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October 23 2014: Kitty and Logan insist on coming with Jericho and Illyana to Limbo. Storm… doesn't wanna know

Xavier's Hallway

The Hallway just outside Kitty's Room



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Illyana doesn't spend a lot of time at the Institute since she graduated. Having a public identity isn't as much of an excuse for her as it might be to others, since she teleports in but today she's been spotted in and around the place. In fact, the blonde is leaving Xavier's office, her expression set in one of those 'thinking' frowns of hers. Not that most people know the difference between Illyana's 'thinking' and her 'pissed off' frowns. Either way, they tend to clear the halls.

She's in jeans and T-shirt, her old Xavier's hoodie that she doesn't really need against the cold is starting to be really faded and worn. She should get a new one. She's got those to-the-knee boots she's so font of, and the glitter of silver jewelry and dark makeup around her eyes are some of those small tell-tale signs she's been busy in Limbo recently.
The tread of her boots echos down the halls.

Kitty, on the other hand, has been spending quite a bit of time here since she became the computer science teacher. Keeping a teacher's room upstairs, the young mutant has been attempting to find an apartment off campus, but has yet to manage it. As such, she leaves her room dressed in pajama pants and a large flannel shirt. Not completely out of the ordinary for the Shadowcat when she wakes up late. However, it is later in the evening, but not quite getting ready for bed time.

For whatever reason, Kitty glares at her room before quickly shutting the door behind her and turns around only to see Illyana treading down the hallway. "Illy!" she blinks, not used to seeing her blonde best friend treading Xavier's halls since they graduated. "What are you doing here?" She asks it in a friendly and curious manner, but it's clear to someone that has known her so well over so many years that she's surprised.

Illyana's head comes up with a sharpness that says she was surprised. Illyana isn't often surprised and so that means she was Thinking. There's the quick slant of her eyes away, as though looking for an exit. Or maybe just debating one since she can make her own. "Hey Kitty." She replies, her cold, empty gaze sweeping back to her old roommate and the smirk she gives is an easy escape, any real emotion hidden behind it.

Illyana's blue gaze sweeps down, then back up with a lifted brow. "Bedtime already? Someone's getting oooold." Sarcasm is another easy defense mechanism.

Kitty certainly knows that look and she raises an eyebrow. "What's up?" she immediately asks of her friend, knowing that Illyana would come here with that look after so long and not have a reason to do so. "Everything okay?" The question is sincere and she takes a step forward to close the distance between herself and her old roommate. There is clear worry on her face, not caring any more about whatever it was that might have made her embarrassed.

She gives a careless waves about her attire. "Long story. Or, well, not so much a long story as a story. And we're just about the same age. So, if I'm old, so are you," she smirks.

"Time's a lie." Illyana jokes, still with that smirk. Given that she's supposed to be like, seventeen now or something, she's got some weight behind the statement. Really though, it likely means she's older than she looks, or what people think. Time tends to move faster in Limbo.

The smirk doesn't last long, and Illyana shrugs one shoulder. "I wanted to drop some stuff off with the Professor. I need to take care of something."

Apparently the only one -not- surprised about the reunion in the hallway is Logan, who exits from Kitty's door a few moments later. He came here with a nice fuzzy flannel shirt, but -somehow- it's gone missing, leaving the old, presently barefoot Canuck in jeans and dogtags, armed with an empty waterglass. "Ladies." There's the slightest grin, possibly the most sincere of the trio just this moment, accompanying a nod to Illyana and a firm squeeze of Kitty's shoulder as he passes by the latter to trundle down the hallway, his first objective the nearby bathroom on the left, which closes behind him with a thunk, and no audible lock. It's a safe bet he can still hear just about anything going on out there, too— the guy's kind of a pain in the ass that way. A man's gotta drink, though; among other necessities.

"Well, it still goes forward, though, right?" Kitty gives Illyana a bit of a grin, unwilling to let the point concede. "Ah, " she replies to her answer, despite knowing that it doesn't really answer anything that she asked. "But, still, you alright?" she asks. It's hard not to notice her hard expression or her demeanor. Though the two were out of contact for a few years, there are some things that translate.

