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<October 26, 2014>: Robin and Vorpal take up Danny Rand's offer to train

Daniel Rand's Dojo

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Kung Fu Fighting

Well there was a promise an offer of free training that Danny had to follow up on. Having a free moment between his other endeavors he reached out to the guy to see if he would be available tonight for a quick session. The dojo was empty, for once there were no kids sleeping there, of course that had to do with Danny arranging a surprise for them and having the volunteers take them out costume shopping on Danny's dime of course.

As for the teacher himself, well he is in the dojo proper, wearing a t-shirt and just rather loose fighting pants, all the better to move around with. He is mediating waiting for the new student to show up. And still trying to figure out how he's going to teach a bunch more adults. Kids are easier dang it, adults are usually more stubborn in how they want to learn. Maybe he can try going Karate Kid on them, the dojo could use a good cleaning?

"Mr. Rand," Keith O'Neil walks into the dojo- he's wearing a tank top and shorts, what he usually wore whenever training or practicing. "I hope I'm not late? I got stuck behind a derailed truck. It was transporting nuts. There were squirrels everywhere." He walks up to Rand, offering his hand. "I think someone else from the Titans is coming for the training, I sent out a message to all of our active members, though some are busy trying to find a way to make me not die, so they may not be able to come."

'Twas only a flesh wound, really.

"Most of us are very happy he's not dead," Damian says as he walks in through the door. His long, curly, black hair is all about his face, though his eyes are shrouded by a pair of sunglasses. "Daniel Rand," he says with a thick arabic accent. "It is nice to meet you. Many thanks for your donations to our team and for your time."

Danny shakes the man's hand, then just blinks at the last part. "Uhm, if now isn't a good time we can try to find another time to do it." Hey trying not to die is always a good thing, after all. Plus he totally needs more volunteers for the place, can't have one of the guys die on him. "If there is anything I can do to help, I will. Usually I just throw money at problems, that seems to work." And punching them, as well.

And then Damian enters, and Danny does a nod to him, "Uhm, hi." Hey he has no idea who this guy is. Was never introduced to him before today. "You're welcome. So since you know my name, mind if I ask yours?" At least he is polite, that's something right there.

"Wasn't expecting someone else, but we can still do this. I figured we would start with some basics. Mainly teaching some of the easier blocks. First rule, a good defense, will always be better than a good offense. Not getting hit takes less effort than throwing punches, and will save you some energy, while tiring the other person out."

"Oh, don't worry," Keith tries to reassure the man, "It's a soul thing, not a physical thing. There's nothing you can do, unless you know some ancient ritual to merge souls together."

When Damian arrives, Keith nods at the Other-Robin. There's no snark in his face… "Other Robin, good that you could make it." After hearing from the Other-Other Robin (this is getting confusing) that Other-Robin (see what I mean?) had diminished resources, Keith's snark seems to have taken a back seat, replaced by polite civility. After all, if things got as bad as that, that means there must be something going on in the Bat-circles. And if Batman was displeased, chances were that everybody else was miserable. So the guy had enough to deal with.

"Defense work would help a lot, Mr. Rand. I specialized in Black Tiger Fist which, as you know, is mostly an external art and heavy on the offense… not so much defense." Which explains why he had some issues with getting injured. He was fine in the offense department, but Gar was getting annoyed at the fact that he seems to collect cuts and bruises the same way other people collect stamps.

"I'm Robin," Damian says to Rand with a nod and pauses to take off his drab green overcoat. Once he's shrugged that off, he moves to do the same with his oversized sweatshirt. "I've been trained in many disciplines," he says offhandedly. Despite his issues with Batman, Damian seems calm. After all, almost all of what he's learned this far in life has been without his father.

Damian begans stretching slightly, and replaces his sunglasses with a green domino mask with a slight turn backwards to hide his face.

"So good, defense it is. I was thinking of teaching you a little Akido to start it off with. Figured that would be the best way, since it focuses mainly on using the attackers on movements against them. It does have some flaws, but we can work around them. Okay? And sorry don't know anyone who can do that." At least not anyone he can get to easily, possibly someone in K'un-Lun knows how to do it.

