October 24th, 2014: There was an ancient time when The Corvinus and Shayera Hol were friends.

Menes, Egypt (Ancient)

A secluded oasis of sand and green with the Nile serving as a backdrop.



  • Katar Hol's sentrymen

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There was no giving up; not when Shayera was so close to capturing the criminal wanted for treason: The Corvinus. She needed no technology to actually know that she had her mark right then and there when others suddenly came into attack upon her person. Others who really had no idea what this being has done and the damage that he could do to such a newborn world. But she had to lay in seclusion, where no one could find her, to recover the clipped by bullet wing and become stronger, faster than the flying projectiles that maimed her. Many nights were with the Nth, speeding the healing, training, walking alone and in thought. And finally, sleep. And many nights, she dreamt of the Corvinus in times where it seemed better; yet it all turned out to be such a farce. Dreams of an old life, spirits passed down to one and the other.. the name remains the same as the soul and possibly.. bodies as well.


White walls formed the vast palace; many pictures depicting the bird-man, king and queen litters the backdrop in a tasteful display of new language born of new life on this Terra. The plan originally was to make the best of what her and her Husband could; shipwrecked, stranded, teach the primitive people their ways and see them better for it with the assistance of The Corvinus at their side. While they knew that -he- could leave whenever he wished, they were grateful for the presence of the God Bird to assist them in watching the people grow, to learn. Their very own children not born of their bosom.

While Shayera wanted her own child and often requested and asked, she was often pushed aside for conquest. The reason? Make the world that they were living on now a better place for their future generation. That comes first. Life, second.

So it was no wonder that her eye fell upon someone else, but that was neither here nor there. For now, she remained lost in thought as she heads through the aqueducts of the town and out into the open, wings draped beneath a cloak which hugged her tight enough to draw out a hunch, obscuring her appearance so that she too could walk amongst the people.

The clearing, which was often abandoned is where she remains for now, cloak drawn from her shoulders and set upon the ground so that she could settle and relax a while. There were no need for guards in this sanded wonderland, all she needed was the rushing waves of the nile and toe dipped to sand in search for clarity and enlightenment.

There was the rustling of wings, the hint of movement upon the wind. There were not many others here who could fly, and fewer still that were of such a size. And yet, it was also muted, as if a warning of the silences that those who guide must keep. Time passed again, and to the observer it may have felt like eons.

"One is troubled." That sounded upon the winds and the sands…

It was a simple statement of fact, and one that far too often presaged an even simpler question that left the petitioner frustrated for some time after.

"Why does one come here, when one has so much work to do? Is not the work rewarding?"

It's not a condemning tone, but rather one of curiosity and concern. All who would do such tasks volunteer, to deny choice in such a thing would be to corrupt the results.

"I am." There was no need to hide from the Corvinus, her words to him she'd hope would be met with confidence.

She draws her feet against the cloak, dragging the sand beneath to bunch as knees find itself risen and arms wrapped around them so. "The work is rewarding, Corvinus, but often times, I wonder for who. Is it for the people? Me? My husband and his army that grows by the day?"

She lets loose a soft sigh, gaze soon drawing up towards the bird, a deep frown etched across her features. "I don't know why we are still here when we can easily leave at any time. Place one of their own at the helm as Pharaoh, and return to our lives where things are much simpler."

"This is the question that all who would take such a task to hand ask themselves. This one asked of it once, and upon examination found that the selfishness of the question decried the reasoning. One must make no small plans to raise a people to greatness. The road is hard, the work trying. To build a new people to a height from nothing… it is very difficult. It is easy to become distracted when one stops thinking of the end result. All people deserve a helping hand."

It cracks its wings and stretches as it looks upon the sands.

"If one left, then one knows what would happen to all that has been wrought thus far. It would collapse and crumble to the vagaries of their tribalism. Far too much has been done to simply walk away. It would be a disservice not only to the client-race one raises, but to one's self. One's husband has an army, it is true. Without that army, however, the barbarians would have destroyed this civilization long ago. This one does not need to remind one of what once was present here."

The ancient guiding figure does not seem perturbed by these questions… if anything, it is too damnably Understanding and Calm. Surely there should be more emotion to such calculations, such work?

"I understand this completely. Believe me, I do. But what great sacrifices should we ourselves come to at the expense of people who worship us as.. nearer to gods themselves?" Shayera stands now, her wings unfurling and stretching out, her brief flap wasn't as quiet as his, but it was silent none the less. "We are building these people but we aren't building ourselves. We are suffering together while we strengthen another. How can we stand to be a symbol when I cannot get him to sleep by my side at night? When.."

No. Her words were cut off then, lips forming into a thin line. "It was just an option. Leaving. Leaving this to their people and their people only. We've taught most of our generals what we know, the language, the words. I believe they will be fine in the long run, especially with us gone." She crosses her arms about her chest, taking to pacing about the sand. "I remember what was here, yes. But I do believe the people are better now. Smarter. Able to care and carry themselves into prosperity."

"This is always the danger of being a teacher. That one will give everything and feel like they gain nothing in return. The logic is false, of course — knowledge and wisdom cannot be destroyed. Once an idea exists, once a concept thrives… it will grow with proper nurturing."

Then there is the side-digression into a personal aspect.

"If one brought a child into this world, away from one's home, what could one guarantee it, what could one provide for such an event here? Remember from where one came, remember what one was, and draw strength and wisdom from one's past. This has always been key to our teachings. And if one's husband is that lost, then one should confront on this. It is only through clarity and honesty that one's partnership may thrive."

"They are still not prepared. They need more time. Within two generations from what this one sees of development. It is but an eyeblink to us, but lifetimes to them. At the end of the second generation, we can re-assess with confidence. As one well knows, this is the first prognostication this one has been willing to make. Soon. And they are smarter, more organized, more capable. They simply need to know how to apply it. Two generations. Then we review."

"I don't want anything from the people, Corvinus. I don't know what you know about emotions and the way a partnership works aside from the basic truths, but I need something more from him. And away from here.. Katar.."

Her words grow silent, there were footsteps in the distance, marching towards their direction. It wasn't a fleet, but a dozen of Katar's soldiers, aligned perfectly in the formation born of Thanagar, spears at their sides and ready attack should they find their Queen in trouble. Her gaze nearly drops to something of helplessness, she had longed to discuss this situation and yet, time was never really on her side.

"Two lifetimes. Corvinus, two. But I'm afraid that it would not be enough.. not for him." There was a little sadness in her words, and as she bends to whip the cloak from the ground and shake it, she keeps her back to the God Bird, obvious disappointment yet acceptance of this plan. "You should go. I will contact you soon, my friend."

"One must always remember the ripples of one's actions. Failing to heed the impact of one's choices before they are made, old friend, will bring ruin and destruction upon not only one's house, but all that one has built. Be safe and smart, dear child. Two lifetimes. This one swears by the Creators."

And with that short address it takes a few steps and heads off into the distance, using the dunes and hills and trees to block sight of its flight before getting out of sight and launching skywards once more… to quietly observe as is its wont.

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