Then, as Logan exits Kitty's door, the Shadowcat attempts to act nonchalant, giving Logan a nod even as her cheeks start to turn a deeper pink and she turns back to Illyana - the poised perfect version of herself. Logan was in there for totally above board reasons. Of course. As such, she doesn't attempt to acknowledge it. Instead, she goes the normal friend route. "If you need any help, I'm here."

One of Illyana's brows goes up as Logan comes out in just jeans and dogtags and as he heads for the bathroom she slooowly turns to look at Kitty. The other brow joins the first even as the Shadowcat tries to look all nonchallant. It's like a cat that fell in the bathtub trying to be all 'I meant to do that'. So fail.

"Uh huh." Is all she has to say about that. Besides, there are things a lot bigger on her plate than Kitty's apparent tryst with Mr. Old Dude.

The easy way out would be to lie.But especially if this is the last she sees of Kitty, she doesn't want a lie between them. "No… Not particularly alright. But I'll do what needs doing."

Illyana and Kitty are in the hall at Xavier's. Illyana was dropping off some stuff with the Professor. One of those Just In Case sorta deals.

After a brief interlude Logan exits into the hallway once more, this time with a -full- glass of water, and headed back the direction from whence he came. Rather than exiting right back into Kitty's room like it were a scene in a sitcom, however, the old mutant drops broad shoulders back against the wall next to her doorframe and eyes one woman, and then the next, lifting the water to his lips and drinking about another third of a glass before offering it over to Pryde.

"Don't that shit sound ominous." He interjects, with apparent snark but no tone of humor or dismissal; he's been around the block enough times to know when someone is troubled, and troubled by Serious Shit(tm) to boot. In fact, it seems to be more the reason he pauses than anything: girl talk isn't really his thing. He doesn't second Kitty's affirmation of aid, but well— he's standing (leaning) there, isn't he?

Kitty deems to not acknowledge the look that Illyana gives her about Logan leaving her room shirtless and in dogtags. In fact, as soon as she listens to her friend, she could care less about what the short Canadian looks like leaving her room or getting water or anything. Quickly, the phaser moves forward to close the small distance between them.

"What's wrong?" the concern and worry in her voice is easy to pick up. Logan's exit from the bathroom with water is vaguely picked up in the back of her mind, but she is intently focused on her friend at the moment. "How can I help?" She glances to Logan for a moment at his interjection. "I'm sure Logan would be glad to, to."

One of the interesting things about always knowing vaguely what direction Illyana is in is what happens when she bounces around. It's a little like having a compass that someone's taken a magnet to except in Jericho's case, the compass is inside him. It's lead him to this quiet corner of Westchester County. Jericho knows, vaguely, what's out here and there's no small amount of hesitation about dropping in unannounced but…

Oh what the hell. He could knock. And probably get someone who doesn't know him. Or he could just sprout wings and set down in one of the open areas he can see in the building complex.

Hopefully nothing here shoots him. Not that he could really blame them if they did.

When Kitty steps in closer, Illyana's chin comes up a bit. She stands a bit straighter. It's been a long time since she's been used to Kitty casually stepping into her personal space and her head is in darker, more dangerous places.

"I know you'd help." Illyana tells Kitty, her tone steady, but a little flat. It comes from the tight control she's got on her emotions. "But I don't want you to." The blue of her eyes is pale and cold. Remote. Her lips thin and she might be about to say more when she feels Jericho getting closer. Her head turns in the direction he's coming from and she frowns. He shouldn't be exhausting what reserves he's got. One hand comes up, fingers spreading and a Stepping Disk opens in front of Jericho while another opens against one of the hall walls, opposite where Logan is leaning.

There's the subtlest shift to Logan's demeanor at Illyana's start, the quiet tension. His more or less mirrors the wayward Limbo queen's, for that matter: Danger just under the surface, a remarkably honed reflex to act. Physically, it manifests largely as a tensing of his own musculature, more evident given his wardrobe, and the shift of one bare foot to the wall behind him; it's almost nonchalant, as if he's /not/ getting ready to out and out leap on the blonde if she actually reacts with hostility. Vivid blue eyes narrow ever so slightly, and every indication that he's alarmed for an instant is redoubled with the opening of that portal, one fist clenched at Wolverine's side by the time Jericho's scent hits his nose, and the old mutant relaxes; partway.