"Now before we start, do either of you have any questions? And I promise not to mess with what you already know, Robin. But hey having someone who already knows stuff helps. Can help point out flaws in what the other person is doing. Will be more helpful when we have more students."

Keith smiles, and tries not to show what his internal opinion is of the prospect of Damian pointing out his flaws. As if he didn't do that copiously already.
"No questions at all, Mister Rand. I'm ready, willing and able."

"I have no questions," Damian says simply as he stretches out his arms by grabbing his elbows and pulling. He has some experience with Akido, truth be told. Though he favors other disciplines, it's a style that has a lot of benefits. Damian has always found it to be more merciful than he's willing to be.

There is a nod at both of them, then Danny moves some he's right in front of Keith. "Alright a pretty basic move here." He positions his fist so well it's aimed right a Keith's face, "Straight punch to the face counter. Just move your arm that is on the same side of the punch up and brush it past you. At the same time shift your body away from the punch. Now since most people are throwing a punch with more than just their arm, they are moving forward. As they do so your other hand goes up with a palm right to their chin. Okay?"

Keith nods, moving his feet apart, one slightly behind the other, "So, like-" he moves slowly to make sure it's what Rand wants- the arm blocking the punch moving towards it to brush it in a circular pattern, while his other hand juts forward towards Ran's chin in slow motion, his hand open by habit in the Tiger style position. "Like that? Or am I too wide?"

"If you're too wide," Damian says with his hands folded in front of him, "I recommend eating less carbohydrates." He shrugs, watching the pair. "Or candy."

Danny is about to comment, but well Damian says his piece, and the poor guy can't help but laugh at that. Sure he doesn't want to, but well it had to come out, it was a good line. "That's good. Though you have options, you can do the palm thrust, or well just change it to a straight punch to the jaw as a counter if you want. Just do what you feel comfortable with. Sure I can teach you all sorts of moves, but well it needs to flow better from you."

"Now we'll practice this a few more times. And then I'll work in a submission hold to try if you want. Give you just one more option if you're not feeling that violent at the time."

Keith gives a good-natured smirk at the comment. So the kid was getting better with his language skills, at least. "Right, " Keith nods. "Outright punching doesn't come as natural to me as the claw-but that's a little excessive to do to someone's face…" practitioners of the style develop claw-hard fingertips through constant microfractures from regularly hitting solid objects with their fingertips. A claw hit to the face could be very messy, "So the palm thrust works for me!"

"Tt," Damian says derisively. "Excessive? I suppose it depends on the situation. To be a good sport, Damian follows along with what the pair are doing from about five yards behind, practicing the motions to attempt to get his timing down with Danny's speed.

Danny does keep one eye on Damian, especially as he mimics the moves. The guy does have some skills Danny notices as he follows along, mental note, see what else he can do, Danny still needs a good sparring partner. "Okay then, so we'll do a few more half speed practices. Then move on to full speed if you're willing to give that a shot, okay?"

"That works for me," Keith says, getting into the flow of the movements. He's got talent, but it's clear that his training has been exclusively an offensive one. Perhaps it was because his Sifu knew the kind of streets he would face often when coming back from school, and when you were accosted by members of a gang, the only thing that would save you was the ability to lay as many down in as short a period of time possible before running… or making them run.

Damian's attention seems to wander a bit since he's the odd man out; he takes in the sights of the room and tries to get as much intel as possible on the team's benefactor. Rich, clearly. But what other reason would have for helping this team out? Also, what rich benefactor has this much time for martial arts training? Don't they have servants for that?

Danny does work a little more with Keith, before giving him a nod, "Alright ready for a full speed one now?" Well not real full speed, Danny doesn't think he's ready for that yet. More like full speed for an average attack, not someone who spent every day for years learning martial arts after all. "Maybe your friend wants to help with that? He can be the attacker if he's willing." Hey he doesn't know how good Damian is.

"Or I can do it if you would rather that one. But it would be easier for me to watch you, and see how it goes from another perspective." It is known that Danny is rich, his father owned the company that Danny inherited. Sure Danny doesn't run it himself, still wants to learn some more before he gets comfortable taking it over, but he gets money from them just the same.

Keith smirks. "I think Robin would not mind being my attacker at all." The redhead bets one in a million Damian would not waste an opportunity to humilliate him. "I wouldn't mind giving it a try."

