hands over the red and white of his suit reflexively, and returns to the topic.

"Y-yes. Girls over the library, guys over the kitchen. Being up here is better… we really won't need to sleep underground unless the team roster explodes. Up here is form family, down there is for planning and team-life. I like that there is a separation, even if it's only an elevator away."

"Besides which, I found the plans in the library. If we need to, we can safely add another story to each of the towers," Gar says. "The original plans read that way, but Lairmaster stopped at two levels above ground because it was just him and his daughter."

He grabs Keith in a hug. "This is going to be great. Even if someone snuck that record in here."

Keith laughs, hugging Gar back and wrapping his legs around his waist, taking advantage of his position on the counter. "This is already great. I can't believe I'm actuall in this place here, and with you of all people." He hugs Gar tightly, one hand stroking his boyfriend's hair as he enjoys the warmth and the closeness. No thoughts of the Cait Sidhe. This was a sign of things picking up- and he inteded to be alive to see them through. "With a room and everything… though if you ask me for suspects, I bet you it was Raven who snuck it in."

The idea itself was ridiculous, therefore funny. "Hey… you're wearing your old uniform," Keith points out, his voice somewhere near Gar's earlobe, "How come? Not that I'm complaining… I like it."

"Dunno. It's not like there's any shortage of those records, though," Gar complains. "And I'm wearing my old uniform because laundry."

The admission… even Changeling has to do laundry… Oh the tedium of it all. He grins.

"Want to crash here tonight instead of wandering back to Gotham and Jokerlandia? And you need to tell me more than the radio news did about that."

"That would be fantastic, honestly." A night's break from Gotham? Who would pass on that? Except Robin. But Robin had issues- poor bird.

"Depends, though… are you going to observe Propriety and send me to a room all by my lonesome… or are you going to take advantage of the fact that I think you look irresistible in that outfit?" Keith winks with a slow grin, "Though let's go out into the courtyard for a second, I want to take a look at it up close. You know, when I'm not hallucinating that there are moving man-eating plants?"

"There's no triffids in there. I checked," Changeling says, opening the door to the courtyard. From here, it opens; there's no evil raspberry bramble on this face.

"And there is no propriety in sending you to someone else's room when we're gonna be sharing one, like we agreed."

Gar stretches out. "Man. The feeling here is so much less… miserable …than Gotham. It's wild, but not insane."

"It isn't malevolent. It just is," his boyfriend agrees. "It's missing that sense of something hanging over your head all the time like in Gotham. Maybe it's because Poison Ivy has tainted the wild in Gotham so much?" A possible thought. He slides his hand into Gar's and strolls towards the tree, taking stock of what needs to be tended before the garden can be restored. Of course, that won't be until spring, since winter was only a few months away.

"A christmas tree in the parlor would look so lovely…" he looks at the tree and imagines it already decked out with lights. Perhaps even lights in the courtyard as well. This makes him smile.

"Yeah, it will… don't want to kill a tree though. Aluminum is good enough for me. Or a good fake tree. Or we could take a tree that's not in a good place, that might be OK. There's a few on the road coming here." Gar stops himself and laughs. "NOT HALLOWEEN. WAY too early for Christmas."

Keith laughs, realizing what he was doing. "Sorry, I guess I was excited looking forward to it. I just… enjoy it a lot. Or used to." Shutdown for four years or so aside. "Halloween, and then Thanksgiving still before then, talk about rushing things in my mind. Especially when I've got a lot to be thankful for, for the first time in forever."

Dying aside. He feels that Halloween… Samhain… is an important date for the Cait. He only hoped they could get things solved before it was too late. There was something about that date that made him restless…

And speaking of midnight black and dreary, "Oh, by the way, the Midnighter stopped by my apartment earlier today."

"Huh. More special messages from Ms. W?" Gar asks. He stretches out his senses in the outdoors, letting his hearing, his sense of smell, his awareness stretch … the faint buzz from the machines, the sensation of water below, of metal, the skitter of the octolegs, the distant echo of woodlands sounds, strange noises nobody could recognize. The blessed sensation of NO HUMAN crowding him. Then he turns them inward, and feels the fierce energy of the Red, strong, not as intense as it was when he had returned from the place, but still more intense than it's been for a long time — since he was a kid fighting Sakutia, really. He shifts, unconsciously, and his fur grows in along with the cat-tail and lots of spots. WAY too many spots, he's a light and darker green leopard-Gar.

"Huh. None of these here, what's up?"

"Nothing of the sort. He came to ask what was the plan of action. Of course, he did so just as I came out of the shower, so he spent a few minutes perving on me in my underwear. I let him know exactly who-"

Keith blinks at Gar's transformation and reaches out to touch his fur. "Okay… this is a little worrysome, there are no leopards in this area. Are you feeling okay?"

He reaches out and slides a hand down Gar's tail. Weird, so that's how it looked on him when he was transformed?

"So he was the imperfect gentleman. Figures. You get the gay bat-wannabe, while poor Robin's got the definitely not-gay Bat-reality-show," Gar grins. "And we all know Timmy's not gay. Poor fellow."

He nuzzles Keith. "I think I have some extra cat energy left over. Wanna see if you can soak it up? We can sleep out here, under the stars, or in the double I made up for us before you guys got here."

Arms wrap around Gar's neck and the redhead soaks up the nuzzles, giving back some of his own. He looks up at the sky and listens to the world around them. For a moment he thinks he almost has his old hearing back, and he can hear Gar's heart- but it's only his. "Under the stars." he says, resting his head on the other's shoulder and nuzzling his neck, hands clasping behind Gar's back, "Just the two of us. I love you, Garfield," he says, almost purr-like. "I'm so glad I didn't run away." That night at the dorm, Gar's hand on his ankle and Keith ready to flee after some truths had been spoken. That seemed like ages ago.

Gar's done the whole 'sleep outdoors' thing many, many times before. Having fur makes it much easier. But Keith has skin at the moment, so Gar says, "just a sec," and goes into the kitchen to fetch out a plastic box from one of the storage cubes that lines the wall. When he returns with the box, it's clearly filled with a canvas pillow, and a microfiber blanket. It has a camping pad but Gar leaves that folded inside the box, and lies back, growing a bit larger — the top of his costume vanishes as he does so — and then he pulls Keith down on top of him, looking up. The interior lights in the castle go out as no more movement triggers their sensors.

Keith rests face-up on top of Gar, moving his head to the side so as not obstruct his view of the stars.

"Stars, in your multitudes, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night…" Keith mutters to himself, sliding his hands along Gar's arms around him, hugging them to him. He remembers the song, but not really where it's from.

Yawn. He slowly begins to relax, feeling sleep creeping in. His breath grows deeper, and he rests his hand on one of Gar's larger hands, feeling the touch of the thin golden band, and briefly wonders if the change to a larger size would mean the band is constricting Gar's fingers.

He makes a note, in the morning, to ask him how his power works around those things. He could always take the ring bang and make the band adjustable. He could do that before buying groceries…

Adjustable. Band. Groceries. Apple… Stars. His eyelids feel heavy, and they finally begin to close.

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