It was an understanding he had almost as soon as he looked at Illyana, and for any number of reasons… the Wolverine doesn't especially trust old friendships to prevent bad shit from happening. Still, when there's understanding and standoffishness rather than danger, there's another degree of calm— Logan's foot even returns to the floor, and he grunts softly. Then drinks more of the water Kitty turned down. "Liftin' too much at once all by yer lonesome is a sure way to break it." He offers in matter-of-fact metaphor, otherwise showing little indication of debating the point.

"I don't care if you want me to help or not," Kitty tells Illyana with the stubborn upper chin that Illyana should know by now. "You're in trouble. And I'm here." Though they have been apart for awhile, she should know that if Illyana is in trouble, that means that she will step into it. No matter what. The sudden appearance of the disks cause the mutant to straighten and almost phase - Illyana's worry bleeding into her own - but she does not. "Jericho," she greets with something approaching fondness but does not quite reach there.

At Logan's own shift, while it may be subtle, Kitty straightens and gives Logan a glance. Illyana is trusted and is not to be attacked. It's a quick glance that she shoots the Canadian's way, but her own demeanor and treatment of her blonde friend should convey enough without long and meaningful looks. Instead, she turns back to Illyana, hoping that Jericho might be able to help decipher what is going on. "You know I'll try no matter what," she reminds her friend. Perhaps it's better to work together.

Jericho steps through, his traces fading as he does. There's just a glimpse of his wings folding and winking out as he enters the hallway which is… disturbing. His wings have always manifested as bright amber feathered wings. Like those of a hawk or eagle. What was folding behind him in that instant before they vanished was undenaibly much, much more bat-like. He glances about, his eyes lighting up with his small smile when he sees Illyana.

"Hey…" He says. "Had to get out of the apartment. Things are starting to heat up there." So he decided to just drive a bit. Then he felt her hop and figured why not. They're not going to be on this side much longer.

"Didn't mean to interrupt though. Hello Logan. Hello Kitty." It doesn't take him long to figure that they must be having the same talk he had with Nancy. Only apparently with less stealing of ice cream.

Illyana's glance slides past Kitty to Logan briefly, her expression that placid stillness at his words of wisdom. That actually come with age! Jericho gets a slight tilt of her head but she doesn't ask what he's doing there, or say hello. She's never been one for the usual social niceties.

The blond can't help the almost cruel smirk when Kitty says she's going to try anyhow. "You'll never find me, Pryde. Where I'm going… you don't belong." The conversation might be similar, but it apparently hasn't gotten to the point where Kitty's figured out the end game yet. Even that smirk lacks Illyana's usual amusement-at-the-world. It's just cold winter.

Kitty's look is returned with some consternation, a brief furrow of Logan's brows accompanying the acquiescence— partial though it may be. Illyana doesn't /actually/ mean Pryde any harm, so there's no need to pounce, and he does behave /for now/.. nothing lost by continuing his initial effort of relaxing into the wall, planting his back firmly against it once more. Of course, if that /weren't/ the case, well— he's got no guarantees to give. There's a simple, singular nod in greeting for Jericho, the fading wings garnering quiet but ample attention during the brief once-over the Canuck's keen gaze takes of the newcomer.

About half of a wolfish grin of his own is given with Kitty's assertions; Logan definitely doesn't doubt her word. If Shadowcat can intervene, and decides she should? She damn well will. It /may/ be something of a commonality linking the pair of them. "Gonna run her ragged searchin'." The Wolverine observes, with some measure of regret, perhaps sympathy, in the frank observation. Those intent, searching eyes shift quietly from the icy blonde to Shadowcat, lingering there as he sips from his glass once more.

At the cruel smirk that Illyana gives Kitty, the brunette gives her old friend a worried and almost hurt expression. "Illy…" her voice is soft and breakable. "What's going on?" She maintains her short distance, looking to Jericho at the sudden shift in her friend, looking for some sort of sign or clue as to what is happening here. His wings are taken in with dull eyes. Maybe at another point she would be amazed or scared by them. Right now, alls he cares about is the strange behavior of Illyana. She takes a step forward to reach and put a hand on the other woman's arm. This isn't like her normally caring and understanding friend and she doesn't like it. "What's happening to you?"