Damian takes a very deep breath as if considering what was already a surefire answer. "Yes, I suppose we could do that. I've been known to "aggress" once or twice." He slides over and sets up in front of Vorpal, but just before he attacks him, he gives a little flicker of his eyebrows, trying to put the sometimes-cat-man off guard.

Danny stands back and just watches the two of them, getting ready to critique anything that Vorpal does wrong. Of course he wants to see Damian as well, does want to see what he is capable of. Not like he can learn from one punch, but well hey you never know. "Alright you two, go." Hey it's simple, but well not much else to say besides that one.

The eyebrow flicker does put Keith off- he anticipates the punch before it is thrown, so Damian can clear through and lay him out.

"Crafty," Keith says, rubbing his jaw from a sitting position. He slowly gets up. "I never realized the power of caterpillar eyebrows in offensive maneuvers." He says that with a grin.

Damian reaches down to help Vorpal out with a bit of a grin on his face, "I just wanted to see if it'd work. I imagine it'll only work once." Once Keith is ready, he goes again, but normal this time, more serious.

Yup, he watches. Well the guy did get a cheap shot in there, but Danny doesn't say anything. He should have expected something like this one, but well he didn't. "Hey, always expect a cheap shot. Anyone fighting you isn't always going to be nice."

"I know," Keith says, "I usually go for the crotch as my first destination."

That came out wrong, and Damian will not be Damian if he lets that slide. Keith winces for a moment but Damian is punching again, and this time Keith manages to intercept it (woo!), his palm going towards Damian's chin, it's a softer thrust than normally would be justified, but it's enough to show that he got the movement right. There's no point in hitting his team-mate.

Even if, sometimes, he has been very tempted to do so in the past.

Damian steps back as he's tapped right on the chin. Like a wrestler from the 1980s he sells it well. He stops thereafter and looks at Rand for his recommendations.

"Not bad." Are the first words out of Danny's mouth. Though as he watched the two of them, he did suspect Damian could have made it a lot worse if he wanted to. Moves were just to fluid, "Thank you Robin." He pauses after that, "Though you did telegraph the move for a moment. Anyone with some skill that wasn't just training with you, would have seen that one coming." Of course most people with skill wouldn't just do a simple straight punch to the face.

~We could've had it AAAAAAALLLL…. Roolling in the DEEEEEEEEEEEP~

The song disturbs the lecture, and Keith quickly reaches into his shorts to grab his phone with an apologetic look. "I told them not to call me unless there had been a breakthrough…" he looks at the number, eyebrows raise.

"Er, Robin, go ahead and stay in the lesson. I need to go outside to take this…" he looks at Rand "I may not be able to come back right away. Important Staying-Not-Dead stuff…" he smiles and slips out of the dojo, but not before telling Damian "I'll let you know what's up. Enjoy the rest of the training…"

"Hello? Yes, it's me—" Keith's voice fades as he walk out the door with a brisk pace.

Damian relaxes and nods toward Vorpal as the man makes his exit. "He's…one of a kind, surely." Damian's attention then goes toward Danny. Palms up he sort of shrugs his shoulders, "Alright. I guess it's just the two of us."

Danny chuckles as Keith just ends up disappearing on them. But hey it's important life saving stuff or something, so that's a good reason. "Guess so. So where did you learn? I know you're not a beginner, and it appeared that you were holding back against Keith. Thanks for that. Didn't want him to get hurt in just practicing." Sure he knows the guy probably won't say where he really learned, but expects some funky answer or something like that.

"Middle East," Damian responds noncommittally. "Asia. What about you?" He doesn't respond to the thanks; it took some self-restraint not to break Keith's face after his insolence over the past months. That being said, he guesses Keith's not such a bad guy.

"Tibet." Is a vague enough answer that Danny is giving, "Monastery in the mountains." Hey that's close enough. Doesn't mention mystical city or fighting a dragon or anything like though. "They studied Kung Fu for the spiritual nature, I learned from the monks there."

"Beautiful part of the world. You enjoyed your time, I'm sure," Damian says with a nod. He too has been to Tibet for training. Though he imagines his training was very different. "And now you've come to save the Titans from financial insolvency. You've lived quite the life, Mr. Rand."

