Emergency Response (Cutscene)

October 25, 2014: Paremedics Cameron Tenoaks and Eric Johnson get the call to the Innovation Station bombing. They don't make it there.

Midtown Metropolis

Midtown is the glitz and glamor of Metropolis. A perfect display of how
architecture and innovation of the future combine to make the city the
expansion of progress and living. This is where tourists love to go and
reside during their visit at the Halldorf Hotel, waking early to start the
hustle and bustle of the day shopping at the large malls, most expensive
department stores like Lacey's, Stacey's and Spiffany's that line Fifth
Avenue, or spending moments of relaxation in the parks. All of this bisects
the Midtown neighborhood.

On the bank of the West River the neighborhood sits, lined with summer homes
on private beaches. Expensive condominiums, high-rises, and luxury apartments
overlook Metropolis Park on the north side of Midtown.

Some of the more popular roads here are Besselo Boulevard, Centennial Avenue
(where the Commerce Bank of Metropolis resides), as well as Metro Square that
is located at the intersection of 42nd Street and the Avenue of Tomorrow.



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1034AM 25OCT2014


"I'm tellin' ya, Cam, you gotta think bigger for yourself. I mean, sure, you're helping out, you're doing the job and bless you for it, but you could be doin' so much more. You should be joinin' up with one of those groups or something. I know, I know… it's not your thing, but… seriously, what're you gonna do when I retire? And no, I ain't doin' that any time soon — you ain't gettin' rid of me that easy." Eric Johnson, a twenty year veteran of Metropolis Fire and Rescue, was back on the 'coffee break rant' again. Seemed like every time the grizzled African American veteran of the EMT cadre got on this, he and his partner would get a call.

Without fail.

And today would be no different.

Off in the distance towards Downtown there was a muffled but exceptionally significant explosion.

Cameron Tenoaks gave her partner a look and tossed her doughnut and coffee into the trash can, flinging herself into the passenger seat of their unit and buckling herself in. Eric was only a half-step behind her and had the engine running within seconds.

"Unit 37 standing by." Cameron called it in while Eric drove.

There was some chaos on the frequency as the other units closer to the location attempted to chime in, and Dispatch was getting overwhelmed. Though they had state-of-the-art equipment, the operators were all too human.

The bright-haired woman glanced to her partner. "Take a right! We'll cut down here then over to Second." It wasn't a desperation comment, but one of the things that the experienced paramedics just knew about their home city. Freedom Drive would always get blocked up with folks even under good conditions, and everyone always seemed to forget Second Avenue.

Then Dispatch came through.

"This is an eight alarm call to the possible explosion at the Innovation Station. The following units are to stage at —"

Cameron gave her partner another look. Eight was BAD. Especially if Dispatch was cutting right to it and skipping all the other alarms. Ten was worse, of course, but as the two listened to the litany of stations and equipment they began to realize *why* a ten couldn't be called off.

The stations nearest the call weren't being listed in the stations. That was never a good sign. And neither was the next, as both Cameron and Eric's phones rang with the tell-tale 'Emergency Recall' tones used to alert all available off-duty personnel to report to their stations. Sure, they'd drilled on it, and they've done it once or twice for other bad things, but it was still jarring.

Second Avenue seemed pretty clear for the first few blocks…then it became obvious that it wasn't going to last for long, as it looked like drivers had turned it into a one-way street fleeing from whatever was happening at the Innovation Station. Thankfully, Eric was able to get the bus to a side street, but as the torrent of vehicles and even now some pedestrians sped past them, they started to run into traffic that was using the street in the proper direction with resounding crashes and collisions. They're both used to panic, and they'd heard stories of some of the other historic situations. With a bit of a glance to each other Cameron got on a side-channel to the Police Department.

"This is Unit 37. We have a multi-vehicle collision at Second and Augusta, we need traffic control and support."

Eric just shook his head and sighed.

"When it rains…?"

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