Though she doesn't look at Logan, she knows that the Wolverine will have her back should things start to go amiss. "Where ever you're going I'll belong, 'yana. I'll make it that way." She'll firm her grip if she needs to and will bring Logan in to help if she needs it. Just like he knows she will, she intervenes when something seems amiss to her. "Stop acting like I don't care."

Jericho gives Kitty a sympathetic look. His talk with Nancy didn't go well either. Of course, in his case he came right out and said he was going to go do something very dangerous in Limbo and he wasn't going to be able to bring her in on it. It went… about as well as could be expected. He doesn't know what Illyana's told them yet, so it doesn't seem wise to just out and out say anything yet. Instead he walks over next to Illyana, looking at the expressions both on Kitty's face and Logan's.

"Having that talk?" He asks quietly. "Have you told them exactly what it is yet?"

Illyana doesn't look over to Jericho as he comes to stand next to her. Or look at him as he speaks, even though that seems like it should be natural reaction. Emotions churn in her, but none of it touches her features. She doesn't move away from Kitty's touch, but there's the slightest flinch around her eyes as Kitty chastises her. "I'm not saying you don't care, Kitty. I know you care. I know you'd come without me even telling you what the hell it was about. Caring is the problem here." The words slip free, spilling out before she can clamp back down on her reactions, jaw going tense.

Jericho's question causes a tick in her jaw. "No." She says, the words almost too sfot to hear.

"Nope." Logan confirms of Jericho's query, even if he wasn't the one being asked. There's a touch of an edge to the old mutant's tone— likely born more of concern for those involved than agitation with the delay. He may not have a reputation as the most patient man in the world, but he certainly has some grasp of time, scope, and the difficulty people have with coming to terms— himself included. Pryde's clearly not wrong in her assessment of his loyalties.. hell, it's why he's still out here in the first place, at the end of the day.

It's not that the tumult apparently overwhelming Illyana isn't intriguing on its own— there's just only so far one can push a stranger to accept help. The Wolverine leaves that crusade to Cat, eyes shifting between the two old friends and Jericho, his thoughts largely hidden behind the stoic, granite exterior he's so thoroughly nurtered. "Take it you're expectin' a one-way trip." He concludes after a moment, voicing it as much for Kitty's benefit as anything. The metaphor just doesn't work for shit if someone's lifting something they -expect- to bust all over the place.

"So?" Kitty doesn't let up on her grasp of Illyana. Instead, she holds her tighter, as if expecting her to disappear into the other realms at any moment. "No it's not," she tells her friend defiantly and with an edge. "If you think it is, then that's where you're going wrong. The more help you can get with people that care about you, the better of you are." The Shadowcat frowns and attempts to look at Illyana, even knowing that she may not look her in the eye.

"If you leave without telling me what's going on I will make deals with devils. I will find a way to find you and it will not be pleasant for anyone involved." There is no give in her voice or in her promise. Just as Logan said, she will do exactly what she said she will. The mention of a one way trip only intensifies Kitty's grip and stare. There is absolutely no way she is going to allow such a thing to happen. Not under her watch.

Jericho folds his arms and lets out a sigh and glances up to Logan before looking back to Kitty. No this isn't his conversation with Nancy. It's worse. "Kitty…" He says quitetly. "She's going into Limbo. After Belasco. He's got magic that could maim, kill, break or enslave any of her friends. She doesn't want you to come because Belasco knows who you all are, and knows ways to hurt you that haunt her nightmares. She wasn't even going to take me until… circumstances changed."

It is a very, very rare instance where Illyana won't meet someone's eyes. Too many years with demons where that's a sign of weakness. Of submission. Besides, most people can't meet her gaze for long. The emptiness behind them shakes them too much.

When Jericho speaks up though, her gaze shifts from Kitty to her Familiar, eyes flaring white with that easiest of emotions for her. Anger.

"Tell me you can defend yourself from someone who can warp you, mind and body and soul, Pryde, and I'll take you with me. Unless you can do that, you're just a liability." The words are harsh. They're meant to cut. But they're also a little desperate, because she knows Kitty. And knows that she'll try some other way. And if they had Time, Illyana might be willing to see what her friend could cook up. But they don't.