"It is very beautiful. I do need to make a trip back there soon." Hmmm mental calculation, has it been 10 years, and is the gateway open for him to go back there yet?"It has been interesting. I was lucky to have inherited some money and a company. So well have decided to see about using that money to help out. So if I can help the Titans a little bit, why not? It's the same reason I built this dojo to help out the kids in this neighborhood."

"Well I know the Titans certainly appreciate your assistance. I can only assume the same for the community children," Damian responds. He raises his eyebrow, "How long have you lived in New York?"

Iron Fist says, "I returned 7 years ago. I was ready to come back. 10 years in Tibet was enough, I was an adult and well it was time to see what awaited me here." He strokes his chin after that, "How long were you in Asia?""

"All my life," Damian says. Though it disappears by the day, he still carries his Arabic accent. "Born there. Came to the United States a few months ago."

There is a nod from Danny on that one, "What brought you to the United States?" Hey a guy spends his life in one place, usually pretty tough to leave. "How long have you been studying martial arts?"

"All my life," Damian says, answering the last question first. "Family," is the answer to the first question. "It was important for me to leave.

"Wow, that is definitely a long time." He thinks for a moment and gets a smile, "So I don't really know anyone who has done a lot of training like me. Feel like helping me keep skills up? I could use a good sparring partner."

"I think that'd be great," Damian says with a nod. "I live down in Gotham, however, so it's kind of a long drive for me. How often are you thinking about getting together?"

"I haven't really worked that one out with the others yet. I was hoping for at least once a week, but well hopefully we can do more than that. But that will depend on everyone's schedule of course. I know everyone has their own thing to do, and well they have to go out and save the world and stuff." Plus Danny does have his own stuff, just doesn't really mention that.

"I think I could make it once a week," Damian says. He figures that his father's "new allowance" (which is to say only a fraction of what he once had) would allow him a train ticket per week. That should do the trick.

"Well if you need I can make arrangements for you to get here. What good is being rich if you can't help out others? Plus you would be doing me a favor, I should at least pay for gas or something." Hey that sounds about right, pay for gas is normal.

Damian waves a hand, "It's alright." Truly, money is not that big of an object. Right now there's just some minor irritation between father and son. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon. "I should be able to take care of my own affairs in that regard."

"Okay then. So what have you studied? Any particular areas, or did they not teach you the names and just taught you stuff?" Hey he had to at least offer the ride thing.

"I think it was Bruce Lee who said that water moves. It stands and flows. In a cup, it becomes the cup. In the bottle, it becomes the bottle. So be water. That was essentially my upbringing, though I didn't learn about that quote until I came to America. We learned everything," Damian replies.

"Interesting, very similiar to the way I was trained myself. I always loved that Bruce Lee quote." Hey Danny definitely finds it interesting that two people have learned kinda the same way, from different areas. Of course they may have learned some completely different things.

"It seemed pretty fitting when I watched a documentary about him. Regardless, the idea of needing to be adaptable is necessary, I feel. Different situations call for different methods."

"That does make sense. Various different tactics work better against different people. Plus wouldn't use the same moves if you were fighting a group compared to just one on one. You must have had some good teachers in order to drill stuff like that into your head."

"18 years of training," Damian replies. "I was born into it. It was my life. My sole focus."

"That is impressive. I thought my 10 years of training was bad. But 18 years that is just a little intense." It would be more impressive if he knew how old Damian was of course. "I don't think I could imagine learning for 18 years."

"Well," Damian says with a chuckle, "For a lot of the early years I didn't realize it was the training. Diet, schooling…It was my entire upbringing. Everything."

"That is definitely interesting. Didn't realize you could start training so early that you didn't realize you weren't really training." Hey Danny at least had a regular school before he had to do what he did.

Damian gives an upwards nod as he looks at the time. With Vorpal out early, it'll take him longer to get back to the train station. "Hey listen, Mr. Rand, I've got to get going. My train is leaving and I'll have to hustle to make it. Thanks a lot for the talk. I appreciate it." Why Damian is being so /nice?/ Well, that's not clear at all.

"It was an honor to meet you Robin. I do look forward to the eventual sparring session. And meeting the other teammates of yours eventually." Hey he only meet Gar so far. "Have a safe trip back to Gotham."

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