Logan nods right along with Kitty's statements, adding little but silent support for his own part, at least in that initial debate. There's a touch of a frown at her promise to make deals with devils— not only because he knows she /means/ it, but because the rather worldly Canuck knows /exactly what it means/. For that matter, so does Pryde… they've seen more than their share of men who sold their souls, traded away things that should have been eternally priceless. It's a frown that only deepens dourly with Illyana's words— there's no quick defiance to the Wolverine's response, he weighs it, and he weighs it carefully, narrowing his eyes on Illyana for some moments before turning that look on Kitty, and heaving a bit of a sigh.

"She's gonna risk it anyway, 'cause you can't guarantee your life, either." Wolverine predicts, with some measure of certainty. He pushes off the wall and steps to stand beside Pryde, resting one firm hand over her flannel-covered shoulder and nodding once to Illyana, "Only way they get to her is if I'm torn off my bones wholesale." There's no cocky arrogance to the statement— more stalwart resignation, defiance, a cynic's courage. It'll happen one day, Logan is sure it won't be old age that takes him, hard as he is to kill. Still, that makes it one fucking huge obstacle— and at the end of the day that's where his dice will always fall. "And anything that tries to warp my mind's gonna need t' take a number."

"So, what, staying here changes things?" Kitty gives Jericho a pointed glare. "I don't care if it's Limbo or Hell. But, of course, you can go along because you can't be turned against her? And you've known her, how long?" She looks desperately to Illyana after Jericho's attempt at placating the young mutant. There is certainly hurt in her voice to hear that Jericho is a trusted friend to Illyana and Kitty has been left in the dark. The raw, red hurt of those emotions are easily laid bare, possibly explaining the attack on Jericho. Even if it is deserved, even if her friendship may be questioned after a few years of little contact - it still hurts.

She takes a deep breath and attempts to try this more logically, as hard as it is with emotions right up on the front line as they are. "Magic can't hurt me, 'yana. You know that. Not even in Limbo. As long as I'm phased I'm fine." There's only one thing that will can hurt her while phased and it's not common knowledge.

There's a pause as Kitty thinks through the horrible experience she went through in Japan and how she promised herself she would never fall to something similar again. She's seen what deals with devils can do. She knows the consequences of her actions now and even with that knowledge she will jump through them headfirst if it can help Illyana. It's with a clear and determined voice that she responds, "Of course. I'd never do anything to hurt you." A hand idly moves up to rest on the one that Logan places on her shoulder. She doesn't respond to his on affirmation. Of course, she doesn't really need to.

"I'm harder to affect because she made me her Familair." Jericho says again, quietly. It's possible that Belasco may be able to trick him, of course, but outright manipulating him is out so long as Illyana is alive, because he's hers now in a very metaphysical sense. The hacker doesn't argue with Kitty. He understands why she feels the way she does. It's up to Illyana if how much she wants to explain about why she trusts him the way she does or what exactly it means to be her Familiar.

Logan gets an appriasing look. He's seen the mutant in action before and has a lot of respect for his abilities. What, exactly, his resiliance would afford him against Belasco's magic he's not at all sure.

Illyana's hands close into tight fists at her sides and her mouth tightens to keep herself from speaking but the memory of adamantium bones at S'ym's feet is all too fresh in her mind's eye.

Kitty's words make her flinch even as Jericho answers. "It doesn't matter how long he's known me, because I //own/ him now, OK?" The words are hot as the blond grabs onto anger to keep the pain at bay. "Down to his soul. He's damned now, at my hand."

She closes her eyes and her head turns away. Her jaw is tight as she works to keep her emotions in check because she's sure as hell not going to cry here in the hallway.

It takes a long moment before she lets out a slow, quiet breath. "Always so damned stuborn, Pryde." It seems like the words should be yelled, but they're so very quiet. She hasn't tried to pull away from Kitty's touch, but now she reaches out to close her hand over Kitty's wrist and pull her hold free as she looks back to her oldest, best friend. Holding Kitty's hand with her right,Illyana's Soulsword appears in her left, but the blue gaze never leaves Kitty's.

+MEET: Storm has arrived via +meet.

There's no immediate comment from Logan, once more, as Kitty speaks her peace. He's -hardly- surprised, as established, by the phaser's stubborn certainty. Taking the dire warning to heart means that part of him wishes she -would- surprise him in this instance… but only part of him. Fighting the good fight with a keen awareness of the risks? Also one of those common ground things, and not something he'd give away any more readily than he'd ask it of Pryde.

The three of them are standing in a hallway on an upper floor, near Kitty's door. She and Illyana face off in what looks like an intense and heartfelt argument, albeit one that's primarily low in volume, while a shirtless Logan and a similarly sympathetic Jericho stand to either side, the former with a hand on Kitty's shoulder, which is in her hand in turn. Illyana has an intent look on her face— and a Soulsword in her left hand.

"She's just tryin' to protect you, darlin'." Wolverine offers in a calm murmur, one that's meant to be soothing, to Kitty's near ear. "It's 'cause she cares as much as she does. Same reason you ain't taking it for an answer." Same reason he's as sure where he's headed, for that matter— another of those things that doesn't even need to be said.

Coming down from her rooms in the attic, Ororo walks into the very tense moment between the pair of alumni. She pauses on the stairs and quickly accesses the situation with what little information as she has. Clearing her throat to get the attention of the others, she speaks up in that calming way of hers.

"I do hope that the weapon is out for show, Illyana." It's all she says, but the messages is clear. It is her polite and subtle way of asking what is going on and how much trouble are people going to be in.

"No," Kitty tells Illyana softly, keeping her grip on her friend, worry and compassion clear in her voice. "It is not okay." She looks to Jericho, despite his attempt to placate and explain. Familiar does not make sense to her - not in a human sense. Familiars are something like K'nert or the other Bamfs. Not a human beings. There's a questioning look there before she focuses once again on the blonde woman in front of her.

"I don't care," she tells to Logan softly about his attempted explanation for what Illyana is doing. What her actions may mean. He should know what her answer is to that statement. It's possible he did even as he was saying it.

The Soulsword in Illyana's hand is met with a tensing of her body. Logan would be able to feel it through the hand kept on her shoulder - Illyana through the hand she keeps in hers. But, the phaser does not move away from it. Instead, she keeps a steady gaze on Illyana. "It's fine 'Ro," she tells the weather mover without breaking eye contact.

One of these things is not like the other ones. The sole non-mutant in the hallway nods to Storm. It's nice not having to introduce yourself sometimes. Then again, that doesn't exactly explain why he's here. Jericho's not helping with that, either. He does reach out though and set a hand on Illyana's shoulder, more supporting and comforting than restraining. He knows the marks of pain in Illyana's voice and in her expression, good as she is at keeping them blank. Few better, actually and that's quite a claim considering the company. The hacker's eyes glimmer softly, as he watches Illyana, Kitty and the blade. What he hasn't told them, and suspects Illyana hasn't told them either is that if they don't go, he'll die, or go insane. And it won't take all that long either. Well… comparatively.

Illyana unfortunately doesn't have the attention to spare Storm at the moment to give her a greeting but she certainly heard her as she answers quietly, "It is most assuredly, not for show, Ororo."

The blade shifts, dropping point-down as the sorceress holds it in a reversed grip and brings it up to where she holds Kitty's hand, pressing hilt into her hand and then pressing Kitty's fingers closed about the grip. "It's not quite cold steel, but it'll keep you alive." Logan she just doesn't know well enough yet to argue his intention as being a meatshield for Kitty. It takes her a while to forge enough of an emotional connection to care quite that deeply. "You come back alive, Pryde." She looks past Kitty's shoulder to Logan. "Make sure of it." She charges the old man.

There's a simple nod to Kitty's response— yea, Logan kind of figured it didn't make a lot of difference in the final analysis. She can't even see the nod, most likely, but it scarcely seems to matter to Wolverine. He's said what he had to say. There's just a squeeze to her shoulder, not unlike the one Jericho offers Illyana's, and another long, deep breath that fills the Canuck's lungs. He casts a look over one shoulder even before Storm fully appears, nodding once to the familiar woman with an unsurprised but analytical consideration that lingers there for several moments.

"Cold iron huh." Logan seems familiar, for one reason or another. There's something he'll need to bring along to this little shindig, and the consideration creases his face with thoughtful furrows as he looks back to the others, reading Illyana's motions well enough to know she's not threatening Pryde; not that that seems -real- likely at this juncture, but the Canucklehead was a Boy Scout… sorta. "Anything happens to her, lady…" Wolverine offers Illyana steadily, locking eyes on the blonde, "I'll be way too flamin' dead to care anymore." As Kitty has observed a few times: Logan's a true romantic.

Remaining where she is, Storm keeps her eyes on the goings on. Talk of dying… well, that happens a lot in the Xavier mansion. Far more often then she likes, in all honesty. "Shall I wait for an explanation or just head down to the kitchen and make myself dinner?'

Kitty knows nothing of Jericho's plight. And while she may be sympathetic toward it, her main worry is now focused on Illyana. As the blonde gives Kitty the Soulsword, she frowns, clearly disturbed by this turn of events. "I will," she tells Illyana firmly as she looks back at Logan, meaning clear in her eyes. "But, I'm still going with you," she says, not allowing the strange transfer of the soul sword distract her from her main mission.

She looks to Wolverine with a raised eyebrow. "I think it may be a slightly reversed where we're going," she tells him as to the protective vibes.

At Storm's question, she frowns. "I'm not quite sure what is going on, it seems to involve Limbo and swords."

A small frown passes over Jericho's face as Illyana hands her Soulsword off. He doesn't comment, but he's well aware that her blade is one of the keystones of her offensive and defensive abilities. Without it it'll be down to regular blade-play and magic. And her friends, of which there are now two more. So there's that. Honestly Jericho's a bit relieved. Even with the two of them odds were good that it was going to go poorly. With four? Well it might still go poorly. But there's a greater chance of coping with it now.

It does put Illyana at risk for exactly what she'd feared though. Risking her friends at the hands of somone who knows exactly what she fears to see happen to them and is a master manipulator to boot. He'll have to stick extra close, he thinks.

"That's that, then, mmm?"

Most of the X-Men know about Illyana's sword and, really, most probably dimiss it given that is passes harmlessly through anything or anyone that isn't magical. And most of the magic around the X-folk boils down to… well, Illyana. The number of people that know Kitty can actually touch the thing when no one else can is much, much smaller. Even then, it's not a weapon that Illyana lightly relinquishes. The name is not simply an affectation. "Fine, yes. You're going. Get your things in order. We're running out of time and we're walking into a trap." She lets go of Kitty's hands, but leaves the sword there as she steps back. She finally looks over to Storm, and it's another blow to her heart to see the weather witch given who they're going to face though that sorrow is for another Ororo, long gone. She offers Ororo a smirk that seems more tired than her usual cocky. "Proving I'm not old enough for wisdom." She jokes.

"Looks like it's a nasty trip in store." Logan offers to Storm's query— though really, he's talking to himself as much as anyone, looking between the others pensively. "Raindrops quellin' the fire, and all." Her own metaphor is turned back on her.. though it's likely abundantly obvious by this juncture that Wolverine isn't exactly buying the line on these special ops mutants being independent actors. Not that he particularly bought it /then/. There's just a nod to Kitty, no argument offered. She's got his back as surely as he's got hers, and the old veteran is at least wise enough not to question it, or let his ego get in the way of acknowledging it— her skills are well known to him, and he's been honing them himself, for that matter.

Wise enough to stay home, on the other hand? He's not old enough for that, either. "Works both ways, Cat; almost every damn time." He offers simply to the phaser, the hand on her shoulder tugging her slightly closer— or perhaps just back towards her room, the urgency in Illyana's mission not lost on Logan. "Some traps need springin', to get at the fucker planting 'em." He has no regrets about that. Even with the certainty that it's goign to get him killed, one of these days. "Won't take long, I travel light." … slightly ironic, in his current state. "Come on, darlin'." He murmurs more quietly to Pryde.

Ororo takes a deep breath and sighs a sigh of resignment. "I suppose you are both old enough now that I cannot just demand that you take me along to keep you both safe. In which case, I trust that the pair of you will give whatever it is that you are fighting the worst day of its existance." She looks now to the pair of men, nodding to them both in greeting. She barely knows either of them, but that is no reason not to be polite. The shirtless Logan, along with the flannel shirted Kitty, is given a momentary arch of a white brow. More questions that will likely go unanswered.

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